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  • EVERY Superhero Movie After Endgame (Spoilers)
    How Avengers: Endgame Sets up Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 (Spoilers)
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Comments • 789

  • Bulk Beard
    Bulk Beard 18 hours ago

    WTH happend to Famke's face?

  • loveld Lu
    loveld Lu Day ago

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  • nipple slip
    nipple slip 2 days ago +1


  • Dean P. Wells
    Dean P. Wells 2 days ago

    I'm really starting to like what film companies are producing these days. It means people will stop going to the cinema so they can do something creative for themselves instead!!! Keep 'em coming!!!!

  • G in NY
    G in NY 3 days ago

    Gemini Man is literally Looper but with Will Smith.

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama 3 days ago

    Will Smith another lame movie 😆

  • Evan
    Evan 3 days ago

    Mib looks shit

  • bbc movie trailer
    bbc movie trailer 3 days ago +2

    I can share this video for my youtube

  • tronus98
    tronus98 5 days ago +3

    Assimilate = The Faculty + Disturbing Behavior + The Crazies + Dreamcatcher + ...

  • Marek Jochymski
    Marek Jochymski 5 days ago

    Dość inspirująca opowieść

  • Isabel Seda
    Isabel Seda 5 days ago +1

    Will smith😍😍😍😍

  • Peter Elasmar
    Peter Elasmar 5 days ago +2

    will smith is the best actor on the planet... by far

  • annreid1965
    annreid1965 6 days ago


  • healthystyle
    healthystyle 6 days ago

    All of these trailer look shit!!!!

  • healthystyle
    healthystyle 6 days ago

    Fuck men in black.....Looks shit!!!

  • Killstop01
    Killstop01 6 days ago +8

    Who did came Here for les twins ??
    Like here 👍

  • Alessandra Oliveira
    Alessandra Oliveira 6 days ago +5

    Men in Black ♥♥♥( Les twins♥♥)

  • Chris Neild
    Chris Neild 6 days ago


  • viv Video in Visual Production

    lol ! Men in black is craaaaaaaap and Leave also is craaaaaap! And CGI will smith also! How this goes to CRAP more and MORE!?!?!?!

    DOMEPEACE420 6 days ago

    Assimilate is obviously trash.

    • Edlyn Ugalde
      Edlyn Ugalde 2 days ago

      DOMEPEACE420 suck my Dick Bitch

    • DOMEPEACE420
      DOMEPEACE420 2 days ago

      @Edlyn Ugalde is that even English? Did you not graduate elementary school?

    • Edlyn Ugalde
      Edlyn Ugalde 3 days ago

      DOMEPEACE420 no it's not you just mad because I you can't watch it lol

  • bubba bojanglez
    bubba bojanglez 6 days ago

    The first movie looks like a good idea, but i honestly dont see will smith doing the role justice. Also why did they blur that kid's moms tits at 5:09 ?

  • FBI ReaL
    FBI ReaL 7 days ago +1

    Cgi looks nah

  • Evil Mofo
    Evil Mofo 7 days ago

    A will smith movie? You already know it’s really bad.

  • modiyil oppari
    modiyil oppari 7 days ago

    pls release these movies in india

  • Patrick Higdon
    Patrick Higdon 7 days ago

    in 2019 its more important to check enough boxes rather than having a good script, acting, or direction.

  • Hank Snow
    Hank Snow 7 days ago

    All these movies look like utter fucking trash. Hollywood is so fucking dead.

  • steve henrichs
    steve henrichs 8 days ago


  • guyfroml
    guyfroml 8 days ago +1

    MIB looks like STD (Sure Thing Disaster)!

  • Zizou Tthans
    Zizou Tthans 8 days ago +2

    They revealed too much in the first one

  • Zizou Tthans
    Zizou Tthans 8 days ago +2

    They revealed too much in the first one

  • Reginald Adams
    Reginald Adams 9 days ago +2

    "The Men In Black?" "Don't ... don't start. I'm working on it."

    Ladies and gentlemen, this SJW B.S. is reeeeeally starting to crawl underneath my skin.

  • Lynx Gaming
    Lynx Gaming 9 days ago

    “BEST” no. That’s your opinion...

  • munchy 22
    munchy 22 9 days ago

    wow if these are the best trailers of 2019 were in for the worst year of cinema in a very long time, either that or youtuber on pills.

    • Medalion music inc.
      Medalion music inc. 7 days ago

      Just wait till next summer Ghostbusters 3 will make up for the 2016 suit show

  • Ibrahim Tarawally
    Ibrahim Tarawally 9 days ago +2

    So they really took this *As-guardians of the galaxy* seriously huh?

