Using large hard drives on a 286, 386 or 486 with the XT-IDE BIOS

  • Опубликовано: 27 мар 2017
  • I go through the steps to get a 8gb SD card working on a 286 using the XT-IDE BIOS installed into an old ISA network card. This does NOT require the lo-tech 8-bit XT-IDE card. This mod is primarily for 286, 386 and 486 machines that don't support large drives in their native BIOS. I'm doing this on my Intel 80286.
    To download:
    Stuff I used:
    SYBA SD to IDE Adapter:
    EPROM Eraser:
    TL866CS Universal programmer:
    32k 27C256 EPROM:
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  • DL3CE
    DL3CE 3 месяца назад

    Just for advice: If you want maximum data longevity, you are supposed to erase an EPROM twice the time it took to check blank the first time. If it just barely checks blank, some charge may creep back or even power supply variations may flip bits.

    • DL3CE
      DL3CE 2 месяца назад

      ​+Adrian BlackAn intelligent programming algorithm should take care of that already. The EPROM is programmed in (like) 1ms-increments until it verifies correctly, and then programmed the same time again.

      For verifying the supply voltage is increased to 6V, which increases the threshold of the readout amplifiers and makes it a little harder to read the contents correctly. So if it works fine at 6V, it will work perfectly at 5V.

      You can actually reverse that effect if you want to rescue the contents of an older EPROM which just begins to get wonky bits. Read it at 4V supply (which will often allow you to read it correctly a few more times) and immidiately copy it.

      But yes, if the EPROMs are of questionable quality, thats all theory.

    • Adrian Black
      Adrian Black  2 месяца назад

      Yeah -- I've also started programming the chips multiple times which seems to help with reliability. These China sourced EPROMS are of dubious quality as well... so I don't really expect them to last forever LOL.

  • kpanic23
    kpanic23 3 месяца назад

    Instead of copy&pasting, you could just concatenate the image on the command line: "copy /b 8k.bin+8k.bin+8k.bin+8k.bin 32k.bin". This leaves you with a 32k file containing 4x the 8k file.

  • V is for Void
    V is for Void 3 месяца назад

    Silpheed on the screen!

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 месяца назад

    We just used software overlays in the past.

  • Robb
    Robb 4 месяца назад

    Google for it ? K bud your too cool

  • Bolling Holt
    Bolling Holt 4 месяца назад

    I love that case!

  • Leonardo Chiruzzi
    Leonardo Chiruzzi 4 месяца назад

    Fantastic!! just in these days I was trying to solve the problem for my 486. Grazie mille Adrian!

  • Joe Manning
    Joe Manning 5 месяцев назад

    Simple drive overlay software from Seagate for example would have done the trick a lot easier.

  • Mr T. Guru
    Mr T. Guru 5 месяцев назад

    there is a MUCH easier way to fill an EPROM with a smaller image. Assuming the file you are programming is called IMAGE.BIN, open a command prompt and type COPY /B IMAGE.BIN + IMAGE.BIN + IMAGE.BIN + IMAGE.BIN NEWIMAGE.BIN
    You will end up with a file called NEWIMAGE.BIN that is 4X the size of the original image. Then just write it to the EPROM as-is. For other size EPROMs, just copy the file more or less times to add up to the required EPROM type size.
    If you need to put an 8k image in a very large EPROM, make the first file (4x size) then use that new larger file to copy say another 4x, then use that image to copy another 4x etc etc. One example of this is if you buy one of the newly made Commodore 64 multi-game carts that use an 8Mbit EPROM. You can fit 64 16k images into it, but typing copy + image + image 64 times is not fun. The whole image can be made with 3 copy commands. First copy the image 4x, then the new image 4x, then the new image 4x and you'll end up with a new image 64x larger than the first image. There is also a Windows program with a GUI that you can use to make multi-game EPROM images by simply selecting the images on the HDD and adding them until the image space is used up, then save it and burn that image as-is.

  • Annabella Williams
    Annabella Williams 5 месяцев назад

    Does the network card still work? I like setting my old systems up with a ftp server and moving files to and from.

    • Annabella Williams
      Annabella Williams 3 месяца назад

      +Megan Alnico considering doing something like this because my Gateway 2000 486SX machine can't use any decently large drives like I can't manually specify the clusters and cylinders. So I'm still using its stock drive right now.

