15 Most Memorable NBA Dunks of All-Time | The Jump | ESPN

  • Published on Dec 28, 2017
  • Rachel Nichols, Scottie Pippen and Tracy McGrady celebrate The Jump's 15 most memorable dunks of all time. Details on the top 15 and timestamps below:
    0:06 #15: Derrick Rose dunks on Goran Dragic (2010)
    0:25 #14: Ricky Davis dunks on Steve Nash (2002)
    0:44 #13: Dominique Wilkins dunks on Bob Lanier (1984)
    1:00 #12: LeBron James dunks on Jason Terry (2013)
    1:20 #11: Blake Griffin dunks on Timofey Mozgov (2010)
    1:55 #10: Tom Chambers dunks on Mark Jackson (1989)
    2:13 #9: Shaq tears down entire hoop (1993)
    2:34 #8: DeAndre Jordan dunks on Brandon Knight (2013)
    2:53 #7: Gerald Green's windmill dunk off the lob (2011)
    3:12 #6: Michael Jordan dunks on Patrick Ewing (1991)
    3:44 #5: Tracy McGrady dunks on Shawn Bradley (2005)
    4:18 #4: Julius Erving dunks on Michael Cooper (1983)
    4:34 #3: Vince Carter dunks on Alonzo Mourning (2005)
    4:52 #2: Shawn Kemp dunks on Alton Lister (1992)
    5:10 #1 Scottie Pippen dunks on Patrick Ewing (1994)
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Comments • 2 436

  • Joseph Zorob
    Joseph Zorob 12 hours ago

    Michael jeffrey

  • reinz gloria
    reinz gloria Day ago

    What about John Starks dunk on Horace Grant and MJ? Cant believe that wasn't on this list.

  • Jorge Piña
    Jorge Piña Day ago

    Blake griffin didn’t even dunk

  • Johnny Crespo
    Johnny Crespo 3 days ago

    Where's John Starks ??

  • Jaylen Simpson
    Jaylen Simpson 3 days ago

    Tell me why Scottie pippin looks like he just stepped off San Andreas grove street 😂

  • 4jayharris
    4jayharris 4 days ago +1

    No Chocolate Thunder??? Darryl Dawkins was THE dominant dunker of his time.

  • Gio H
    Gio H 4 days ago +1

    What about Tatum over Lebron?

  • joao vitor
    joao vitor 4 days ago

    kobe bryant?

  • KitKat KK
    KitKat KK 4 days ago

    Micheal Jeffrey lol it’s micheal Jordan

    • jayla
      jayla 2 days ago

      Michael Jeffrey Jordan

  • Goontrain
    Goontrain 5 days ago

    3:15 Michael Jeffery on Patrick Ewing? Michael JEFFREY??

    • Wunaa
      Wunaa 4 days ago

      Vexodian Prime Jeffrey is his middle name

  • Juan Saavedra
    Juan Saavedra 5 days ago +1

    Did she say Michael Jeffrey instead of Michael Jordan on number 6

    • SirDream
      SirDream 4 days ago

      Juan Saavedra mj’s full name is Michael Jeffrey Jordan

    MICHAEL SMITH 8 days ago

    Dr J's was by far the best

  • Lauren/rust
    Lauren/rust 9 days ago +2

    @3:13 she said michael Jeffery

  • Joshua Bibian
    Joshua Bibian 10 days ago

    DID ANYBODY CATCH WHAT RACHEL NICHOLAS SAY ABOUT D-ROSE!!!!!!???????? "I bad for Derrick Rose's face because he doesn't know what's going to happen to him" IS SHE TALKING ABOUT HIS KNEE INJURY BEFORE THEY HAPPENED!?!?!?!? The NBA felt he wasn't right to be MVP the same way WWE picks certain guys to be the champion... NBA is rigged and set up his injury

  • Trav Jackson
    Trav Jackson 10 days ago

    Dr j dunk so pretty

  • Denis Tuohy
    Denis Tuohy 10 days ago

    This was the only time ESPN has ever talked about Tommy C 😂😂😂

  • Francis Balagtas
    Francis Balagtas 10 days ago


  • Garrick Pridemore
    Garrick Pridemore 10 days ago

    What?! What about Vince jumping OVER the 7 footer in the 2000 Olympics!!!

