SHITHOLE ALERT: Liberal San Francisco Full of Poop and Needles

  • Published on Feb 21, 2018
  • Voting Democrat has consequences

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  • Cranky Jay
    Cranky Jay 22 hours ago

    One of the bums needs to take a shit and stick his needle in it after. That would make for a pretty compelling photo

  • Dave Allison
    Dave Allison Day ago

    Maybe miss Harris can figure out a marketing strategy to turn sidewalk poop into sidewalk chalk? Taxpayers are paying to have human waste cleaned up off public streets and sidewalks? Lol. What a progressive state and truly a beautiful sanctuary city...Just push the poop and needles on into the bay...Pass out free Glock 19’s with every free syringe and 1 roll of toilet paper..? Just trying to think outside the box lol...Let the fugitive criminals that are illegally here anyway run for local City council seats?

  • msher1438
    msher1438 5 days ago

    If you're pooping in San Francisco, make sure you wear some flowers in your hair!

  • Ricardo Herrera
    Ricardo Herrera 7 days ago

    Liberal paradise.



  • Wolfgang Breitenseher
    Wolfgang Breitenseher 10 days ago

    Leftists and poop are always going together well.

  • Dan Customer
    Dan Customer 14 days ago +1

    Keep voting Democrat sowing the seeds of your own destruction !

  • GySgt.8541
    GySgt.8541 14 days ago

    Were is a ISIS Bomer where ypu need one!

  • Onboarddatracks
    Onboarddatracks 17 days ago

    Did she say the root cause was not investing enough money on temporary shelters...ha what a joke

  • InnerFire6213
    InnerFire6213 18 days ago

    wow there goes SF out of my list

  • Caesar Arevalo
    Caesar Arevalo 25 days ago

    democrats are shit hole

  • Dallasdeckard
    Dallasdeckard 28 days ago

    The Libtard's answer to the problem... you guessed it... MORE MONEY! It's not, hmmmm, maybe our liberal policies have created a haven for drug addicts and the homeless, driving out the law-abiding, tax-paying middle class. Nope, it's we need MORE beds! MORE money for the homeless! Sigh. What morons.


    These people do not want to go to shelters, they want to stay out in their addiction.

  • Michael M
    Michael M Month ago

    I’m visiting here now pay 300 for a motel room and 50 for parking and it looks nice at first. This city is a stinky, dirty, corrupt shithole. I absolutely can’t stand coming here. Also on my walk to dinner I lost my appetite. Saw drug deals 2 fights and a man who overdosed on the street all in 3 blocks a tweaker harassed me another man tried to sell me drugs aggressive and prob 8 beggars on my path. Open drug use and I hope to not have to come back here. Fuck This City #Corrupt. And cops were there not doing shit but talking and laughing w each other. Save your money and go somewhere you’ll enjoy

  • Owen Bailey-Waltz
    Owen Bailey-Waltz Month ago

    That kid is a future conservative.

  • youthinkit isayit
    youthinkit isayit Month ago

    Hey, producer, how many needles did you & your crew pick up (w/gloves) and properly dispose of? Was it none? Why not be part of the solution you're begging for? How many LESS needles would be in SF if ya'll had done more than documenting dinky digital downloads of dung? Hundreds? Thousands? You literally uploaded more excrement than severely psychologically damaged ficalpheliacs. WAKE UP. Notice the irony? Nobody picks up needles to get good shots for news to try to get other people to help pick up the needles. THAT'S WHY YOU'RE DROWNING IN NEEDLES.

  • kronos 96
    kronos 96 Month ago

    Used to be the psychedelic triangle now it's the smack capital

  • kronos 96
    kronos 96 Month ago


  • flyinshu
    flyinshu Month ago

    3:19 The root cause: Liberalism

  • Jason Byrne
    Jason Byrne Month ago

    San Franshithole

  • Paul Lorenzini
    Paul Lorenzini Month ago

    MSNBC.....California......same fucking thing.

  • killerROBOT
    killerROBOT Month ago

    Feed the Homeless (with their own shit).

