Film Theory: Don't Trust The Banks! (Disney's Mary Poppins)

  • Published on Dec 23, 2018
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    In the original Mary Poppins, Mr. Banks attempts to get his son Michael to invest his little bit of change in the bank. He says that one day it will make him rich... but would it? Is Mr. Banks dooming his son to financial ruin or is this sound advice? Let's find out!
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    Editors: Marcus Shneider and Mateo Adonis
    Researcher/Draft Writer: Justin Petersen
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Comments • 7 893

  • Bolshevik Rasmat
    Bolshevik Rasmat 2 hours ago

    Could michel of fought during ww1 or ww2

  • Ethan Green
    Ethan Green 23 hours ago

    6:35 but don't banks create money when lending in a fractional reserve system?

  • Lance Talbot
    Lance Talbot 3 days ago

    MatPat: 14:32-14:43
    Me: and please remember to give thanks to Mary Poppins for making you think of that decision.

    Great video MatPat.

  • Origami Fox
    Origami Fox 3 days ago

    1:05 I honestly haven’t seen it but I want to watch it for the sake of Lin.

  • donut Floof
    donut Floof 6 days ago

    micheal gave me nightmares as a kid... if u get the right angel...

  • Mady Paige
    Mady Paige 10 days ago

    Um, Matpat I hate to have a *snort* "ACTUALLY" moment but Bert made the chalk drawings and encouraged Mary Poppins to jump into it, let alone step on it.

  • Oliver Sharratt
    Oliver Sharratt 10 days ago

    3:38 that’s 4 pence not 2

  • Noob booN
    Noob booN 14 days ago


  • Kamille Willets
    Kamille Willets 16 days ago

    Oh my gosh, so much work to see if a 5 year old should have spent 11 cents 100 years ago

  • lillian studios
    lillian studios 16 days ago +13

    matpat: "like making sure you step on other people's chalk drawings without paying em"
    me: "chalkzone anyone?"

  • Random poopsise
    Random poopsise 16 days ago

    This video is the forst video i seen so far that actrully says british payments

  • JohnDavid500
    JohnDavid500 16 days ago

    yeah... tanks wouldn't have been made in 1914

  • Lisander Descheemaeker

    Well, as they say in Belgium "If you don't honner the small, then don't expect anything bigger".

  • Cooper Taylor
    Cooper Taylor 16 days ago +1

    Ahhhhhh, the sweet sights of getting to see the person who's town I live in get a theory about it

  • Andrew Difederico
    Andrew Difederico 17 days ago

    Someone show this video to AOC. she may actually learn something...

  • Nyla Jereb
    Nyla Jereb 17 days ago

    The bank were very stupid

  • daemonsparta
    daemonsparta 18 days ago +1

    I was rather disappointed by the new Mary Poppins. the acting and songs were good at least.

  • Stephanie Roxas
    Stephanie Roxas 18 days ago

    Once again... MatPat has given us ANOTHER love life advice..

  • Xepa Studios
    Xepa Studios 19 days ago

    Could you do a Pixar death count?

  • Dario Negri
    Dario Negri 19 days ago

    No one is mentioning Scrooge 4:13

  • Jonathan Stiles
    Jonathan Stiles 19 days ago +2


  • MerimaAmir Mesic
    MerimaAmir Mesic 20 days ago

    Great job Film Theorist for reaching 7.5M subscribers

  • Dreamy folf
    Dreamy folf 21 day ago

    we had *so* many goddamn coins back then like at least 5 or smthn lmfao

  • Will Labonte
    Will Labonte 22 days ago

    yo, don't get me started on the price of birdfeed today

  • Flame The Red Fox
    Flame The Red Fox 22 days ago

    The old UK money sounds strange to americans but modern US money sounds strange to British people

  • Burning Flame
    Burning Flame 23 days ago

    Buy Gold
    Buy Bonds

  • Sir Random
    Sir Random 24 days ago +2

    I hear Matpat remixing chim chim cheree

    I like

  • connor shappell
    connor shappell 24 days ago

    it's a SEQUEL!!!

  • Madame Melon
    Madame Melon 25 days ago

    Whoa Whoa Whoa. Are you calling a SUFFRAGETTE air headed? Do you not realize that's the exact stereotype Women are trying to fight against? Don't you realize how offensive that can be too some people? Winifred was fighting for change! She was not air headed. Her husband just never let her get a word in edgewise.

  • Scott Imgarten
    Scott Imgarten 26 days ago

    As a chimney sweep i approve of your chim chiminy.

  • ProContrast
    ProContrast 28 days ago

    Don't trust FaZe Banks

  • Michal Švec
    Michal Švec 29 days ago

    13:34 CzechoSlovakia -- my country, my home

  • 73Broadcast By 73 Brands

    Yeah... Don't trust Ally Bank! They stole $1.7M From Our Favorite RU-cliprs!

