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  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • All Official Child's Play Movie Clips & Trailer 2019 | Subscribe ➤ | Aubrey Plaza Movie Trailer | Release: 21 Jun 2019 | More
    A contemporary re-imagining of the 1988 horror classic, Child’s Play follows Karen (Aubrey Plaza), a single mother who gifts her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman) a Buddi doll, unaware of its more sinister nature.
    Child's Play (2019) is the new horror movie starring Aubrey Plaza, Brian Tyree Henry and Gabriel Bateman.
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Comments • 4 771

  • Elizabeth Navarrete Centeno

    No da miedo doy más miedo yo 😂😂

  • Lucy K
    Lucy K 2 days ago

    I think this chucky looks a lot more better

  • I see fucked up shit in the night

    Just wasn't the same as the original chucky the reboot sucked

  • Megan Luminais
    Megan Luminais 4 days ago


  • Diogo Santana
    Diogo Santana 4 days ago

    Ah nada a ver esse filme

  • Dilara Gümüş
    Dilara Gümüş 7 days ago

    Buddi 2019 (chucuki) god guy 1889 (chucuki)

  • medina 15
    medina 15 15 days ago

    I think robot doll much better than freaking doll that have organs.

  • rob roy
    rob roy 16 days ago

    Mark Hamill did great as Chucky in this movie

  • Aeronjaro
    Aeronjaro 17 days ago

    Lets be honest if this is real life we can chuckie like real quick even if he is a murderous criminal.

  • Rania Hadi
    Rania Hadi 18 days ago

    ايه ياجدعان مفيش تعليق عربي يوحد ربنا كلكم كفار 😹🇪🇬🇦🇪🇮🇶🇸🇦🇸🇾

  • Koby Hubbard
    Koby Hubbard 18 days ago

    Why are people saying this movie isn't good this is better more style he's very sinister and very crazy and plus this Chucky is not a creep he want Andy happy old chucky is sick he just want to kill Andy for his body

  • The Sunshine Show
    The Sunshine Show 21 day ago

    Instead of making this child’s play they should make one that connects to the seed of chucky

  • LookatmyBig Geoduck
    LookatmyBig Geoduck 22 days ago

    the doll looks like fucking shit. what were these retards thinking.

  • Crystal Vissiny
    Crystal Vissiny 23 days ago

    I really liked this one

    GU NERU 26 days ago

    This Mike guy went from working in Arkham State Hospital. To being a Police man

  • Nicole Gonzales
    Nicole Gonzales 27 days ago

    I just wish they had tiffany in it (the bride of chucky)

  • •Pàstël •ÓwÓ

    Why chucky kill people?

  • TheEnderLord
    TheEnderLord Month ago

    Chucky that has the ability to control technology he became more scarier!

    PINPANA Month ago


  • Rizky Gaming
    Rizky Gaming Month ago

    Kecewa sih, Chunky nya malah jadi ga serem lagi

  • Shawnda Newby
    Shawnda Newby Month ago

    To me the new chucky looks like it's made of wood

  • Kathryn Pitt
    Kathryn Pitt Month ago

    I've always loved the Child's Play films, and I'm really looking forward to watching this one. Yes, Chucky has been reimagined a little, and the backstory is completely new, but I think it's so refreshing. If anything, apart from the annoying detail that Brad Dourif has been replaced I really think it will do great justice to the franchise.

  • Big Shem
    Big Shem Month ago

    looks like chucky is having a depression

  • Alessandro Hemples
    Alessandro Hemples Month ago

    Só eu que achei o novo chucky com um visual horrível?
    Conseguiram estragar ele...

  • Louis Henderson
    Louis Henderson Month ago

    Is this an down syndrome doll for special needs children and this is suppose to be an horror sci film? Yeah they fucked this movie up!

  • Louis Henderson
    Louis Henderson Month ago

    Ok, this movie looks like it really sucks, the actor's as well, since Chucky is an robot he is not scary because that's like being scared of an car, tv, cell phone, just put it in water and make sure you have the receipt when you take it back to Walmart. Bullshitt movie!
    Is this movie made by China?

  • Mz2cute87
    Mz2cute87 Month ago

    That's not chucky... It's his long lost cousin buddi.

  • Alternative Redneck

    Not having Brad dorif as the voice of Chucky is blasphemy.

