The Day After, Part I

  • Published on Jul 1, 2007
  • Opening credits. Note the nonchalant demeanor of the CO on the SAC unit. This guy's essentially got his hand on "the button", and to him, it's just a day's work.

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  • Ron Ditchen
    Ron Ditchen 7 months ago

    I think this movie changed everything I know Reagan seen it I knew that something had to be done or this could never actually happen

  • Velcro1167
    Velcro1167 Year ago +1

    I was 15 years old when this came out. It did not scare me anymore than what I already was but I thought it was interesting that so many of my friends became aware after watching this. I came from a Time where we were informed of these things in school, I remember watching the stupid get into your desk in the event of disaster movies in class, and even then I thought it was moronic to expect to survive and nuclear blast

  • Charles Jones Jr
    Charles Jones Jr Year ago

    I remember watching this in 1983, when I was a kid, it scared the hell out of me.

  • Edwin Ombac
    Edwin Ombac Year ago

    Love this opening, so beautiful, so all American.

  • Otter Smith
    Otter Smith Year ago +2

    Judge by most of the comments below I'd say we have learned nothing

  • Dana Delaney Bounds
    Dana Delaney Bounds 2 years ago

    I remember ESPN used some of this footage depicting the Kansas City area in the 2007 miniseries "The Bronx Is Burning."

  • Bilbo Malice
    Bilbo Malice 2 years ago

    love the music in the Intro of the film

  • Rigel Bellatrix
    Rigel Bellatrix 2 years ago +1

    Nicholas Meyer and God. 1982-1986.
    "What does God need with a starship?" --from the dreadful sequel Star Trek V, which immediately followed the successful Star Trek trilogy

  • disoriented1
    disoriented1 2 years ago +3

    I was a 19 year old in Kansas City, Missouri...this scared me to death!

  • Michael Harpe
    Michael Harpe 4 years ago +4

    The director's commentary is up on RU-clip. It's worth a listen. Nicholas Meyer was miserable through the whole production and swore off television after making this movie. That's too bad because it's a classic that had a real impact on the world. At least until recently.

  • EdRingwald
    EdRingwald 6 years ago +1

    No, The Day After aired on a Sunday evening in November 1983 - I watched it on a small black and white TV set just before my area got cable a year later - and a color TV. Besides, I just started college when The Day After aired for the first time, having graduated from high school a few months before.

  • rwalfrey
    rwalfrey 6 years ago +1

    Wrath of Khan was also done on a limited budget for a motion picture. Nicholas Meyer, a University of Iowa alum (as I am) is a believer in the idea that "art thrives on limitations." Harve Bennett was made executive producer precisely because he had a proven track record of maximizing production value from limited budgets.
    They made an effective team and thus made a hell of a movie. 11 million budget. Near 100 million gross and a great movie.

  • minimustangs94
    minimustangs94 6 years ago

    Was this movie not the first in a mini-series that aired all week? It could and did stand alone, but wasn't there more that ran on subsequent nights?

  • facebookprogrammer
    facebookprogrammer 6 years ago +2

    "A whining pissbag" that humor :) Going to watch now...

  • maxwestcomics
    maxwestcomics 6 years ago +2

    If memory serves, some of this SAC/Air Force footage was recycled from the 1979 docudrama "First Strike".

    • Zachary Hughes
      Zachary Hughes Month ago

      Yes was first strike

    • Raymond Francis
      Raymond Francis Year ago

      maxwestcomics yes it’s called “stock footage” and Hollywood makes money from showing this!

  • donkey dick
    donkey dick 6 years ago

    Leave me alone!!!!

  • FylthyBeest
    FylthyBeest 6 years ago +3

    I don't doubt you were assigned to the 2ACCS. Too much of what you say is accurate. However, the Airborne Emergency Actions Officer (AEAO) was never referred to as "The Key Holder". He was referred to as the AEAO. And, he was not the aircraft commander. The aircraft commander or AC sat in the left seat in the cockpit. And you're quite a bit off as to when the AEAO assumed command of SAC. It was situation dependent. This particular AEAO was (then) BGen Autery, now deceased.

  • FylthyBeest
    FylthyBeest 6 years ago +2

    These scenes are not from a USAF documentary. They are from a 1979 documentary filmed for and released on PBS called "First Strike".

    • Edwin Ombac
      Edwin Ombac Year ago

      FylthyBeest I didn’t know that, interesting, thought the director just went and shot the real crew of this type of plane.

  • jennifer millbank
    jennifer millbank 7 years ago

    Don't try and reason with that loser. He posted the video therefore he knows more than anybody else on the planet about the subject matter. Lothartheterrible is a cheeseburger guzzling windbag.

  • Zac Beresford
    Zac Beresford 7 years ago


  • War2011Machine
    War2011Machine 7 years ago

    i thought this was the day after tomorrow.