  • T.O_ GnomeBoy
    T.O_ GnomeBoy 10 days ago

    Did she say Michael Jeffery???? 3:14

  • Leigh
    Leigh 11 days ago

    “Michael Jefree😂”

    • Hyfr Legend
      Hyfr Legend 10 days ago

      I thought i was the only one who peeped that lmao

  • 2pacexpert
    2pacexpert 12 days ago

    Lot of dunks missing millenials

  • 2pacexpert
    2pacexpert 12 days ago

    Just cause Mcgrady and pippen is there don't mean you have to put their dunks in

    NIGHT XD 12 days ago +1

    Bro she said Michael Jeffery

  • Kaden Rob
    Kaden Rob 12 days ago

    She said Michael Geoffrey’s 🤣

  • TolonialGaming
    TolonialGaming 13 days ago

    so everyone ignoring how this bitch called michael jordan, MICHAEL JEFFERY

  • Tenzin Gyaldatsang
    Tenzin Gyaldatsang 13 days ago

    3:12 Michael Jeffrey?

  • miclabrador
    miclabrador 15 days ago

    That smile on Rachel's face on the hand-to-the-back-of-the-head blake dunk is gold.

  • Elias L.K.
    Elias L.K. 15 days ago

    2:56 me at the trampoline park

  • arsenal4thew
    arsenal4thew 15 days ago

    3:14 *Michael Jeffery*

  • Kash Silva
    Kash Silva 16 days ago

    3:20 she said michael Jeffrey

  • Gary The Snail
    Gary The Snail 16 days ago

    Shaq on the white dude on the knicks?

  • Sub Zer0
    Sub Zer0 16 days ago

    The laugh in the background lol

  • Ky
    Ky 16 days ago +4

    Drose put his His Heart & Soul into that dunk😂

  • Martin Landström
    Martin Landström 16 days ago

    Fuck no vince dunk from the Olympic games when he jumped over two guys is a better vince dunk

  • Lorenzo Bontorin
    Lorenzo Bontorin 16 days ago

    5:14 Damn that was horrific for the Knicks

  • Jason S
    Jason S 17 days ago

    That girl said dr j didn’t have enough highlights😐

  • Lost Thoughts
    Lost Thoughts 17 days ago

    DeAndre Jordan sheesh

  • gabriel advincula
    gabriel advincula 17 days ago

    Aint nobody tell me nothing 🤠🤠🤠🤠

  • gabriel advincula
    gabriel advincula 17 days ago

    Tell me please

  • gabriel advincula
    gabriel advincula 17 days ago

    Why michael jefrey?

  • Strong Nubian Fighter
    Strong Nubian Fighter 18 days ago

    I really do not get it. Why is everyone so amazed at these dunks? After all, many of these players are over 6'4 and better. I am not impressed.

  • Rian Daci
    Rian Daci 18 days ago

    Micheal Jeffery cool

  • Mr. Bot
    Mr. Bot 18 days ago

    Idc, lebrons dunk on terry is the most memorable of the 2010’s and should’ve been top 3

  • Mr. Entringer
    Mr. Entringer 18 days ago

    So your producers never saw point guard Kevin Johnson owning the DPOY / MVP Olajuwon in 1994? That was even better than Pippen over Ewing. And Karl Malone over Robinson was just awesome. Wade over Varejao too.

  • rick a
    rick a 19 days ago +1

    Where is Shaq over Dudley? That's my favorite.

  • Mayne Homes
    Mayne Homes 19 days ago

    11 not a dunk

  • Jackson Shaw
    Jackson Shaw 19 days ago +2

    Stark's lefty dunk over half the Bulls should have made this.

