How Humans Broke the Game

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
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  • Side that Burns
    Side that Burns 52 minutes ago

    Who thought it was a real game for a sec like if yes

  • Jerico Joaquin
    Jerico Joaquin 2 hours ago +1

    How to change class?!

  • palmeristo
    palmeristo 2 hours ago

    Religious trumptards dislike this

  • Hassan Ben Tiba
    Hassan Ben Tiba 4 hours ago +1

    Someone please help me!! There’s a soundtrack that starts playing around 0:50, I really remember it from my childhood but forgot the name of the programme. What’s it called ?

  • Filliös Odonojú

    4:54 Wrong! Neanderthalensis died due to the *Phlegrean fields* explosion. Get the updated patch dude.

  • Steven Briggs
    Steven Briggs Day ago

    damn, i lost the game.

  • 1 2
    1 2 Day ago

    there havent been many humans in europe
    neanderthals starfed to death cause some other humans came....doesnt makes any sense to me there should have been enought for everyone and i dont think that most of them killed eatch other

  • Wacky Ecofarm
    Wacky Ecofarm Day ago

    how bout new update entertainment which started in the medieval era and the meme update which started in 2004 and today and gunpowder update in 1200s-present and future

  • Niam Manansala
    Niam Manansala Day ago

    What is the Demon’s/Dark Souls song at the start?

  • Abodeh Dablo
    Abodeh Dablo 2 days ago

    Pokemon theme the best

  • Brian Pham
    Brian Pham 2 days ago

    I still can't tell if this is a video game or this guy is comparing scores to real life.

  • Midoriya Izuku ʙᴜᴛᴛ ɢᴏᴀᴛ

    The humans have beat the game. Next they’ll build the Tower of Babel and try to beat their creators.

  • mohammed saada
    mohammed saada 2 days ago

    Human awakening: Adrenaline rush
    Boosts: Strength and Speed enhanced
    Evolution point requierment: 0
    Only unlocked during fights and life threatening situations

  • Kerrson Jireh
    Kerrson Jireh 2 days ago

    so white is better body builds?

  • Juan
    Juan 3 days ago


  • Sole Intern
    Sole Intern 3 days ago

    CuriosityStream is FREE if you have Optimum.

  • Disastrous Dwarf
    Disastrous Dwarf 3 days ago

    Humans are like the sorcery glass cannon build of real life.

  • Earl Warner
    Earl Warner 3 days ago

    I am kind of curious..... How do you not know that we bred with the Neanderthal? We didn't wipe them out, we interbred and since their numbers were so much smaller, it ended up with them "disappearing".

    My guess from that information: We are more of a hybrid of the more successful types than anything else.

    • Mini Moustache
      Mini Moustache 6 hours ago +1

      I think it's because Tierzoo can't say that humans f*cked an entire faction into extinction with a straight face

  • Inspyx
    Inspyx 3 days ago

    Humans got the Mars expansion pack way too early. And they keep trolling us croc mains for skin. Not cool.

  • Max Cobo
    Max Cobo 3 days ago

    3:43 thought i was getting pked

  • Dacheese productions

    Remember that player named Adolf_Hitler who mass killed a bunch of players and was probably one of the most hated players in the game?

  • Samael527
    Samael527 4 days ago


  • Carter Morr
    Carter Morr 4 days ago

    No cro magnon?

  • Floofie kun
    Floofie kun 4 days ago

    That intro with the Dark Souls stuff was fantastic.

  • Bently Hunter
    Bently Hunter 4 days ago

    Please nerf humans - Cockaroach

  • Dustinelius 2811
    Dustinelius 2811 4 days ago

    Mosambik Here 😂

  • Adam Cullen
    Adam Cullen 4 days ago

    Throws the Mozambique away😭😭

  • Xiao Liu
    Xiao Liu 4 days ago

    Look old documentary, how africans hunt rhino, hippo and elephant with tree trunks.

  • Douglas Ricardo Briske

    Man! That song, at the end of the video: it was full of nostalgy... thanks!!

  • User1920
    User1920 4 days ago

    Ah! Finally a biology lesson I can understand.

  • Brad Griffin
    Brad Griffin 4 days ago

    I'm addicted to this game.

