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  • Опубликовано: 4 фев 2019
  • Purl, directed by Kristen Lester and produced by Gillian Libbert-Duncan, features an earnest ball of yarn named Purl who gets a job in a fast-paced, high energy, bro-tastic start-up. Yarny hijinks ensue as she tries to fit in, but how far is she willing to go to get the acceptance she yearns for, and in the end, is it worth it?
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  • HallieT8
    HallieT8 14 часов назад

    they all look the same..

  • Drops { errorink child }
    Drops { errorink child } 15 часов назад

    Wøw is this actually a Pixar movie short?

  • firulais
    firulais 15 часов назад


  • Dillon Hall
    Dillon Hall 15 часов назад

    Ok Pixar, you need to work on the family friendly words for short films

  • Pinkkitty05
    Pinkkitty05 15 часов назад

    “And he said ‘I know this suit is expensive baby, but at my apartment, *100 % O F F*”
    Jess Christ Pixar this is why I love you

  • Goofy G. Goof
    Goofy G. Goof 15 часов назад

    I don’t understand why the swear word was such a big deal... The Incredibles 2 swore more than this short. Then again.. it did involve I guess.... racism? Dirty jokes and drinking. But you know, swearing is the WORST. -_-

  • maxiroo_gaming
    maxiroo_gaming 17 часов назад

    I was grounded after watching this

    MSMS SMSM 17 часов назад

    Quatre feuilles de carbone les heures du déjeuner sacré salaire miam j adore les ravioli lait frais. Le tout bien garnie

  • Baragee Yuvraj
    Baragee Yuvraj 18 часов назад

    Finally, equal equality!!!

  • Ty Hill Broussard
    Ty Hill Broussard 18 часов назад

    4:22 Purl looks like Anger from Inside Out

  • Ty Hill Broussard
    Ty Hill Broussard 18 часов назад

    5:06 Really Pixar?

  • Lilac Goldpetal sketch
    Lilac Goldpetal sketch 18 часов назад

    Woah Pixar kids are watching

  • Max From campcamp
    Max From campcamp 18 часов назад

    Waaaaaaaaaaaait what gender is the pink yarn

  • LEGO spider-man Cars fan 28
    LEGO spider-man Cars fan 28 20 часов назад

    Pixar huh then why is beer and the A word in this?

  • Direct Tensor
    Direct Tensor 20 часов назад


  • Slumber Studio
    Slumber Studio 20 часов назад

    So many errors... (not blamin u Pixar, you only had like 6 months or something)

  • AMF Videos
    AMF Videos 20 часов назад

    How did Purl get herself back into a ball of yarn?

  • Braden Kween
    Braden Kween 22 часа назад

    This just doesn’t seem right. Like a kids company talking about women working in business. Like it just doesn’t feel right. And the buildings name is bro, really. Like this whole just seems unnecessary

  • Gia Valente
    Gia Valente 22 часа назад

    since when did disney start to cuss?

  • 500 subs no videos
    500 subs no videos 22 часа назад


  • handsome fan dude
    handsome fan dude День назад

    5:08 I think it was meant to say adds. Adds are chart related things. Or, maybe Pixar and Disney just wanted to get sued.

  • Ahmad Mohlas
    Ahmad Mohlas День назад

    Only Pixar and

  • Animan94
    Animan94 День назад

    Quality -100%

  • Anon Jane
    Anon Jane День назад

    Why were girls represented as talkative balls of yarn and men were loud aggressive fools... Didn't enjoy this at all. Not a feminist but this was awful.

  • A & R
    A & R День назад

    I think that they really hyped up and played out that scene with Purl swearing to be like: *"look we can be edgy"*

  • Zachary NIEMANN
    Zachary NIEMANN День назад

    5:00 purl says the a word that is so unbeweavable

  • Bend X
    Bend X День назад +1

    5:08 woah there Pixar getting a little tense there

  • lmfislb
    lmfislb День назад

    Yay more propaganda, just what I want in my kids cartoons

  • The Wild Adog
    The Wild Adog День назад

    Me when my mom says to go and eat 5:05

  • 8000 cats
    8000 cats День назад +4

    Pixar with adult jokes and drinking and SWEARING?!?! Omg...
    but anyways it’s a very good representation of discrimination! As a mentally ill, autistic lady, this really resonated with me! The feeling of alienation is a potent but sometimes hard feeling to realistically depict in stories, but I was right there with Purl the whole time. Props to them!