  • tking1974
    tking1974 7 years ago +2

    have you ever seen the launch protocols for a nuclear weapon? It's not a simple push of a button or a simple order, it's a series of authentications, an elaborate checklist of steps , far more than just any individual having the heart to humanity in their hands. As far as his demeanor, with the arsenal under their command, would you want someone who expressed more anxiety, or projected more apprehension towards his responsibilities in command?

  • Halo4Lyf
    Halo4Lyf 7 years ago

    Communists: thieves aspiring to be murderers.

  • purseonal2010
    purseonal2010 7 years ago +5

    The thing about this movie is what Ronald Reagan said to the makers of it when he and Gorbachev started their talks that ended the cold war. He said something like, "If you think that your movie had nothing to do with this (the cold war ending), you're wrong. It had A LOT to do with it!" That's pretty profound, a tv movie showing the devastation in the event of the cold war turning white hot, and it shook millions of people up, including our own president.

  • Opedanderson
    Opedanderson 7 years ago

    The "soberness" that everyone is upset about actually made the whole thing work, right? That plane was the wrong place to show any real emotion, I would venture to guess......

  • MrAjfish
    MrAjfish 7 years ago

    I have to agree with this. It's quite an insight to a film that seriously changed perceptions of the time and arguable the end of the cold war. Gorbachev actually said to Reagan something along the line of 'don't think your film didn't have an effect' during the conclusion of the SALT talks. (not certain it was SALT but one of the negociations)

  • Michael Erwin
    Michael Erwin 7 years ago

    As far as I can tell the video is pretty much what occurred on board the EC135. BTW: The commanding officer is the Pilot on the airplane. The general (we called him "The Key Holder") only took over if we went to DEFCON 2 or higher. We took our jobs seriously and everyone aboard went through a very thorough background check. It was an interesting job during the cold war while I was assigned to the 2d Airborne Command and Control Squadron (73-79). BTW: Some on the Airplane worked with me.

  • jeremalaria
    jeremalaria 7 years ago

    @jennymillbank are you kidding? Santorum wants to send us all back to the Dark Ages.

  • jennifer millbank
    jennifer millbank 7 years ago

    @lothartheterrible Can I play the piano anymore?

  • jennifer millbank
    jennifer millbank 7 years ago


  • jennifer millbank
    jennifer millbank 7 years ago

    This is anti-American propaganda! SANTORUM FOR PRESIDENT IN 2012!

  • jennifer millbank
    jennifer millbank 7 years ago

    @stuntmanmike37 Yea!

  • jennifer millbank
    jennifer millbank 7 years ago

    @stuntmanmike37 So is lothartheterrible!

  • jennifer millbank
    jennifer millbank 7 years ago

    Thanks for the upload lothartheterrible. Even though 'CreepShowMovie' has a far superior upload of "The Day After" in terms of picture quality and does not include the annotations that people find soooooo annoying with your upload, you still deserve a thank you for the effort.

  • elshpen
    elshpen 7 years ago

    @wsmith68 I once worked as a civilian contractor in the Pentagon, and I can tell you that the higher the rank (both as an officer and a noncom) the nicer the person. I guess that once they had been promoted into the higher ranks they didn't need to prove how tough they were anymore. I worked in one office where a major general (2 stars) would come in every morning and offer to get me coffee!

  • Black Hat Ty
    Black Hat Ty 7 years ago

    I like your annotations. Thanks!

  • Michael Schmitt
    Michael Schmitt 7 years ago

    @cobias I'm sure jerking off to nukes and ray guns is more satisfying than when you make love to Michael Moore's galactic size ass.

  • PotatoGunsRule
    PotatoGunsRule 7 years ago

    @cobias War is stupid but people do it anyway...until each person on the planet becomes honest and fair, we'll need muscles, guns, a military, and the will to use each.

  • Jay Roberts
    Jay Roberts 7 years ago

    in case anyone's wondering and doesn't already know the footage with military officials and soldiers was taken from a wargame in 1979. Its is on youtube and is called First Strike and talks about what might have happened if the Soviets had launched a surprise nuclear attack. There is a short movie like film at the beginning and than afterwards discussion by experts of the time.

  • sinusbradycardia
    sinusbradycardia 8 years ago

    @lothartheterrible Yes they do. Thanks for uploading this movie. I watched it when it originally aired in fall of 1983. I was 10 and I had to fight for the TV to watch this movie, imagine that a 10 year old. My family, apparently, thought the threat of nuclear was was not real. BTW, I also happened to catch the airing of Threads. Sometime in the 80's. Don't understand why people fight over which was better, both conveyed the point. What is the point of a nuclear war, u can't win.

  • sandro herzog
    sandro herzog 8 years ago

    In one of the scenes, the fallout shelter beneath one of the buildings in Kansas City, Missouri, could not withstand the impact nuclear? Therefore the people came out there running?

