Sci-Fi Short Film "Planet Unknown" presented by DUST

  • Published on Jan 19, 2017
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    "Planet Unknown" by Shawn Wang
    Facing global resource depletion, mankind sends out Space Rovers to find potentially inhabitable planets.
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Comments • 1 074

  • FurryEskimo
    FurryEskimo 2 days ago

    Cool dudes don't look at explosions.

  • Graveheart
    Graveheart 3 days ago

    Aw, they're like living toys. ^^

  • Darwin Guillermo AU NT TI Soto Mora TO FA AS CO

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  • Nightbow9
    Nightbow9 4 days ago

    Copy of Wall-E...

  • NKVD Citizen101
    NKVD Citizen101 4 days ago

    hm where did the clouds come from if no water on planet surface?

  • János Bohus
    János Bohus 4 days ago

    these fellas exploring the earth again, but a couple of centuries after the pollution, or something wich destroyed it.

  • Ash Richards
    Ash Richards 4 days ago

    How lovely...two robot children friends exploring life

  • Joseph Davenport
    Joseph Davenport 5 days ago

    Beans Beans the magical fruit .

  • Chris Nelson
    Chris Nelson 6 days ago

    Another DUST short film about two cute rovers on another planet. I'm sure it won't end in a murder suicide this time.

  • Toptech21
    Toptech21 6 days ago

    Wallee but in eight mins

  • OceanicBloom140
    OceanicBloom140 7 days ago

    Looks like walle and pathfinder got funky

  • BiLu Music Team
    BiLu Music Team 7 days ago


  • Jay33 goodwin
    Jay33 goodwin 8 days ago

    It's better than NASA cgi aswell 😄

  • ismael gonzalez
    ismael gonzalez 9 days ago

    I liked sci-fi cartoons awesome keep it coming make America great don't J Trump keep it coming very good thank you very much I tell a lot of friends about the dust keep it coming thank you very much a thousand billion trillion time to thank you

  • Nícolas Ribeiro
    Nícolas Ribeiro 9 days ago

    wait is that the avengers theme??

  • grindupBaker
    grindupBaker 9 days ago +2

    Earth has carbon-based Life because of a fluke with the collision giving it a spin. There's a competing theory involving an old guy with a long beard that I'll detail some other time.

    • Aaron Tuplin
      Aaron Tuplin 4 days ago

      my old guy with a beard could kill your old guy with a beard any day of the week

  • Roi Tomado
    Roi Tomado 10 days ago

    Adorable and a beautifully made film, but what did those cute robots do to those mean meteorites! Poor Wall-E's...

  • Richard Emerson
    Richard Emerson 11 days ago

    OMG! This is the second DUST short, back to back(!!), that doesn't make me consider suicide as relief from grindingly depressing shorts. (the other short is FTL)

  • Aldiansyah Pratama
    Aldiansyah Pratama 12 days ago +5

    Is this the new WALL-E sequel concept ?
    Because this is so damn good

  • Robert Pawlak
    Robert Pawlak 14 days ago

    Walle rip-off

  • MJW
    MJW 14 days ago

    They were cruising fast and furious.

  • BweenieBunny
    BweenieBunny 15 days ago

    This would be cool to experience in VR from the robot’s perspective

  • Fred Neecher
    Fred Neecher 16 days ago

    Cool! Aliens spoke English even before life on Earth!

  • DalejMobile Dalej
    DalejMobile Dalej 17 days ago

    Pixar didnt sue you?

  • Marconi Azize
    Marconi Azize 17 days ago

    Maybe scientist were right all along Panspermia is how earth came to be they just missed the part about the robots but hey who knows...

  • Brice Boulon
    Brice Boulon 17 days ago

    A movie *

  • Brice Boulon
    Brice Boulon 17 days ago

    He should produce a film with that !

  • Brice Boulon
    Brice Boulon 17 days ago

    Cool, il devrair en faire un film

  • moon pie
    moon pie 18 days ago

    It would be so much easier to save our own planet all the propaganda is our planets dying so spend twice the recouses saving another completely dead one? WHy do people even watch this.

  • Ross Payne
    Ross Payne 19 days ago

    not very well thought out, they would retrace each others tracks. You even make a point of how blue follows orange... but no trace of tracks???
    ALso few things like instant seed growth? The bots wouldn't choose a planet being bombarded? If they were sent from another planet surely the tech would show meteors (asteroids) and therefore the danger of meteoroids?

