2060 Leaked Benchmarks - The WAN Show Nov 23, 2018

  • Published on Nov 24, 2018
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    Timestamps courtesy ofWestOfAsh & Giiman95
    0:29 Intro
    1:24 US exports
    10:02 Strawpoll AI restriction discussion
    10:49 Windows Update paused again!
    12:22 Pop-Ups and ads rant 14:34 RTX 2060 benchmarks leaked
    18:00 Optane being marketed as RAM??
    25:24 Microsoft tested ads in Windows 10 mail app
    28:55 Strawpoll results on Windows 10 mail app users
    32:13 Sponsor 1 - Savage Jerky
    35:08 Sponsor 2 - Honey
    37:44 Sponsor 3 - PIA
    39:23 Lab-grown meat in America
    44:54 Valve discontinued Steam hardware
    46:20 Amazon Prime members can see Aquaman a week early in some places
    51:41 Amazon leaked customer info again
    53:08 Samsung's transparent OLED display
    58:32 credits
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Comments • 759

  • gameflux
    gameflux 3 months ago

    Cool !

  • Michael Spence
    Michael Spence 3 months ago

    Intel optane can speed up certain processes and deserves it's own description!
    Advertisers: "IT'S RA'AM!"

  • Mummafiedthunderbirds
    Mummafiedthunderbirds 4 months ago

    Fuck that horn! It fucked me up while I was on the toilet!

  • Tonic Mole
    Tonic Mole 5 months ago

    It's not A.I. They are using that term for hype, but it's far from intelligent. Artificial, yes....but not intelligent. Detecting colors, numerical and alphabetical combinations is not intelligent. It's mildly more advanced search engine technology. Similar to modern VR. It's not VR. It's just a screen really close to your eyes.

  • Intermezzo
    Intermezzo 5 months ago

    What if they instead of calling Optane memory they call it "hard drive enhancing/boosting storage/memory"

  • Jo Veteran
    Jo Veteran 5 months ago

    Stop complaining and eat your popups. Or use an adblocker like any sensible human being.

  • Meridian
    Meridian 6 months ago

    Incorrect - you actually -can- can't buy too many home shirts. And yep I use honey now because of yall, it works sometimes, but I'll admit its saved me some money.

  • wisico640
    wisico640 6 months ago

    Car audio upgrades are amazing too!

  • wisico640
    wisico640 6 months ago

    Steamlink was amazing :o

  • Ethan Johnson
    Ethan Johnson 6 months ago

    nice stache Luke!

  • Debraval Reyes
    Debraval Reyes 6 months ago

    Why would lap grown meat be a good thing. How long has lab grown meat been around ?

  • Debraval Reyes
    Debraval Reyes 6 months ago

    Any hype on the hoax tunnel Elon Musk did.?

  • TheReddeadmovie
    TheReddeadmovie 6 months ago

    yay a comment about sweden tack så mycket

  • Thierry Driessen
    Thierry Driessen 6 months ago

    Why does luke kind of look and sound like Josh Gates? Long lost twin brother maybe?

  • qaz wiz
    qaz wiz 6 months ago

    DON'T FORGET: you cannot turn off updates in LOSE 10 operating system

  • qaz wiz
    qaz wiz 6 months ago

    make chips in USA and you don't "export" anything to China
    -no AI
    -no plans
    -no templates
    -no JOBS exported either

  • jb888888888
    jb888888888 6 months ago

    I know Im a week late and therefore probably unable to enter; but FYI It's ILLEGAL to require purchase to enter a sweepstakes/giveaway in the US>

    • jb888888888
      jb888888888 6 months ago

      Lotteries are different than sweepstakes, as are free with purchase items. ETA: For the golden ticket example, there still needs to be some way of entering without purchasing, like by sending in for a free wrapper which may or may not contain a ticket.

    • Andy Newman
      Andy Newman 6 months ago

      What about if you purchase a lottery ticket? Or if you purchase a Wonka bar and find a golden ticket? AMD does a games giveaway if you purchase an AMD GPU. Breakfast cereals sometimes have a toy inside. You have to purchase the cereal to get the toy.