  • thinky
    thinky День назад

    I didn't know Pixar had such a...uhm...colorful..vocabulary!

  • Hayden Spence
    Hayden Spence День назад

    I don;t understand the message.

    • glow
      glow 23 часа назад

      Hayden Spence No problem

    • Hayden Spence
      Hayden Spence День назад

      +glow ah, thanks. I was scratching my head a bit too much on that

    • glow
      glow День назад

      The message is to be yourself, and to never change.

  • Blazing Legend
    Blazing Legend День назад

    Language pixar, language 5:05

  • Btryx28AJ
    Btryx28AJ День назад +1


  • magical mimikyu
    magical mimikyu День назад +1


  • Creepystone
    Creepystone День назад +1

    the lesson is be someone else

  • LpskoolAj
    LpskoolAj День назад +1

    5:06 I thought this was Pixar.

  • jdiamond justin
    jdiamond justin День назад

    Wait did Pixar have a swear word in their "kid friendly " video?

  • Unknown Playz
    Unknown Playz День назад

    5:06 I thought this was child-friendly...

  • Chicken McFreakingNuggertz
    Chicken McFreakingNuggertz День назад

    5:08 don’t children watch this?

  • BLU PØP Gachaツ
    BLU PØP Gachaツ День назад +3

    *"We've got a big fat failure on our hands"*

    *inserts pic of me*

  • Carmen Guerilla
    Carmen Guerilla День назад +1

    Pixar be living in 1960

  • Jorge Betancourt
    Jorge Betancourt День назад +1

    I thought this was for kids 5:06

  • su ck
    su ck День назад

    5:06 wait they curse why 2019

  • Arlie Wilkey
    Arlie Wilkey День назад +1

    5:02 isn't Pixar for........ Kids? Pixar u would sue u if I could

  • T4lking_W0lf23
    T4lking_W0lf23 День назад +1

    Pixar! After all this time. . .

    You never told me you could say bad words! >:V

    Your vids are still awesome. :3

  • StrikerOne
    StrikerOne День назад

    The animation was amazing, the character design is original, but the story wasn't.

  • Smool Brownie
    Smool Brownie День назад +2

    Ball of yarn= female
    Bunch of guys who laugh by just opening their mouths= male

  • The Dragon Slayer
    The Dragon Slayer День назад

    If anyone didnt hear the curse here it is

  • Ty Hill Broussard
    Ty Hill Broussard День назад

    Purl is so cute!

  • Mr. Seacow
    Mr. Seacow День назад

    Me at the beginning: This is sort of relatable

  • Jammykeyboard37
    Jammykeyboard37 День назад

    5:06 that’s a strike

  • Pig_master 101
    Pig_master 101 День назад +1

    PIXAR! How dare u

  • Real Nerdis
    Real Nerdis День назад

    Whoa purl watch you’re language there are kids present

  • Dr.Smartie Fartie
    Dr.Smartie Fartie День назад

    The Animation on the people looks forced and too human like and that's not like you Pixar but otherwise it's really good

  • DarkDoge Assassin
    DarkDoge Assassin День назад

    First Disney shorts that cursed

  • Domas solo
    Domas solo День назад

    5:08, your most welcome.

  • Dulce De La Torre
    Dulce De La Torre День назад

    You know, now I have high hopes.

  • Logan The Lil-Beast
    Logan The Lil-Beast День назад

    Pixar:*says a swear*
    Everyone: Wait that's illegal

  • AlandgamerTV
    AlandgamerTV День назад

    Okay,wasn't expecting that.

  • TheIrrelevantDoge
    TheIrrelevantDoge День назад

    1:00 is that a Star Wars reference I smell?

  • Pup Man trains
    Pup Man trains День назад

    Was there a Swere in a Pixar short

  • AlandgamerTV
    AlandgamerTV День назад +1


  • Catsforeverss
    Catsforeverss День назад

    I heard put a pin in it and immediately got horrifying flashbacks of that dude in Bolt-

  • Inkymation
    Inkymation День назад

    Actually, nowadays women are common in big companies and office jobs so this message here is kinda outdated.

