HAARP (PT. 1) Weather as a WEAPON in 2025?

  • Published on Jun 17, 2018
  • The HAARP Conspiracy: Weather as a WEAPON in 2025?
    Do we have evidence that the Department of Defense wants to "own the weather in 2025?"
    HARRP, an acronym that stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, has, since it began analyzing the ionosphere in 1993, inspired curiosity, and controversy.
    Many believe that HAARP, among other things, controls and manipulates the weather. This video will analyze the available data while taking down the outlandish claims made by some who focus on this topic.
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  • Mouthy Buddha
    Mouthy Buddha  Year ago +207

    I mispronounced University of Reading and pronounced it as though I was reading it.
    My mistake.
    I’ve never heard of that University, and it’s spelled the same way reading is.
    But for now, I rest. Enjoy!

    - John

    • NINJAotogi
      NINJAotogi 15 days ago

      Yes, but what's the music at 4:06?

    • 1981Mog
      1981Mog 4 months ago

      Yeah don't worry, people that live here do that. They have a music festival as well, called the Reading festival...

    • Jason Todd
      Jason Todd 4 months ago

      It's pronounced "redding." And it's not a problem that you mispronounced it, given the fact that you put an image of the University's logo, where the actual name is also visible.

    • MethaneMonkey
      MethaneMonkey 5 months ago

      Mouthy Buddha i was literally about to comment this but you beat me to it😅

  • J.W Kalijan
    J.W Kalijan 2 days ago

    Red Alert 2 weather control device

  • lmao
    lmao 5 days ago

    Nikola Tesla whaat

  • Just Smile
    Just Smile 7 days ago

    dont mess with nature
    it will destroy you

  • XD errado
    XD errado 8 days ago

    now: climate control on cars
    in 2025: climate control on the world

  • Saint Sacrifice
    Saint Sacrifice 17 days ago

    Did you slip in a single frame of Tesla?

  • Matthew Holloway
    Matthew Holloway 19 days ago

    Great video. I think you do the best editing work on your videos, better than other channel I have seen. You make them very intriguing and intense. You, my friend, are an artist

  • James M
    James M 19 days ago

    Jeez who is that female interviewer at th beginning?

  • Brian Kimmell
    Brian Kimmell 21 day ago

    They are drone planes

  • B Raw
    B Raw 23 days ago

    I've always thought it was aluminum particles being sprayed to control Global Warming. Still fucked up but I don't believe it's poison...aside from aluminum in the water.

  • Brian B.
    Brian B. 24 days ago

    David Keith Lies, Don't Trust Bill Gates - here is the Proof about Global Warming from a Climate Expert

  • Brian B.
    Brian B. 24 days ago

    And you Sir are the Biggest Liar on the face of the Planet, your Lying to your Family and all of Humanity. I don't know how you sleep at night. Chemtrails are real and I know this from the Tests I have done on the water and soil. These Tests done Lie. If Chemtrails are a conspiracy theory Sir, how does aluminum, strontium, and barium, among with other health-wreaking chemicals against our will, and without our consent get into the water and soil. You must think I'm fuc*ing crazy or something. Spill it . . . . . . , I remember my brother in Law who was enlisted in the Military, he was a mechanic on the Fighter Jets, He told me that the U.s.a Military would own the weather by 2025 whereas now it's 2019 and they already have full control of it or do they. All these HAARP locations throughout the world all seem to be inter-connected to this Main Central Hub in Menwith Hill, UK run by the Us military. Just what the hell are they doing here. Playing God and modifying our weather, Wake Up people!!

  • Kawish Alam
    Kawish Alam 24 days ago

    Do haarp scientist help to rain in easter side of India ?
    We are suffering from draught
    Please , help America !

  • ParaXeoXy
    ParaXeoXy Month ago

    HAARP is being runned by Illuminati thats gonna overtake the world, as the book has already foretold.

  • A101
    A101 Month ago

    Yo why does 23 pop up in this guys videos all the fucking time?

  • Vervito united
    Vervito united Month ago

    Buddha+Pyramid equals New World Order

  • MattDSTNY
    MattDSTNY Month ago

    I just dont understand why changing the weather is such a massive deal. Imagine having the ability to quench droughts or reduce flooding due to rain.