  • sandro herzog
    sandro herzog 8 years ago

    And another asnwer to all. Dr. Oaks had a physical breakdown due to the intense work or as with Bllly MacCoy, was caused by radiation poisoning? He went crazy too?

  • sandro herzog
    sandro herzog 8 years ago

    One answer for all, what happened to the "Airman" Billy MacCoy? He was mad or blind. I know he was poisoned with radiation, but this same radiation may have left him mad or blind? Or was the nuclear devastation and the death of his wife and son left him crazy?

  • nemzz9st
    nemzz9st 8 years ago

    threads aint got nothen on this movie

  • HazeWaveTV
    HazeWaveTV 8 years ago

    @lothartheterrible I like the annotations, good info.

  • sugarmaple28
    sugarmaple28 8 years ago

    I remember watching this when I was young in november 1983. I had nightmares like I will never forget. I was not supposed to be watching it......

  • JägerLange
    JägerLange 8 years ago

    I think the captions/notes add some valuable and/or interesting details alongside the movie - so thanks for the upload and for your input :)

  • sinusbradycardia
    sinusbradycardia 8 years ago

    @airdriver I'm curious as 2 what Reagan did that was so great, that I hear people saying we need another Reagan resolution. I have heard that Reagan said we needed less government, but government actually grew under is term and George Bush Sr. was left with choice but to raise taxes because of the Reagan tax cuts and ultimately lead 2 Bush getting voted out n 92. At the end of the day, the Soviet Union ceased to exist under Bushes term, but he gets no credit and I have ppl say he ruined rep. pt

  • sinusbradycardia
    sinusbradycardia 8 years ago

    @airdriver Can you suggest a good accurate source of information. To hear someone say that Ronald Reagan in my hero, because he bankrupted the Soviet Union and caused its Dissolution. I remember Reagan taking office and all the hard times the working class had during the 80's. My aunt and her daughter both had nursing degrees and neither could get in job in Michigan. My aunt eventually took a contract with Nippo-Denso as secretary. The Japanese joked with her about the trickle down economics.

  • airdriver
    airdriver 8 years ago

    Gorbachev, when he became president of the Soviet Union, instituted twin policies called Perestroika and Glastnost which gave Soviet citizens the right to publicly criticize government policies. This spread to the other Warsaw Pact countries which eventually led to Czechoslovakia opening its borders to Western Europe which quickly led to the Berlin Wall falling. Within a couple of years the Soviet Union broke up into individual countries.

  • sinusbradycardia
    sinusbradycardia 8 years ago

    @airdriver I watched this movie as a 10 year old. I had seen the previews and I had to fight to get the TV to watch it. Imagine that. Unfortunately I came from a very uneducated family and they viewed this movie as "Sci-Fi" saying that this never would happen. I have just started reading into the history and Dissolution of the Soviet Union. I have heard all my life Ronnie was the reason, but as I read on it sounds more like Gorbachev and the Baltic Republics started the Dissolution.

  • Bass Jackal
    Bass Jackal 8 years ago

    stupid trumpets

  • snidelywhiplash
    snidelywhiplash 8 years ago

    @lothartheterrible Minor correction: At this point there were only 18 Titan IIs (two squadrons) at McConnell, if my info is correct. Lot of Minutemans scattered all over Missouri, the Dakotas, Neb/Colo/Wyo, and Montana, though. Seems like a failure in post-strike recovery planning to put all those bulls-eyes in amongst your grain growing regions, but what do I know?

  • snidelywhiplash
    snidelywhiplash 8 years ago

    @3replybiz I'm curious - what do you think Nicholas Meyer (the director TDA) borrowed from Pasolini? I'm not educated enough about film to spot it.

  • Scott Rose
    Scott Rose 8 years ago


    Are you gay?

  • George Arndt
    George Arndt 8 years ago

    Thanks for uploading this, great, terrifying movie.

  • J. R. C.
    J. R. C. 8 years ago

    This movie came out as I was starting my USAF at McConnell AFB with the Titan II ICBM missles.
    It left an impact on me for sure!

  • Basileus84
    Basileus84 8 years ago +5

    I still remember this movie from when I was a kid. I think ABC should broadcast it every single year just to remind everyone (including those people with the finger on the button) that even if we win, we lose.

    • Matthew Bassler
      Matthew Bassler Year ago

      There would be NO winners in a nuclear war,except death would be the winner

  • InstigateInsanity
    InstigateInsanity 8 years ago

    @InstigateInsanity Ignore me, by the way. Everyone must be thoroughly sick of people mentioning 'Threads' by now, and I sometimes tend to type before I think :P

  • InstigateInsanity
    InstigateInsanity 8 years ago

    @smellykelley69 BBC's 'Threads' is incredible, too.