The Cheapest Ukuleles From Wish!

  • Published on Dec 7, 2018
  • I unbox the cheapest ukulele / ukuleles from Wish! Do cheap ukuleles sound good? watch this vid to find out.
    Unboxing the cheapest ukuleles from Amazon:
    Here are some ukuleles that i actually love the quality of and would recommend!!
    My signature uke:
    Flight ukuleles:
    Instagram and twitter: @eliseecklund
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  • Brianna Shaw
    Brianna Shaw 4 hours ago

    I have the yellow ukulele but it’s in pink

  • Hickory Peterson
    Hickory Peterson 7 hours ago

    I like how every one elses title for there vid are in CAPS and yours is just normal

  • Alesha Edits
    Alesha Edits 22 hours ago


  • jictix
    jictix 23 hours ago

    i love how the comments are flooded with my fellow clikkies 🤩|-/

  • Lila Grace
    Lila Grace 23 hours ago +1

    “A little bit more seasoned of a uke player”.... you literally only know the most basic tabs

  • Kristie Zepeda
    Kristie Zepeda Day ago

    Y'all Y'all Y'ALL

  • Gibstere Dibster
    Gibstere Dibster Day ago +1

    Love this vid

  • Gareth Johnson
    Gareth Johnson Day ago

    I'm a size watermelon red. I'm extra.

  • Sapphire117
    Sapphire117 Day ago

    i started ukulele because of you

  • JazZy_ WolVes
    JazZy_ WolVes 2 days ago

    And why do you always use “I’m yours” for your go to song

  • JazZy_ WolVes
    JazZy_ WolVes 2 days ago +1

    I have a blue version of the yellow one for a beginner and it was perfect

  • The Perplexed Warrior

    I had a ukelele but my siblings tightened the string until the string died 😶

  • The Perplexed Warrior


  • Isabella
    Isabella 2 days ago

    What’s is a good ukelele mark

  • /\SØFĪA/\
    /\SØFĪA/\ 2 days ago

    5:19 sounded like the melody of spongebob where something bad happens

  • EpicLT 49
    EpicLT 49 2 days ago

    G Good
    C Cat
    E Eat
    A Ants

  • Talya El Akkary
    Talya El Akkary 2 days ago

    I ShoUld ReAlly StoP tHroWinG thInGs
    * throws ukulele bag on desk*

  • Sansey
    Sansey 2 days ago

    Yes. I wear a size watermelon red. Fits me perfectly

  • šuηƒレøωërśêεdš

    *_when you get caught watching your own video_*

  • Olivia Hajdukiewicz
    Olivia Hajdukiewicz 3 days ago

    Plz use this in your song

  • Taylor K
    Taylor K 3 days ago


    *"I say it to be annoying."*

  • Lizzie
    Lizzie 3 days ago

    5:13 I have the same ukulele but white


  • Andrea Ramos
    Andrea Ramos 3 days ago +1

    Do eBay

  • Beck Manczak
    Beck Manczak 3 days ago +4

    Also I respect you for having memes on the wall

  • Beck Manczak
    Beck Manczak 3 days ago


  • Brooklyn Daisy
    Brooklyn Daisy 3 days ago

    I am a size peach. Peach is a nice size.

  • Forever Alone
    Forever Alone 4 days ago

    If you can’t tune the yellow ukulele how you like, at least you can TUNA fish!

  • FoxGames89 FoxGames89

    I play the uke

  • Gaysexual B
    Gaysexual B 4 days ago +1

    “Just gotta pivot. Go with the flow.”

  • Melissa Marshall
    Melissa Marshall 4 days ago

    The last ukulele... is it the one you use all the time? It looks SO similar!

  • Opwinds13 Daysword
    Opwinds13 Daysword 4 days ago

    No The cheapest ukulele is from the dollar store

  • booper dooper
    booper dooper 4 days ago

    She pronounces ukulele wrong and it hurts me cause I am hawaiian and that's where the ukulele comes from.

  • Helen Nguyen
    Helen Nguyen 4 days ago +2

    I Press this video and I got an ad on ukuleles 👍

  • Elise Ecklund Fan #1

    The last ukulele she unboxed is the exact same ukulele I have! they gave it to me for my birthday today!