  • Hugo Hernandez
    Hugo Hernandez 2 months ago

    people need to stop voting for these politicians who dont do anything for years

  • Adlai Ferrell
    Adlai Ferrell 2 months ago

    Democrats future shithole.....

  • Merlin Athrawes
    Merlin Athrawes 2 months ago

    Go Woke, go kill the entire population by being libtard morons broke. Next up, the EU.

  • Ekonomen
    Ekonomen 2 months ago

    3:15 she's the woman that broke a law to prevent a house to be built, lmao. She's full of bullshit.

  • Albert Yang
    Albert Yang 2 months ago

    Keep voting democrats...

  • Albert Yang
    Albert Yang 2 months ago

    Democrats are so WOKE...

  • Fahmi Ahmed
    Fahmi Ahmed 2 months ago

    It's dirty disgusting people

  • K
    K 2 months ago

    Sanctuary city and sjw Disgusting
    It’s not about money you moron
    Your hearts and minds are sick
    That little child shouldn’t have to see that.
    SF needs to repent.

  • TheKerryzzz
    TheKerryzzz 2 months ago

    It's no longer on my vacation list now..

    STENDERMAUN 2 months ago

    Sawn Frawnsheetso.

  • Photographe Demode
    Photographe Demode 2 months ago +1

    More proof that the US is turning into a 3rd world country. The divide between the rich and poor has gotten completely out of hand.
    Yet Real Estate prices in Frisco are still going through the roof as of 2019

  • Como T
    Como T 3 months ago

    I think Trump was wrong. This is the real shithole. TRUMP 2020!!!!!

  • Street Sights
    Street Sights 4 months ago

    Welcome to Future Mumbai...Now Folks will come to San Francisco for Slum Tourism probably lolz

  • J Wentz
    J Wentz 4 months ago

    This is what you get with the make believe reality of Political Correctness. Everyone is not equal, and not everyone deserves to. Like George Carlin said, "Political Correctness is just another form of Fascism." PC, Socialism, Communism, Liberalism, Feminism, Atheism, more than 2 genders, Hollywood decadence, (etc...) all brought to you by degenerate Jews!


    Yep! Leftists love evil garbage...WATCH how they destroy Canada--->
    C o m i n g t o a h o o d n e a r y o u!!!

  • Robert Vaughn
    Robert Vaughn 5 months ago

    Come visit San Francisco dems pride. enjoy the sights and smells of human excrement and hypodermic needles,

  • TheCopyto
    TheCopyto 5 months ago

    Ok, I will stay in my third world country where people use the bathroom :v

  • Allen Stanford
    Allen Stanford 6 months ago

    New game in town : needles : catch em all 😈

  • Hipidips
    Hipidips 6 months ago


  • Marcela C
    Marcela C 6 months ago

    Bring Giuliani there. He cleaned up Manhattan.

  • Marcela C
    Marcela C 6 months ago


  • Darrylizer1
    Darrylizer1 6 months ago

    Garbage, feces and needles, oh my!

  • ando1135
    ando1135 6 months ago

    a poop fetish's wet dream!

  • Dee Alex
    Dee Alex 6 months ago

    it's sad that people do not respect the city but expect the city to help them and give them apartments and take care of them. there is thousands of free restrooms in SF area, why shit around the city? being homeless is horrible thing but if you can't even take care of the streets you live in, how you going to take care of an apartment?no one want's that to have in their apartment, that would come very expensive to the owners if someone trash the apartment like that. :( And also this puts to the shame those other homeless people who actually are decent.