  • nick butter
    nick butter 19 days ago

    I wouldn't want to terraform that planet. That planet has too many problems

  • Jan Curvo
    Jan Curvo 21 day ago +2

    They are called Blue and Dirty, an A.I. robot couple, sent in a one way ticket to find a similar planet than ours to initiate the process of a possible colonization ... they are self compounded by nanotechnology and have a regenerative solar batery for life. Blue is the female who carries all samples and is always ready to save the mission. Dirty, on the other hand, is the male who constantly jeopardise the mission with his curiosity and daredevil attitude ... but he's all over for her.

  • Golde Mike
    Golde Mike 22 days ago

    Bruh why they looking for inhabitable planets they should look for habitable planets

  • Lisa Wakelam
    Lisa Wakelam 28 days ago

    Poor little trucks

  • Dino Otaku
    Dino Otaku 28 days ago

    So interesting...

  • Ben M
    Ben M 29 days ago

    Simple solution to meteor danger: build mobile farms on tracks that continuously move a away from projected impact areas. lol. but where is water? Clouds = Rain? Not from the looks of the landscape. Must have another video that answers these questions. Like Game of Thrones, only not as horny or violent...

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson Month ago

    I'm greatly disappointed that the planet wasn't completely obligated

  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez Month ago +1

    Wait people are saying this was done back in the past when there was no life on earth so no humans right? So how do the rovers have English language on them

  • David Watkinson
    David Watkinson Month ago come everything I have seen of your work is stunning?

  • Anouar Krassimovich

    We are self influencing each others with such themes. why is there never a science fiction movie where humans learned to respect their home planet instead of searching for another one to destroy?

  • Alexandru Grecov
    Alexandru Grecov Month ago

    A masterpiece indeed.

  • Jodrul
    Jodrul Month ago

    This planet where it's raining rocks with nutrition all the time is super-habitable.

  • Танкист Disilberg


  • Korance G
    Korance G Month ago +3

    How would droids that advanced not have location trackers?

    • 3DPDK
      3DPDK Month ago +1

      @Korance G That would be entirely possible; or a homing radio signal and directional receiver would be the most efficient and compact to include in a small drone's chassis. Hay, this is science fiction, right? How about a directional sensor that would trigger on the other drone's nuclear energy source :) It worked for Star Trek.

    • Korance G
      Korance G Month ago

      @3DPDK If not GPS like radar or something

    • 3DPDK
      3DPDK Month ago

      GPS requires a network of satellites orbiting the planet (GPS = Global Positioning Satellite or System) and a ground team constantly updating positional data and chronological corrections to the satellites. There are currently 24 (civil or public) GPS satellites that tell your phone or tracking device where it is located on the Earth, then your phone can relay that information to what ever other device may be asking for a location. On a distant, unexplored planet there would be no satellite network - at least not until it was decided to colonize the planet.

  • Info NunUrBiz
    Info NunUrBiz Month ago

    Just like WALL*E

  • Info NunUrBiz
    Info NunUrBiz Month ago

    Just like WALL*E

  • ms brave
    ms brave Month ago

    Can u dubbed in hindi language plzz

  • Artsked
    Artsked Month ago

    sprout of labor

  • • Jommel
    • Jommel Month ago

    I don't know who's the real one

  • RAUH Welt
    RAUH Welt Month ago

    Really, really fucking good story telling in its simplicity. Had me rooting for our heroes in no time!!!

  • Kenneth Ferrer
    Kenneth Ferrer Month ago +1

    Wall-E would be proud of them.

  • Brisa Mora
    Brisa Mora Month ago +1

    Es la movie de Wall-E 😍😍😍 en persona

  • Raymond Martinez IV

    The bots are really cute

  • Peter Tremblay
    Peter Tremblay Month ago

    Yeahhhhh another planet for us to destroy and enslaved more of us!

  • Month ago +4

    *All the time it was on earth :-)*

  • Connor Coombes
    Connor Coombes Month ago

    I instantly love the robots. also, this reminded me of space engineers on apocalypse when trying to build bases on mars

  • maranjoelis martinez
    maranjoelis martinez Month ago +1

    why does that little orange robot remind me of that robot character from apex 🤣🤣

  • Bambi Hernandez
    Bambi Hernandez Month ago

    without comets or asteroids there would be no life...

  • jeyaganesh rajamanickam

    Great animation!

  • Platinum dragon
    Platinum dragon Month ago +1

    DUST do you know that speaking of that orange bot is from movie Wall-E

  • Jára Andres
    Jára Andres Month ago


  • Grant S
    Grant S Month ago

    theres a glitch at 2:01 on one of the legs 😳

  • alex cracan
    alex cracan Month ago

    this is a metaphor for childbirth/infertility i believe

  • Sarajjj SIAH
    Sarajjj SIAH Month ago +4

    What a beautiful Robit short film. In love with these. We need more continuations on these one. Excellent job. 💕

  • Rob Natekar
    Rob Natekar Month ago

    Awesome video...