  • Monroe Robbins
    Monroe Robbins Month ago

    I heard that the creator of Mary Poppins wasn’t a big fan of the film, and uh... I’m hoping Lin Manuel helps honor their memory. Also... am I the only one who didn’t like that the kids’ mum was a suffragette, but portrayed as a total knucklehead? I’m sorry, but uh... yeah, that’s not a way to dismiss women’s suffrage? Oh yeah, and the ‘age of men’ thing. Hopefully that’s pure satire.

  • John Howe
    John Howe Month ago +1

    because of the tuppence invested in the bank, in the sequel those tuppence saved michael's family and saved his childhood house from colin firth


  • M Terry
    M Terry Month ago

    Mat, this has got to be my favorite theory because it’s a theory that has absolutely nothing to do with the plot and is incredibly unimportant. Well most of your theories are like that, but this one is probably the least important.

  • loadstone richards
    loadstone richards Month ago

    you think that anyone ever payed attention to anything in mary popins other than the music?

  • sleepy wolf
    sleepy wolf Month ago +2

    Who else watched Mary Poppins returns cause you're hamiltrash?

  • Cislord SoyBlue
    Cislord SoyBlue Month ago

    China is dumping bonds and buying gold.

  • Englebert Everything

    A pound back then was worth what would be more like £50 today, so a penny had a lot more buying power than today

  • Olle Flodqvist
    Olle Flodqvist Month ago

    My dad is the same age as the movie

  • anthony siciliano
    anthony siciliano Month ago

    MatPat forgot to mention that in 1910, Britain had control of India, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Rhodesia, Hong Kong, Gibraltar and several islands in the West Indies

  • Alianna the wonderful

    I love your channel and I was thinking if you are so smart can you do a theory on Hamilton

  • Queen Avery
    Queen Avery Month ago

    I LOVE THIS FREAKING MOVIE!! First Willy Wooka now this... why do I even watch these??

  • Grace Deakin
    Grace Deakin Month ago

    Make a Part 2 debunking how Mary Poppins Returns would have ended in misery due to the tuppence becoming worthless!

  • Scarlett Wilbur
    Scarlett Wilbur Month ago

    MatPat you should make a theory about Star Wars

  • Blessing Micaih
    Blessing Micaih Month ago

    I am adom

  • aidan bae
    aidan bae Month ago +1

    Wait in the new movie he has enough money to pay back a f**king loan, and he actually get’s £0 a year? CoNFuCIoN

  • Erin
    Erin Month ago

    Mary poppins returns is incredible

  • Erin
    Erin Month ago

    The tuppence saved michaels house in Mary poppins returns

  • pap yrus
    pap yrus Month ago


  • Adrián Sásik
    Adrián Sásik Month ago

    13:33 >:(

  • The Galaxy Phoenix
    The Galaxy Phoenix 2 months ago

    Matpat they talk about tuppence in the actual remake

    Lara SCHROEDER 2 months ago +1

    That tuppence saved Michel and his family from losing their house in the new Mary Poppins movie... soooooooo

  • Ñøßød¥
    Ñøßød¥ 2 months ago +1

    Who else got lost?

  • Dom the Bomb
    Dom the Bomb 2 months ago

    The 18-1900's - keeping records of the things that "matter"

  • Zaxi0
    Zaxi0 2 months ago

    The scene where the kid gets his Tuppence taken from old men was creepy imagine if old men were going around you and acting creepy

  • supermix nation
    supermix nation 2 months ago

    I'm watching so much of this I'm becoming a nerd

  • Miriam K
    Miriam K 2 months ago

    If he had kept the money his whole life, he might even get much more out of it then when he would leave it in the bank. One pence from 1910 is worth around 20$ on ebay, with a span from everything from 0,60$ to up to over 200$.

  • Reese B
    Reese B 2 months ago

    If u like the old one....

    U might not like the new one like me

  • Derek Krahn
    Derek Krahn 2 months ago

    Exactly because in the second movie their uncle makes them bankrupt so yea.

  • David Monreal
    David Monreal 2 months ago +1

    whenever i want to watch film theory i say im watching sience videos

  • Wet Welder
    Wet Welder 2 months ago

    Who even is your target adens

  • pip boy
    pip boy 2 months ago

    And once mat Pat tern 24 u can wear trouser

  • Oscar Tracey
    Oscar Tracey 2 months ago

    i showed my dad this episode who's born in 1964 and when you said about the original mary poppins: "its that old' he let out a sad sigh

  • Hannah_Playz
    Hannah_Playz 2 months ago +1

    My friend:"Supercalifragelisticespialidocious, Every time you say it you will always sound procosious"
    Me:hey is that from Mary Poppins?
    My friend:Nope, not at all
    Me:sees the beggining of matpats video
    Me thinking:*screaming in my head,YOU LIAR!!!!

  • Luna Scythe
    Luna Scythe 2 months ago

    Welp as a British person now I know why no one ever tried to explain farthings, shillings, and crowns... We just liked the cute little wren on the farthing. It was also pretty fascinating learning about how our currency got so inflated, and that the government has been screwing us over for centuries... Seriously, why do we bother keeping it around...