  • Councilman Les Wynan
    Councilman Les Wynan 6 months ago

    What will be the most popular candy in San Francisco this Halloween? Feces Pieces

  • fathand Robert
    fathand Robert 6 months ago

    San Francisco turns into a shitty
    city! This is a terrible situation and
    an example of bending over backwards so much, that you’re actually bending
    forwards and taking it from behind.
    Excuse the analogy but it’s the truth!
    In a nut shell, it means that the City of San Francisco has given the
    homeless population way too many freedoms, freebies and kindness and now you
    are all paying the price for being so liberal and accommodating. If you want to take your city back and gain
    control, here’s an idea. The Lanterman-Petris-Short
    (LPS) Act or the 5150 law in California has to be amended so that the police or
    health officials who see somebody shitting in the streets can force
    hospitalization and it’s gotta be done as soon as possible!! I understand the new Mayor is talking about
    education and a program to teach the homeless how to clean up after
    themselves. That is plain ass lame!! Please democrats get real with your thinking
    process or Trump will win again. Oh, and
    don’t talk about open boarders either, leave that subject alone. Let the Trump wall be built and move on to
    other subjects such as what are we going to do to make it harder to be
    homeless? I’m just as compassionate as
    the next guy but if you keep giving people on the streets money because they
    wrote up a clever cardboard sign, then that person will continue being on the
    streets begging!! It’s just too easy to
    be homeless and some people don’t want to work.
    We’re making life too damn easy!!
    Wake up or lose everything!! C’mon, I’m a fairly liberal person but you
    gotta have boundaries or you lose everything!
    You can be liberal without being stupid!
    Why would San Francisco even think about opening heroin dens where the
    homeless can shoot up their drugs, that’s beyond stupid! Wake up or lose everything!!

  • King Nimrod
    King Nimrod 6 months ago

    Death penalty for drug dealers would solve the problem

  • A M
    A M 7 months ago

    Is it really that bad? My family and I we are from another cou try and we wanted to visit the golden gate, alcatraz, bay area and a few restaurants, but these videos are scaring me D:

  • cvcoco
    cvcoco 7 months ago

    Thats amazing....the communist Supervisor creates the shithole, cries crocodile tears about how bad the shithole is so that then californians BEG for higher taxes so that it can be fixed. Pure fraud!

  • Ka Mo
    Ka Mo 7 months ago

    That moms ear ring was huge

  • petrol devo
    petrol devo 7 months ago

    Someone give Obama a poop scoop and a broom !

  • motor. Eeee.
    motor. Eeee. 7 months ago

    no wonder taxes are so high in this state./because their morals go so very seems it's time to flush.......

  • 2endsformacircle
    2endsformacircle 7 months ago

    Looks like all the white people left. I don't blame them.

  • Ginger Baker
    Ginger Baker 7 months ago

    1:38 Love those GIANT HOOP earrings.

  • Ginger Baker
    Ginger Baker 7 months ago

    I will add this to my list of places NOT to visit. This plus the highest suicide rate in the USA? Nice.

  • Aphobias Polemos
    Aphobias Polemos 7 months ago

    I'm sure the gays don't mind. They like sticking their dicks in shitholes.

  • FactsDontCare
    FactsDontCare 7 months ago

    Holy crap. That Mohammed guy is an official? Wtf?
    They answer questions as if you were a child. And what's worse they think they are smarter then you.
    Hey San Fran. I found the problem. Lmao.

  • FactsDontCare
    FactsDontCare 7 months ago

    Even the rat population in California avoids San Fran.
    The rats call it a cesspool

  • FactsDontCare
    FactsDontCare 7 months ago

    BREAKING. San Fran has deployed the pop polish patrol.
    No need to fear anymore San Fran. The turd is gonna be polished for a better look. Lol

  • Jason
    Jason 8 months ago

    Round up these zombies and detain them in detention camp...

  • johnwaynegodbless
    johnwaynegodbless 8 months ago

    San Francisco Very Low Rent Move in Special OCTOBER MOVE IN ! Courtyard view on the PATIO ! $4700 1br - 1001ft 2 - (hayes valley)

  • willy wonka
    willy wonka 8 months ago

    The reason to keep abortion legal . USA USA USA

  • Bryan Baker
    Bryan Baker 8 months ago

    Sad a 4 year old has more common sense than adults that shit on the street. California deserves every bad thing that happens to it. Wild fires, earthquakes, drought, rising sea, shitty economy......all of it.

  • Frank Carter
    Frank Carter 8 months ago

    democratic policies, leftist tore down Detroit & now they're destroying San Francisco.

  • Joshua Truesdell
    Joshua Truesdell 8 months ago

    Liberalism is a disease.

