What to expect in 2018, according to The Economist

  • Published on Dec 9, 2017
  • With only three weeks left in 2017, The Economist is looking ahead. The magazine's Executive Editor, Daniel Franklin joins CBSN to discuss what to expect in 2018 from Pyongyang to Silicon Valley.

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  • Alset Alokin
    Alset Alokin Year ago

    Can anyone here tell me what that average global temperature was 150 years ago?

  • Alset Alokin
    Alset Alokin Year ago

    Will A.I. take down the Rothchilds 😳

  • Nana Osh
    Nana Osh Year ago

    You are the leader of terrorism and all you say lies and deceit you only sharpen the money of the Gulf, you beggar

  • terriej123
    terriej123 Year ago

    Yes, and Bernie Sanders’ response is to ‘keep open but look after those who are left behind’.

  • Dan Sutton
    Dan Sutton Year ago +3

    Masons and their infamous masonic handshake and hand signs, something the sheeple will never comprehend, which is what makes them sheeple.

  • wesley rodgers
    wesley rodgers Year ago

    I expect droughts. Remember the dust bowl.

  • Savedby Grace
    Savedby Grace Year ago +4

    The economy is an illusion.

  • Jenny Betts
    Jenny Betts Year ago +2

    NASA is a hoax

  • Shelia Robinson -Hoffman

    -love cbs

  • Young Tang
    Young Tang Year ago

    2018 is the last ultimatum for North Korea regardless what Xi said or promised.
    Kim Jung Un and his posse will be exiled or killed, then South and North Korea will be untied. Mark my word for it.

  • Gregory Shill
    Gregory Shill Year ago

    Where is the 3 comments being written.

  • Daniel Penn
    Daniel Penn Year ago +7

    Thank God we have trump as President. Lord, watch over him

    • plz kill me
      plz kill me Year ago

      ben ben amen

    • ben ben
      ben ben Year ago +6

      Daniel Penn and strike him down please lord!

  • MrEnergyCzar
    MrEnergyCzar Year ago

    The Bitcoin bubble bursts after hitting 50k next summer....

    • MrEnergyCzar
      MrEnergyCzar Year ago

      I avoid bubbles...

    • Emanon Dratsab
      Emanon Dratsab Year ago

      Young Tang Oh, most definitely. I think bitcoin is a great model for a standard. But, in terms of developer/enterprise usability. Definitely Ethereum. That's why I say that's governmental technology.

    • Emanon Dratsab
      Emanon Dratsab Year ago

      Young Tang It appears you have a vested interest in the perpetuating misconceptions concerning the technology and what it means for the "current" future. My suggestion? Follow your flow.
      Stability is coming.

    • Young Tang
      Young Tang Year ago

      Emanon Dratsab,
      By the way, Ether is much better than Bitcoin, don’t you think?

    • Young Tang
      Young Tang Year ago

      Emanon Dratsab,
      I used to own 200 bitcoins in 2014, then as soon as Ethereum and other cryptos came out, I sold them for 300% gains. I would never touch any cryptos again, unless, the volatility stopped. Why would you use bitcoin to purchase anything knowing its value could be doubled the next day? Or why would any smart vendors; such as Walmart, Amazon, or Alibaba accept bitcoin knowing its value could become $0 next day? Though Bitcoin still got some steam ahead, I wouldn’t take any chance. I’d rather keep my cash as it is king. What good about bitcoin is you don’t pay taxes on gains, so it’s a good gambling tool for now. When the NASDAQ releases bitcoin ETF futures, I might even consider shorting it only when the movers & shakers are doing it. Go with the flow.