• Published on Aug 5, 2018
  • I spent a month in Seoul and saw a city racing to the future. Here's the film I made with the help of the great people I met along the way. Director's Commentary:
    Learn filmmaking from me!
    insta: brandon_l_li
    Original Music by Steven Richard Davis
    Additional Music by Artlist
    Drone Footage Provided By:
    Kris Gonciarz -
    Pavel Shin profile.php?id=100002236999448
    Special Thanks:
    Mr. Shin Jin Gyu, Director
    김경식 [ 금손남친 ] ( kyung6film)
    김보라 ( wanna._b)
    A-Root Academy, President Mr Ahn
    Danny Arens ( dannyarens)
    京欽 KyeongHeum 경흠 (
    Ks Du
    La Boehae 라보혜 ( laboehae)
    Seong Kim ( seong_in_seoul)
    X6-Gaming, Element Mystic, Team Seven (Head Coach Mu Ho Lee, Coach Mr. Koo)
    Yongrak Choi ( insyongrak_choi)
    Seungjae Han ( dontcallmeadog)
    Minji Song( min_z_zz)
    Serin Youm( youmss_s)
    Odi ( odiearth)
    Club Burning Sun 버닝썬
    Kobe Lee

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    ANIMUS 2 days ago

    Why are some faces blurred, wouldn't it better to cut them altogether? Or was it something done after the video had been published?

    • Ajikew
      Ajikew 21 hour ago

      something done after published. Thats part of seoul culture too!

  • 호브로 Ho Bro TV
    호브로 Ho Bro TV 2 days ago

    너무 좋다 ㅠㅠ

  • F. Kich.
    F. Kich. 4 days ago +1

    this video has elevated my quality expectation of travel videos lol

  • 각키스마일
    각키스마일 4 days ago

    6:27 영상찍으시는 경식님이랑 보라님 아닌가요??

  • IJ Fernandez
    IJ Fernandez 5 days ago

    Mindblown! The concept is Very Strong. Awesome cinematography and editing also, together with the music its like watching a movie! You inspire me sir Brandon! Don't have to think twice clicking the Like and Subscribe button, Imma share this too.

  • Danyar Studios
    Danyar Studios 6 days ago

    best thing I've seen in the last 5 years!

  • andyihza
    andyihza 6 days ago


  • l MULCHI l
    l MULCHI l 6 days ago +1

    I'm Korean, but I'll say a word. Korea is a beautiful place except for government.

  • ozen
    ozen 6 days ago

    bruh that club from burning sun

  • ll
    ll 6 days ago


  • Sacha
    Sacha 7 days ago

    What's the font called at 0:00 ?

  • Sparrow Kim
    Sparrow Kim 8 days ago +2

    영상 찍기전에 동의 했을텐데
    영상에 본인 이상하게 나왓다고
    모자이크 처리해달란거 진짜 꼴보기싫네...
    개 잘만든 영상에 모자이크 똥 끼얹는거
    왜케 보기싫누...

    • Sangeun Seo
      Sangeun Seo 5 days ago

      예전에 봣을때 분명히 모자이크 없었는데 갑자기 생긴거보니 님말이 맞는듯하네여

  • B. Mahjong
    B. Mahjong 8 days ago

    Drone flying is illegaln in Seoul bitch

  • 김샤샤
    김샤샤 8 days ago

    서울살이 뚝딱

  • magiccoupons
    magiccoupons 8 days ago

    That was some sick ass editing! Do these for other places!

  • iNa Eng
    iNa Eng 8 days ago

    as a korean who lived in seoul 20 years, i can say this is most realistic seoul video. props

  • yun noah
    yun noah 9 days ago

    Wth is this editing skills wow

  • Marjorie Ann Zamora
    Marjorie Ann Zamora 9 days ago

    뭐라고 말해야하지? 막.... 말로 표현 할수없음.

  • dot bot
    dot bot 9 days ago

    damn you really showed every aspect of seoul

  • 아 아
    아 아 9 days ago +1

    유진노 기모띠 할때 ㅈㄴ 소름..

  • yannik
    yannik 10 days ago

    holly f*ck nice work

  • Amp
    Amp 10 days ago

    Awesome idea for a video

  • gwajadanji
    gwajadanji 10 days ago

    더럽게 시리 방바닥에 이불 깔고 누워서 라면 쳐먹고 있는 영상은 뭐하러 넣냐. 침대 살 돈도 없이 가난하다는거 강조하냐? 아예 한국인들이 똥 싸면서 스마트폰 하는 장면도 넣지 그랬냐. 음식은 식탁에서 먹어야지. 못 배운 사람 마냥 저러는 사람들이 있나?

