Extreme Fast Unusual Wooden House Build Skills, Amazing Intelligent Log Home Building Process

  • Published on Dec 13, 2018
  • Extreme Fast Unusual Wooden House Build Skills
    - Amazing Intelligent Log Home Building Process
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  • D J
    D J 2 months ago

    This is all very fascinating but if it doesn't meet local codeine 🤔 and zoning it ain't happening

  • Mike Cartman
    Mike Cartman 3 months ago

    interesting system with a lot of mobility built in for seismic stress relief .. using only 2 different p rebuilt modules ..created offsite in a controlled environment a practice that is beginning to happen in north America , they arent stick framing or balloon framing here its almost a post and beam with some unique solutions to the problems faced in that style of construction it would have been nice to see more of the whole process not just intiror partitions .. thanks for the video

  • A.v.K.
    A.v.K. 3 months ago

    There is only one rule, you do not complain about the safety rules...

  • Denis Cuillierrier
    Denis Cuillierrier 4 months ago

    Earthquake proof I guess...

  • H.Simoes Limas
    H.Simoes Limas 5 months ago

    alto custo florestal...mil anos por metroquadrado...

  • Ron Verburg
    Ron Verburg 5 months ago +2

    I'm 62 years now and started working with wood from my 14th year, I've never accomplished these incredible skills and know now that me and all my coworkers are total morons compared to these Japanese craftsman! chapeau to all of you !

  • atzo naftaniel
    atzo naftaniel 6 months ago

    With temperature changes these houses will squeek like hell. I used to live in one. Never again.

    • Maria Damen
      Maria Damen 2 months ago

      Atzo Did you live in a wooden house in Japan?

    • Jason Atkins
      Jason Atkins 4 months ago

      Hard to fuck in one too. Never again!

    • atzo naftaniel
      atzo naftaniel 5 months ago

      ​@Ron Verburg Instead of pondering on a thoughtfull answer you choose the tomatoroute. By the way, BULLSHIT is spelled with two times L and without the exclamation marks, it's inherent to the word itself. You're probrably not an Engllish native (dutch I guess), which covers the value of your comment. Drops on security, Columbus.

    • Ron Verburg
      Ron Verburg 5 months ago


  • herin byl
    herin byl 6 months ago +1

    Сибирский лес

  • BaleiDetale.pl
    BaleiDetale.pl 7 months ago +1

    nice shape of wood using

  • Jeffery Schirm
    Jeffery Schirm 7 months ago

    Great rental builds lets see them run their fist through that wall when uncle Al comes over !

  • Carla Pinna
    Carla Pinna 7 months ago

    eccellente tecnica congratulazioni

  • Rubens oliveira
    Rubens oliveira 11 months ago

    Muito bom perfeito gostaria de ter uma equipe assim nota dez

  • Александр Лукин

    Не плохо, не плохо!!!!!

  • Саидхамзат Магомадов

    Круто,богато,интересно,необычно!!!👍👍👍👍 Япония рулит...

  • ako papab
    ako papab 11 months ago

    ..nice work..