  • paul humphreys
    paul humphreys 6 months ago

    we new it was going to be a great show because linus Wasn`t in it

  • Marcudemus
    Marcudemus 6 months ago

    OMG yes, please, thank you guys for the validation! Google! If there's somewhere I can tell a website to go to hell with their notification prompts forever, that would be awesome.

  • 楚杰维
    楚杰维 6 months ago


  • Chad Desch
    Chad Desch 6 months ago

    Won't they just continue to muddy the waters of optane until people start believing they need it in their machines as much as DRAM?

  • GregTheHun
    GregTheHun 6 months ago

    I'm surprised they haven't talked about RISC-V yet

  • I noscoped JFK
    I noscoped JFK 6 months ago +1

    100% its gonna be around 400 dollars.

  • fetB
    fetB 6 months ago

    Focus Plus is actually on the upper segment and are fairly new models. Whats the point of wan show if you dont actually check out the articles?
    From what i read its only 550w units that are older than january 2018 having too strict OCP.

  • Debraval Reyes
    Debraval Reyes 6 months ago

    Lab grown meat is just another NWO agenda. Nothing man makes is good for you.

  • Martin DiMase Jr.
    Martin DiMase Jr. 6 months ago

    We need to separate the gamers from the fakers, the ones who think they game or have a foot in the door of the community thinking we dont try and Stay Alive everyday.

  • Lee Wilson
    Lee Wilson 6 months ago

    It needed to beat the 1070 to be worth it

  • Lee Wilson
    Lee Wilson 6 months ago

    weak sauce

  • Shady Brady
    Shady Brady 6 months ago +2

    I don't believe AI will manifest as described by "singularity" hypes. I believe it will be nothing more than a new medium to process human information. The main reason I believe this is because when I confront "singularity hypes" with really basic questions , they almost always seem stumped. As if they've never thought about some of these key problems that throw a wrench in the whole singularity idea. For one, it's already illegal for an individual to build a machine that can learn, process information, and make decisions that can decide the fate of other humans. This is in violation of individual sovereignty. If you build a robot that takes the life of another human, you are still responsible for said robot, and will face the consequences. The very nature of the singularity concept clashes with this. First of all, nobody wants corporations deciding the fate of our lives. That's absurd. Second, we're already seeing legislation catch up to this "responsibility" flaw with automation, and roll it back. Tesla doesn't even sell self driving cars anymore. You're required to keep your hands on the wheel, so assume the responsibility of the vehicle. Tesla doesn't want to contend with the legal responsibility of what their automobiles do, and congress wouldn't let them even if they did. These projects require funding. Most of which come from investors. Investors who are seeking a profit. Tesla's legal battles are ultimately why they're constantly weeks away from bankruptcy. This is the whole problem with AI and automation. It's not that the tech is impossible. It's that the monetary and legal issues are what throw a wrench in the whole thing.

  • OhItsThat
    OhItsThat 6 months ago

    Nvidia would sell technology to China even if they knew China was gonna use it against the western world.

  • Philo Jewett
    Philo Jewett 6 months ago +1

    Current animal agriculture stats from the USDA:
    80 billion land mammals killed annually for food (up to 1 trillion animals if you include fish)
    50% of US water supply used for animal agriculture & feed crops
    33% of land mass of planet earth used for animal agriculture & feed crops
    Leading cause of carbon emissions, when taking crops, equipment, transportation, etc. into account.
    Leading cause of habitat destruction & species extinction.
    Additionally, about 30% of all calories from animal food actually never get eaten due to waste. That means 30% of all of the stats listed above are just straight up wasted. 26 billion land animals live, suffer, and die every year, only to never be eaten at all.
    How much food does it take to feed 80 billion land animals? A lot. There's 1 billion people that are hungry in the world and the food is fed to livestock instead.
    Leading cause of animal suffering (by far).
    All things taken into account (there's more I didn't even list here), eating and using animal products is the largest problem on planet earth right now. Please like this comment if you want other people to see these important statistics.

