Neon Knots and Borromean Beer Rings - Numberphile

  • Published on Apr 9, 2018
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Comments • 735

  • Mateusz Czerniawski
    Mateusz Czerniawski 5 days ago

    I love this guy!

  • Itz Raptor
    Itz Raptor 5 days ago

    All thoses years of being a boy scout pays out doesnt it cliff.

  • La Guarida del Dragón

    is this nardwuar's older brother?

  • Lucas An
    Lucas An 24 days ago

    great man

  • Bruno Ribeiro
    Bruno Ribeiro Month ago

    Came to see some loops.
    Left crying my eyeballs out :')

  • Amantin Mehilli - Panos

    In love with cliff!!

  • Josny13
    Josny13 2 months ago

    3:55 "I can use it to glue magnets onto strings so that I can make.."
    Necklaces? :D Bracelets? :::D
    "..strings that hook up to one another." Oh you! xD

  • Niklas M.
    Niklas M. 3 months ago

    6:15 couldn't help but to giggle a little

  • Rabbit the One
    Rabbit the One 4 months ago +2

    Here's one for Cliff Sr.

  • Rabbit the One
    Rabbit the One 4 months ago +2

    Father my children

  • AK
    AK 4 months ago +1


    "if you can find a glue gun, a couple magnets, and a couple pieces of string... ugh... you've got it made!"

  • velorien996
    velorien996 4 months ago +1

    An F in the chat for Cliff

  • Duuk van Leeuwen
    Duuk van Leeuwen 5 months ago +2

    Seriously, every time I see Cliff Stoll, I become happier. This is what the world needs. Just this kind of happiness. And also that story at the end, amazing.

  • Bet My Name Spooked You

    It’s a not that’s not a not

  • Cally Craig
    Cally Craig 5 months ago

    This guy is mental and I love it.

  • Paul-Lucas Lambert
    Paul-Lucas Lambert 6 months ago

    6:18 "i'm playing with these naughts" .... "Professor Cliff"

  • Rachel Rose
    Rachel Rose 6 months ago +1

    Also can we get him and ViHart to do a collab or something?
    That would blow my mind

  • Rachel Rose
    Rachel Rose 6 months ago

    Cliff Stoll with math for the soul.
    Someone give this man a TV show.

  • Markiyan Hapyak
    Markiyan Hapyak 6 months ago +1

    🤩 🤩 👌🏻 👌🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻

  • kapelusznik74
    kapelusznik74 6 months ago +1

    Cliff is just amazing!

  • Øyvind Kjølen
    Øyvind Kjølen 6 months ago

    cliff for president

  • abu3qab
    abu3qab 7 months ago

    7:15 I was hoping he'd say "to my eyes, it is NOT".

  • avbpolicarpio
    avbpolicarpio 7 months ago

    Cliff probably wanna drink beer in a Klein Bottle

  • Idvar Hurd
    Idvar Hurd 7 months ago

    it looks to be a knot, but it's not

  • An Alien on the Internet

    6:18 I'm playing with deez nuts

  • Mijesh Deuja
    Mijesh Deuja 7 months ago

    Cliff is just amazing.

  • Wolfotage
    Wolfotage 7 months ago +1

    Holy.... this guy is so awesome :)

  • Christian Wolff
    Christian Wolff 7 months ago +1

    I love cliff so much. He's so cool and it's fun to see these videos

  • Pilgrim on the Long Road
    Pilgrim on the Long Road 7 months ago +1

    :') I love this man so much

  • John Waters
    John Waters 7 months ago

    Its just beer Cliff. Grow up.

  • Tomás Seeber
    Tomás Seeber 7 months ago

    See? Alcohol kills your spirit.

  • Claudio Andrei
    Claudio Andrei 8 months ago

    No way this man mever drunk anything

  • Claudio Andrei
    Claudio Andrei 8 months ago +1

    If i could i would just die and give my remaining time to live to this guy

  • Daniel Bishop
    Daniel Bishop 8 months ago +2

    A quick story from Cliff about his personal life to warm our hearts.
    We love you Cliff.

  • oh ok
    oh ok 8 months ago +1

    I'm so sorry people but I had to do it.

    6:19 "I'm playing with deez nuts"

  • Key_Of_Destiny47
    Key_Of_Destiny47 8 months ago +2

    My dad gave me a sip of beer when I was about 7. Before you go on about “ohh what a bad parent,” it was part of his method of parenting. I tasted it, and I retched at the bitter flavor and spat it out! I asked him, “why did you let me drink it?” He replied with, “because now you’ll think twice before drinking it under age.” He then said, “that’s parenting.” It didn’t stop me from ever drinking beer again, but it did keep me from drinking as a teen. My dad would call that a win in his parenting book!

  • Kasa Jizo
    Kasa Jizo 8 months ago +1

    To a human, this video has 100 dislikes.
    To a computer it has 4.

  • denelson83
    denelson83 9 months ago

    Seems this guy's favourite sports betting method would be the over-under.

  • rockemack
    rockemack 9 months ago

    RIP John Mahoney aka Martin Crane. Martin loved Ballantines

  • Katy Bechníková
    Katy Bechníková 9 months ago +3

    Whenever I'm sad, I watch Cliff Stoll getting excited about topology.

  • vigorous era
    vigorous era 11 months ago +1

    I consumed more alcohol in the space of watching this video than this man has in his entire lifetime.

  • Toni Capone
    Toni Capone 11 months ago +3

    At first it made me slightly upset that the camera guy asked about his dad. He’s clearly passed away. I thought it would make Cliff sad and so it made me upset.
    But then he told that heartwarming story and I’m happy cameraman asked.
    Made me slightly sad cause I once used to say I’d never drink any alcohol in my life.
    Now I drink almost every week. ):

  • Tom Vorat
    Tom Vorat Year ago +3

    I fucking love this guy

  • federico saviano
    federico saviano Year ago +1

    Wow my boy cliff living with no alcohol

  • mister Banana
    mister Banana Year ago

    Valentine from fallout 4?

  • Giovanni Arriciati
    Giovanni Arriciati Year ago +2

    Awesome video as always cliff💓

  • magalí
    magalí Year ago +3

    Wonderful video!
    It was really interesting and exciting, and the ending was beautiful. Cliff can make anyone smile talking about math

  • Gumbo Clay
    Gumbo Clay Year ago

    If John Bonham was still alive, I would steal this sign from Cliff and give it to John for his birthday. It's his symbol, and he loved beer (maybe a little too much).

  • Will Hook
    Will Hook Year ago +1

    That story about never having beer was very interesting and I liked it

  • Hamza Ilarzeg
    Hamza Ilarzeg Year ago +1

    Who cant love this guy?

    COZYTW Year ago +1

    Neon makers used Vieta jumping?! What the

  • Kaustav Dey
    Kaustav Dey Year ago +1

    Such a nice story.

  • Captain Cygni
    Captain Cygni Year ago +1

    Cwiff is swixty eight...

    Pwez don't dwie Cwiff ; ω ;

  • Troy Jimenez
    Troy Jimenez Year ago


  • Jewdo Master
    Jewdo Master Year ago

    That's Knot much of a theory, if nobody cann't knot the unknot.

  • jacktheninja
    jacktheninja Year ago

    ayyy i have the same hotglue gun

  • Richard Campbell
    Richard Campbell Year ago +1

    Cliff is one of my top five people I would love to meet.

  • 00bean00
    00bean00 Year ago

    Ooof. Old enough to die conscripted in a war you have no say in, old enough to choose your own.

  • Tyrfingr
    Tyrfingr Year ago

    If guys like Cliff were leaders of countries. Utopia would follow.