  • kenzy-Dubreas-officielVideo

    rose big dunks wooww

  • Devon Trenoskie
    Devon Trenoskie 20 days ago

    Michael Jeffery Smh

  • Tray Edwards
    Tray Edwards 20 days ago

    Pippen told spike lee
    "Sit yo ass down niggah😂😂

  • chef061
    chef061 20 days ago

    Blake's "dunk" don't even count

  • Giants Nation Highlights

    Micheal Jeffery da fuck

  • rup4jo33
    rup4jo33 21 day ago

    Where's tmac dunk right on pipen's face

  • Kareem Eter
    Kareem Eter 21 day ago +1

    What about Shaq on dudley

  • kjshxjjxjsmasssxw jsjshsjjsjzjsm

    celebrate lebron fans lebron dunk over terry while mj pippen dunk over ewing hahahaha

  • edsel valenzuela
    edsel valenzuela 22 days ago

    Where the fuck DWade sent Varejao To heaven

  • xxSlashed
    xxSlashed 22 days ago

    Lebron jumping over a man not on here?

  • ClanTripz
    ClanTripz 22 days ago +3

    3:14 Did she really just say Michael Jeffery?

    • Goontrain
      Goontrain 5 days ago

      Thank you! F*ck thought only I noticed that sh*t

    • xKratareJrx
      xKratareJrx 21 day ago

      his full name is Michael Jeffrey Jordan

  • John Coady IV
    John Coady IV 22 days ago

    The bitch said Michael Jeffery3:15

  • Coopay
    Coopay 22 days ago

    Why she say Jeffery

  • Cameron Marshall
    Cameron Marshall 23 days ago

    Who’s Michel Jeffry

  • Matthew Brooks
    Matthew Brooks 23 days ago

    This list is trash.

  • Prinze Dionisio
    Prinze Dionisio 23 days ago +8

    Michael Jeffrey on Patrick Ewing

    • Shan Suen
      Shan Suen 18 days ago +1

      middle name is jeffrey. had to look it up lmao

      LILBROKEBOY 20 days ago

      Idk was that his nickname or somethin

  • Aiden Hall
    Aiden Hall 24 days ago +3

    What about Paul George on Birdman?

  • TheSkyline75
    TheSkyline75 25 days ago

    I was watching the entire time thinking I was gonna talk about how Kemp wasn't included. Glad he was. Not even close to his best dunk, but at least he's there.

  • Jimmy Fox
    Jimmy Fox 25 days ago

    Scottie Pippen est le Meilleur !

  • Noisy Planet
    Noisy Planet 25 days ago

    i came here for number 1! HAHAHAHAHA!

  • Marc Richardson
    Marc Richardson 26 days ago +2

    Wade, Starks, Kevin Johnson on Akeem, Jordan on Mutombo...
    Jus a few missin. Still decent too tho...

  • Monicaxmc
    Monicaxmc 27 days ago

    Man where shaq attack at

  • alex rodriguez
    alex rodriguez 27 days ago

    I dont agree with this being the Top, but give Scottie his props. Hes a very underated Beast!!! Watching this game and this play at the time he had the whole place jumping with that play. I'm glad this man is on TV now. I'm happy for his success. Hes brought my family and I many memorable sports moments.

  • Jeremy Kitchen
    Jeremy Kitchen 27 days ago

    And then D Rose was never heard from again...

  • Vishal Kapadnis
    Vishal Kapadnis 27 days ago

    WTF???? ESPN you are a disappointment.

  • asterisk911
    asterisk911 27 days ago

    What I remember about #1 is that it happened in the same series in which Pippen sat out a final play pouting because he didn't get the play called for him, and Kukoc scored anyway and they won; and Pippen fouled a jump shooter at the end of another game and put him on the line; and Pippen had good 1st-3rd quarter numbers in that series but the Knicks shut him down in the 4th; and the Bulls lost the series. (And I'm certain that Pippen remembers these things even more clearly than I do). But it is definitely a memorable dunk.