  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller 8 months ago +1

    I've only scratched the surface when it comes to the SF homeless living in abject squalor seen in the videos posted here in this forum. But I’ve noticed there is a curious thing happening right before our eyes.
    Obviously there are both women and men. However I see many black faces and many white faces. So where are the undocumented Latino faces?
    Oh! That’s right. I forgot. Everyone in that group that shows up gets an immediate welfare check, food stamps, free medical care and temporary lodging until they can connect with a relative already here to have a place to hang their hat. Maybe a cousin in Stockton (most likely because of the close proximity to SF) or a gang member in east LA?
    But our homeless citizens, those most in need, get nothing except for free needles. But they still have to get their own heroin. That illegal activity standing alone creates crime as well, from burglary, strong arm and armed robbery to and including murder. So the next step to enable these junkies will be free heroin to load their free needles with. It makes sense. The only thing worse than 6,000 junkies lining the sidewalks of this once beautiful city, is 6,000 junkies Jones-ing for their next fix.
    Chinatown is a big draw for tourists, but you don’t see any of this deplorable situation in those city blocks. Why? The cops can’t stop it and they don’t need to, because there you’ll find the Amida Tong and White Tigers running the streets. And these people make the American mafia look like amateurs. No one is going to take a dump on those city sidewalks and live to tell the tale.
    In addition I see hundreds of bags full of feces, but no toilet paper is in evidence. Kinda makes you wanna hop on a bus or other public transportation or sit on a park bench, doesn’t it? I think corn cobs would be better dispatched here, rather than feeding them to cows or hogs. Perhaps Green Giant or Del Monte could come on board as a sponsor, donating all the corn cobs left over from the corn canning process, instead of turning them into feed for livestock. That way, when the junkies show up in the morning for their free needles, they can get a free corn cob along with them.

    • Joshua Truesdell
      Joshua Truesdell 8 months ago

      They now have heroine clinics bro. U nailed it! There are now clinics where you can legally shoot up under supervision.

  • rio quibu
    rio quibu 8 months ago

    Miami Florida made all of those homeless huts and tents on the streets illegal - were taken down - can sleep on the streets in downtown, but only with blanket - so the homeless packed up and left north to Ft Lauderdale and camped in downtown streets there since Ft Kauderdale is liberal like San Fran

  • Seanster Yu
    Seanster Yu 8 months ago

    Thats funny, lib news NBC reports the doings of Democrats

  • Joe Galindo
    Joe Galindo 8 months ago

    The California Democrats care more about illegal immigrants and misgendering someone then they do about the homeless from LA up here to the Bay Area. But people still vote for Democrats. They and their leftist policies and agendas have ruined this state severely.

  • Fat Pie
    Fat Pie 8 months ago

    White liberals are the most repulsive “people” to have ever lived. Worse than nazis, worse than any group that has ever lived. I honestly think they should die. Not trying to be edgy, I just really am beginning to think that removing them from the human gene pool is the way to go.

  • voluntaryist
    voluntaryist 8 months ago

    no refugees living on the streets

  • voluntaryist
    voluntaryist 8 months ago

    low income housing and juat paying for people to live. and breed

  • Shafawn G
    Shafawn G 8 months ago

    "Oh the city has it's ups and downs" sounds like what the frog says when the water has risen to a flat boil but he's gotten so used to it he doesn't realize he's cooked

  • Rob Trousdale
    Rob Trousdale 8 months ago

    Pathetic come to Texas, but don’t come begging, get your ass to work

  • 19MarkDavid
    19MarkDavid 8 months ago

    Governor of California Jerry Brown, Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti , Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom. One party, One goal. Sanctuary. Give addicts millions of free syringes where do you expect they will be deposited?

  • Justin Mann
    Justin Mann 8 months ago

    Californians... nice one, now sack up, stay there and clean up YOUR mess. If you have a cowards heart and run away from your mess i totally get it, just don't think you are going to "improve" the next state you weasle into.

  • The Dollar Guy
    The Dollar Guy 8 months ago

    San Franshithole, making Detroit look good.

