Trendy Vs. Traditional: Pancakes

  • Published on Apr 24, 2019
  • Whose side are you on?
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    Hand-painted watercolor background wash. Abstract Pink watercolour texture. Pearlescent, rose gradient.
    Anastasiya Shumilina/Getty Images
    Stack of pink ombre pancakes with marshmallow and strawberries. Breakfast background, copy space.
    vaaseenaa/Getty Images
    Footage provided by VideoBlocks

Comments • 2 007

  • Alex_ 13
    Alex_ 13 4 hours ago

    0:14 hey... I have a big forehead.... my name is Chris
    Brendon Urie who!?😂😂

  • Alex Conquergood
    Alex Conquergood 5 days ago

    Mac and cheese

  • Phoung Luong
    Phoung Luong 6 days ago

    HA I HAVE A BIGGER FORHEAD HA Ha ha ha wha wahdjbci :( crying inside 😭

  • Miley The Asian
    Miley The Asian 9 days ago

    I'm all for trendy pancakes as long as it tastes the same
    And strawberries on top with bluberries ·v·

  • Aswathy K Prakash
    Aswathy K Prakash 10 days ago

    Hey Can anyone answer....Like what kind of flour they use????...

  • Aaliyah Heyligher
    Aaliyah Heyligher 10 days ago

    I'm sorry but you took a sample and put the fork back in. Someone else had to eat that. 3:44

  • Kittystar 707
    Kittystar 707 10 days ago

    chris has cream all over his face

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 10 days ago

    Her pancake looks like meat

  • Anonymous Commenter
    Anonymous Commenter 12 days ago

    And they still haven’t made another one

  • Raysandi Januar
    Raysandi Januar 12 days ago

    Thicc with 9 c's is not called thicc anymore. Its called

    *_C H O N K E R_*

  • scmalex
    scmalex 13 days ago

    Traditional all the way. Sorry... not gonna waste that much time for breakfast!

  • Julia Maliha
    Julia Maliha 17 days ago

    Aww she so cute♥️ and he so funny😂

  • Oreoro
    Oreoro 17 days ago

    People: oo the pancake is thicc
    Chris: *cough* you mean thiccccccccc

  • Lee Jiyoung
    Lee Jiyoung 18 days ago

    Chris makes a good cartoon character. Inga makes a good voice act for Disney

  • brooke genesi
    brooke genesi 20 days ago

    The freak out timer really made my anxiety go *ifmkrnfiJdndisnKdjfjcwJ*

  • Mondo247
    Mondo247 21 day ago

    Anyone notice after tasting the rasberry liquid (3:40)... She proceeds to put the fork back into the mixture....

  • eVa NaH
    eVa NaH 21 day ago

    I like both

  • Nikørdinay
    Nikørdinay 23 days ago +2

    Chris: I have a big forehead
    Me: Have you seen Jojo 😂

  • LM
    LM 23 days ago

    I'd hit that asian woman, she can even make us an awesome meal after sex.

  • Ummair Radi
    Ummair Radi 26 days ago +1

    Her voice is so sharp it hurts my ears!!

  • Asha عاشة
    Asha عاشة 29 days ago +1

    I think y’all should try switching once 🙃

  • Donovan Gordon
    Donovan Gordon Month ago

    Anyone notice how the girl put the fork back in the raspberry purée after she licked it at 3:40!?!?

  • Saresha TV
    Saresha TV Month ago

    Nothing beats a traditional pancake though

  • xo Viibes
    xo Viibes Month ago

    Inga can catch my seed bru

  • Jinsui Jae
    Jinsui Jae Month ago

    traditional looks more appetizing to me tbh

  • Julia Gacis
    Julia Gacis Month ago

    5:05 and 5:11 softened my heart and melted it completely Inga u adorbs

  • Tony wang
    Tony wang Month ago

    OMG! she is cute!!!!!

  • PolecatTM i
    PolecatTM i Month ago +1

    You want the pancake thicc kind of like your forehead right set for you can fit 10 C's on your forehead

  • -_Coldworks_ -
    -_Coldworks_ - Month ago

    How do you know how a narcotic looks like?

  • NiceToMeetMew
    NiceToMeetMew Month ago

    I would definitely go for the traditional. If I wanted fruit for breakfast I would eat fruit.

  • olufunke sowemimo-adedeji

    Literally the first things Chris says is what my younger brother instantly said when he saw him

  • IceB 25
    IceB 25 Month ago +1

    I love Chris's comedy

  • karen i miss the kids

    I have sinned.

  • Assassin9877
    Assassin9877 Month ago +1

    IS it just me who thinks its ham and cheese 6:07

  • Victoria Yun Hui Lee

    Although I loved the pancake Inga did, I wish she did the Japanese jiggly pancake. 🥞 🤤

  • Tae tae On mars!
    Tae tae On mars! Month ago

    When she double dipped tho🥴

  • Karma Fortnite
    Karma Fortnite Month ago

    Chris wins by pity

  • Lirian Orga
    Lirian Orga Month ago

    Inga is so cute when she frown ^_^

  • Brianna Reaves
    Brianna Reaves Month ago

    i think that both of them looks very good but can i have the recipe for both of the pancakes

  • Rouge Echo
    Rouge Echo Month ago

    0:15 more like a 8 head no offense

  • Ginger V
    Ginger V Month ago

    I would always prefer the traditional pancakes 🥞

  • Bardi Gang
    Bardi Gang Month ago

    Traditional 🤤

  • Mars Ultor
    Mars Ultor Month ago +4

    *thumbsup immediately*

  • Leonie
    Leonie Month ago +2

    When he said "I have a big forehead" I immediately thought of Brendon Urie (Panic!At the disco)

  • Mrs J
    Mrs J 2 months ago

    Lol do I have something on my face 😊

  • Ferna Kinata
    Ferna Kinata 2 months ago

    I thought Inga is going to make fluffy pancake when they said Trendy...

  • Kayla Kohler
    Kayla Kohler 2 months ago

    all that i could think about was how she licked the fork and then put it back in the raspberry purée

  • leilani lee
    leilani lee 2 months ago +1

    Chris/Big forehead

  • urmummygay
    urmummygay 2 months ago +1

    i see a lot of people liking the traditional but i like the trendy because i like raspberry

  • Vianney Delgado
    Vianney Delgado 2 months ago

    Did Inga really just try the raspberry sauce with the fork put it in her mouth lick it and put it back in the bowl😟😵

  • Lone Margrethe
    Lone Margrethe 2 months ago

    Inga licked the fork and put it back in the bowl.........

  • Shadow_ Bunny
    Shadow_ Bunny 2 months ago

    Dumplingsss :))))

  • Vee young
    Vee young 2 months ago

    When he said big forehead I was hit instantly 🤣

  • MajesticRainbow Butter
    MajesticRainbow Butter 2 months ago

    They should do a pumpkin pie one.

  • Q Picasso
    Q Picasso 2 months ago

    Please do hotdogs

  • Joanna G
    Joanna G 2 months ago

    Inga’s all demure and quiet while he’s just LOUD AND BOLD hahahahaha

  • crystalles berrios
    crystalles berrios 2 months ago

    I put cinnamon in my pancackes

  • Noelia Gutierrez
    Noelia Gutierrez 2 months ago

    I saw this on Snapchat and had to come here to say that I ship it

  • You're Welcome
    You're Welcome 2 months ago

    Oh my goshh haha shes over there just dyiinggg about that whipped cream on his lips lmao