  • iSuRRendeReDuK
    iSuRRendeReDuK 9 days ago

    The BEST upcoming movies ,really,REALLY!!!!!

  • Clif Keens
    Clif Keens 9 days ago

    Fresh Prince is back

  • D J
    D J 9 days ago +3

    Wo-Man in Black - get woke, go broke

    • jxsilicon9
      jxsilicon9 8 days ago

      Girls Rule. Women Are Funny. Get Over It. 😂😂😂

  • Dnekar
    Dnekar 9 days ago

    Really not a fan of vocals in film soundtracks, just want amazing scores.

  • It's Just Ryan
    It's Just Ryan 10 days ago

    The joke about it being called "Men" in Black is just disgusting. Feminist bullshit. "Men" is a plural not just for males, but for multiple people of mankind. Sorry, but just like how society told the trannies and queers to fuck off with their pronoun games they want to play, we aren't going to redefine the English language just to make a handful of feminists and liberals happy. STOP trying to ruin things for the rest of us. Majority rules, you bunch of sissies.

  • Uncle Granpa
    Uncle Granpa 10 days ago +2

    soo the MIB fighting the Umbral Choir now

  • Criauxe
    Criauxe 10 days ago +3

    assimilate looks like it came from an episode of x-files

  • GeNgUmAiN
    GeNgUmAiN 10 days ago

    Man in black without Will smith isnt Man in black

  • Dane Marnie Bontilao
    Dane Marnie Bontilao 10 days ago

    Avengers retired to be an agent

  • Adam Grace
    Adam Grace 10 days ago

    That de-aging is terrible, jeeez

  • ihasnoeyebrows production

    All these movies look like they're gonna suck ass

    Poison Rose looks good though

  • jevgenkova
    jevgenkova 10 days ago +10

    How long before franchise becomes "Persons in Black" ?

  • N T S
    N T S 11 days ago +5

    First they bite you
    Then they hunt you
    Then they become you.....

    Sorry but....

  • Shahmeen X BTS
    Shahmeen X BTS 11 days ago

    Gemini man more like US part 3000

  • Something Wicked This Way Comes

    So basically nothing worth the price of a movie ticket is coming out.

  • Kael Griffis
    Kael Griffis 11 days ago +3

    I'm not watching feminist or sjw renditions of classic movies so they can ruin them..

  • Driele Sapucaia
    Driele Sapucaia 11 days ago

    Agora sim

  • The_Boot
    The_Boot 11 days ago

    They all look shit

  • Raul Vargas
    Raul Vargas 11 days ago

    Will Smith loves sy-fi scripts.

  • tauron1
    tauron1 12 days ago +5

    Assimilate = Invasion of the Body Snatchers Redux

  • Chandra Siglar
    Chandra Siglar 12 days ago +1

    Thumbnail looks like the Less twins or am i trippin

  • Checo Schmidt
    Checo Schmidt 12 days ago

    thor and valkerie together again

  • Pengwing Kurap
    Pengwing Kurap 12 days ago +1

    The tune beatboxer from meme got sponsored by the Gemini Man film to make an awesome background music

  • Kamil Jurewicz
    Kamil Jurewicz 12 days ago +2

    Double impact, black version :)

  • Aswin Rp
    Aswin Rp 12 days ago +2

    Thor and Valkyrie got new jobs😂

  • Ben Mooney
    Ben Mooney 12 days ago

    Mib looks aweful

  • Dan G
    Dan G 12 days ago

    The Will Smith movies just like the 7th Day with Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Danapool The killer
    Danapool The killer 12 days ago


  • frog god
    frog god 13 days ago

    these movies look like shit. every movie will smith is in he acts the damn same. NEXT!

  • A R I N A
    A R I N A 13 days ago

    Is that the fortnite galaxy skin in the thumbnail

  • poop
    poop 13 days ago

    will smith movie. Horrible graphics

  • lysergic squid
    lysergic squid 13 days ago +2

    how many times are they going to remake Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

  • Egle Davidsoniene
    Egle Davidsoniene 13 days ago +1

    Woooooow what a grate trailers. Thank you. Best wishes. God bless you.

    • N T S
      N T S 11 days ago


  • Onionrajie
    Onionrajie 13 days ago

    They've f'ed MiB they same way they f'ed Ghost busters.

  • Udood Kenny
    Udood Kenny 13 days ago +9

    So happy to see valk and thor together again.. i think they really have remarkable chemistry on screen.