    • Megan Alnico
      Megan Alnico 3 месяца назад +1

      I would think so. The boot rom on network cards are optional and there to facilitate booting a machine off a network, historically using something like tftp (tiny ftp) to pull down the os image. I'm pretty sure it will have no side effects on the card itself.

  • MoonRiseMetaSheetDog
    MoonRiseMetaSheetDog 5 месяцев назад

    Awesome!! I can put 40gb hd on my 386dx40. I have some old 10mbit networkcards laying around and they almost ready for scrapyard, now they can reuse for this :). I used a 27c512 large eprom but the card only takes a 2764 chip. Compared the datasheet on both chips pinouts (27c64/512) ive solder the remaining address pins (A13,A14 and A15) of the 27c512 to ground so they wont float. and bended alittle of the chip legs so they not connected in the socket. I burnt the bin file just on the first slot.
    The last thing was enable the network cards boot rom, or else computer wont boot from that bios!
    This can be a jumper or PnP jumper free if the card dont have jumpers than you need to get software for that card like the RTL8019a. I suggest google around for the networkcards jumper settings.
    Ive tested on RTL8019a jumper free and on the Novel NE1000
    But Thanks alot for the video!! hopefully is this usable aswell
    Kind regards

  • intel386DX
    intel386DX 5 месяцев назад

    HI so I got FLASH EEPROM AT28C64B-15PU and put it in BOOT ROM socket on one NIC Intel 8/16 LAN, and try to flash the universal XT IDE BIOS, but I aways got an error, what to do?

  • HoneycombTPM
    HoneycombTPM 6 месяцев назад

    Some BIOSes only see partitions up to 528 MB, while most work up to 8.4 GB and 137 GB. Some disk drives will let you configure with Device Configuration Overlay in these situations.

  • Sven Olaf Kamphuis
    Sven Olaf Kamphuis 7 месяцев назад

    or just fix the actual bios. instead of hijacking interrupts with an option rom. video.bin video.bin video.bin video.bin > videobig.bin
    user@DSK:~$ ls -al videobig.bin
    -rw-rw-r-- 1 user user 2048 jul 19 12:35 videobig.bin
    user@DSK:~$ ls -al video.bin
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 512 jun 22 20:08 video.bin
    bbbutttt that's not the way to do it. first of all determine how many address lines that old isa card actually routes to the rom socket as that may not nessesarily be the full 32KB, then simply modify the existing image to be that (the addressed) size by updating the 3rd byte (the one that comes after $55 $AA which should reflect the image size devided by 512. simply pad the image with zeroes at the end to make it that size. also after changing the size you'll have to use some other byte to fix up the checksum total so it's zeroes again. whatever goes into the rom -after- the actually wired region is irrelevant... but what you have now is a couple of times the same image of which either the bios only knows of the first one, the rest still being in the address space, or which actually -all- get executed one by one upon every boot. (don't exactly recall the offsets at which it's supposed to scan for the $55 $AA thing but you can be damn sure that if you put the same image into a larger rom multiple times it will at the very least calculate the checksum on all or most of them, and most likely also -run- them (At which point a proper rom would most likely conclude that some other device with the same rom already hijacked the interrupt and stop but it still wastes cpu cycles ;) (And then better hope that rom doesn't also use some of it's OWN checksumming methods as some sort of copyright protection or better protection against datarot than the standard ibm one offers, which btw, we have found not all pcs enforce.) they are supposed to print something like 'optionrom invalid checksum' and stop execution if it does have the $55 $AA header but the checksum doesn't work out but some pcs do happily run it anyway.

  • Bike Vids
    Bike Vids 8 месяцев назад

    DOOD! What’s a good 286 mobo to buy cheap?

  • Kcin Setay
    Kcin Setay 9 месяцев назад

    i think you can cheat dos by using a partition manager and merging all partitions i think i got an old system with a complete partition of 6 GB on a 486 and it worked perfectly only that dos restricts you too FAT16 if i remember converting the partition to 32 bit works on older versions of dos 6.22 had this feature if i remember but then again i done it in early 90s lol

  • J Frye
    J Frye 9 месяцев назад


  • Quaalude Charlie
    Quaalude Charlie 10 месяцев назад +1

    Thank's for showing the BIOS Flashing :) QC

  • kokodin
    kokodin 10 месяцев назад

    will the already formated sd card work on the non moded motherboard.
    when i had 486 computer we installed windows 98 on it with my brother, but 406mb drive wasn't big enough so we ger a 40 gb seagate baracuda and it seen it as a 8gb drive. So wy went to my friend and made 4 10gb partitions on his computer and after bringing it home dos and windows seen it all ok even though bios did not so i was wondering if it would work similarly with older bies dictatrd limits

  • Chris Nova777
    Chris Nova777 10 месяцев назад

    jealous of your cm-5 monitor i been after one like that for the last 3 years i thought id find one easily but nope! i used one for years when i was like ten years old! back when i had a tandy 1000, tandy 3000 and tandy 4000

  • Alexandru Maran
    Alexandru Maran 10 месяцев назад

    Why even waste time with a 286. I don't see a purpose of this?