  • {Das}Huber
    {Das}Huber 27 days ago

    like 16 568

  • Marian Koričanský
    Marian Koričanský 27 days ago +1

    how about Kobes "What did I just see?!" dunk, Kobes "nuts in yo face" on D12, Kobes baseline windmill against Timberwolves, DWade on Varejao, D12 on Jrue Holiday, Baron Davis on AK47... Like cmon... There are so many more meaningfull dunks than these... geez

  • asterisk911
    asterisk911 28 days ago

    Is putting your hand on a guy's head and face in order to have the leverage to complete a dunk not considered an offensive foul?

  • Brenan Conroy
    Brenan Conroy 28 days ago

    No Darryl Dawkins on this list?

  • westboundent
    westboundent 28 days ago +2

    vince carter jumping over dude in the olympics was the nastiest dunk ever

    • kenntucki
      kenntucki 18 days ago

      But it wasn't in the nba but i agree with you

  • Chaz Davis
    Chaz Davis 28 days ago

    She had the nerve to say Michael Jeffrey! ITS JORDAN! WTF. That smug comment about D Rose smh.

  • Brendan F
    Brendan F 28 days ago

    Shaq on Dudley??

  • Novembers Finest
    Novembers Finest 28 days ago

    Where’s KOBEEEEEE he made Dwight his bitch

  • Fluffysaurus
    Fluffysaurus 28 days ago

    Poor Ewing

  • Empathetic Sociopath
    Empathetic Sociopath 29 days ago

    Dwade on Varejao, MJ on Orlando Magic(playoffs), MJ on Heat(playoffs), DRose on Joel Anthony(playoffs), KJ on The Dream. Just to name a few.

  • Charlie Mongiovi
    Charlie Mongiovi 29 days ago +1

    She said Michael Jeffrey instead of jordan

  • Asher Mckayle
    Asher Mckayle 29 days ago

    Scottie Pippen only get number 1 becuz he walk over that guy head...that is not the #1 dunk in NBA history 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Felix Guapo
    Felix Guapo 29 days ago

    wb when shaq dunked on that guy and the guy threw the ball at him💀

  • Martice McKinney
    Martice McKinney Month ago +6

    where’s Baron davis on AK47 !

  • Douglas DaSilva
    Douglas DaSilva Month ago +2

    SCOTTIE: That's a jet that never took off.
    Kinda like yours, after you bought one and couldn't afford to put fuel in it.

  • T3M0 ???
    T3M0 ??? Month ago +1

    3:13 Micheal Jeffrey

  • The Grandmaster
    The Grandmaster Month ago

    why can’t they tell Nichols to quiet down like they do with molly?
    This girl gotta be the 3rd priority she super annoying and is over talking over them.
    If she was with Stephen A,Shaq, or Chuck they’d tell her to stop talking over them real quick.

  • Pickle Guy
    Pickle Guy Month ago

    What about Vince carter on that 7 footer in the USA game

  • Booga Mr. Unapologetic

    I almost forgot about Pippin ova Ewing 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅

  • Rodney Jones
    Rodney Jones Month ago

    That dunk on the baseline on Ewing after Jordan shook two defenders has got to be the best play and dunk ever along with Vince dunk in the Olympics and Shaq Diesel two in game dunks breaking the rim and tearing down the backboard is the best in game dunks ever this list sucks....... I guess espn trying to make they employees feel good

  • Joseph Howitt
    Joseph Howitt Month ago

    Naw shaqs push dunk the best

  • fcontreras3
    fcontreras3 Month ago

    6'1" KJ over 7'1" Hakeem!

  • Khalid Liban
    Khalid Liban Month ago

    Did she say Michael Jeffery lol?

  • Kimani Jack
    Kimani Jack Month ago

    Shaq dunk vs knicks

  • Josh Nenadich
    Josh Nenadich Month ago +1

    Michael jeffery, YOU MEAN MICHAEL JORDAN 3:13

    • ALz
      ALz Month ago +1

      Michael Jeffery Jordan

  • Eddie Bingham
    Eddie Bingham Month ago

    LeBron's dunk over Lucas is so underrated... He jumped over the guy!!!

    X/XXV/ MCMXCI Month ago

    Fuck that trash broad dissng drose