Sneaky Ways Airports Get You To Spend Money

  • Published on Aug 13, 2019
  • Ever been stuck in an airport, parched and hungry? You've already spent a fortune on tickets and baggage fees, and somehow you end up buying a giant Toblerone and a $5 water. You're not alone. Spending in airports hit $40 billion in 2017. On average, travelers will spend anywhere from $11 and $140 per airport visit. But all that spending is not entirely your fault. Airports are purposely laid out to lead passengers through moneymaking areas.
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    Sneaky Ways Airports Get You To Spend Money

Comments • 586

  • Swigitty Swooty
    Swigitty Swooty 5 hours ago

    There are no ends on jewish trickery

  • Devon Leybold
    Devon Leybold 8 hours ago

    I literally saw a jewelry store in an airport once.... I think it was the one in Orlando. Who tf is buying a diamond necklace at the airport?

  • L P
    L P 9 hours ago

    I remember the first time I went through the duty free zone at the airport, I felt like every single thing there was showering for me to buy it

  • Daniel Cha
    Daniel Cha 19 hours ago +1

    am i the only one that never buys anything there?

  • Jess Barnett
    Jess Barnett Day ago

    Why would there be a checkers in an airport? Lol! Is there even one?

  • Debbie Cakes
    Debbie Cakes Day ago

    when I go see my mother's family to the other side of the rich uncle exchanges my currency so I won't have to go and pay fees, he even gives me extra money

  • Beaker Builder
    Beaker Builder Day ago +1

    I’ve never even heard of duty free and I’ve been to like 10 airports

  • DBR Liamg
    DBR Liamg Day ago

    The interviewee sounds like a rumbling car pipe, too lazy to open the mouth to speak words clearly or something.

  • Jobs mine
    Jobs mine Day ago

    It’s all about money and yourself in the end.

  • Aakansha Shewakramani

    Why I am not surprised with this? Also, a tad bit annoyed. x

  • S U M O '
    S U M O ' Day ago

    Everything thing is

  • NigelDK
    NigelDK 2 days ago

    I just realized i mostly look to my left side without knowing it because im left handed.

  • Ashley ASHLEYM
    Ashley ASHLEYM 2 days ago

    Typically I only ever buy water which costs me about $2 and the only reason I buy water is because I cant bring it through security and i cant go that long without water, it's not comfortable. But food I bring through security and I don't bother with all that extra shit.

  • DerParadonym
    DerParadonym 2 days ago

    The only thing I'm willing to pay for is any queue skipping. Ironically...

  • La habitacion del atrapado

    It is not your fault. Is a capitalist plot.
    The world is conspiring for you to consume.

  • Grey_Wolf
    Grey_Wolf 2 days ago

    A fortune on tickets this is America

  • Pic pic
    Pic pic 3 days ago

    My mom spent a lot things in duty free

  • Sarkari Job
    Sarkari Job 4 days ago

    Am i the only one who have never been to an airport? 😒

  • Forza223 Bowe
    Forza223 Bowe 4 days ago +1

    You don’t have to spend lots of money in an airport

  • RTXRedicle
    RTXRedicle 5 days ago

    It’s worse in Canada

  • Mooshieblob
    Mooshieblob 5 days ago

    15.90 is steep?

  • Canal no operativo
    Canal no operativo 5 days ago

    Wendover/HAI is producing so many plane videos that now serves is an industry image source for news media

  • Leaf TheRaptor
    Leaf TheRaptor 6 days ago

    This is just telling me that airports are run by EA

  • darealphantom
    darealphantom 7 days ago

    I'm cheap I always pack food and drinks for my flight won't get me with their high mark up

  • Username369
    Username369 8 days ago

    I hate that new or remodelled airports make you go through duty free shops to get to any gate!!! Not because it makes me spend money, but because they’re people standing still look and hence block the ways.. it’s just annoying!!!!!

  • OhtheSuffering
    OhtheSuffering 9 days ago

    Eh, I don't let it bother me. I peruse to kill time, sure, but the most I'll get is some fries from McDonald's. Generally, if I have my laptop and phone, both charged, then I'm good to go.

  • Joel Oak
    Joel Oak 11 days ago

    Next up: Sneaky ways chairs get you to sit on them longer

  • LUpilot2012
    LUpilot2012 12 days ago

    Why tf would people pay to park? Take an Uber

  • PeechieMeechie11
    PeechieMeechie11 12 days ago

    That's why we bring our cup o noodles and ask for hot water!