  • Valentin Pedersen
    Valentin Pedersen 6 months ago

    I think the AI thing is thought for military equipment

  • Moritz nope
    Moritz nope 6 months ago

    so the office subscribers don't get ads in the Mail app? But how would they notice, didn't they pay to get Outlok? Are there seriously two different Mail apps from Microsoft?!?

  • Sotzrem
    Sotzrem 6 months ago

    Still Rocking Firefox :)

  • SixOThree
    SixOThree 6 months ago

    Expect this Optane confusion to continue since they will re-use the Optane name for NV RAM among other things.

  • Omni-Pious
    Omni-Pious 6 months ago

    Nothing to do with the video but IDK where else to ask. I am trying to buy a new gaming PC and monitor and want to know if I am getting my money's worth. I mainly play TW: Warhammer 2. WoW, a few other RPG's and maybe some shooters here and there but nothing crazy. Thank you for any advice you give.
    The PC Total Cost - $2143
    OS: Win 10 Home
    Processor: i9-9900K 3.60GHZ 16MB Intel Smart Cache LGA 1151
    Motherboard: MSI Z390-A PRO ATX w/USB 3.1,2 PCIe x16, 4 PCIe x1, 6 SATA3, 1 M.2 (Key E) 1 M.2 SATA/PCIe
    Video Card: GeForce RTX 2080 8GB GDDR6
    Power Supply: 1000 Watts Standard 80 Plus Gold
    Primary Hard Drive: 250GB WD Black Series PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD - Seq R/W: Up to 3000/1600 MB/s, Rnd R/W up to 220/170k (Single Drive)
    Secondary Hard Drive 2TB HDD
    Monitor Total Cost - $800
    Acer Predator Z35P bmiphz 35' Curved 1800R QHD (3440x 1440) NVIDA G-Sync VA Monitor
    Response Time - 4ms
    Refresh Rate 100 Hz using Display Port

    • Philo Jewett
      Philo Jewett 6 months ago

      This is a pretty high-end build. If you aren't playing anything crazy, you're total cost should be around $800 - $1000, without the monitor or peripherals. Your current GPU is geared towards Ultra settings on AAA titles, and you won't need that beefy of a processor for gaming. Go with a nice quadcore for $300 ish, plenty for gaming.

  • Stephen Carboni
    Stephen Carboni 6 months ago

    I thought I was going crazy with that car alarm in the background. I kept pausing the video to try to hear it and it took about 30 seconds to realize and then Luke mentioned it.

  • Leek
    Leek 6 months ago

    Stop talking about how you’re annoyed about pop ups. That’s everyone

  • TechFusion AZ
    TechFusion AZ 6 months ago

    the mail app is absolutely horrible. i've set it up on some clients and it's garbage. Funny, because Microsoft's Outlook is FAR superior, no competition lol.
    Specifically, the GUI is only good if you use a touch screen. Even that, it's very meh. But what's the worst for me is that you CANNOT (YES CANNOT) export or import mail in the mail client. So if you're using POP3 on the mail app, and want to change your email client, you will be forced to loose all your saved mail. (Tip, only use IMAP on the mail app.)
    Even Googles web browser mail client is better than the mail app.

  • Percunas
    Percunas 6 months ago

    how about they call it RTX 2060 but it doesn't have Ray Tracing ...

  • grethro
    grethro 6 months ago

    I still don't understand Optane and whatever AMDs answer is, and You guys did a video where some freeware was better than both I think? IDK I have not messed with it I already have an SSD boot drive I am not going to notice performance gains by the sound of it.