  • jamessomying
    jamessomying Month ago

    Apparently smacc and hammer run with haarp.

  • Troy McCully
    Troy McCully Month ago


    • MattDSTNY
      MattDSTNY Month ago

      Are you fucking dumb? They? Its owned by a University for research of the ionosphere for long range communications.

  • Ivan Horvat
    Ivan Horvat Month ago

    They made that up only so they can poison certain countries.

  • Fritz Traubeneiche
    Fritz Traubeneiche Month ago

    thats the climate change :DDDDDDDDDDDD

  • khidr yetrib
    khidr yetrib Month ago

    Dit is gezegd door profeet mohamed in de koran dat dajall(antichrist) controle heeft over de regen waar het regent en niet
    Ik ben khidr dienaar van allah

  • foxy brown
    foxy brown Month ago

    Uuuummmm, actually, I hear that in a strange manipulation of laws, the elites and their large corporations are getting paid to dispose of their toxic waste in the form of chemtrails. They were also busted with blood plasma in the chemtails. Not long after that, large numbers of unsuspecting humans suddenly came down with Hep C -- and the necessary need to purchase the new Big Pharma mafia's drug: "MAVYRET." Actually, I wonder if that drug can lead to heart damage and heart attacks? Have you seen the new commercials? I hear that Merk even puts cancer viruses in vaccines, with the plans of various seemingly unrelated outbreaks in the future. Look around you now -- do you see a cancer epidemic? All that money invested, all the years -- and still no cure? If we're talking about the negativity of HAARP and it's sound wave frequencies; we might as well speak of the healing frequency og 528 Hz. Research it. It's even biblical. Amazing all of the secrets hidden in code in that book ("Hosea 4:6, Matthew 10:16). Anyway -- the chemtrails (not comtrails) are being sprayed over NATO nations. Coincidentally, these nations are being culled, just at the same time that their borders are being overrun by illegal immigrants. Replacement societies? SEE video: "The Kalergi Plan." The chemtrails seem to have their origins from within the Vatican. By spraying the sheeple with these heavy metals, etc. -- the Big Pharma and Medical mafias are also becoming extremely wealthy from the large numbers of sick and dying Americans: Cancer, Alzheimer's, MS, etc. I'm sure that the elites in DC have investments related to this stuff in their financial portfolios. The Illuminati elites, according to their superstitions, must always somehow let the sheeple know what it is that they are doing to them. These Satanists believe that they will have bad karma, otherwise. Perhaps that is why the recent movie: "Geostorm" was released? Unfortunately, the sheeple are too busy looking down at the (made by slave labor in communist china) iphones, to see the chemtrails hovering in the opaque skies just above them. Imagine if it isn't Alaska's HAARP Americans should be focusing on -- but instead, perhaps an frenemy like Communist China, or their proxy, NOKO, instead? Those in the know are now aware that Communist China has secretly been at war with US for decades, and plans on replacing US on the global stage -- using our own money to do it with. Why WOULDN'T they be responsible for seeding America's skies with chemtrails, and then using negative Hz frequencies to induce various hazardous weather goals: Artificial drought, floods, hurricanes, blizzards, earthquakes, etc.? Especially now that they are angry with President Trump for finally stand up to them in regards to unfair Trade deals. We've got to find out where the real technology being used to create this havoc are coming from -- and then kick some azz. By the way -- I also believe that the elite globalists are also using this artificial weather and their control of almost all US media (owned by only 6 corporations) to create a false reality in the matrix, that this is all the fault of Climate Change -- and that something MUST be done about it. This will lead to a bogus plan, taxes, and money laundering -- while crippling America's growth. The technology is supposedly stolen from Nikola Tesla, by the robber baron globalist elites and their greedy lawless corporations and hedge funds.