    • DL3CE
      DL3CE 3 месяца назад

      The purpose is that there is no purpose.

  • Mike Gravgaard
    Mike Gravgaard 10 месяцев назад

    Adrian: Wondered if you had seen this?->
    Please let me know. Also noticed the chip can be found on Ebay for pounds (

  • Ted Saari
    Ted Saari 11 месяцев назад +4

    I finally got this to work on my Everex EV-1806 motherboard with a C/Net 600e Plus NIC and a 128K EPROM. I have a GQ-4X programmer. I noticed that when I tried a 64K EPROM it loaded the image twice because the NIC minimum config was 16K. I also noticed that the boot screen showed a load at CA00 even though the image was configured to load at C800. Based on this I programmed a 128K EPROM with the 8K image at offset 2000 in the file and filled the area from 0000 through 1FFF with zeros. I also used the IDE_AT.BIN file. Once I got the IDE-AT running, it would format larger drives, but not all drives seem to work and the jumper settings are critical. Using cable select seems to be the best option. The major hurdles are how the image loads with the NIC and the type of hard drive used. The DOS MSD tool is great for determining where the ROM loads. I tested several old hard drives and I discovered that with this configuration, I could not get any of my Western Digital Caviar drives to be detected during the bus scan. The ones that were detected and worked the best were Seagate. I even tried a 40GB Seagate which formatted to a total of 8GB in four partitions off 2GB each.

  • Chris Nova777
    Chris Nova777 11 месяцев назад

    i have 2 ISA based systems.. one is a 386dx40 with Tseng ET4000 Graphics (from Cardinal VGA732A VGA card) and a 16bit ISA IO Controller (Winbond W83787F / W83758F) - my other box is an Asus VLI-SV2GX4 VLB motherboard with a VLB Cirrus Logic VGA adapter aswell as a VLB IO Controller from winbond (UN1082/W83758P/W83757F) i have a dlink de250 in the 486, and a dlink de220 on the 386, i think both of them have Eeprom boot rom sockets -- would this bios upgrade my existing i/o? will this make it support ATAPI Devices like CD-ROM + ZIp100 Internal Drive? can anyone make me a bios chip? i think both my systems are AT based ISA systems, 7 slots on the 486, 8 on the 386 - i really just want to get my stupid CDROM + ZIP100 drive working!!!! for compatibility purposes (i also have a performa 5200CD with a zip100 drive/CD/Floppy) these are my oldest computers!

  • Chris Nova777
    Chris Nova777 11 месяцев назад

    dude is there anyway u could sell me a chip? i have a dlink 220 ISA card installed in my 386dx40 and id love to try this to fix my problems.. or at least get my SD-IDE adapter working on this machine! my network card has the eeprom slot but i dont have a eeprom burner!

  • tenshi7angel
    tenshi7angel Год назад

    Why a 286? Can't play Duke Nukem 3D on it. :(
    Also, can you swallow the XTIDE pod? XD

  • tarstarkusz
    tarstarkusz Год назад

    Just in case anyone is wondering, fat-16 is limited to 2g because the maximum number of clusters is 16bit or 65536 clusters and 32k clusters size. 65536*32768=2,141,585,408
    This also means that every file will take at least 32k of space and a file that is 32k+1 will use 64k.

  • cb meeks
    cb meeks Год назад

    Curious...if you can program the EPROM with that USB programmer, why do you still have to "burn" it with the UV eraser? Why not just dump a bunch of 00's (or FF's) on it?

    • Eddie667
      Eddie667 5 месяцев назад

      Eproms are erasable, not rewritable. You have to erase them in order to write new data.

  • nikicam2
    nikicam2 Год назад

    On some network card you should enable boot ROM option. Most of them have DOS utility for that. Probably that is why XT-IDE BIOS did not work on some of your cards.