  • Brolas
    Brolas 6 months ago

    good if they want to bring out the 2060 but WTF is with DLSS now? People paid months ago for this feature and we dont hear anything about it since the keynote....
    At least we got rtx on Battlefield.......
    tech youtubers should mention it more so we maybe get some attention from nvidia.
    good thing i didnt buy a card so far. But i think it will be a 2070 soon. dont want to wait anymore for AMD cards. my 960 starts too struggle ):

  • chnapo1
    chnapo1 6 months ago

    Optane marketted as RAM? This works already for cca 1 year in Slovakia. How much RAM does this laptop have? 4GB RAM + 16GB Optane. It is not under solid state drives, but under RAM.

  • funbucket09
    funbucket09 6 months ago

    I use the mail app. It is good. Less bloaty than using the browser. Also, when I click on an email address on a website, I can send them an email straight away rather than just having a pop up for an unconfigured app show up. Also I am in Australia and noticed the ads. One PC has win10 pro the other has win10 education. Ads only on win10 pro.

  • funbucket09
    funbucket09 6 months ago


  • Chris D
    Chris D 6 months ago +1

    I have to use outlook for work.

  • Shaun Roselt
    Shaun Roselt 6 months ago

    I'm actually using Steam Link every day to play games. It's really cool. I have the app though. I don't have the hardware.

  • Shaun Roselt
    Shaun Roselt 6 months ago

    I use the Mail app

  • EverythingGaming
    EverythingGaming 6 months ago

    I don't mind the mail app in windows 10

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 6 months ago

    If you ask me anything in the rtx 2000 series should out perform anything in the gtx 1000 series. Very disappointing Nvidia. Why not just stick with the gtx series. Save money get the same effect. Ray tracing isnt even usable at the moment. They havent got the bugs figured out , so your just throwing money away on tech that wont be used for awhile.

  • Im1CrazyCow
    Im1CrazyCow 6 months ago

    WAIT A Minute #NGREEDIA SAID @ Gamescon (Real Name should have BEEN >>>>> "CON-JOB-CON" ...... Per Order of the Little Guy In the Leather Jacket & Elevator Shoes on stage who paid for the "STING" ! ! !
    MUSIC BUILDS >>>>>> Little Guy Frowns & carries on trying to fix the fuck ups that are MOUNTING!! The SS TITANIC Would have Would Have Jumped Overboard By NOW !!!!
    Jensen: "R" "U" "READY"? .... "SAY IT WITH ME" ...... "IT JUST (DON'T) WORK(s)".....Rinse & Repeat 800 X's ......RTX= Really Tired Xcuses .... So this New RTX/GTX/No1CaresTX 2060 should be higher than a GTX1070 if the 1 down rules from Jensen's own statement.......so ummm What Happened BC they are Worse and most times ALOT!!! insert Jackass Sound Effect here........... Again Games-con was more LIKE "CON-JOB-CON" IF I was THE German Government I would BE PISSED !!!

  • James Bradbury
    James Bradbury 6 months ago

    But can I use Optane to replace deditated WAM for my server?

  • Im1CrazyCow
    Im1CrazyCow 6 months ago

    Where is JON ???!! 1809 is also opening extra Browser Windows... CON HOST !!!! which was part of the DATA Loss......I know i got hit by Both and After talking to MS for 2 days there FIX is ...............DRUM ROLL................UN -Install 1809 back to 1803 I was like are YOU fucking Kidding me.............PS it doesn't work and brings out more issues ......and MS claims it will give me back my lost Programs.........BUZZER SOUND.............NOT after 3 tries on a test drive clone so it cant FUCK UP MY System anymore!! I swear Not >>> 1 Tech Company lately can do what their company is supposed to do Right.........it seems all have Shit wrong!!

  • stackfl0w
    stackfl0w 6 months ago

    Prime members get to see Aquaman early
    The downside is that it's Aquaman

  • cosmichero 2025
    cosmichero 2025 6 months ago

    The optane as ram thing. I was helping my brother by a laptop over thanksgiving and looking at adds and I saw like 30+ Memory in low-medium tier laptops and I was like WTF? 22GB Optane + 8GB Ram = 20GB Memory. I literally let out a sigh and my brother didn't understand he was literally going to buy it bc it had more "RAM"

  • Karl A
    Karl A 6 months ago

    0:22 I also though you said "Swedish show" 😢 Just let me know if you wanna make that happen, we're quite a few fans up here 👋❤🍁

  • Mike Soda
    Mike Soda 6 months ago

    Just got Honey, ain't used yet & probably wont have chance for another month but we'll see.