  • Nizkag 91
    Nizkag 91 2 months ago +1

    I wonder what those frequencies that been transmitted through haarp can really do with human mind.. those E.L.F tho.. better put that electronical device away while you sleep.. 😁

  • Noddy07 A
    Noddy07 A 2 months ago

    The occult society dont mind being sprayed...cos they got all the wind cards/all knowings.
    Itd just be.most.like a weekend jet flight to some hidden militarized island. Go in, come out 30mins later. Every litre of blood gets filtered flushed of toxins, add sum mixture of ancient druidic celtic herbilism natural super known recipe. And new super blood easily fights off and rids body of cancers... the.owl is highly reguarded, owl is wisdom. Wisdom is knowledge, knowledging.is.knowing.the game

  • Chemtrails Balkan
    Chemtrails Balkan 2 months ago

    ru-clip.com/video/G-W2euEn5dI/video.html i have recorded spraying the sky, and wierd aftermath chemtrailed/haarp rain and weather conditions

  • Dean Metcalfe
    Dean Metcalfe 2 months ago



  • Dom Jú
    Dom Jú 2 months ago

    World is flat and we live in a dome

  • Dom Jú
    Dom Jú 2 months ago

    "Conspiracy theory" words created by the CIA

  • Alex Jackson
    Alex Jackson 2 months ago

    Your productions are always amazing Buddha. I hope we never lose you and what you do, many kudos from Australia.

  • Reina De corazones
    Reina De corazones 2 months ago

    IDK 😐

  • sandra turner
    sandra turner 2 months ago

    Dude I love you.

  • Josh Link
    Josh Link 2 months ago

    Your videos are always SO FUCKING GOOOOOOOD!!!!


    Sooooo carbon tax is a scam in Canada then. Here goes my money.

  • René Sivertsen
    René Sivertsen 2 months ago

    Will I take the Blackpill? Let's find out! (watches PT.2)

  • Saga Kittilä
    Saga Kittilä 3 months ago

    allover earth...

  • flyerzy
    flyerzy 3 months ago +1

    This is why there are so many extreme weather conditions every year in the United States, such as mountain fires, earthquakes, blizzards, heat waves, tornadoes, etc.

  • Theonedust007
    Theonedust007 3 months ago

    Just fixing the energy alone would help a lot for the world.it is a lot easier to due that then using geoengineering to stop climate change. And although geoengineering would be useful we arent ready to use it yet. It is way more cheaper to replace coal plants with solar or wind farms and that solve climate problems

  • AugustaGASenior Senior
    AugustaGASenior Senior 3 months ago

    Hello, just something I discovered I thought I would share you can share this info too! I discovered this about 15 years ago about the weather control jets. This is going to sound absolutely insane, but I promise you it is true and works! The jets are basically controlling the jet stream. They either slow it down or stop it completely by taking out the moisture from the clouds! Well low and behold I watched as I watered my garden And washing my house it puts moisture back into the air, causing the clouds/jet stream to move again. Then they really begin spraying their trails! I am a 65 yo. This is no joke. Try it then pass on the info! Ps, if you have a hot tub outdoors, turn it all the way up let the lid off (in winter when they try stopping the rain) , it causes steam, and it is hard for them to stop it from raining if it is cold!

  • Kissa Deff
    Kissa Deff 3 months ago

    This video is a waste of time. The creator is sadly misinformed. Visit geoengineeringwatch.com for credible information from actual scientists.

  • GigaGregTV
    GigaGregTV 4 months ago +1

    Police: Do you sale drugs ?
    Drug dealer: Nope not me.
    Police: Ok have a good day.

  • GigaGregTV
    GigaGregTV 4 months ago +1

    Michio Kaku And Neil Degrassi give me the creeps. There’s something about them that doesn’t sit right with me.

  • The Faded Line
    The Faded Line 4 months ago

    Instead of saying 20-30% why not just say 25%? Sorry it just really bugs me because of my OCD but awesome video.

  • michael flegel
    michael flegel 4 months ago

    Haarp and chemtrails are not conspirancy! They do not even hide it anymore..

  • Arel R
    Arel R 4 months ago +1

    Pff, it's already a weapon.

  • Thelma Hendrix
    Thelma Hendrix 4 months ago

    Nasais useing us as Ginapigs

  • Thelma Hendrix
    Thelma Hendrix 4 months ago

    NASA is behind it

  • Jesse Owens
    Jesse Owens 4 months ago

    Disliked by a bunch of shills. Been happening for decades. Sickening.

  • Randy Gilds
    Randy Gilds 4 months ago

    Who are you trying to fool? This warfare has been going on for years! Is this the "new" RU-clip?

