• Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • Hi Beautiful! Today I put box dye to the test. I have always been curious if this stuff actually works. Doing a direct comparison to professional color felt like the only way I could really uncover the truth!
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  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo  4 months ago +10106

    Who's the shit? You the shit.

  • Chloe Vandervelde

    Brad... ily... but $19-$13= $6

  • Sandra EM
    Sandra EM 2 hours ago

    you were not partial, I saw your preference from the beginning for the "professional" color. that was really bad. And not to mention the switched heads.

  • Gacha Girl Luna!
    Gacha Girl Luna! 3 hours ago +1

    Brad:who am I becoming?
    Me: Brad Mondo.

  • Midnight Korvo
    Midnight Korvo 4 hours ago

    Ok you have messed up boo. You should probably try not sabotaging box dyes because you know they rank superior. Im on edge of staying a subscriber and i need asmr right now. Be happy but not for this video

  • Haward Elish Anggin
    Haward Elish Anggin 4 hours ago

    I notice that you switched the head...hmmm...suspicious😏😏😏

  • Virgil Sanders
    Virgil Sanders 6 hours ago

    Love the nails Brad

  • Aline Benitez
    Aline Benitez 7 hours ago +1

    Do u not know how to do math the boxed one is 10 points the pro is 17

  • Miraculous_ Licorne 一角獣


    The heads were switched😑

  • Ceilidh Spratt
    Ceilidh Spratt 9 hours ago

    I get my hair done blonde at the salon (with like roots natural and fading into the blonde so as it grows out it still looks great) and when I want switch it up I buy unicorn dye by lime crime make up. cruelty free and vegan, moisturising and Omg it smells great. its the dye I stick by

  • Miraculous_ Licorne 一角獣


  • Seasons Die
    Seasons Die 12 hours ago

    My tete went to school to be a hair dresser yet she refuses to use anything but box dye on me due to her dislike of me picking red but it still turns out very pretty

  • Fatami
    Fatami 12 hours ago


  • Serena Joon
    Serena Joon 13 hours ago

    two years ago i went to a professional hairstylist and i dyed my hair blue, then months later i went back, bleached the roots and dyed them purple. In the beginning my hair were super healthy but after the second bleach they started falling and i couldn't even brush them. So i decided to dye them my natural color, dark dark brown almost black, and i went to this shop where it sold box dye and "professional dye". So i went for the professional one AND GURL, while dying them i felt sick and i had to stop cause i started sweating and i turned super pale. BUT, i got back to it and once i washed them and blowdryed them, they turned green. YES. AMAZING. Also that day i was going out with my crush for the 3rd time and he asked me to be his girlfriend and we've been together now for a year, so maybe it was a blessing?

  • bella taylor
    bella taylor 13 hours ago

    I've never messed my hair up with box dye. I did my hair yesterday

  • Pearl Wadhwa
    Pearl Wadhwa 14 hours ago +2

    How predictable was this video
    ME : 5 out of 5

  • The Supremes
    The Supremes Day ago

    Me never seeing this video til now I was standing up for him against people who said he switched cause I really love him and he's funny but now seeing this I can't believe you switched the heads what is the point in lying if you know your professional dye is shirty then just say it don't lie about it lying is stupid the professional was obviously darker before and then you switched them so the box dye was darker

  • Alexis Arroyo
    Alexis Arroyo Day ago

    sorry but if the box dye was 13 n Ur professional one is 19 its a 6 dollar because if it was 5 it would be 18 do DA DAM MATH

  • Christina Nystrom

    I’ve used that exact box color before and it turned out a billion times better than when I had it professionally done. I’m super disappointed that you switched the heads. There’s no reason to lie.

  • Susie Clark
    Susie Clark Day ago

    Wow Brad I didnt expect so many butt hurt, uneducated people to hate on you in these comments right now. I think this video was fair and entertaining. I think that wella is decent and affordable and its available to people without a lisence, also I'm not surprised that it made the hair shinier than the l'oreal Paris. Dont let rude people get to you. Keep living your best life.