  • Katie Vetter
    Katie Vetter 2 months ago +1

    I liked the new Mary Poppins movie but it didn't seem like Mary Poppins to me

  • Niamh Evans
    Niamh Evans 2 months ago

    Why the joke about Tesco? Do you not have Tesco in America?

    P.S I HATE tea and crumpets

  • WileyCoyote69
    WileyCoyote69 2 months ago +1

    Believe it or not, that Tuppance is even MORE important to the second movie. And proves that Mr. Banks was right. Except it clearly doesn't rely on compound interest. More like witchcraft.

  • Alex Volkymore
    Alex Volkymore 2 months ago

    Wasn't there "third farthing" in Malta until 1913, which was currency of British colony at the time but still was considered part of British Coinage?

  • abbe rodriguez
    abbe rodriguez 2 months ago

    14:53 now you know how we feel

  • Owen Elias
    Owen Elias 2 months ago

    Actually in a Victorian village a half pence is worth a pound

  • Chicken Alfredo YT
    Chicken Alfredo YT 2 months ago


  • Davon Pearson
    Davon Pearson 2 months ago


    WAIT. Michael payed his house bill with the two tupence he invested so is the 2018 movie in a different universe than the original

  • Life Style
    Life Style 2 months ago +1

    When a youtuber teaches you history better than your history teacher.

  • Hey Evelyn
    Hey Evelyn 2 months ago

    Was it only in my school that it was a big deal if you could spell supercalifragilisticexpialadocious? (probably didn’t spell it right but oh well)

  • Ao Dai Gaming
    Ao Dai Gaming 2 months ago

    "gung ho" is Marine lingo for "lets go!"

    • Ao Dai Gaming
      Ao Dai Gaming 2 months ago

      fyi i'm not a marine Just a BIG marine nerd

  • Different Girl
    Different Girl 2 months ago

    Mat pat! I come from the future! Mary Popins returns is terrible! Please believe me! Half the time I wanted to fall asleep!

  • jozefsan
    jozefsan 2 months ago

    self-amortizing.......definition on google :-D

  • Tabitha Kelly
    Tabitha Kelly 2 months ago

    I have the 1964 one!!! On VHS
    But no working VHS player

  • Mary Green
    Mary Green 2 months ago

    Yeah I don't think this is just a theory... these are hard facts and history that has been well documented.

  • Christopher Henshaw
    Christopher Henshaw 2 months ago +1

    FAN FACT I learned about money from 1910 in 2019! Jeopardy here I come!

  • Mewzaque The Chimera
    Mewzaque The Chimera 2 months ago

    mary poppins returns isnt a remake; it's a sequel

  • randomperson8571
    randomperson8571 2 months ago

    Wait, seeing that ending to your video MatPat, did you like Mary Poppins Returns?! Let us know! I'm curious! Did you think LMM's Cockney accent was as bad as DVD's?! I gotta know! (I personally think he wasn't trying to go for Cockney and was settling for just regular London English accent so we can't compare but ehhh tbh who knows)

  • Tarif- The Random Life
    Tarif- The Random Life 2 months ago

    If Michael was still alive today he would have wasted 109 years of his life to hope for the interest to go insanely high and for him to be rich. That is one sad 114 year old. Although what about inflation, the U.S has that although I doubt that the U.K does that.

  • Mighty Samurott
    Mighty Samurott 2 months ago

    That money saves their house, which is insane

  • Chad Edwards
    Chad Edwards 2 months ago

    Mafia city meme predicted

  • It is I, LeClerc
    It is I, LeClerc 2 months ago

    Just a small detail, Mr Banks didn't bought the kite, just the paper to fix it

  • 22FURI11
    22FURI11 2 months ago

    To a British person this felt like a history lesson

  • Filoteoaz09 ds
    Filoteoaz09 ds 2 months ago

    Medicine is so bad!!

  • Snorlax 751
    Snorlax 751 2 months ago +2

    Lol love that the matpat accidentally debunked the new movie’s plot

  • Lucas Addison
    Lucas Addison 2 months ago

    Just put more money in= interest= cash money

  • Jamon Neilson
    Jamon Neilson 2 months ago

    what about mary popens returnes

  • Antonia Olga Irimia
    Antonia Olga Irimia 2 months ago

    I love mary poppins

  • ava brooks
    ava brooks 2 months ago +1

    Fun fact: one of the longest words in the English dictionary, (hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia), which has the definitions “the fear of long words”

  • Leo Conejar
    Leo Conejar 2 months ago

    the sequal was good and if you saw it you saw the ending with this old lady sells balloons. i am reall intrested in seeing matpat make a theory of he as i think shes a mother or related to mary Poppins as she can make people float and remember what it is for being a child

  • Blob The potato
    Blob The potato 2 months ago

    I love learning knew things And making connections of my own

  • mk boss
    mk boss 3 months ago

    The fact that you have a biplane next to a Pershing for some reason really annoys me

  • Emillio Hernandez
    Emillio Hernandez 3 months ago

    Mary Poppins returns is not a remake it's a continuation