  • Tangsoojitsu
    Tangsoojitsu 13 days ago

    and all this time I thought price gouging was against the law

  • Oscar Chau
    Oscar Chau 13 days ago

    Dude learn how to pronounce airports

  • Sage L. Hawthorne
    Sage L. Hawthorne 13 days ago

    I've been in an airport on my own twice and am proud to say all I did was buy a $5 bubble tea... it was nasty. I did check out the subway prices which were $1 more than I was used to.

  • Linda
    Linda 13 days ago

    I don't arrive with car at my airport, I use the train. :)

  • Dayana Rose
    Dayana Rose 14 days ago

    Yo my whole life is a lie

  • Angeline Maria
    Angeline Maria 15 days ago

    Stupid 60$ plushies AAAAA-

  • Adrian
    Adrian 15 days ago

    Guess what, I won't buy your stupid vodka because I'm a left hander.

  • Mac Pags
    Mac Pags 15 days ago

    This trick doesn’t work in the Philippines. You can’t outsmart Filipinos when is comes to spending their dime. They take bottles of water with them and they bring baon and chichiria inside the airport. Tipid tipid pag may time

  • Eric
    Eric 16 days ago

    Not fooling me even if I was filthy rich

  • Ashley Murphy
    Ashley Murphy 16 days ago

    I just go hit up the perfume and lotion area and use the free expensive stuff

  • DriftingDreams
    DriftingDreams 17 days ago

    I bought a 5 dollar reusable water bottle as soon as I came out of TSA and used it for the whole trip plus the two flights!

  • archiko telos
    archiko telos 17 days ago

    They get you to spend money at airports because the Airport makes money off concessions.

  • Greg
    Greg 17 days ago +1

    Only a fool would buy overpriced crap @ the airport.

  • Glen Cole
    Glen Cole 18 days ago

    Just become an American Express card holder and go to the centurion lounge food is free and all you can eat. They also have alcohol for those who drink. Plenty of space comfortable chairs sit back relax.

  • பிசாசு குட்டி

    I just watch watch watch watch watch ..... everything at the duty free.. all these 15 years of traveling.

  • KrisMcCool
    KrisMcCool 19 days ago

    Idk man my city’s airport parking costs like 30$ / week..

  • Antti Tapola
    Antti Tapola 19 days ago

    I don't want to sit in a aluminium tube next to a stinky socks owner, so I never go to an airport.🧦

  • Alexandre N
    Alexandre N 19 days ago +1

    how can the spendings in airports be 40 billion and the dutyfree market worth 67 billion

  • houchi69
    houchi69 19 days ago

    All those spending is entirely your fault.

  • Kayla Valdellon
    Kayla Valdellon 19 days ago

    I arrive 30 minutes before my flight leaves so I rarely get stuff lol (bless TSA precheck)- and normally an hour and half for international flights

  • nia tan
    nia tan 20 days ago +2

    Anyone else think that the narrator’s voice sounds like Stephiance (if u know then u know)

  • Life with D&T
    Life with D&T 20 days ago


  • aydins tapes
    aydins tapes 20 days ago +3

    What I don’t get is how they make u throw away ur water in security checking, but once you get thru they charge you $5 for a tiny bottle of water 🙄🙄

  • Yen Vuong
    Yen Vuong 21 day ago


  • Porschen Hund
    Porschen Hund 22 days ago +1

    tax free alcohol is not bad actually.

  • Jonathan D.
    Jonathan D. 23 days ago

    Ever since 9/11, the airline industry in general has been a giant scam.

  • Kallyanna Banana
    Kallyanna Banana 23 days ago

    Only thing I buy is food and alcohol lol
    Duty Free 🤪🤪

  • Layalstars
    Layalstars 23 days ago

    its worse when u work at the airport and buy food everyday

  • then benagcz
    then benagcz 23 days ago

    I you usually buy my own food to airport just buying water or filling my portable water filter

  • amara.a
    amara.a 26 days ago

    BI should make a video titled ‘how business insider gets you to sneakily watch more videos’

  • 練Jerome
    練Jerome 26 days ago

    Ha jokes on them I go to the lounge to drink and eat....waaait a second