  • Charles Folden
    Charles Folden День назад

    I thought pixar was kid freindly

  • bathtub li
    bathtub li День назад +1

    Whats wrong with pixar swearing?
    I dont get it

  • Winona Murray
    Winona Murray День назад

    So... I don't get it...

    • Winona Murray
      Winona Murray День назад

      Is this a gender thing, because i still am not getting it.

    • Winona Murray
      Winona Murray День назад

      Change yourself until someone else comes along to be the outcast?

    THE DIAMOND SHEEP День назад

    The animation has so many flaws

  • Gekyume Onfroy
    Gekyume Onfroy День назад

    That BMW joke was legit funny

  • Lolis Are My Lifu
    Lolis Are My Lifu День назад

    5:06 Jeez Pixar, you know kids could be watching this?

  • Loki_Playz
    Loki_Playz День назад


  • James Walker
    James Walker День назад

    5:09 *swearing intensifies*

  • George Clayton
    George Clayton День назад

    Idk, I'd rather work in at the old BRO office than the new one. Seems really fun haha

  • Epic 101
    Epic 101 День назад

    5:07 I thought Pixar was kid-friendly

  • Liam Media
    Liam Media День назад

    Well, this short has been only PG-13 that Pixar has one for some of Pixar shorts are about.
    What if Pixar makes Onward a PG-13 rating with some thought this movie are not for kids. It's seen very good to have Pixar make our first PG-13 movie for 2020.

  • Sub 2 Pewds Now
    Sub 2 Pewds Now День назад

    *Who else came here from Animation Sins?*

  • ArrooTheFlufflenugget
    ArrooTheFlufflenugget День назад

    If you're looking for the bad word here: 5:07
    You're welcome

  • Skunkbrains
    Skunkbrains День назад

    The animation sucks

  • LeBestGamer 14
    LeBestGamer 14 День назад

    Yarn ball swears jeez

  • ZSQ
    ZSQ День назад +2

    0:56 her teeth literally change
    2:51 why is the ten percent so much larger than the 25 percent?

  • Alex Dunning
    Alex Dunning День назад

    Is this the first Pixar video with swearing in it ?

  • Karen Rogers
    Karen Rogers День назад +2

    Pixar:kid friendly
    Pixar:*A CUSS WORD*
    Me:leaves goes to disney

  • random Bxrger
    random Bxrger День назад +1

    T H eu CaN k I SS Ou R à šŠ

  • Barie Bubbles Bryan Eastwood
    Barie Bubbles Bryan Eastwood День назад

    Who came from animation sins and/or wins

  • Blue Note
    Blue Note День назад

    I saw a glitch at 0:13

  • Turtles areggooo
    Turtles areggooo День назад

    Watch your profanity

  • groto man
    groto man День назад

    Did Disney...... Just make an animation with swears oh no the parents are coming

  • Ismaelaito Ochoa
    Ismaelaito Ochoa День назад

    I never knew that yarn can curse

  • Forecast Janna
    Forecast Janna День назад

    I think it would be better if there had been women humans and male yarns. Then it would be about diversity and acceptance and how colourful personalities bring joy and fun to work spaces.

  • No - Face [IRIDESCENT]
    No - Face [IRIDESCENT] День назад

    They said the A-Word.

  • T 0 R T
    T 0 R T День назад

    1:59 how is that in pixar

  • Lisa Schnider
    Lisa Schnider День назад

    5:06 How much I hate school I know it said ads but still

  • I'm not sure anymore
    I'm not sure anymore День назад

    Um all their name tags are the same exept purl obviously

  • Aimen 2
    Aimen 2 День назад

    Let's hope that yarn Yoshi doesn't come in.

  • Sorcha de Souza
    Sorcha de Souza 2 дня назад

    Only men I am oofended

  • Sad Potato
    Sad Potato 2 дня назад

    Purl is soooooo cutteeee!

  • Zack TC
    Zack TC 2 дня назад

    Pixar Character: *c u r s e w o r d*


    ( ͡ಠ ʖ̯ ͡ಠ)

  • Nootaboot
    Nootaboot 2 дня назад

    Is this about racism?