  • Matthew Tully
    Matthew Tully Год назад

    Could you use this technique to install deskmate 3.0 onto a bios chip for older Tandys? It would be nice to have deskmate 3, and dos 5.0 on a Tandy 1000tx

    • Adrian Black
      Adrian Black  Год назад

      +Matt Tullberg I can run DOS 6.22 on my 1000EX. Idealy you just need more space so you can use a floppy emulator to get about 1.7 megs if I recall. I have a video about it.

  • Rat Rod Argentina Jorge E. Nuviola

    i understand you use a network card for the bios, so far so good to there, where you put the SD memory?

  • Stefan Gies
    Stefan Gies Год назад

    If you want more harddisk capacity, you can use Scsi-Controllers like the Adaptec-1542. You can attach Scanner, Harddisk, CD-Rom/Writer Drives and Streamer.

  • Pelger
    Pelger Год назад

    why can't the pc bios be flashed normally? (I mean boot with a clean boot disk and run some software like "flash blah.bin" and reboot). I don't quite get why you need all the "weird" stuff and to use the network card. the new bios code should fit on a floppy drive.
    edit: I used to have a 210mb hard disk on my 286, (it was from a 386 originally), but it broke. now the smaller hard disk I have is a 1.2gb one. I'm afraid to try it because I don't think the 286 bios will see it properly and it can get damaged.
    is there by any chance a possibility that a 286 can see a 1.2gb hard disk "normally" without having to use this trick?

  • rev3rse
    rev3rse Год назад +5

    Hey Adrian,
    First of all I want to thank you for this video. I wasn't aware of this option ROM and made a huge difference for my vintage PC's.
    I just wanted to share my thoughts regarding this.
    As software.
    Version 2.0.0 beta 3 from 2013 it's OLD.
    The project it's still maintained here:
    You can get the latest binaries here:
    For the current downloadable version r591 - you must download ide_atl.bin (the image) AND program. Put them both on a DOS pc - and run You load the bin image in configuration program, and you can choose "auto config" and everything will be done including padding and checksum bits at the end. It will be configured for YOUR controller. You can specify 16 or 32 bit transfer mode ... etc.
    After you done this - you should have a 12K ide_atl.bin.
    I done the next part in Linux:
    (for ((I=12288; $I pad.bin

    now you have a pad to 16K with FF
    cat ide_atl.bin pad.bin > xtide-16k.bin

    now you have a 16K ROM
    cat xtide-16k.bin xtide-16k.bin > xtide-256.bin
    now you have a ROM for a 256KBIT EPROM, cat 2 times for it.
    cat xtide-16k.bin xtide-16k.bin xtide-16k.bin xtide-16k.bin > xtide-512.bin
    cat 4 times for a 512KBIT EPROM.
    There's NO REASON for not using the 12K version. Has boot menu - and alot of improvements.
    There's no need to calculate the addressing unless you don't want to duplicate - and write to a specific address only.
    For the 2015-02-20 version that I used previously - you don't need to configure anything. Just burn it.
    Regarding the HARDWARE.
    I cannot be asked to use UV erasable EPROM's anymore. They are a thing of the past.
    For testing I use Winbond W27C512-45Z that I bought 30 for peanuts from Aliexpress. They work fine, but they prove to be FAKES (relabeled junk, wrong signature ... ) but at least I can electrically erase them.
    After I've done my testing I burned everything in: ATMEL AT27C512R-45PU OTP's. They are ONE TIME programmable ones, but they are cheap. You cannot erase them.
    After all I prefer genuine ATMEL parts. You can get them here:
    They cost 1.63 USD / piece. They are FAST and really reliable (200 years data retention in theory). I replaced everything in my system with those. Main BIOS, Video BIOS, Video SYNC BIOS, XTIDE...
    They have also a really low power requirement and fully pin to pin compatible with ST Microelectronix M27C512 UV ones.
    Regarding the NETWORK CARD.
    On my 3COM Etherlink 3 Combo - a DOS utility called " 3c5x9cfg.exe " needs to be run from DOS, and there you can ENABLE THE OPTION ROM and choose the adress space it will use.
    To check the ROM addressing (video bios, main bios ... etc) you can use DOS utility "CheckIT" - File -> Memory Map. choose a free adress space - and from your card's config utility you must enable the option ROM before it will be even used by the system. So it's a matter of "luck" on finding your utility for your specific card make. The adressing space doesn't need to be something specific, just make sure it doesn't conflict with any other rom. What the utility has by default should be fine.
    I made a ZIP archive with 2 ide_atl.bin. One it's 2015 generic version that I used, and the other it's 2016 version that's CONFIGURED for my system (2 drives only). Both are tested with Winbond and Atmel EEPROM's and work perfectly.
    Also included is a label for what I've exchanged in my PC exported as PDF. Maybe someone will find it useful. I printed those on Rayfilm sheets that I reccomend especially for UV EPROM's.
    You can find details here:
    I used Silver Matte Rayfilm (10 sheets pack).
    You can get it from here:

