Emily Deschanel Was Starstruck by Beyoncé at The Lion King Premiere

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • Emily Deschanel talks about attending the premiere of The Lion King, being separated from her phone during the premiere and getting starstruck by Beyoncé.
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    Emily Deschanel Was Starstruck by Beyoncé at The Lion King Premiere- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 113

  • Blair Thomas
    Blair Thomas 4 days ago +1

    Hearing her not talk like a freaking IQ genius like on bones is lowkey weird but she's honestly my childhood

  • macmartharm12
    macmartharm12 7 days ago

    Omg this is seriously the best interview...first this part about fangirl then her injuring her ankle on AK story 😂 but that HAD to have hurt. Ouch Emily!!!
    She has such gorgeous eyes. She has this beauty about her that is not like many others.
    Btw, I can only picture her telling Zooey shut up I am trying to watch Beyonce as they both are fighting for position to see her 😂 then...We will lie to dad and say we loved the movie!!😅 The Deschanel sisters are total goofballs yet so sweet... now bring on carpool karaoke with them and The Property Bros!!! 😎

  • Movie Fan
    Movie Fan 21 day ago +2

    omg .... her eyes! I am drowning .... sigh *

  • Lise Normann
    Lise Normann 22 days ago

    I feel like I’m the only person on the planet, who isn’t a fan of Beyoncé.. love Emily though!

  • hector trejo
    hector trejo 28 days ago

    I’m not a Beyoncé fan anymore. She is a great entertainer but she married Jay Z 🤢

  • J. Will
    J. Will 29 days ago +6

    Netflix just picked up the series “Beyoncé Watching Things” for $150 million

  • MazBringsby
    MazBringsby Month ago

    All that hype for such a steamy, hot turd of a Disney re-hash/reboot/remake/regurgitation...bloody hell SO BORING

  • Rushery AikKO
    Rushery AikKO Month ago +8

    And that's a black woman they spent the entire interview talking about.🎤🐝

  • Ashley Gray
    Ashley Gray Month ago +2

    I fell asleep during the movie, not bc it wasn't good but bc I was soooo exhausted. When Spirit started I woke up singing ☺️🐝

  • Keo X
    Keo X Month ago +32

    funny how y’all are hating on Bey for being adored. Did he leave you on read again, sis?

  • Lesa Zwane
    Lesa Zwane Month ago +8

    Bones is so extroverted 😂

  • Maria Broussard
    Maria Broussard Month ago +7

    “Would you like to put MY phone in a pouch??” 😂

  • Pam Timmins
    Pam Timmins Month ago +14

    So funny great interview. Emily looks great and beautiful and happy.

  • Creative Life
    Creative Life Month ago +11

    Aww, I miss her on Bones.

  • HeatherHotcakes
    HeatherHotcakes Month ago +19

    Beyoncé is amazing!

  • L.Corp.
    L.Corp. Month ago +2

    Damn she's sexy.

  • Henry R.
    Henry R. Month ago +6

    And I would have been there like "Bones!"

  • yew 2oob
    yew 2oob Month ago

    What's so great about Beyonce? She couldn't even keep her husband from cheating.

    • yew 2oob
      yew 2oob 28 days ago

      @ecstacy osunde Perhaps your parents could have done a better job raising you so you wouldn't have to look to a Beyonce as a role model.

    • ecstacy osunde
      ecstacy osunde 28 days ago

      Your father could have wore a condom instead of bringing u into this world and spared the world of your stench

    • Baby Marley
      Baby Marley Month ago

      @yew 2oob he cheated maybe or maybe not. Cuz if u remember those rumours came out just round the time one of them was about to put an album out. When it comes to strategy they are the best. But listen, every fucking man cheat, or had cheated before on someone so is not new, been going on for centuries. Cheating!

    • yew 2oob
      yew 2oob Month ago

      @prodigious enigma No...I'm saying to all those that hold her up as a role model...she's not in a happy relationship and is STAYING with a man that cheated.

    • ashley
      ashley Month ago

      Oh so it's Beyonce's fault that her guy cheated on her? You guys twist into pretzels to blame women for everything.

  • Marissa HV
    Marissa HV Month ago +25

    I would react the same way if I ever met Emily Deschanel

  • J Sharp
    J Sharp Month ago +19

    Who isn't a Beyonce fan? Me. Never got the hype. Great singer. Pretty. But she's not as mind-blowingly incredible as everyone acts. I'd be ten times happier to meet Emily Deschanel than Beyonce.

  • YouTube Zone
    YouTube Zone Month ago +2

    i want to help other youtubers

  • BrennanandBoothlove
    BrennanandBoothlove Month ago +8

    Emily Deschanel is the best. I would meet her any day of the week over Beyonce. Who cares about Beyonce anymore?

    • Doretha Fuller-Evans
      Doretha Fuller-Evans Month ago

      @BrennanandBoothlove you need to be done!!!!!

    • Kunal B
      Kunal B Month ago +3

      @BrennanandBoothlove Never disagreed with that statement. I just said your comment was unnecessary. Clearly Emily cares about beyonce a lot, so for you to say, who cares for beyonce anymore was just unnecessary. Anyways, you have a good life.

    • BrennanandBoothlove
      BrennanandBoothlove Month ago

      @Kunal B Different people like different people. I'm a fan of Emily. Sure not Beyonce

    • Kunal B
      Kunal B Month ago +1

      @BrennanandBoothlove Well clearly this interview says otherwise, unless she is a fake and lies about her likings which I dont think is true. Let people like beyonce. Your comment was unnecessary.

