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I Was A CONTESTANT in MrBeast’s Real Life Squid Game!

  • Published on Nov 24, 2021
  • I was a contestant In MrBeast IRL Squid Game! Its become one of the biggest MrBeast videos on RU-clip!
    This is the story of how I lost $456,000 but stole the world's hearts!
    Check out MrBeast's Video if you haven't. Thanks Jimmy for the opportunity! :D
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Comments • 5 296

  • @NightFoxx
    @NightFoxx  Year ago +6

    I may have lost $456,000 but I won a once in a lifetime opportunity! MrBeast is on a whole other level! Save the squids:

  • @CleanseBeam
    @CleanseBeam Year ago +3

    You made it further than most people ever could!

  • @SergiuHellDragoonHQ

    Congrats man! Your sacrifice for my enjoyment won't be forgotten.

  • @HanisExperiments
    @HanisExperiments Year ago +1

    It's crazy you made it that far and sacrificed...man u are a hero ✨

  • @cartiaking3377
    @cartiaking3377 Year ago +184

    This is absolutely insane to watch. Also, big up Jimmy for paying out an extra $456,000 just for keeping everyone behind without anything important coming from it

  • @jackcarlston8579
    @jackcarlston8579 Year ago +459

    the fact that he gave them all 2k AND paid for all their travel expenses is crazy

  • @WriterNZane

    This whole project is honestly insane, i was so scared all the high up stuff was real just from the detail that they added the everyone down below. And to hear reguardless everyone got something is just amazing. And from the games we're getting to see so many new creators that wouldve been overshadowed otherwise.

  • @flamingo
    @flamingo Year ago +9

    hey besty :--)

  • @kseibert9511
    @kseibert9511 Year ago +384

    You may have lost 456k dollars, but you entertained lots of folks. Props to you, night fox.

  • @ultraminer6163
    @ultraminer6163 Year ago +268

    That's great, and that shows how hard Mrbeast and his crew team would work to make a video good. Thank you so much for sharing this!!

  • @ShortyMoneyTV
    @ShortyMoneyTV Year ago +8

    This is incredible man

  • @ma.muqeet9304
    @ma.muqeet9304 Year ago +144

    I thought the contestants had to pay for travel and stay but MrBeast paid for all 456 people is INSANE

  • @AkarxCGJ

    You did a great job man, you were a great person in the game and tbh I was rooting for you, once I saw you got out I was saddened but you did great getting that far! Btw I just wanted to pick a random number to win and by chance it was you, I didnt even know you until this video popped up in my recommendations, but again great job dude! You did great!

  • @JakeGlobox
    @JakeGlobox Year ago +3

    You made us all proud, you did so well

  • @chikahoshi
    @chikahoshi Year ago +174

    It's so awesome you got to be part of such a historic RU-clip video; even though you didn't win, you deserve to feel proud of yourself, especially with how far you got!

  • @landons2624
    @landons2624 Year ago +97

    Not the video we wanted, but the video we needed. Bro , this is so good ! Showing how much work Jimmy puts in his videos for our entertainment & you showing how much the process is . Have a good day man

  • @elliotisswag6652
    @elliotisswag6652 Year ago +1

    im so sorry man, what you did was honestly really sweet and courageous. hope to see you in another video.

  • @rejuvenatingsoul3498
    @rejuvenatingsoul3498 Year ago +537

    I don't blame him for CGI, it's pretty expensive to build a 1:1 set like in squid games. He cut the budget for the set and instead give it away to people between the games. Fair play imo.

  • @PixelByPixel35
    @PixelByPixel35 Year ago +1

    Congrats man! That must have been a awesome once in a life experience!

  • @FroggyHopz
    @FroggyHopz Year ago +2

    What a fun and unique experience that must've been! It was pretty neat being able to watch and see a familiar face from the community to cheer on! Major props on making it that far and taking the chance for the better good with the jump!