    Thanks again for the info. Really helpful. It would be nice to see more vintage HARDWARE content.
    All the best !

    • MasterMWL
      MasterMWL 11 месяцев назад +2

      So much win in this comment. Click "Read More" on rev3rse's comment above. You won't be disappointed.

  • Bryon Lape
    Bryon Lape Год назад

    Almost like a SCSI BIOS for flash cards.

  • seasonedtoker
    seasonedtoker Год назад

    I too love the vintage stuff because I grew up with it. Got my first 486DX2 in 1991 I believe. But I am just slightly nostalgic, I guess. From an IT engineer standpoint, is there any use for these old CPUs and computers? What are the scenarios? Because there are apparently many gizmos, converters and adapters in the market for making things work with new hardware.

  • Shmeh Fleh
    Shmeh Fleh Год назад

    Wow, I had no idea you could just drop any old BIOS chip into a NIC's option ROM and the PC would read it on boot. That's pretty damn clever!

  • netcreature
    netcreature Год назад

    Very good information. Thanks.

  • Matt Trotta
    Matt Trotta Год назад

    It was amazing just to see an fdisk screen again !

  • intel386DX
    intel386DX Год назад

    cool! but why you use BIOS socket on the LAN card? does this IDE 8bit card do not have BIOS on it's own ?

    • rev3rse
      rev3rse Год назад

      this is an OPTION ROM ! Not a main system BIOS. And for all who propose a software alternative - this is the FASTEST option. No "translation" involved.

  • Andrew Dupuis
    Andrew Dupuis Год назад cant you use dos 7 or freedos for more space

    • Andrew Dupuis
      Andrew Dupuis 10 месяцев назад

      ok i didn't know that. I never tried on 286. i used 386 in up when i use free dos

    • SpearM75503
      SpearM75503 Год назад

      +Andrew Dupuis No, he can't. Both DOS 7 and FreeDOS boot in protected mode. The 386 protected mode *is not compatible* with the 286 protected mode. So, neither DOS 7 or FreeDOS will work on a 286.

  • zwz • zdenek
    zwz • zdenek Год назад

    Wouldn't it be better to implement the large drive support as a bootloader? It wouldn't require the extra hardware you had to throw at this. Even then, it's still an impressive achievement.

  • Robert W
    Robert W Год назад

    I absolutely love projects like this.. Makes me feel like a kid again..

  • code beat
    code beat Год назад

    May I ask what you do with these old computers, just nostalgia or is it of any use today?

    • Adrian Black
      Adrian Black  Год назад +1

      No real use -- just fun to play with old software from the old days, games and what not.

  • CipherBytes
    CipherBytes Год назад

    Nice job. There are easier ways though. Cool nonetheless.

  • Lionstar
    Lionstar Год назад

    Cool I always wonder why there's was a empty chip slot on network cards

    • rev3rse
      rev3rse Год назад

      Actually back in the days the Option ROM from the network cards were used for disk-less booting from the network. Novel Netware 3.1 was AWESOME. That's how schools and enterprise networks run :)

  • AlphaFox78
    AlphaFox78 Год назад

    or ez drive and done. but ok

  • Jeff G.
    Jeff G. Год назад

    If you use FreeDOS you gain FAT32 support and can take full advantage of the card.

  • Mike Gravgaard
    Mike Gravgaard Год назад

    Why not a 386? Atleast you'd have 32 bit support then

  • bandiras2
    bandiras2 Год назад

    My first PC was a 286. My childhood is up and running again. Thanks pal!

  • Floopy
    Floopy Год назад

    Very good! I need to buy an EEPROM programer.

  • JohnnyNismo
    JohnnyNismo Год назад +5

    I run a SIIG FastEIDE ISA controller and a Promise controller in my 486 and 286 respectively. They were made to solve this problem. Find one if you can because they're f'ing golden!

