Dean Martin & Caterina Valente - One Note Samba

  • Published on Aug 29, 2014

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  • Matthew Dobbs
    Matthew Dobbs Day ago

    I love Dean Martin.......golden voice and personality to match!

  • Sassy Salis
    Sassy Salis Day ago

    personaggi favolosi per sempre nella storia della musica e non solo.

  • Ario Prabowo
    Ario Prabowo Day ago

    its just beautiful

  • Kirina Landika
    Kirina Landika 3 days ago

    Dean Martin was always a happy performer; love him!!❤️

  • Bob Tangle
    Bob Tangle 4 days ago

    Dean's bowled over and right so, what a cool lady.

  • Dariel Mac Duev
    Dariel Mac Duev 5 days ago

    gues It´s like the beautiful charme of Herp Albert! In this time!

  • 1911HeadBanger
    1911HeadBanger 6 days ago

    People today will never know real talent and entertainment and the golden days of television.

  • Albertofilippo Mibelli

    i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GuitSiva
    GuitSiva 12 days ago

    Awesome Caterina.. and Dean Martin..👌👍😊Quite entertaining indeed..👍😊

  • Армо Армо
    Армо Армо 14 days ago


  • PolitischTourette
    PolitischTourette 14 days ago

    So effortless. Only Southern Europeans can do the Bossa so seemingly easy !!!

  • Ece Karnas
    Ece Karnas 14 days ago

    it's wonderful performance .

  • Renée Matte
    Renée Matte 15 days ago

    Merci " dino4ever" 💖♪ ♫ 🎸🎷 🎻🎹🎺🌺🎩🎩🎩

  • Charlton Griffin
    Charlton Griffin 16 days ago


  • Karl Hungus
    Karl Hungus 16 days ago

    This beautiful lady is still with us. She turned 88 in January. Also, I just learned the following from Wikipedia: "Caterina Valente is an Italian multilingual singer, guitarist, dancer, and actress. Valente is a polyglot; she speaks six languages, and sings in eleven."

  • Thiago Silva Oliveira
    Thiago Silva Oliveira 18 days ago


  • Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
    Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 18 days ago


  • Bob Schoepen jr
    Bob Schoepen jr 19 days ago

    Classy lady!

  • deepblue64
    deepblue64 19 days ago

    The time we did not need netflix...

  • Ciará Castex
    Ciará Castex 20 days ago

    That was so funny. Greetings from France

  • Quantum Unity
    Quantum Unity 20 days ago

    just keep pressing 4 or click 1:19 when it's over.

  • hayesman76
    hayesman76 21 day ago

    Let me preface this by saying I'm a Dean Martin fan.
    However, as was often the case on Dean's tv series, what a shame that he clowned around during the performance of this lovely song. Adding a laugh track was an atrocity. He also did the same thing when singing the Roy Clark "message" song "Can You Believe This Town?" and it was quite inappropriate.

  • debrabelz
    debrabelz 21 day ago

    social skills.

  • awsalomao
    awsalomao 22 days ago

    I really sorry, but Portuguese is not for everyone

  • Paul Herbst
    Paul Herbst 22 days ago


  • dojufitz
    dojufitz 23 days ago

    Wow....she had a lot of Charisma...!!!

  • Giovanni Paolo
    Giovanni Paolo 24 days ago

    Qué cosa bonita! No puedo parar de mirarla...

  • krnewman
    krnewman 24 days ago

    Love Caterina Valente, what a talented woman.

  • robson diogo
    robson diogo 25 days ago

    Isso é cultura, linda.

  • Sebastiano Levi Morenos


  • Tommaso Lobaccaro
    Tommaso Lobaccaro 27 days ago

    solo a chi scorre sangue italiano può fare una cosa del genere..... inimitabili!!!!

  • cristiano
    cristiano 29 days ago


  • vbeniaminov
    vbeniaminov 29 days ago

    Stunning voice and beauty!!

  • gazi gazi
    gazi gazi 29 days ago

    From ALBANIA 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

  • Ben Jonson
    Ben Jonson Month ago


  • emigrate
    emigrate Month ago

    You know if this was mad today it would be made with a woman in her 40s and the man or should I say a boy in his ealry 20s. The day for the older male has gone!

  • 2ndEndingVintage
    2ndEndingVintage Month ago

    Oooh..Caterina is a DISH !!!!! Yummmmmm.....

  • ALE V.
    ALE V. Month ago

    When you try it many times but it seems you are doing for the first time.

  • weka301
    weka301 Month ago

    So Funny 😂

  • DoctorSyn11
    DoctorSyn11 Month ago

    She merits the title of the world's best female entertainer - the female counterpart of Sammy Davis Jnr

  • Paolo Marani
    Paolo Marani Month ago

    Che dire, un duetto straordinario!

  • Hannah Ringel
    Hannah Ringel Month ago

    What year is that?

  • Death Dealer
    Death Dealer Month ago

    This video is fantastic to travil with in time 🎩🌹

  • Ronan Playz Guitar
    Ronan Playz Guitar Month ago

    I think a meme was born here haaha

  • Mallow JPG
    Mallow JPG Month ago

    @coryxkenshin 💕💕😭💫💫

  • catimify
    catimify Month ago

    she is a pro! he, not so much

  • Jude X
    Jude X Month ago

    What did he say in the end . ? When she Loughed !

