''Magma Bound'' 100% (Demon) by ScorchVx [2 Coins] | Geometry Dash

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • Magma Bound is one of the most vibrant levels I've ever come across, with the cartoony style that's used makes every bit of decoration, from the blocks, to the backgrounds and art. The colors that are used mix together perfectly with the magma theme of the level and the music fit with everything. The gameplay is fun, it seems easy but some of the timings can be difficult, which will require some practice. Overall I really like this level.
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  • ScorchVx
    ScorchVx 6 months ago +2202

    GG NEXUS!!!! Thanks a bunch for playing :D

    • Nicklus Nelson
      Nicklus Nelson Day ago

      I tink m going to cry.

    • Christopher Barba Espin
      Christopher Barba Espin 3 days ago

      Hey, I really like the level but can you do me a small favor? Can you *Pleeeaassee* tell everybody to stop hating on a creator that was inspired by your level? It’s pretty harsh and rough on him and he’s apparently getting very pissed off. Sorry to use that language but that was from his words. I personally don’t think any creator should get that insane amount of hate in one day. Thank you.

    • IlWesamlI GD
      IlWesamlI GD 13 days ago

      smire59 fire dust from Newgrounds

    • IlWesamlI GD
      IlWesamlI GD 13 days ago +1

      Crumbs tell what is this dragon character

    • Noel Christopher
      Noel Christopher 13 days ago

      I'mma go ahead and ruin it


    Your the best :)))

  • boblybob74
    boblybob74 Day ago

    This level gives me the same exact vibe as cuphead.

  • Sebastian Gaming

    cant defeat it

  • Sebastian Gaming

    but love it

  • Sebastian Gaming

    that is kinda scary

  • RaverGaming
    RaverGaming 2 days ago +1

    Looks like a Sequel To B

  • LvL99Wooglet
    LvL99Wooglet 2 days ago

    This song reminds me of osu!

  • GD Quikly
    GD Quikly 4 days ago

    So if there were a harder lava gauntlet, this would be the boss of it. (I think Fire Aura is harder though.)

  • Jhunlie Dosdos
    Jhunlie Dosdos 8 days ago

    The dragon is crazy coz he's heart are also crazy..

  • subsets gaming
    subsets gaming 8 days ago +1

    Level remind me of tacobell

  • Blix- Brawl Stars
    Blix- Brawl Stars 8 days ago


  • Templet
    Templet 8 days ago

    1:18 why does that demon look just like me?

  • T games
    T games 11 days ago

    I like the animations

  • Hackerbub [GD]
    Hackerbub [GD] 11 days ago

    1:09 - 1:25 is my fav part and you can’t stop me from loving it!

  • Ленивая Жэпа :D

    I:yes im playing this level right now
    My phone: *no*

  • Tᕼᗴ ᖇᗴᗩᒪ ᔕᗩᑎᗷOYKᕼ

    This is what is extreme demon

  • Kristen Ferraro
    Kristen Ferraro 13 days ago +1

    Can Nexus Beat bloodlust in 1 month?
    Like : Yes
    Comment : no
    I believe he can do it

    • IlWesamlI GD
      IlWesamlI GD 11 days ago

      I’m selected both liked and replied

  • GD Mr. Micron
    GD Mr. Micron 13 days ago

    I think thia is the same person creater B..

  • justingammertv06
    justingammertv06 14 days ago

    me: flys drow spikes: cooool: see monster WTHF WHO ARE

  • InfuZion GD
    InfuZion GD 14 days ago

    Scorch is so talented

  • Claud Karma
    Claud Karma 14 days ago

    Best part 1:11
    GG NEXUS👑!!!!

  • Akselly
    Akselly 14 days ago

    0:42 WAS THAT THE BITE OF 87?

