Top 10 Food Products You Can't Buy Anymore...

  • Published on Mar 11, 2017
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Comments • 217

  • The legend
    The legend 6 months ago

    i had the ecto cooler but i drank it all

  • Juan Laris
    Juan Laris 8 months ago

    Taco Bell Burger what's the s*** the piece of from McDonald's what the shiznit

  • Sunny Aujla
    Sunny Aujla 9 months ago

    McDonald's pizza was the best!

  • KJ The Hedgecat
    KJ The Hedgecat 10 months ago

    4:25 Heyyy It's Content Cop!!😄

  • Rainbows_End 234
    Rainbows_End 234 11 months ago

    You can still buy oreo o's. I had some earlier

  • Llama Llama
    Llama Llama Year ago

    Don’t dile 1800 I feel ok it’s a slut calling program

  • hulkgamer 10
    hulkgamer 10 Year ago +1


  • Cornelius Lagrant

    Oreo o's have made a come back.

  • Adan Javier Lopez

    Wait koolaid is Kool AIDS lol I found a secret wait o no I hear sirens o god no p

  • Dr. Meme
    Dr. Meme Year ago

    Sharkleberry fin is my favorite flavor. Like if you agree

  • YUGI_ Ketchum
    YUGI_ Ketchum Year ago

    I miss the captain crunch delights start a petition to bring it back #bringbackcaptincrunchdelights

  • gman9tree
    gman9tree Year ago

    Oreo os are backb

  • Bossome GLDV
    Bossome GLDV Year ago

    Oeros o’s are back

  • Ricky Smith
    Ricky Smith Year ago

    You want 8 an 1 back 😂

  • Cristofer Gonzalez

    Oreo's are back

  • Duwayne Haberman
    Duwayne Haberman Year ago

    Taco bells volcano items

  • R3BELN0NAME 346
    R3BELN0NAME 346 Year ago +1

    They sell oreo o in texas

  • Zesty Zomer
    Zesty Zomer Year ago +1

    awesome video mayvew tey revkiew ing pia pizzas stinmach moiuth hegegehehe heh

  • Kermit Donatello
    Kermit Donatello Year ago

    Four loco changed its formula from Because of stupid college student 🤦‍♂️

  • Stephanie N James

    We have Oreo OS in North carolina

  • krazi77
    krazi77 Year ago

    I want a can of beer with a plain white label and the big black letters BEER

    SSKILLA Year ago

    U can still buy 4 loco

  • Jazz Fashion
    Jazz Fashion Year ago


  • Jazz Fashion
    Jazz Fashion Year ago

    sharkleberry fin is in my country

  • KD
    KD Year ago

    So many things bring back memories - The good old days :)

  • TC Toxic_
    TC Toxic_ Year ago

    There still is Oreo o

  • Mark Patak
    Mark Patak Year ago +1

    2:25 Mcdonalds USSR

  • little toast gamer

    I hate this man i hope he gets fired hes disepectfull

    • 张三
      张三 Year ago

      misael 67 games You cant get fired when you work for yourself. And also, talking about disrespectful ..... what do you think you just said?...

  • Filomena Gavino
    Filomena Gavino Year ago

    Did you like oreo o and kool aid one?

  • ZenTeT
    ZenTeT Year ago

    mcpizza was so good i miss it :(

    JEEPZERO Year ago

    I like these videos because it usually ends up in him ranting

  • Maxwell The average


    Crystal Pepsi

  • RedMaxDog 1
    RedMaxDog 1 Year ago

    Oreoos still exist

  • Savageballer122
    Savageballer122 Year ago +2

    In the future Oreo O's will make a return. 👍👍👍

  • OriginalDarkMew
    OriginalDarkMew Year ago

    2:37-2:51 IM DEAD XD

  • OriginalDarkMew
    OriginalDarkMew Year ago

    0:48 why did I die laughing XD

  • GCTFilter snake
    GCTFilter snake Year ago

    Why are you so salty in this video... Did you wake up and realize you're only at 500k subs and start hating you're life??? Is that why you're so upset?