  • Inong Rabit
    Inong Rabit Month ago

    love it

  • Nenad Stojanovic
    Nenad Stojanovic Month ago

    Great woman, Catherine Valente

  • Jacek Lewandowski
    Jacek Lewandowski Month ago


  • Kelly Vaz
    Kelly Vaz Month ago

    Amo muito essa jóia ❤️

  • Ernests Kalns
    Ernests Kalns Month ago


  • StephenDedalusGuitar

    You can't fake charisma. Amazing. Very beautiful.

  • Pedro Guido
    Pedro Guido Month ago


  • leonardimas1
    leonardimas1 Month ago

    i dont even know caterina valente speaks so good hispanic

    • troynov1965
      troynov1965 Month ago

      She is a polyglot.
      She speaks six languages (French, Italian, German, English, Spanish and Swedish), in all of which she can also sing. In addition, she is capable of singing in Dutch, Portuguese, Hebrew, Greek and Japanese.

  • The Ice Bear
    The Ice Bear Month ago

    I watch this clip every very months and have to always smile. The chemistry between them is amazing.

  • Willem de groot
    Willem de groot Month ago +1

    This recording is from 2014. When I wore short pants with the boyscouts Catarina Valente was already famous in Europe coming from a circus background. Lovely person. I am now 75

  • giorgio allievi
    giorgio allievi Month ago

    Very beautiful!!!

  • Tim H
    Tim H Month ago

    Before my time, but every video I see that has Dean in it he looks half blitzed... :D

  • Bokaj01
    Bokaj01 Month ago


  • Peep Matts
    Peep Matts Month ago

    She was famous in Germany when I grew up.

  • Jojo Garcia
    Jojo Garcia Month ago

    2:18 So sad she broke him and he couldn't capitalize on her scat melody. XD

  • pat lynch
    pat lynch Month ago


  • Evenhazert Annecy
    Evenhazert Annecy Month ago

    ils nous manques ces 2 la

  • der experte
    der experte Month ago

    dazu sagt man künstler oder weltstars.......

  • 1914 1922
    1914 1922 Month ago +1

    such fun to watch - great past times

  • Luview
    Luview Month ago +1

    To all the pretentious killjoys: People are allowed to like what they like. Regardless of time or place, all forms of music are wonderful in their own right!!

  • CE.Alcántara
    CE.Alcántara Month ago

    Hermosos 60´

  • Joe Putnam
    Joe Putnam Month ago

    Loved it ...all time favorit Dean Martin .

  • troynov1965
    troynov1965 Month ago

    Caterina Valente one of the most talented humans ever to grace the planet. Sing, dance ,act, play guitar, humor , spoke numerous languages ,charm and beauty to boot.

  • Dizzy Guitar
    Dizzy Guitar Month ago

    wow - this is amazing

  • Antonio Barbosa
    Antonio Barbosa Month ago

    Authentic talent in its purest form.

  • Umberto Peruzzini
    Umberto Peruzzini Month ago

    Blood Italian

  • Jourwalis -
    Jourwalis - Month ago

    What a charming woman, Caterina Valente! When was this recorded?

  • Charleybones
    Charleybones Month ago +2

    This woman also is a very good guitar player. She moved thru those complicated jazz chords effortlessly and without even looking.

  • Canal Vitor DP
    Canal Vitor DP Month ago


    BARDOCK Month ago +2

    "You can bet your sweet cheeks"
    Response in 1965: *laughts
    Response in 2018: #MeToo

  • Hugo Vallenas
    Hugo Vallenas Month ago +1

    Tons of talent and charisma in 3 minutes - lovely Caterina and of course, the King of Cool

  • Lemon TV
    Lemon TV Month ago

    I love deans music bought it on white vinyl LP

  • Нави Чынави
    Нави Чынави 2 months ago

    Как мало мы знаем про запад.

  • gilson rosa da silva
    gilson rosa da silva 2 months ago


  • Alceu Sanches
    Alceu Sanches 2 months ago

    Sem graça

  • Christian Balmer
    Christian Balmer 2 months ago

    i miss this kind of entertainment

  • MrOnnoV
    MrOnnoV 2 months ago

    Amazing. Ultimate feel good music by two incredible singers. Thank you so much for the video

  • P.Lambert Artist Germany

    Caterina Germany LOVE You

  • Superklokan
    Superklokan 2 months ago

    Music was so alive back then

  • Marcos AS Rocha
    Marcos AS Rocha 2 months ago

    Muito bom!

  • Dfghdfgh Uytiu
    Dfghdfgh Uytiu 2 months ago

    So charming

  • d d
    d d 2 months ago

    Wonderful. Caterina is able to humiliate Martin and still allow him to appear as though he is in on the gag. He, of course will never get the note and they both Bahhhh!!! know it.

  • Andrew Kwok
    Andrew Kwok 2 months ago

    Listen up, Millenium this is what is known as talent!

  • Karl Marx
    Karl Marx 2 months ago

    14, December 1967

  • ali cemil Dik
    ali cemil Dik 2 months ago

    şarkı reklamı olurmu saçmalamayın..

  • alan tovar
    alan tovar 2 months ago +1

    True entertainment !

  • Jimmy Dodson
    Jimmy Dodson 2 months ago

    I have never heard of Caterina Valente but she is delightful.

  • syed kahar
    syed kahar 2 months ago

    She's so cute and beautiful, and what is that accent

  • Genesio Pretto
    Genesio Pretto 2 months ago

    Wow👍fatto i brividi Nice muito bom great

  • zazo Amir
    zazo Amir 2 months ago


  • Suchi Gada
    Suchi Gada 2 months ago

    The american sense of humor

  • Roy Howard
    Roy Howard 2 months ago HAVA NAGILA AMAZING

  • J. L. Draco
    J. L. Draco 2 months ago

    Charisma level 10.000