  • FlinnSkooper
    FlinnSkooper 14 days ago



  • Zenox Music
    Zenox Music 15 days ago +1

    Woah wtf that’s amazing

  • Starkly
    Starkly 15 days ago

    Song: cYsmix - Classic Pursuit
    Geometry Dash Level: Demon Rated
    Video Beaten By: Nexus [GD]

  • Skelly Mac
    Skelly Mac 15 days ago


  • Pasha Sv
    Pasha Sv 16 days ago

    At 1:24 you can see the demon that was chasing the player stuck in a mountain passage

  • GD Karma
    GD Karma 16 days ago

    This lvl reminds me of undertale

    • GD Karma
      GD Karma 7 days ago

      Block Bluse because in undertale there’s a place where it has a lot of lava

    • Block Bluse
      Block Bluse 7 days ago


  • Vibrant Caarnage
    Vibrant Caarnage 17 days ago +2

    My favourite level :)

    KENNETH 17 days ago

    B or Magma Bound

    SOULSGAMER 18 days ago

    This remeber me to osu

  • GD foof48
    GD foof48 18 days ago

    0:42 girafo chompo

  • SercuteYT
    SercuteYT 19 days ago

    Wow.. it used to be a insane. I can’t believe now it’s in INSANE demon. :o

  • EmaXx 004
    EmaXx 004 19 days ago

    Nexus es de river

  • ingame world
    ingame world 19 days ago +1

    No problems i allways happy to help

  • jechay
    jechay 20 days ago

    *The most epic part i ever seen: **1:10*

    OLD BONNIE 21 day ago

    show more and like and video

  • imLucioGD Bv
    imLucioGD Bv 22 days ago

    Osu song

    KENNETH 22 days ago +1

    I really like the style of this level

  • Randy Escauriaga
    Randy Escauriaga 22 days ago +1

    There magma bound style:
    Jolly journey
    Hallow Hills

  • Ryan
    Ryan 22 days ago

    Where normal drop in the start?

  • Krantsse Cardior
    Krantsse Cardior 23 days ago

    Came here for a beatmap named Classic Pursuit


    ....oh ok wrong game

  • Doctor Tuxito
    Doctor Tuxito 23 days ago

    I just wanted to remind that this was beaten by B for the award by under 2%

  • iiJason124
    iiJason124 23 days ago

    0:16 its so weird not hearing whistling on that part...
    if you play osu you'll know what i mean.

  • theghost 9311
    theghost 9311 24 days ago

    Porque eres tan pro

  • Rtdcx
    Rtdcx 24 days ago

    Who else just looked this up to find this guy shaking his head around like crazy

  • Irvin Manlugon
    Irvin Manlugon 25 days ago +1

    So thats why my heart always beats so fast

  • Norma Mercado
    Norma Mercado 26 days ago +1

    When u realised you've only beaten easy demons but because of this level is so god damn nice out of pure dedication u manage to push ur way to 53% in this insane demon

    • VVV rea
      VVV rea 24 days ago

      Broo im jealous :s im playing on phone 😭😂

  • DookpAnts
    DookpAnts 26 days ago


  • Michele Macaluso
    Michele Macaluso 28 days ago +2

    One of best looking levels I've ever seen😲

  • Conker
    Conker 28 days ago

    My all time favourite level

    A DUCK ON QAUCK 28 days ago

    Is it just me or does that creepy old clown thing give me goosebumps?
    👇 like plz

  • Joe Bob
    Joe Bob 28 days ago

    ohh so that's what you see when you do drugs

  • Carlos Alberto de souza meira

    Elasba empurraram.elas mentiram não acredite nelas!!

  • Carlos Alberto de souza meira

    He pushed her

  • Emmanuel Lim
    Emmanuel Lim Month ago

    I luv gd

  • Watermousse
    Watermousse Month ago

    Best animations in one level???

  • Bryan A Olivarez
    Bryan A Olivarez Month ago

    i thought it was a demon it says insane

    • Bryan A Olivarez
      Bryan A Olivarez 27 days ago

      @Rylen L no i am not
      2.1 is what i have. have u not updated your game?

    • Bryan A Olivarez
      Bryan A Olivarez 29 days ago

      No I am on mobile so 2.11

    • Rylen L
      Rylen L 29 days ago

      are you still in 2.0?