    • Retro PC User
      Retro PC User 7 месяцев назад

      I had the SIIG FastEIDE ISA card, but, sadly, it was beyond repair (the chips, minus the EPROM) were rusty, corroded, what have you. I should've salvaged the EPROM, but, I didn't have the chip pulling tool handy or one at all. I used the XT-IDE Universal BIOS on my Packard Bell Pack-Mate 28 Plus on my 3Com Etherlink III 3C509-TP card and it works without issues. Will make the 32K ROM version just in case.

  • eukatech
    eukatech Год назад

    dude you are brilliant.. thanks for the info

  • brostenen
    brostenen Год назад +15

    Or.... Set BIOS to max standard drive type. And install a drive overlay before Dos.

    • scorpian007
      scorpian007 День назад

      DDO's use up precious conventional memory, not ideal for a DOS gaming machine

  • lorecast162
    lorecast162 Год назад

    Where do i plug the drives?

  • Alvaro Acwellan
    Alvaro Acwellan Год назад

    This was very useful and new to me, thanks for making this video!
    Now I'll try to get the parts.

  • Giovi
    Giovi Год назад +1

    when I have to store i.e. an 8k image onto a 16k eprom, I use the copy /b DOS command:
    copy file8k.bin /b + file8k.bin /b file16k.bin; it's faster. Well, just a suggestion ^_^

  • David Phillips
    David Phillips Год назад

    You are beautiful....

  • Hubert Hans
    Hubert Hans Год назад +5

    Nice solution. But does not work in every occassion. If you use this machine for gaming, this ROM will conflict with some games or will cost memory space/ memory addressing space. This is why i got rid of a SCSI-Controller in my DOS/ WinME machine.

    • rev3rse
      rev3rse Год назад +2

      I checked with "checkit" -> memory map. Takes 12 K of ram + 1 Kb extra. I don't think 13 K will cost anything to any game. Also it's completely TRANSPARENT. No drivers / resident needed. So compatibility it's 100% like with any other IDE native drive. Also I must mention it's the FASTEST option to do this (no software "translation" involved). ROM won't conflict with anything. It's like a Novell Netware boot option ROM back in the days. Has a private space like any other rom (video BIOS, video SYNC bios ... main BIOS ...) and has nothing to do with your games. Also SCSI it's a nother business. YES it's a struggle to make it work - and that's the problem. It's not something simple and TRANSPARENT as this.

  • cjhawk67
    cjhawk67 Год назад +1

    I used EZ-Drive overlay to bypass the 504mb limit on my 486dx2 66mhz ISA VLB system it installs a very tiny partition that the system can load that then loads a driver that takes over translation of the drive and it automatically sets up 2gb partitions based on how much space your drive has for me i used a 6gb fujitsu hardrive and it made 3 2gb partitions and formatted them so the pc boots ez drive loads and tells me to press a key to boot from floppy install dos like you normally would then on reboot it again boots into ez drive and then dos 6.22. It's a very cool bit of software.

    • rev3rse
      rev3rse Год назад

      I still prefer the “hardware” solution. No fuss at reinstall. You doit and you foget about it.

    • Janne Väätäinen
      Janne Väätäinen Год назад

      I can recommend EZ-Drive too. Easy to setup, and works on all computers that I have tried (386 & 486), and I haven't noticed anything in the system performance nor memory usage.

    • Ed Siefker
      Ed Siefker Год назад

      I've tested EZ-Drive. You do lose a few FPS in DOOM.

    • 20windfisch11
      20windfisch11 Год назад

      I had a similar thing called EZ-BIOS (or was it the same you are talking about?) in my old Pentium Pro PC. I bought a 20GB hard drive when they became cheaper and it would only detect it as 8GB, but with EZ-BIOS I could use all 20 GB.

    • Wayne Templar
      Wayne Templar Год назад +1

      I used EZ-Drive back in the day. Had no complaints

  • Dangn Abbit
    Dangn Abbit Год назад

    that is a gigantic tower

  • Spider Mcgavenport
    Spider Mcgavenport Год назад

    Expanded memory is the most complicated thing under vintage tech, not all support EMM386.exe even while using older systems work's under 98se but won't under xp.

    • Spider Mcgavenport
      Spider Mcgavenport Год назад

      c000-efff checking msd.exe on an 98se cd. it works well I'm not a bios modder but I'd like to try... you could tell by my channel...

