Dean Martin & Caterina Valente - One Note Samba

  • Published on Aug 29, 2014

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  • Silas Marner
    Silas Marner 3 hours ago

    She's a sharp player as well.

  • Silas Marner
    Silas Marner 3 hours ago

    I think they got it on.

  • Osvaldo Barco
    Osvaldo Barco 6 hours ago

    *Si quiero ver payasos voy al circo*

  • عماد
    عماد 9 hours ago +1

    للمرة العشرين ، رهييييبين😂

  • Татьяна Маевская

    Катарина Валенте - лапочка, помню тебя, твои песни. Все-таки фирма «мелодия» выпускала достойные пластинки в то далекое-далекое время... может кто-то помнит ее ещё?

  • Jean-Guy C.
    Jean-Guy C. 2 days ago

    Absolument savoureux... Et quelle chanteuse exceptionnelle !

  • sköta vårt
    sköta vårt 2 days ago

    Wonder if Dean Martin was good at music theory or if he was a natural like Elvis

  • Wren Is Me
    Wren Is Me 3 days ago

    So enjoyed watching this!!!

  • MALIk_ dos
    MALIk_ dos 4 days ago


  • WysteriaGuitar
    WysteriaGuitar 4 days ago

    This woman has more talent in her little finger than 426 Taylor Swift's...

  • Dmytro Smith
    Dmytro Smith 5 days ago

    🔥 огонь просто!!:)

  • Tony Lamarra
    Tony Lamarra 5 days ago


  • Eleştiren Adam Yılmaz

    Fuck george clooney or ryan gosling!
    This guys have real class, real showman and real gentelman!

  • Bessie Knapper
    Bessie Knapper 6 days ago

    Love to hear Dean and katina sing the Somba they were both were having fun. Wow was the big finish.

  • Cristiano Raggi
    Cristiano Raggi 8 days ago

    ...era facile, diceva Caterina... ❤

  • PreGame
    PreGame 8 days ago

    I want tv like this real people

  • NEG Toxic3Dcats
    NEG Toxic3Dcats 8 days ago

    What language is this because when I looked up the Portugal lyrics it was a little different

    • Marlene M
      Marlene M 7 days ago

      Brazilian portuguese. Sung by an Italian, and I think she changed some.

  • RONALD511
    RONALD511 8 days ago


  • Francesca Marchi
    Francesca Marchi 10 days ago

    Questo video... Mi mette sempre di buon umore!!!!!!

  • Robert Jirsik
    Robert Jirsik 10 days ago


  • KMR
    KMR 10 days ago +1

    The ironies of life>
    This piece of magic is from Free To Air TV
    Now compare with the $hit we all pay for on cable!

  • Jessé Steinert Barbiaro
    Jessé Steinert Barbiaro 10 days ago +2

    2:04 "como eu goshtchu de você" very cool!

  • Jake Welsh
    Jake Welsh 12 days ago

    That's great lol

  • Salam Wati
    Salam Wati 13 days ago +1

    What an entertaining segment..both having a blast feeding of each other..looks as if Dean really tempts by Caterina to plant his lips on hers..🤗🤗🤗

  • clarkewi
    clarkewi 13 days ago


    LOBO SOLITÁRIO 14 days ago

    Brasil na veia. É nóis

  • Murilo Forever
    Murilo Forever 16 days ago +1

    Um dos melhores cantores americanos.

  • Jens10001
    Jens10001 19 days ago

    Great Entertainment

  • ronald ramirez
    ronald ramirez 19 days ago

    Que barbara esta mujer!!! Cuanto talento....

  • kamaroway günther
    kamaroway günther 19 days ago

    Dean Martin

  • Mario abelendo alvarez

    Wooou🎶🧡✔❤txs. Precioso💚

  • Marlene M
    Marlene M 21 day ago +1

    I must have watched this about 20 times in the past few months, and it never ceases to amaze me. So beautiful and funny.