  • Elise Ecklund Fan #1


    • Sansey
      Sansey 2 days ago

      Ok.............. *suspiciousness*

  • Squash Bucket
    Squash Bucket 5 days ago


  • Amber D
    Amber D 5 days ago +1

    * $5 dollar shipping *
    “that’s crazy you think you’re getting something cheap then they always hit you with the shipping”
    Meanwhile here in Canada:
    * shipping costs the same as the item you’re getting *

  • Francheska Cua
    Francheska Cua 5 days ago

    My ukalele was 1,050 dollars

  • Emma White
    Emma White 5 days ago

    I have a rainbow uke

  • Emma White
    Emma White 5 days ago

    I wear a size peach

  • liltinyfox :3
    liltinyfox :3 5 days ago

    I have a suprano ukelele

  • Outdavidsucks bruh
    Outdavidsucks bruh 6 days ago

    U look beautiful 👍

  • Klarence Lopera
    Klarence Lopera 6 days ago

    What is your recommendation on a ukulele for a early 10 year old (like me).

  • gamer 5677
    gamer 5677 6 days ago

    I love your singing and you Ukalale skills.

  • BBPC Bluebellpanda
    BBPC Bluebellpanda 6 days ago

    Fun fact:
    To travel with string instruments, you have to make the strings loose. If you don’t, the strings will snap from air pressure.

  • Flamingoa
    Flamingoa 6 days ago

    *O U C H*

  • whatever gamers your girl

    no ones going to talk about the luna knock off at 8:32?

    • Sansey
      Sansey 2 days ago


  • Little Buns
    Little Buns 6 days ago +1

    6:31 um what is that!? its inside the uke..

    • Sansey
      Sansey 2 days ago

      SPIDER!! 🤤😨

  • Ash 1030
    Ash 1030 6 days ago


  • Kay Carlson
    Kay Carlson 6 days ago

    9:01 the best uke of the wish ones tbh

  • Em Brooklyn
    Em Brooklyn 6 days ago +1

    The second one is the exact ukulele I have. I even got it in yellow, way before I ever saw this video. It did take a while to warm up to tuning, you have to stretch the strings out a lot to get it to keep the tune.

  • Coconut Carreno
    Coconut Carreno 7 days ago

    I told my mom I want a Ukelele for my bitrthday and she didn’t respond
    But you got me in my mind of me wanting a Ukelele!💗✌🏻also you inspir me never forget that💗✌🏻💕

  • Spoopy Shadow WereWolf 83

    im really happY because Of Ukeleles aRe my favorite inSturment Please lEt me know in the Comments I would really lIke to know. im Actually Learning ukelele.

    Hey read the caps in this comment. Do you see it?

    Your very special 😃

  • Jojanneke Meulenbroeks

    U r so funny! u should have played something Phoebe like on the watermelon, like smelly cat orsoXD u can defenitely make that work

  • Bouncy Cat17
    Bouncy Cat17 7 days ago

    How much does a decent uke cost

  • Rainbow Unicorn OvO
    Rainbow Unicorn OvO 7 days ago +1

    I saw her rings

  • Doge Playz
    Doge Playz 7 days ago


  • Mwolfo3 '
    Mwolfo3 ' 7 days ago

    You are so pretty

  • Baloon
    Baloon 8 days ago


  • Smartie YT
    Smartie YT 8 days ago

    Wow wonderful sizes but I wanted a large and got a small can you complain for me? I’m too lazy ;-;

  • no no
    no no 8 days ago

    Are you 21?

  • DaphnePlays
    DaphnePlays 8 days ago

    You’re one in a melon

  • Pumpkin Block
    Pumpkin Block 9 days ago +2

    I'm Egyptian, 25 dollars is like, probably a lot in here, let me convert it..