  • Henry van Megen
    Henry van Megen Год назад +2

    what is the use of keeping these old pieces of shit running? when I got my 486 I didn't look back to my 286.. neither did I look back when I got my newest computer.. if you want to start a museum, then why upgrade the BIOS to make them less authentic?

    • MasterMWL
      MasterMWL 11 месяцев назад

      Short answer: "For the lulz"

    • ThatsNiceGuy - Technology and More
      ThatsNiceGuy - Technology and More Год назад

      Henry van Megen go back to playing with your crappy alienware

    • MAGA MAN
      MAGA MAN Год назад

      On top of all the other responses, there are games and software out there that will not run correctly on faster computers. 286 and 386 computers had the Turbo function that allowed you to slow the system down to be backwards compatible with older software, but newer systems don't have them.

    • Pelger
      Pelger Год назад

      because it's fun to keep older machines running, and if they can be used for something and they run, the better!!!.
      now go back to play with your latest iphone, you moron!

    • Barrett Lewis
      Barrett Lewis Год назад +2

      Henry van Megen Intelligent people like to keep their minds occupied, so they have these things called hobbies. They come up with ideas (from inside of their brains) about how to pursue things they're interested in. If you know an intelligent person, just ask them about it.

  • Dan Van Montfoort
    Dan Van Montfoort Год назад

    it's Eprom (epp) not EEprom (eep). they are 2 radically different memory types.

    • DL3CE
      DL3CE 3 месяца назад +1

      I wouldn't call it radically. They are very related in fact, the only difference is that EEPROMs can also DIScharge the floating gate electrically.

  • Ricardo Neria
    Ricardo Neria Год назад

    the audio is out of sync

  • L
    L Год назад +1

    As once said by the IT Manager for a large engineering company 'It's my job to buy bigger and faster machines!'
    Nive to keep this stuff going but it will soon belong in a museum or in a fireproof container. ;)

  • tcl78
    tcl78 Год назад

    I remember using a software called "EZ Drive". It worked even on older 386 PCs with only a very limited support for hard disks (such as my old Olivetti 386 which only gave you a limited list of 20 or so hard disks to chose from). All you had to do is boot it from floppy and it would install itself into the boot sector of the hard disk intercepting the read/write calls to the bios and increasing the maximum size to the 2GB limit of DOS.

    • Adrian Black
      Adrian Black  Год назад +1

      I recall those tools too -- I think some of the hard drives actually came with them too. I'm just not sure they work on machines earlier than 386s. :-)

  • 17659817265781465781
    17659817265781465781 Год назад +13

    I know some of those words

  • Cappellaio Matto
    Cappellaio Matto Год назад

    silpheed. ❤❤❤❤ never been able to finish it. only couple of years ago i decided to crack it and finally destroy gloir... empere of the universe. you will never destroy me. 😀😀😀😀

  • Adalberto Neto
    Adalberto Neto Год назад +7

    shot as 29,97fps exported as 30fps...

    • Adrian Black
      Adrian Black  Год назад +3

      It's not that, the audio issues are from the way RU-clip re-encodes videos that I made using PowerDirector and Intelligent SVRT. On my computer the exported video plays perfectly all the way through, but when uploaded the sync issue appears. I didn't figure that out until I had uploaded a couple videos..... I opened a ticket with RU-clip but they were useless and since I can't replace video files I'm left with a few videos with sync issues.

  • Coalition Gaming
    Coalition Gaming Год назад +1

    Great video! Are you using a Samsung cell phone to record by any chance? I noticed audio sync issues and i had the same problems when i used my S7E. Im not sure if its an issue across smartphones in general having like, hardcoded internal variable framerate going on (some editing programs really dont like this), but the best fix i could come up with was to convert the out of sync footage to .MOV. This worked about 3/4ths of the time. Really crappy issue to deal with.

    • Adrian Black
      Adrian Black  Год назад +3

      Yeah I opened a ticket but their support people were useless

    • Coalition Gaming
      Coalition Gaming Год назад +1

      Adrian Black Oh interesting. I've seen RU-clip's encoding make vids look fuzzy or hazy but never heard it cause audio issues like that.

    • Adrian Black
      Adrian Black  Год назад +2

      No, the audio issues are from the way youtube re-encodes videos that I made using PowerDirector and Intelligent SVRT. I didn't figure that out until I had uploaded a couple videos..... On my computer the video is perfect, but after it goes through RU-clip it's screwed up. I just disabled Intelligent SVRT and then all is well -- it just takes a little longer to render.