    • BrennanandBoothlove
      BrennanandBoothlove Month ago

      @Kunal B I've watch her for years. She's an amazing actress. She says that, but to me, it seems like she cares for Beyonce about as much as I do. I'm only here for Emily. (Bones)

  • rhonda graybiel
    rhonda graybiel Month ago +5

    Love that dress!!’

  • Benmore Peak
    Benmore Peak Month ago +4

    Never understood the whole starstruck mentality. So-called "celebrities" are about as impressive as anyone else you'd ever meet on any given street. You can sing? Great. Now get back in line.

  • Butterfly Bunny Unicorn

    Bones❤️ Emily is so gorgeous, her sister Zooey on the other hand ruined her face with botox.

  • Devan Wetenkamp
    Devan Wetenkamp Month ago +40

    I am just so used to her being Bones lol.

  • Gaby Nallip
    Gaby Nallip Month ago +25

    I miss Bones so much!

  • Anocas Garcia
    Anocas Garcia Month ago +15

    Emily is the best !! ❤️
    She is GORGEOUS and so lovely ❤️😊

  • branclooster
    branclooster Month ago +77

    Beyonce is the celebrities celebrity.

  • Jester Troll
    Jester Troll Month ago +4

    I don't understand people who idolize entertainers.
    *The Apocalypse just kicked off by nuclear bombs- Quick, Beyonce- sing Bootylicious so the radiation won't get us. Oh, will that not work?
    What's that? You are using you money to save yourself and your family?
    What percentage of the Beyhive do you think she would save in that situation?

    • kingbey fan
      kingbey fan Month ago

      Well, we know you wont be one of them for sure NOW... 🤣🤣😜

  • The Letter Bleeds
    The Letter Bleeds Month ago +14

    She looks as if you mix her sister and Keri Russell together

  • Small Britney
    Small Britney Month ago +4

    I love this

  • Kev E on
    Kev E on Month ago +16

    I Love her laugh and candor

  • Maggie Pimm
    Maggie Pimm Month ago +5

    it's bones

  • Myr go
    Myr go Month ago +10

    Seth is hilarious!

  • Tommiedam
    Tommiedam Month ago +54

    She is me if I was seeing a movie while Beyoncé is in the room 😂

  • alissadeanne
    alissadeanne Month ago +83

    I love Bones! She looks lovely as ever

  • Brandon Viardo
    Brandon Viardo Month ago +3


  • Elle Ren
    Elle Ren Month ago +44

    I still don't get why Beyoncé is regarded as some kind of goddess...

    • Elle Ren
      Elle Ren 22 days ago

      @Xh Boots dude, you need therapy

    • Xh Boots
      Xh Boots Month ago

      @Marc Arndt Beyonce IS ART. She does everything.. Jazz, Soul, Rnb and the rest. Adele is boring trying so hard to sound like a soulful Black singer... But she is white so even though she sounds awfully average VOCALLY, she is celebrated. Also, Gaga sounded so boring in that ridiculous remake of A Star Is Born.
      1. People love to listen to Black music a lot as long as it is a white person or someone racially ambiguous singing it.

      2. Black excellence is usually looked down upon which is why people like Beyonce work extremely hard to make sure she is a reminder that BLACK PEOPLE CANNOT BE DENIED GREATNESS.

    • Marc Arndt
      Marc Arndt Month ago

      @Xh Boots here's the thing. You're talking pop princess lowest-common-denominator radio fodder, designed solely to sell as many whatevers possible. It's not interesting, it's not real, it's not art. It's bubblegum dance product. Shhhh.

  • Andrew Gutmann
    Andrew Gutmann Month ago +26

    Can we retire the performative Beyoncé-worship meme already?

    • Kim Scott
      Kim Scott Month ago +4

      Cherrie Faerie i’m a mixed race 22-year-old girl and I really don’t want to see the hype of Beyoncé she’s a good singer but she’s not over-the-top amazing

    • Steve Beckerman
      Steve Beckerman Month ago

      Cherrie Faerie Right back at you black female

    • Cherrie Faerie
      Cherrie Faerie Month ago +7

      The fact that you as a white male(I'm going by your name) is so insecure by the mere mention of Beyonce sure does tell alot.

    • Xh Boots
      Xh Boots Month ago +6

      Andrew Gutmann STAY MAD.

  • Dr. Kaustav Nayak
    Dr. Kaustav Nayak Month ago

    Can Hollywood get any further up Beyonce's ass? I'm sure Beyonce is a nice person and nothing against her but this constant sycophancy and hero worship is so cringe worthy. She is a decent singer, not someone who cured cancer.

  • The Mavericks
    The Mavericks Month ago +4

    Zooey has a sister?

    • Spl Heart
      Spl Heart Month ago +2

      The Mavericks ummm we knew Emily before Zooey lol chill

    • bratmoj mojbrat
      bratmoj mojbrat Month ago

      @J Lincoln Am i alive?

    • J Lincoln
      J Lincoln Month ago +7

      The Mavericks Emily has a sister????

  • Prince Amande
    Prince Amande Month ago

    Want to see my messages... look my messenger. All the comment is there 😁😁😁...

  • Daniel Al
    Daniel Al Month ago


  • Prince Amande
    Prince Amande Month ago

    Yes I'm lies too others. But in my WORLD. 😀😀😀 never.

  • New Message
    New Message Month ago +108

    Beyoncé's reflection in the mirror is starstruck by Beyoncé.