  • Luca Massimo
    Luca Massimo 6 months ago

    Real wan show is linus-luke, sorry james... Stop laughing, you look possibly even less prepared than you are.

  • Jeru3
    Jeru3 6 months ago

    I can't play frostpunk anymore since that driver update, I am already forgetting everything I painfully learned trying to survive a week in endurance mode...

  • Joao Victor Peixoto
    Joao Victor Peixoto 6 months ago

    Hi there! I recently found a nice monitor for a good price and was wondering if my laptop could power it. The monitor is a 1440p, 165hz, 24inch monitor. I was wondering if my computer could power the monitor with the following specs: GTX 1050 4gb, i7-7700k, 16gb ram. Seeing as how I'm not a console peasant, I game at bare minimum 40fps. Will my computer achieve at least 40fps on high settings? I play CS:GO, Fortnite, DOOM, Destiny 2 and Overwatch.

  • Mike Soda
    Mike Soda 6 months ago

    Never mind.

  • ShallowDepression
    ShallowDepression 6 months ago

    Lab grown meat 😷 we get it, you want us all dead, or massively culled 😂

  • HazewinDog
    HazewinDog 6 months ago

    I hope one day Honey will allow me to save money.... so far it never has anything on any relevant websites (I'm in the EU). fml. been using it way longer than you guys too...

  • Matt Pressley
    Matt Pressley 6 months ago

    I love how the US government is so worried out exporting encryption and AI, but selling military weapons like fighter jets and bombs to other countries is fine.

  • Merlous V
    Merlous V 6 months ago

    this is why i have Opera web browser 12:01 no more of that annoying stuff

  • Joe Sterling
    Joe Sterling 6 months ago

    "What is this video?"
    It's somebody else's commercial, which you played for us for the better part of a minute before you noticed it.

  • Shervin ML
    Shervin ML 6 months ago

    Savage jerkky

  • ratykat
    ratykat 6 months ago

    Hey man car audio is still a big industry...

  • Zipp4Everyone
    Zipp4Everyone 6 months ago

    Wan isnt a swedish word, nor does it mean "the best" or "best" =P

  • playmaka2007
    playmaka2007 6 months ago

    13:01, AdBlock, that's what you guys are looking for. I know you aren't fans of that type of thing, but I'm not a fan of websites doing that type of thing.

  • Boom Squad
    Boom Squad 6 months ago

    Car audio is life Luke lmaoo

  • staffybiker
    staffybiker 6 months ago

    That pat on the back from lazerJames killed me :D Great episode

  • flioink
    flioink 6 months ago

    Still using Google Chrome?
    Tsk, tsk... y'all should know better by now to NOT trust Google services unless you *absolutely* need them.

  • Maxatal
    Maxatal 6 months ago +1

    Watching this on my Dell Inspiron 15 7567...

  • ThEUnReaLWuN
    ThEUnReaLWuN 6 months ago

    I use mail app windows 10 and use optane memory that i cant live without, optane gets rid of 99% of windows bugs period.

  • Alexx H
    Alexx H 6 months ago

    I used to use the mail app, but that was only because it was convenient for my no professional/work style email accounts, it was just there, it did what i needed, and i didn't have to fuss setting it up much.
    Once it stopped working though i just didn't bother with it anymore. been meaning to install a replacement but I can't be bothered lol.

  • Mädväď Yogi
    Mädväď Yogi 6 months ago

    Why do smart guys like yourselves use fucking Chrome ? It is a ad delivery platform, not a browser.

  • WannaDJ
    WannaDJ 6 months ago +1

    Always good to see Luke!