  • Nando XD
    Nando XD 21 day ago

    kkkkkk mt bom baaaa

  • Florence Linant
    Florence Linant 24 days ago

    Quel moment merveilleux ! Quel charme tous les 2 ! Dean Martin dans toute sa splendeur 💙

  • Kai Mauracher
    Kai Mauracher 24 days ago

    What a great Talent that Germany had wasted...

  • WysteriaGuitar
    WysteriaGuitar 24 days ago +2

    Her guitar playing and singing is very impressive. Not easy to sing and play complex chord voicings like.

  • Fräu Anne
    Fräu Anne 25 days ago


  • Jordi El Niño Polla
    Jordi El Niño Polla 25 days ago

    she reminds me of the lady artist teacher in that one Mr Bean episode

  • Abimo Pectore
    Abimo Pectore 25 days ago


  • Santa Sacanagem
    Santa Sacanagem 27 days ago

    .prestigiando seu trabalho, gostei muito . Vou ficar por aqui.. aguardo sua presença .... sucesso

  • dojufitz
    dojufitz 27 days ago +57

    The charm that is missing on TV in 2019.

  • b3j8
    b3j8 27 days ago

    Not sure what yr in the 1970's this was from, so just let me off at the corner of 1970 Blvd. You all can have this crazy era, and I'll throw in Trump for free!

  • Jan Bartolome
    Jan Bartolome 27 days ago

    Love it!

  • MP Francisco
    MP Francisco 28 days ago


  • John Jurkewicz
    John Jurkewicz 29 days ago

    👍👍👍👍 I love it so great 👍👍👍👍

  • عماد
    عماد 29 days ago

    ههههههههههه رهيبين... الله يرحم هالاصوات

  • rita benneter
    rita benneter Month ago

    Valente eine der Besten die wir je hatten
    Da kommt keine Helene Fischer nur annähernd ran
    Und Daen Martin als Mensch sehr charismatisch und Charakter stark wie auch seine Filme. Danke für das Video. ❤

  • Nino Ehlert
    Nino Ehlert Month ago

    voll geil!!!!!!!!! from Germany

    JOELDER SILVA Month ago


    FREDERIC ESPIE Month ago

    Superbe merci 👍

  • Luiz Borges Jr.
    Luiz Borges Jr. Month ago

    Gente, que coisa linda!

    CAROL Month ago

    samba de uma nota só adoroooo

  • chru cas
    chru cas Month ago +1

    Oh WOW simply fantastic! Their joy brings tears to my eyes every time I watch this. Pure talent, charm and positive aura. He was such a cool funny guy and she is a super talent speaking 7 languages and and and. By the way: She is still alive now (in 2019).
    Thanks a lot for uploading and sharing this great example of talent, positive aura and fun.
    Best regards luck and health.

  • Yahya El Sherif
    Yahya El Sherif Month ago

    Does anyone know the name of the song?

  • Osório Thomaz
    Osório Thomaz Month ago +1

    Caterina was known as a polyglot and recorded song in many languages. Part of his repertoire involved Brazilian music from the bossa nova period, one of the richest phases of Brazilian music. It was a type of music that mixed Brazilian samba with jazz. Usually complex and full of innovations and transgressions of rhythm and harmony, as well as beautiful. Caterina tells this song in Portuguese, and I as a Brazilian say. Her accent is very good, not to mention her voice and her ability to improvise within this very complicated mode of music. Big talent.
    Ah! I really like Dean Martin too, but here he didn't really sing.

  • Yvette Prevost
    Yvette Prevost Month ago


  • ⵉⴼⵔⵉⵇⵉ ⵏ ⵜⵉⴷⴻⵜ

    belle enfant aux yeux de braise et au talent aussi grand que le Mont du Pain de Sucre

  • 北原節子
    北原節子 Month ago


  • J. C.
    J. C. Month ago

    Esta increible artista habla aleman, italiano, ingles, frances, español... y todos correctamente.
    This amazing artist speaks German, Italian, English, French, Spanish ... and all correctly.

    • ImTakion
      ImTakion Month ago

      Y portugués, que es el idioma de este tema! La gente ahora no disfruta de artistas talentosos

  • Fabio Mendes
    Fabio Mendes Month ago +6

    Quando a cultura brasileira realmente tinha valor...