  • ismael pro
    ismael pro Month ago +1

    Yo ya me la bi

  • Seth Folickman
    Seth Folickman Month ago +3

    I think chucky is adorable in 2019

    • rexthedemoncat 08
      rexthedemoncat 08 24 days ago

      The movie was super cute, I was sad when chucky split up with Andy

  • Sacred Nawsha
    Sacred Nawsha Month ago

    It felt like the Mandela effect wtf😐

  • mikecrack exe
    mikecrack exe Month ago

    Pesimos esos trailers

  • Anindo Ayan
    Anindo Ayan Month ago +1

    U know the difference?
    Original Chucky:Terrific.
    Chucky 2019:Terrible=Trash

  • CharlyFlow Vega
    CharlyFlow Vega Month ago

    Para mi en lo personal si me gusto el rameke es mejor asi por que hay mas tecnologia aunque si ay que admitir que vamos a estrañar al chuky antiguo que nos daba escalofrio

  • Jafrin Khan
    Jafrin Khan Month ago

    chucky's face is just...i can't

  • Nicholas Carrigan
    Nicholas Carrigan Month ago

    Did anyone else notice at 6:00 and 6:01 the thing move/fall behind her, by the chucky dolls???

  • Brian Weir
    Brian Weir Month ago

    "If they won't let us play, they all go awayyyyyyyyyy..."

  • brasil brasil
    brasil brasil Month ago

    chucky look like tranny 😡🤣

  • Jamarian Hall
    Jamarian Hall Month ago

    The fact that the producers of it made this movie disappoints me and I think we all know why

  • ezwholio
    ezwholio Month ago

    Yeah this aint the og chucky . I think they dropped the ball.

  • Gustavo Santillo
    Gustavo Santillo Month ago

    Why do parents never trust kids?

  • mister gameplays
    mister gameplays 2 months ago

    todos los comentarios en ingles que flojera jajajaj

  • Kellie Wright
    Kellie Wright 2 months ago

    I watched this movie with my husband and let me say this, I had nightmares in daylight.... I will never like Chucky moves like my husband dose... My Grandparents had a chucky doll and i was scared of it then like I'm scared of it now ( it was a pull string doll and it had a 2 knifes in its hands and it walked across the floor saying. Do you want to be my friend to the end, knife sounded in slashing and saying die die die as it's trying to stab you with the 2 plastic knifes !) I hated that freaking doll!! I wish chucky never existed to be anything more a joke !

  • Crystal Perez
    Crystal Perez 2 months ago

    Da old chucky movies r way better

  • joão brito
    joão brito 2 months ago

    they 100% removed the ''spiritual'' transfer of the 80's original , now ithe evil is completely technolgical, thats the one detail i disliked , good flick tho

    • rex the demon cat
      rex the demon cat 2 months ago

      The movie was really cute tbh it was not scary at all

  • rastawet
    rastawet 2 months ago

    What type of shit is this?

    MPV GAME 2 months ago


  • Johannduds_ Herme
    Johannduds_ Herme 2 months ago

    Tell me it's fake

  • Joseph Salim
    Joseph Salim 2 months ago

    I havent seen this movie, yet. To those who have seen the movie, do you recommend me to watch it?

    • xxxlh 52
      xxxlh 52 2 months ago

      It has a 3/5 rating and i did not like it tbh

  • Mohammad Faiz
    Mohammad Faiz 2 months ago

    Ok ok I'm sick and tired of all these movies I want child's play 4

  • Present Bright
    Present Bright 2 months ago

    I hate this movie. It’s a rip off

  • Omar Feliciano
    Omar Feliciano 2 months ago

    I was 53 minutes in and boy was boring as hell, can't finish was falling asleep. So far from the OG that's almps a bad joke. Meh. Fore whatever not gonna bother with it moving on.

    GHOSTFACE 2 months ago +2

    NOW that’s saying something

  • Dylan Zebra
    Dylan Zebra 2 months ago

    This remake is stunningly bad... The Chucky looks so ugly and not at all realistic...the cast is also terrible... The plot is predictable and there's not enough bloody killing scene, and the ending looks like a cheesy teen movie ending...the only thing I like is the mowing killing scene.

  • Regina Montserrat Nunez Ascencio

    Que mierda, neta no entiendo por qué no la pudieron dejar en la novia de chucky

  • leona lol
    leona lol 2 months ago


    HAPPY CLAROS 2 months ago

    I don't like how chucky looks now

  • R. Parker
    R. Parker 2 months ago

    I just watched it. Overall, the movie itself wasn't bad. The kills were gruesome and something new. The new Chucky face was horrible and distracting. They didn't have to kill the nice ole lady. She was so sweet.

  • dios del aire
    dios del aire 2 months ago +1

    türk varmı sa

  • spider snake
    spider snake 2 months ago +1

    This remake is pure shit.. its just stupid.. and Chucky was iconic before ..this version does not even compare to the original.