    25 dollars = 418.68 Egyptian pounds

    • HeyIts Nicola
      HeyIts Nicola 5 days ago

      25 dollars into Philippines peso= 1000 pesos 40 X 25

  • Øofer_gang
    Øofer_gang 10 days ago

    I cry tears of lemonade

  • Aspen C
    Aspen C 10 days ago

    Y’all I’m in Texas righ now

  • Creppy Channel
    Creppy Channel 10 days ago

    "watermelons are cute" XD

  • UnStoppAble
    UnStoppAble 11 days ago

    When you say y'all you know your weird

    It's ok to be weird but just saying it's out of the ordinary

  • Olivier Boudon
    Olivier Boudon 11 days ago

    When u were playing the yellow one I think you were playing Lava I play it too🙂😊😀😄

  • Olivier Boudon
    Olivier Boudon 11 days ago

    I have a ukulele I love playing it

  • Gacha_banna-snow Duhr
    Gacha_banna-snow Duhr 11 days ago +3

    I need to stop throwing things
    22 seconds later
    *throws ukulele bag*

  • Addison Kyle
    Addison Kyle 11 days ago

    Love ya vids sis

  • Chicken Yeah
    Chicken Yeah 11 days ago +2

    Im wearing watermelon socks so does that make me size Watermelon Red?

  • Sama Ihab
    Sama Ihab 13 days ago

    2:00 acc starts vid

  • Perfectimperfections
    Perfectimperfections 13 days ago

    my socks exploded

  • Amy legg Legg
    Amy legg Legg 13 days ago

    The cheaper it is the more trashy it is and I Also got a ukulele and a lot of picks

  • Dawn Macleod
    Dawn Macleod 13 days ago

    do not worry i always say scisors

  • Ellery Whitesell
    Ellery Whitesell 13 days ago

    I’m watermelon sized too 😂

  • Voltron’s Right Arm
    Voltron’s Right Arm 14 days ago

    Smoke on Water???
    That’s what I heard ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    A very derp smoke on water

  • Bidya Rai
    Bidya Rai 14 days ago

    Me: Watching the video

    Advertisement: how good is your pad?

  • Kaylee F
    Kaylee F 14 days ago


  • Sheria Johnson
    Sheria Johnson 14 days ago

    For the yellow ukulele i think she has a dark blue one because for every video she has it so maybe she got it a while before

  • GachaGirl 0808
    GachaGirl 0808 14 days ago

    You like twenty one Pilots?! EEEEEEEEEEE

  • Hana A.
    Hana A. 14 days ago +3

    9:16 aww that smile melted my heart omg 😍

  • Emma Lanier
    Emma Lanier 14 days ago

    3:12 Oooof

  • Gloomfall Gachaverse
    Gloomfall Gachaverse 15 days ago

    My feet were knocked off because I didn’t want to put on socks.

  • ian bellamy
    ian bellamy 15 days ago

    Elise :* goes byeee*
    Me: *suddenly sees advertisement*

  • ian bellamy
    ian bellamy 15 days ago


  • ian bellamy
    ian bellamy 15 days ago

    Why do you keep saying HEYYY

  • ur mom
    ur mom 15 days ago

    i wasn't wearing socks and now i feel called out

  • LiL Windex 666
    LiL Windex 666 15 days ago

    On the real my school buys those yellow ones but their brown!

  • LPS Bunny Lover567
    LPS Bunny Lover567 15 days ago

    I learned how to play the uke just yesterday.I love my uke.I got it from Michael’s.

  • Tracie Harms
    Tracie Harms 16 days ago

    I pooped my pants

  • Rainbow Happiness
    Rainbow Happiness 16 days ago

    I will tell Zachary I like him if Elise pins this

  • qIraT imAn
    qIraT imAn 16 days ago

    Ukelele giveaway?

  • Keisha D
    Keisha D 16 days ago

    Can u do videos where u teach people to play the ukelele please I want to learn and play like u

  • se D
    se D 16 days ago +1


  • Iam Me
    Iam Me 17 days ago

    Mine costs $34 and it's not _that_ bad

  • Caden Vlog, gaming, all sorts

    Are you married?

  • Busra Yildirim
    Busra Yildirim 17 days ago

    My baby cousin has the watermelon ukulele too😂😂😍

  • Vic Toria
    Vic Toria 17 days ago +1

    Do it on ebay! I got one for $8:46c