  • Michael Le
    Michael Le 13 days ago +2

    Does anyone have a problem with "Men" in black? PC PC PC everywhere

    • Longlive Nutter
      Longlive Nutter 11 days ago

      Michael Le when I saw that I thought oh god here we go again lmao pc pc

  • darkracer125
    darkracer125 13 days ago

    i heard the mib theme and i got REALLY exited.
    and it quickly died down after realising this is not a men in black movie.
    it's a feminist movie using the men in black franchise to push an agenda.

    the story is just bad. not what mib was good for.

    fuck you feminists. do you have to ruin everything.
    can't you have a female lead without making it a feminist movie.

  • darkracer125
    darkracer125 13 days ago +1

    they need to realise these cgi masks are not out of the uncanny vally yet.
    the backlash from superman's mustache should have made that clear.

    the 20 year younger will smith just looks off.

  • brutus brutalis
    brutus brutalis 13 days ago

    BORING remakes and more remakes.

  • Ed Jackson
    Ed Jackson 14 days ago

    The Poison Rose?? Nah, That looks cheesy as hell

  • El Draco
    El Draco 14 days ago +3

    -"Will Will Smith Smith?"
    -"Yes, Will smith will Smith."
    *Yoda nods* : - "hmmmm Smith will, smith will."

  • Lil Texta
    Lil Texta 14 days ago

    Is will Smith in every movie ever now?

  • Franklin Richards
    Franklin Richards 14 days ago

    Will Smith vs Will Smith wtf?

  • Ornn
    Ornn 14 days ago

    of course they had to try and shit talk "men in black" men meaning all humans not men as the gender thats the men in men in black stupid fucking scriptors and their sjw agendas

  • F Kinèh
    F Kinèh 14 days ago +1

    Gemini Man... i pray you win an Award for this one Will. You deserve it !!!!

    • Dániel Rényi
      Dániel Rényi 9 minutes ago

      The core of the story looks like a weak copy of Metal Gear Solid. It can still be enjoyable.

    Dirk BÜTTTNER 14 days ago

    nothing worth

  • happygolucky ornot
    happygolucky ornot 14 days ago

    You made a person... out of another person. Ha what kind of horse shit writing is that.

  • The Dude
    The Dude 14 days ago +9

    "He be gone" in Gemini Man: learn English boy!

  • King Max
    King Max 14 days ago

    Will Smith’s movie is basically terminator

  • tsolias27
    tsolias27 14 days ago

    Nice! We now need a movie with the young Hitler trying to kill old Hitler 😜🤣

  • DarkOwl
    DarkOwl 14 days ago

    Gemini man was the only trailer that was interesting

  • Bctv Plays
    Bctv Plays 15 days ago +2

    5:37 lolwut

  • Gokulnair Pm
    Gokulnair Pm 15 days ago +5

    Genie and wong at 0:59

  • I Farted On Stream
    I Farted On Stream 15 days ago +5

    The only movie I am looking forward to in this trailers at best is MEN IN BLACK.

  • Seyon Senthuran - Sunny View MS (1439)

    The only reason I’m upset is that Will Smith isn’t in MIB 4

    • darkracer125
      darkracer125 13 days ago

      that's because he read the script and probbably does not want to be a part of feminist bullcrap

  • Oluwakemi Abu
    Oluwakemi Abu 15 days ago

    Well done WILL....

  • Jordan Boyle
    Jordan Boyle 15 days ago +12

    Assimilate looks good, the faculty to scare today's kids !

    • CHE !! !
      CHE !! ! 8 days ago

      assimilate... rip off of the invasion of the body snatchers... now they are.... insects?

    • lashram32
      lashram32 9 days ago +2

      Its a complete rip off of invasion of the Body snatchers... I don't even see how they can make it and not get sued.

  • T Brown Records
    T Brown Records 15 days ago

    Nice video

  • Power Amv
    Power Amv 15 days ago

    So mib international is one of the best upcoming movie trailers?lmao

    • Jordan Ramirez
      Jordan Ramirez 14 days ago

      Fuck you your the only one who does not like it

  • Josh B
    Josh B 15 days ago

    The fuck does PC fucktard have to ivade every movie, men in black, you could tell that was a "trigger" line.

  • Raven Speaks
    Raven Speaks 15 days ago

    Re-makes, over and over, and over- getting desperate and also lazy with the brainwashing. The shit ain't working anymore, then again, the same playbook is really mean't for the next generation.

    • darkracer125
      darkracer125 13 days ago

      remakes for the love of the movie is just fine. but this mib crap is just feminism. it sickens me that they want to kill a franchise like that.

  • micheal ainseal
    micheal ainseal 15 days ago

    Fuck Liam neeson

    DJ KLOZ RENJ 15 days ago

    To those who think these are movies for fun but they are showing us the dark secrets they do Like.........

      DJ KLOZ RENJ 15 days ago

      Cloning in this new willsmith movie