  • Maharajah
    Maharajah 4 days ago

    These are fuckin great

  • Davey Eire
    Davey Eire 4 days ago

    Cool vid

  • slowmotion Milk
    slowmotion Milk 4 days ago

    This is exactly like a minecraft server with you and your friends

  • Joe joe
    Joe joe 4 days ago

    I LOVVE the way this dude breaks shit down. I Can imagine me showing this to my kids while they are little it like they will have a head start.

  • Sam G
    Sam G 4 days ago

    0:30 For balance we need a cut scene where an anaemic vegan wrestles a bean

  • Superior infernape
    Superior infernape 5 days ago

    well a friendly infighting ( if that's a thing ) can be a good thing too . as we know , humans are the top tier , meta defining player class right now ( had been for a long long time and will continue to do so ) . what better teacher / competitor would be for a growing human ? obviously another human . the fact that humans compete each othet for literally everything , this makes every single on of them a bit better every moment .
    this is key factor how humans just keep getting better at this game .
    you might see what will happen if they abandoned this trait . low level human players will have little chance at developing without this extreme competition and may even face a loss of certain skills ( as of today , humans players , having no need for competing / learning the wild server meta as they have been provided with the artificial and deliberately premade comfort zones , they are progressively losing this skill and a time has come where possessing a basic set of skills early humans possessed is now considered as a buff )

  • Superior infernape
    Superior infernape 5 days ago

    > uses pokemon RSE gym leader theme
    > gets a like

  • Cas Hawk
    Cas Hawk 5 days ago

    3:30 some of us made it all the way... What about that autism update we had... Speaking as one we got an ansestor boost in Intelligence and observational data as well as wave neruon structure "music and language" are sub conchesnessly boosted as well as a skill tree for later development in pro dominantly in the articulate education :) what do you think about that ...

  • Stephen King
    Stephen King 5 days ago

    Why the fuck is this video so loud like it's 3AM and i have my headphones at 10% and i also have the player set to the same value and i legit got scared wtf

  • guit
    guit 5 days ago

    You're failing to mention that the modern human players aren't those sapiens from africa. The neanderthals you mentioned, traces can still be found in modern day humans, and not even that little. Modern humans are a mix of all previous human classes, and native human players still differ a lot from server to server, though with the invention of globalism that is changing.

  • Javistrike
    Javistrike 5 days ago

    hey, howdoyouturnthison is not working on this patch

  • MΛX
    MΛX 5 days ago

    Why are they black though, that isn't historically accurate as it's been discovered Europeans don't really originate from Africa.

  • paco ramon
    paco ramon 5 days ago +1

    Ancestors full guide.

  • SlendisFi Universe
    SlendisFi Universe 5 days ago

    Still wondering the name of the song that starts at 0:44 i remember it from certain history and nature show dvds i had

  • el yanqui
    el yanqui 5 days ago

    Nice video

  • Noot
    Noot 5 days ago

    *thats how mafia works*

  • Bot
    Bot 5 days ago

    God nerfed than massively buffed us

  • Bot
    Bot 5 days ago

    And now here we are

  • rewrite123
    rewrite123 5 days ago

    The stamina perk is underrated. It doesn’t allow you to catch the mobs, but to run them to death. Imagine running a gazelle to death.

  • Christian Jarboe
    Christian Jarboe 6 days ago

    Honestly the current meta is overstocked with human players. Entire servers exist where human players grind all day and only a few bird and mammal species exp steal from their crumbs.
    A little Homos sapiens PvP never hurt

  • SBG RockSide
    SBG RockSide 6 days ago

    Other animals seeing the humans giant egg drop from the sky: *Animal noises*

  • Dilan Portillo
    Dilan Portillo 6 days ago +1

    There has been a lot of weird patches lately

  • Zack Tankesly
    Zack Tankesly 6 days ago

    Dude i wish history class was like this

  • Wolfy Gamez
    Wolfy Gamez 6 days ago +1

    what was the documentary at 1:33

  • NAME S!!!
    NAME S!!! 6 days ago

    actually I'm thinking of taking over the world

  • NAME S!!!
    NAME S!!! 6 days ago

    half of all humans are actually idiots however I'm not I think

  • Alejandro
    Alejandro 6 days ago

    yea humans more op than neanderthal but they gotta stop with friendly fire

  • NAME S!!!
    NAME S!!! 6 days ago

    I think caveman build would survive in society today because I'm anti social and still alive

  • Cody The Liberal Slayer

    Level 10 neadrathal
    Level 100 human
    That’s how mafia works