  • Benjabola
    Benjabola Month ago

    This is life. This is what colonizing Mars will be like, and we need to go there NOW!

  • Aysha P.
    Aysha P. 2 months ago

    *HiiIiIYYaaaA* so cuteee

  • Ingwedad
    Ingwedad 2 months ago

    Bro part 2 pls

  • Rollin McKim
    Rollin McKim 2 months ago

    WHAT a hospitable place to plant a garden, eh?

  • RedDragon1143
    RedDragon1143 2 months ago

    Wait a minute, ive seen this animation like a year ago and this was uploaded 2 weeks ago... Wut please?

  • Nater Tater
    Nater Tater 2 months ago +5

    I enjoyed this. Great effort to the team people just amaze me. Keep it up

  • LynX 476
    LynX 476 2 months ago

    Where is wall-E?

  • NightSeeker Klemont
    NightSeeker Klemont 2 months ago

    I found the idea of two AI robots working together really cool.

  • Harold Phoenix
    Harold Phoenix 2 months ago

    "Through struggle is where you find success"

  • Roshani Nishad
    Roshani Nishad 2 months ago


  • Mahesh M
    Mahesh M 2 months ago +1

    Planet unknown battle ground - PUBG

  • Seal Gair
    Seal Gair 2 months ago +1

    this had a twin brother, it was a documentary about a new planet and two droids were sent to investigate one was yellow and the other blue blue died but I do not remember what that documentary is called

    • Seal Gair
      Seal Gair 2 months ago

      @Saqib Kazmi I already found it, it is called "Alient Planet" and is from Discobery Chanel XD

    • Saqib Kazmi
      Saqib Kazmi 2 months ago +1

      Seal Gair Yes, exactly. I watched that documentry on National Geographic but can't find it or any other clue about on internet. Please if anyone know, let me remember.

  • serhio000 serh
    serhio000 serh 2 months ago

    Very very good

  • Stephan Stefanus
    Stephan Stefanus 2 months ago

    Planet Unknown Battlegrounds

  • The best place
    The best place 2 months ago

    wow they find plant on Mars 😋

  • FranMey
    FranMey 2 months ago

    Pathfinder grandfather

  • Syed Ashar Imam
    Syed Ashar Imam 2 months ago

    Wow wow wowwww what a friendship 😍😍😍

  • See the Light
    See the Light 2 months ago

    Okay, the robots are cute, but the plot needs a lot of work. You can't have an 8 minute video where the end result is known in the first 2:30. Scale it up to 1 hour. An audience isn't going to sit for 60 minutes to see what they knew was going to happen in the first 20 minutes. No suspense. No surprises. No sale.

  • Karolin Leyla
    Karolin Leyla 2 months ago +1

    I'm learning about this in college thx can you try the animation lighthouse pls make mor

  • Jari Fuller
    Jari Fuller 2 months ago

    love it

  • Dung181007
    Dung181007 2 months ago


  • Misel982001
    Misel982001 2 months ago


  • WarlordPlayer -
    WarlordPlayer - 2 months ago

    It looks like Pathfinder in apex

  • Reyhan-the-man child
    Reyhan-the-man child 2 months ago


  • BetterJustice
    BetterJustice 2 months ago

    2:45 When you've had the last straw with the bullies at school.

  • Eduardo Martins
    Eduardo Martins 2 months ago +1


  • Bruno Santos
    Bruno Santos 2 months ago +1


  • Richard Hamilton
    Richard Hamilton 2 months ago

    Great story and not to nit-pick but the written prologue has some issues:
    1) At the end of THE 21st century (minor grammatical error)
    2) Mankind WAS facing global resource depletion (again, minor grammatical error)
    3) Space rovers were sent out to find potential HABITABLE planets (why would you want and INhabitable planet?)
    Other than that - nicely done.

  • Roberth Frank
    Roberth Frank 2 months ago

    esos etan los buenos humanos q se ayudaban entre si misión cumplida..

  • Deathy kat
    Deathy kat 2 months ago

    Holly shit dem graphics

    MANN TULL 2 months ago

    Orang indonesia like

  • the dark side of the internet

    You guys just took the video from GGbros.

  • the dark side of the internet

    Stop steal the work of the others

  • Adam Sherratt
    Adam Sherratt 2 months ago


  • Bong Bing
    Bong Bing 2 months ago

    Floor-E, haha did you understand I'm so funny