    • 조영규
      조영규 5 days ago

      피해의식 대단하시네
      그렇게 남들이 보는 한국 이미지에 목멜시간에 본인 생활에나 더 충실하시지

  • 학익동 샌님
    학익동 샌님 10 days ago

    한국을 아주 자세하고 신랄하게 봤네

  • 이윤호
    이윤호 10 days ago

    정말 대한민국이란 나라는 보면 볼 수록 더 이해하기 어려워 진다.

  • sy p
    sy p 10 days ago

    I get goose bumps after watching this video as korean. This video is really well made and very insightful. Thats is real of korea especially in Seoul. When I watch the counts of numbers, I was feel like just seeing me. Still I'm preparing some tests for my future job with time competition.

  • 굿베리
    굿베리 11 days ago +1


  • LOLXD61
    LOLXD61 11 days ago


  • Alexander Okak
    Alexander Okak 11 days ago +2

    They like gaming, technology, dancing, working hard... perfect apart from the whole "capitalism until suicide" thing

  • Kevin
    Kevin 12 days ago +1

    This is THE perfect tourist attraction advertisement I've ever seen (even if its not one lol)

  • Andrew Green
    Andrew Green 12 days ago


    JAEHOON JUNG 13 days ago

    모든게 현실이다

  • S KH
    S KH 13 days ago

    좀 불편하긴 한데
    그렇다고 불쾌하진 않다

  • Space Kek
    Space Kek 14 days ago

    damn those film and editing skills

  • qulzey
    qulzey 14 days ago


  • E vul
    E vul 14 days ago

    The Fastest, The Hardest

  • Zack Siddiqi
    Zack Siddiqi 15 days ago +1

    tokyo_wave next plzzz

  • Johnathan Fowlds
    Johnathan Fowlds 15 days ago

    Nice bro

  • Invidious Ignoramus
    Invidious Ignoramus 15 days ago

    VERY cool video. Shame on the retracted faces though. :(

  • 달림_감성힐링수업_Emotional Healing

    영상미보다 더 뛰어난 건 기획력과 섭외력!!

  • Christian Norris
    Christian Norris 16 days ago

    About to move to Korea, this was simply amazing! I see influences from enter the void movie.

  • I was too focused on the cheese

    great video

  • Fan music 17
    Fan music 17 16 days ago

    снял и смонтировал гений

  • asian
    asian 16 days ago

    xd 2:18 5:01

  • 박재우
    박재우 16 days ago


  • thisiskevinvu
    thisiskevinvu 16 days ago

    BarrierWatch PepeLaugh

  • Kaito
    Kaito 17 days ago

    geez korea chill out

  • 21
    21 17 days ago

    소름이 돋을정도로 서울을 잘 묘사했다.

  • Shan 澤閃
    Shan 澤閃 17 days ago


  • LordVader1094
    LordVader1094 17 days ago

    Real world Night City, basically.

  • Honest Abe
    Honest Abe 17 days ago

    this was so freaking amazing

  • I Wallride To School
    I Wallride To School 17 days ago

    Randomly popped up in my feed and i loved it. Also really cool to see overwatch contenders.

  • Dah V1per
    Dah V1per 18 days ago

    I thought it was overwatch. ._.

  • Richárd Orbán
    Richárd Orbán 18 days ago +4

    Wow, I've never seen cinematography this amazing on RU-clip before. If you haven't already, you should win awards!

  • ImStian
    ImStian 18 days ago


  • JJJ Y
    JJJ Y 18 days ago

    I'm korean live in seoul this video is real seoul exactly! not much, not less real seoul in this vid so amazing

  • Rick Harvey
    Rick Harvey 19 days ago

    Brandon is the master, I don’t even know if people are picking up on the story, plots and sub-plots to go with the amazing filming, editing and soundtrack- wow!

  • Glez Sun
    Glez Sun 19 days ago

    i have watched this multiple times and is saved in my playlist. why? because its so captivating. Just waow from 0 minutes to the end.....

  • 돌체
    돌체 20 days ago

    브랜든 리 진짜 미쳤다 한국에서 최소 20년은 살아야 알법한 문화를 7분안에 다 넣었다.
    깔끔하다. 세련됐다.

  • 재인
    재인 21 day ago

    경쟁사회다. 혹독한 경쟁사회에서 살아남기 위해 투쟁하는 우리의 모습이다.
    개성을 드러내면 도태되기 쉽고,
    스트레스를 풀기 위해서 게임, 연예인 공연, 클럽같은 여가활동을 하지만 결국은 다시 경쟁하고마는 그야말로 지옥이다.