  • Gerald Boutilier
    Gerald Boutilier 4 months ago

    If you think it is not real your brain is already fried.

  • Quarter
    Quarter 4 months ago

    HAARP turned my frogs gay.

  • CanadaCommunity Org
    CanadaCommunity Org 4 months ago

    So the patents canadacommunity.org/Thread-The-Depopulation-Agenda-For-a-New-World-Order-Kill-cities?page=2 are fake and so is www.bibliotecapleyades.net/haarp/esp_HAARP_42.htm HAARP?

  • Jem Bo
    Jem Bo 4 months ago

    I have to say I abhor with my whole being trolls like you. Very good production , but then again propaganda is generally produced well , because there is so much more money to be made out of it than the truth .

  • Jem Bo
    Jem Bo 4 months ago


  • Jem Bo
    Jem Bo 4 months ago


  • Ron the Annihilator *definitely not peter*

    sounds like the plot of just cause 4

  • Bleezie G
    Bleezie G 4 months ago

    How can HAARP or whoe1ver it is that is running these operations not see that weather control is a HORRIBLE idea.....it is common knowledge that we do not fully understand the weather....but we have a machine that can manipulate these incredibly powerful natural occurrences....NO ONE SEES THE DANGER HERE? These aren't controlled experiments in a lab that even if something goes wrong only the lab gets damaged if something goes wrong with these experiments who knows what can happen for supposedly being the smartest people on the planet you people are incredibly dense....

  • foxpwns2
    foxpwns2 4 months ago

    love your vids but you need to do a part 3 on this topic because its not done and before you do that play stalker shadows of Chernobyl and black ops zombies storyline or just watch the stalker(1979) and watch humanity bureau. you should get the correlation between them all. The main concepts are in the stalker movie or game's endings. Another good movie was prestige "mans reach exceeds his grasp, is a lie. man's reach exceeds his nerve". After those you get the relation to Haarp/internet/phones

  • non Username
    non Username 4 months ago

    Zionist illuminati

  • LNMatters - NCS Music Producer

    My brother was a pilot and his friend too both told me at a younger age that chemtrails exist and that planes do not push smoke
    i can also proof that planes sometimes do show smoke and some dont some even do but it won't stay

  • James Travalos
    James Travalos 5 months ago

    Fake news !

  • Sean McL
    Sean McL 5 months ago

    Been watching a lot of your videos the past couple days, got you subbed as well. Just wanted to make a comment on how professional your mini docs are, probably the best I've seen on here.

  • Kire Zetroc
    Kire Zetroc 5 months ago

    I remember being a kid an looking at the sky, I’m 22 now and I still look at the sky, and boy let me tell you it looks different.
    I remember.

  • Martin
    Martin 5 months ago

    chemtrails are bullshit, its watervapour and exhoust gases from planes, if u see 3 trails behind an aircraft thats becouse thare is a law that planes need to have 3 engines to do trans atlantic flight, now a days engines are stronger than they used to be, so they put a small engine *wich is often used to create compressed air to start the other 2 engines asweell* . 2 big engines and one small one wich makes it legal to go over the ocean. i know some shit about planes, and chemtrails are bullshit, the shit you see behind a 747 is the same shit you see on an f18 wings during high g turns while humitiy is high........ CHEMTRAILS ARE NOT REAL

  • Hyster1967
    Hyster1967 5 months ago

    You lost me at global warming

  • Martin Bergstrasser
    Martin Bergstrasser 5 months ago

    You don't follow up with part 2s much

  • J. Matthews
    J. Matthews 5 months ago

    There are a lot weather geo engineering companies now. Conspiracy? Only for those that are too lazy to research. Its right in front of your eyes: www.weathermodification.com/cloud-seeding.php

  • Brang Zonghus
    Brang Zonghus 5 months ago

    You idiots really need to get a life....

  • Jay D Wohlever
    Jay D Wohlever 5 months ago +1

    Coocoo for coco puffs.

  • ambitionz32
    ambitionz32 5 months ago

    Using weather as weapon against who ? Who is the target or where

    • conan263
      conan263 5 months ago

      have u heard about the sudden ice storm over the US recently?