  • James H
    James H 6 months ago

    Fuck, I got an email from Amazon telling me about this. I thought “oh for fucks sake Amazon, are your employees _that_ stupid?” but I guess I’ll have to keep an eye out for more news on it.

  • Melanto
    Melanto 6 months ago

    Wow, Luke for the win on the most PC comment... "people in general who are attracted to men" lol

  • Uldis Crystal
    Uldis Crystal 6 months ago

    Here we go meat made by recycled shit will be coming soon.Pretty sure in Japan they even made test shit burger.

  • Gruzdev Victorovich
    Gruzdev Victorovich 6 months ago

    Microsoft puts ads in their mail app..oh it seems it wants to play catch up with google. That's bad i think..

  • Yoni Ben-Oni
    Yoni Ben-Oni 6 months ago

    46:00 Gotta love James 😂

  • TYTA
    TYTA 6 months ago +1

    www.gofundme.com/tsyzbq?pc=ot_co_dashboard_a&rcid=124a1fcbd8b145989da94c260b3a60d2 support grapes medical expenses and spread the word

  • J.S. Crawford
    J.S. Crawford 6 months ago

    It's because Trump is a dick!

  • Kevin VanNess
    Kevin VanNess 6 months ago +1

    This is for Luke and anyone else who don't want notifications, "chrome://settings/content/notifications">Disable

  • Edward Rosario
    Edward Rosario 6 months ago

    what do you guys use instead of the mail app?

  • 2poreSnaxAir
    2poreSnaxAir 6 months ago

    say Columnar one more time, we boxing... *twitching left eye with how many times columnar was said*

  • Alvarado Road Productions


  • TheDom800
    TheDom800 6 months ago

    Great mic placement guys! really slick! :)

  • Philip Soderberg
    Philip Soderberg 6 months ago

    The Windows 10 1809 "bug" isn't a windows bug it's an Intel driver bug for a driver written by Intel.

  • samtherat6
    samtherat6 6 months ago

    The Optane cache being sold as RAM has been going on for a fairly long time now.

  • utubehater666lol
    utubehater666lol 6 months ago

    were da fawk is the gtx 2050

  • pr0xZen
    pr0xZen 6 months ago

    I do believe any internal, external and peripheral connected to a computer that passes 3D mark VR score limit, is how they decide. Which is neat, that means my waterpump and USB hub is VR ready! 💜

  • awesomeferret
    awesomeferret 6 months ago

    You say "tech people are sacred in general of the government touching our stuff" yet you thought "net neutrality" needed to be "saved" (there was nothing to even save, remember, Tmobile and Verizon's 480p shenanigans were 100 percent legal)? Ajit Pai agreed that the government shouldn't be touching our internet and now tons of people (including you guys) hate him for that. I know this is a live show, but wow, that was quite a gaffe, especially for this channel. Lol

  • MarcasswellbMD
    MarcasswellbMD 6 months ago

    Time Stamp: 10:50 How come for over 2 Year's Now We have been hearing about all This Intel Specture/Security/Windows' Issues and all there failures with 10NM, And People are still shilling for them????????? They are at the end of their good times and at the beginning of their downward spiral to where AMD was 10 years ago... I love it when scumbag/liar's and Rip Off Artist's get what they deserve!!!!!!!!

  • Call Me Neo
    Call Me Neo 6 months ago

    Why doesn't Luke use win 10? Also, what are the alternatives to win 10mail?

  • Kenney Ogden xXPrivate AccountXx

    I always use the mail app, its very useful.

  • Destroyerz117
    Destroyerz117 6 months ago

    leaked pepe

  • Mike Davison
    Mike Davison 6 months ago

    RE Jalapeno / habanero
    Pure english speakers have a hard time articulating the difference between an "H" and a "J" in Spanish. "H" is a normal "H" sound. but "J" in Spanish is a velar plosive, like a "G" in German or Dutch or Afikaans...
    It's just a sound that English speakers never learn to use in speech, like the clicks used in Xhosa represented by "X", "C" and "Q"... Search Miriam Makeba's "Click Song" ;)