  • Tony F
    Tony F 8 months ago

    Song: Are You Going in San Francisco, Better Bring Some Toilet Paper There. By The Scatman...

  • kevin michalak
    kevin michalak 8 months ago +1

    Liberal shithole

  • The Impaler
    The Impaler 8 months ago

    With all of the shit eating liberals there, how can this be a problem?
    Are they just droppin & squattin anywhere they please?
    Sounds like they need to consider some more CONSERVATIVE measures to combat this problem.........

  • tom leyden
    tom leyden 8 months ago

    Listen to all the politicians pitch a sale. "We need more money to build shelters". Don't fix the problem whatever you do! Keep them dirt poor and make sure they vote democrat. That's of course if they wanna keep getting free shit. Way to go socialist utopia!

  • olives peppers
    olives peppers 8 months ago

    Condemn the areas and bulldozers.

  • nb sp
    nb sp 8 months ago

    That guy kept a straight face when she said 'feces'

  • Sasha Harney
    Sasha Harney 8 months ago

    Ah, the Liberal Utopia!

  • Hiking OR
    Hiking OR 8 months ago +1

    If you keep feeding the pigeons don't get angry when they shit all over your porch. San Fran was turned into a 3rd world city by liberal policies.
    Like illegal immigrants? Then be ok with the murders and problems they bring.
    Like to be soft on drug users? Then be ok with dirty needles and shit on the side walks.
    Like liberal policies? Then shut the heck up and enjoy your new utopia.

  • Mangesh Yadav
    Mangesh Yadav 8 months ago

    Root cause illegal aliens aka as nonwhite rapists.

  • Leandro Machado Rocha
    Leandro Machado Rocha 8 months ago

    it´s looking more and more like my city, Rio de Janeiro...

  • psovegeta
    psovegeta 8 months ago

    Shit and needles, the San Francisco treat

  • Carl Gibans
    Carl Gibans 8 months ago

    Good job Moonbeam. Liberal policy at its best.

  • jose rios
    jose rios 9 months ago

    Liberalism is the problem. Cities like New York, Chicago, Detroit and others they are failures with huge crime an homeless living on the streets. Houston TX is becoming similar to this cities with the same problems. Vote Republican for a better safe clean city. God bless you all Americans.

  • hideouse blob
    hideouse blob 9 months ago

    I've been in Afghanistan and they didn't even shit on the street there

  • localmeanderer
    localmeanderer 9 months ago

    i think anemic dem policies have a part to play in this problem but i also see another thing going on, here--to me, all of these homeless have fallen for the "story line" of san fransisco: you know, the place where "everyone's welcome," "experience is priority" & you can "feed your head." this shows how dumb people are in their shiftless search for a better life "over there" where "the grass is always greener," etc. truly, the blame is to be placed on the homeless , and the homeless only. one infallible sign of a moron is always looking for outer change to 'repair' inward deficiencies, i don't feel sorry for a single one of these people nor do i blame anyone in the city for how they're responding . . .

  • oogity-boogity woogity
    oogity-boogity woogity 9 months ago

    How in the fuck does it cost $25,000,000 to shelter 1,000 homeless in a warehouse? That's $25,000 per person. This is why I hate government incompetence.

  • Joey Gossett
    Joey Gossett 9 months ago

    If a 3-year-old tells you San Franshitsco is a shit hole, it’s DAMN TRUE!!!!

  • gaae2000
    gaae2000 9 months ago

    ...unacceptable, just unacceptable. Please! - City Hall is there just to keep Pacific Heights nice, clean and safe.

  • Finley Currie
    Finley Currie 9 months ago

    Life in uber liberal San Francisco. Gavin Newsom, former S.F.Mayor, will soon be the governor of the Golden State. He will unleash his ultra liberal views on Californians. The Golden State will become the craphole of the west.

  • WHAT UP?
    WHAT UP? 9 months ago +1

    The "streets of sanfrancisco" starring Carl Malden.

  • WHAT UP?
    WHAT UP? 9 months ago +1

    They need to build toilet stations in those areas and have them monitored by guards.