  • Marth
    Marth Year ago

    Has anyone noticed the audio issues?

  • Nicolas Reynaga
    Nicolas Reynaga Year ago

    You can still buy oreo cereal

  • idrinkchocomil
    idrinkchocomil Year ago

    ive never heard of sharkleberry...

  • Tani Barlow
    Tani Barlow Year ago

    Oreo O’s are still around I actually bought them Yesterday

  • Thabo Modise
    Thabo Modise Year ago

    the episode must have made you hungry

  • Louie Paul Machin
    Louie Paul Machin Year ago +1

    The worst thing about thos channel is when you click on the blue video and hear " hey guys its patrick welcome back"

  • Jäger & Meister
    Jäger & Meister Year ago

    i Swear To God I Ate A McPizza (4 Piece) When I Was A Child. I Hit 260 Pounds In A Day.

  • renshai2727
    renshai2727 Year ago

    click bait

  • Damian Perez
    Damian Perez Year ago

    Who else thinks he's annoying

  • fenrirdies
    fenrirdies Year ago

    This disgusting koolaid has been around for years man. Must of gone away in like the 90's because it's been around for like a decade.

  • Premium
    Premium Year ago

    Oroes are still around._. Your childhood is saved

  • Jack Weeds
    Jack Weeds Year ago

    The oreo o,s it in south Korea not the north

  • Prince Bloodgrave

    I LOVED the McPizza, it actually did taste delicious. & I also loved & miss the Arch Deluxe burger.

  • Elizabeth Becker
    Elizabeth Becker Year ago

    I remember OK Soda. So I was in elementary school and I thought it was cool and my best friend's mom worked for Coke at the time. When they declared it "done" she came home with a van full of discontinued OK soda for us as she knew I drank it and they were "looking to get rid of stock". If employees didn't take it they were destroying it at our local coke plant. Had cases of it that last for like a year and BTW I was 8 yrs old and I didn't collect items but I still have some of the stuff you got with "Pepsi Points" like a CD wallet with the Pepsi logo.I have lots of old wallets and promotional gear.

  • Drew Steele
    Drew Steele Year ago

    okay sharkleberry fin is great (never had it but love the name) with the awesomely terrible sharknado movies how have these two not come together, the main characters name is fin, but i like the fact that i'm drinking a four loko as i watch this video that was nice, drum up my alcoholism, and please bring back ecto wasn't but a few months ago that i actually saw and bought a surge so bring back ecto cooler, and besides we all knew that the newest ghostbusters was gonna suck and the reason it sucked is cause they were going to make it a trilogy until harold ramus passed away ( and may be rest in piece) so the studio took over...why to go hollywood you shown you need talent to make a good movie not just money, nothing against the female actresses in the movie, wow that took a weird turn didn't it?

  • Rick Blain
    Rick Blain Year ago

    What aknow-it-all, self-righteous jackass. Bye.

  • Zeke Bradshaw
    Zeke Bradshaw Year ago

    Fat fuck calling other fat fucks fat fucks. What a hypocrite

  • AnimeKahu
    AnimeKahu Year ago


  • daily chatter with Blake

    They have ores cereal again

  • Sculptavior the YEET

    oreo o's are back and are GREAT!

  • the epic Pokémon fan Aidan

    I can't get fat at all I've tried everything and my doctor said so YAY I'm the only one in my family generations that can't get fat at all 😎

  • Sky Andropoulos
    Sky Andropoulos 2 years ago

    Bring back Subway pizza!!
    And Koogle Peanut Butter, especially the chocolate flavor, and the banana flavor!!!I absolutely loved that stuff when I was a kid!!!

  • Mental Bro
    Mental Bro 2 years ago

    Oreo o are at my local market and I have a box