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  • Published on Jun 13, 2017
  • Most of us feel that our memory is weak. But how to improve your memory? From day to day life activity to memorized pie value 43000 decimal place then recalled it in 5 hours and 21 minutes, how I memorized it? You can you also do it. If I can called as memory king then why not you? Do these exercise 5 minutes daily and change your life.
    Guinness world record holder Mr. Krishan Chahal is the world’s foremost authority on the memory improvement. Known as memory king Mr. Chahal has also created the world’s toughest memory record by memorising value of pi up to 43,000 decimal places. Around the world millions of people and esteemed organisation like Davidson Academy of Naveda (USA), Indian Air Force, IiT Kanpur, Defence Research & Development Orgaization, Indian Navy, NPCIL and many other organisations have benefitted from his highly effective memory improvement programs. He has authored several books on accelerated leaning. His Latest books are ‘Art of Memorising’ and ‘Art of Studying Well’ He strongly believes that everyone has good memory they just need to learn HOW TO USE IT.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at www.ted.com/tedx

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    We live in the modern world which is highly developed and adding daily by developers so many awesome technologies to be easier anything, so everyone can use technology to solve day to day issues unlike previous days easily@t

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    satish mahure 10 days ago

    Superb speech. I really liked it and I will try to implement it in my life.

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  • sharda sharma
    sharda sharma 24 days ago

    One week exercises : try to recall every moment of your day what you do.

    SUROJIT MONDAL 26 days ago

    From this speech, I think everything is very interesting if we are interested just we are to train our brain in that manner. Thank you so much.

  • venky Venky
    venky Venky 27 days ago

    I saw Sherlock movie ,hero uses mind palace technique.

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    Great tips! Thanks so much!

  • Troy Turton
    Troy Turton Month ago

    I did it by splitting it in 2. Cons cious. Yet there are many other words, I spelled wrong as a kid. And still spell wrong now. lol. Fascist was one, til I again split it in 2.

  • Ashwin Goyal
    Ashwin Goyal Month ago

    It is really an effective technique.

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    Thank you very much sif i am gonna try this u told something different; really good

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    I cannot even remember my phone number 🙄

    • outl0r
      outl0r Month ago +1

      I had this problem too. I typed my number and printed it about 10 times and put them around the house. I know my number now.

  • sampath konda
    sampath konda Month ago

    My procedure is also first read all questions then read the chapter

  • Help Indian Charity Aswathi


  • Help Indian Charity Aswathi

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    Chaithresh kulal Month ago

    How long one should practice this to attain full memory power?

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    This guy is unbelievable, his tips are the most practical i have seen

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    The Ad on this video teached me the same thing ._.

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    Today is bad ,tomorrow will be worst but day after tomorrow will be bright sunshine.

  • Froggy Noddy
    Froggy Noddy Month ago

    Basically, keep a time before you retire to bed, when you try to RECALL the entire day's events. Each day, try to recall more and more. Measure your improvement, and keep trying.

  • Rajkumar Meena
    Rajkumar Meena Month ago

    Wonderful lecture....

  • Mamunur Rashid
    Mamunur Rashid Month ago

    Recalling the whole day is a method used by "Pythagoras".........

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    khyati sharda Month ago

    Inorganic chemistry

  • leatherneck joe
    leatherneck joe Month ago

    I think he needs to learn English better I could only get every 3rd word hmmm....

  • Babli Pal
    Babli Pal Month ago

    Thankyou so much sir you are definitely 100 % right right now i am learning english and i am giving full attension on that so that,s why when i get my mind atomatically remmeber sentences in my mind and make many sentenc befor some time was so week in english .and i was not able to write one word without mistake but today i get perfection in my english

  • Sandroid
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    Starts at 8:48.
    Thank me later! :)

  • saumya Singh
    saumya Singh Month ago

    he remembers the exact value of π which 3.**** 48000 decimal places.
    If he can remember so can you.
    Everyone gets the same 24 hours.
    there are two methods to improve your memory:
    1) Modify the information as per the taste of your brain
    for example : remembering the spellings you need to focus and exaggerate on the word that you forgot. But this can be used only for spellings but for long theories you need to resort to ..... I don't remember what.
    2) modify your brain to concentrate on important facts
    Students forget the exact answer but can remember the location of answer in exam this is probably because our brains have been programmed that way. Though it is more tough to remember locations than theories.
    You think your memory isn't good anymore but that's not the case when you were a student you focused on data and figure and now you focus on stock markets so it's just a matter of preference.
    Try to recall everything at night. If you are a student try to remember the context of things like whom you met first after waking up and what was the context of entire lecture and what were the people talking in office and so on.
    Today won't be too good
    tomorrow you will see some improvement
    day after tomorrow your subconscious mind will pay attention and remind itself "Please pay attention because you will be asked about it"
    That's all I can remember

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    What did he tell us to do, to improve our memory?

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    Unable to memorize the information shared in the video 'how to memories things'...*sad*

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    I'm sure it was a great lecture, if only i could understand his accent.

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      Caption option is there if you really want to watch video rather than commenting about his accent.

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    recalling plays vital play in memorising. once memorised I recall them four times.

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    Uma Sarat 2 months ago

    Memory based knowledge, if considered as the most important human capacity, your iPhone will beat you. The memory based machines can store more and retrieve more in a moment than a human mind and the speed and storage is increasing exponentially! In not so far future this faculty will become less important and other human unattended areas of mind would become prominent, such as pursuit in consciousness and art!

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