  • Todd Forester
    Todd Forester Год назад +1

    i would love to see more like this keep it up +1 sub

  • chongtak
    chongtak Год назад +4

    NIce video, good trick. Gosh your desktop is huuuuuuuuge!

    • Herbie Husker
      Herbie Husker Год назад

      chongtak i also love Taiwan!

    • chongtak
      chongtak Год назад

      Yes I suspected something like that. Thanks for your excellent videos.

  • flyguille
    flyguille Год назад

    interesting usague for those eeprom slots.... which chip code was 27xxxx?

    EXITMUSIC2011 Год назад

    interesting. well done :)

  • Ville Jouppi
    Ville Jouppi Год назад +14

    copy /b image + image + image + image bigimage

    • rev3rse
      rev3rse Год назад +1

      Ville Jouppi i did it in linux (same shit) with cat image image image > imageforyoureprom.bin. But don’t forget about PADDING ! You need to pad the 12 k one to 16 K with zeroes and after that concatenate them for your eprom. I will write some details in another comment.

  • Erik Gallimore
    Erik Gallimore Год назад

    That's awesome! When I ran into this problem using my main pc with a larger hard drive (eons ago) I used Ontrack Disk Manager (BIOS overlay) to translate between the BIOS and the OS to get it done.

  • The Kaveman
    The Kaveman Год назад

    really good research work making these older pcs useful . I have a few laying about and wouldn't mind ideas to make them do some work . This video has been a good start. Ideally they probably need to get off windows and onto a very efficient OS like a linux style. Have you looked at that ?

    • Adrian Black
      Adrian Black  Год назад +3

      +The Kaveman Linux isn't that interesting to me as I am going for the retro thing. One can just use a Raspberry Pi if you want a cheap Linux computer. They are likely much faster too. :-)

  • Zankuhaaa!
    Zankuhaaa! Год назад +1

    How about using MSDOS version that supports FAT32 (so you don't have to split large volume into 2047Mb partitions)? Is it compatible with 80286?

    • Pelger
      Pelger Год назад +1

      they hardcoded DOS 7.x to requiere 386 because the version 4.x of "the front end gui" (windows 9x) that comes with it doesn't run in 286 anyway.

    • intel386DX
      intel386DX Год назад +1

      so it is like windows 3.0 wich can run in real mode (8086) and windows 3.1 wich runs only in protected mode (286) :)

    • Matthew Harrison (matthehat)
      Matthew Harrison (matthehat) Год назад +1

      It is written to use the 386's protected mode, which is incompatible with the 286's protected mode. Basically it can't use protected mmeory, so it won't boot.

    • intel386DX
      intel386DX Год назад

      I was trying to boot DOS 7.1 on my 8088 , I did not know that it will not run even on 286 , but why ?

    • Matthew Harrison (matthehat)
      Matthew Harrison (matthehat) Год назад +3

      That's just Windows 95 with its clothes off

  • rednight
    rednight Год назад +1

    Neat trick -- using the old optional net-boot ROM to add a LBA driver. The problem is not DOS, the problem is that PC BIOS doe snot support drives with more than 1024 cylinders. LBA is a trick where you lie about the disk geometry so it fits into the 1024 cyl limits than fix it on any DOS call. Newer BIOSs support this out of box. There are also a number of software LBA drivers that install into the MBR of a drive to do this. Many drive manufacturers shipped them in the late 486 era with drives over 500meg. SCSI drives don't have this problem as they use their own dissk routines instead of PC BIOS.
    Linux does not solve this problem. While Linux will find the rest of the drive if the geometry is correct, it will fail to boot of any partition that is beyond the 1024th cylinder. It also requires a 386.

  • Matthew Suffidy
    Matthew Suffidy Год назад

    Well if you used Liniux, you could do it, but I think maybe it needs a 386. Linux doesn't use the bios geometry at all. I think I saw some boot block thing once that may have helped with the dos mode.

  • 77tubuck
    77tubuck Год назад

    There is also a couple of open source alternatives to MS-DOS. They are FreeDOS and PDOS. I have tried FreeDOS on a more modern computer and it works quite well.

    • Adrian Black
      Adrian Black  Год назад

      +77tubuck freeDos (at least) requires a 386 or better ... But yes it is not bad when you can run it

  • Jarrod Coombes
    Jarrod Coombes Год назад +1

  • tbbw
    tbbw Год назад +13

    That was a neat trick i was not aware of.