  • do you know chong jojun balsa?

    bruh i noticed immediately that he switched but i didnt wanna believe it until i saw the comments

  • thepurplefren
    thepurplefren Day ago

    I don't like box dyes simply because after using them for years they fucked my shit up. Like frizzy as hell damaged as hell hair. I used one just recently because I had gotten it for my birthday and it gave me 2nd degree chemical burns on my scalp and years. I will and will forever stand by Arctic fox as my dye. But you can definitely tell that those heads were switched. If you want to warn off box dyes just watch box dye fails or just dedicate a video talking about the long term dangers. This was pathetic.

  • Shelby Slayton
    Shelby Slayton Day ago

    I used to use that specific dye, it was really good since I didn't have access to a sally's. I used the blue black from that brand on my roots and the red on my ends. Its the only box dye I ever trusted. I'd rather use sparks (without lightening my hair) and arctic fox though.
    And also, you can tell he switched the heads, that color in the box is vibrant as hell and I would know, I used it for over a year and my grandma complained because it was "too bright". I even tried ion once for the same color, it wouldn't even take the way the feria did.

  • Elizabeth Arias
    Elizabeth Arias Day ago

    I was going to subscribe but after seeing how much you wanted your bias to win I don't see the point no more.

  • נועה גבעתי

    There is a difference of $6 between 13 and 19

  • Jenna Grace
    Jenna Grace Day ago +1

    That is why u put the shampoo and conditioner afterwards

  • Sarah Taylor
    Sarah Taylor Day ago

    Such a shame that you mixed up the heads for the verdict. Not sure if it was intended, or if the fumes really did affect your brain.

  • Jordyn Tully
    Jordyn Tully Day ago

    Personally, I always use Splat Hair Dye. It works out great for me and is a good, cheap option for those of us who can't convince our parents to let us get our hair dyed professionally. No disrespect to Brad or his video, though. I know everyone's saying that he switched the heads, but whether or not he actually did, I still like him, his videos, and his reviews.

  • Al
    Al Day ago

    If you go exactly to 19:48 you can see where he (for the first time after bringing them both back) turned the head so that the neck was exposed
    Huge splotch of dye
    that only happen ed with the box dye

  • Balenciaga Bitch

    You remind me of damen salvatore

  • Nova Vasek
    Nova Vasek Day ago

    19-13=6, Bradley.

  • Tammy
    Tammy Day ago

    But to get the professional hair dye you have to have a license from a beauty school

  • Gabriella Navarrette

    on the side of the box dye it has shows you what your hair will look like if you don't have blond hair

  • K8 the gr8 yo
    K8 the gr8 yo 2 days ago

    Umm the difference between $13 and $19 is $6 not $5

  • emily grefsrud
    emily grefsrud 2 days ago

    You can tell he switched the heads because when he rated the "box" dye, there was a stain on the forehead, which was seen on the professional dye mannequin's head when Brad was blowdrying

  • Becca Vlogs
    Becca Vlogs 2 days ago

    Can you try a specific color line like naturtint which is a healthier version of box dye?

  • Tia.x maria.v
    Tia.x maria.v 2 days ago

    Ok so everyone here hating on brad for 'switching' the heads. Like what if he got them mixed up like he washed them and when he got back to get them on the table they got mixed like dude stop hating

  • Jordann Murphy
    Jordann Murphy 2 days ago

    Just curious, how do you feel about Pravana Vivids?

  • Sigrit Sepp
    Sigrit Sepp 2 days ago

    Hey brad you switcht the heads!!!!

  • Rae Gilbert
    Rae Gilbert 2 days ago

    I’m more than positive that the heads were switched... buuuuuut would you have posted a video that wasn’t truthful knowing that if you got caught you might not have a career (on RU-clip) anymore?

  • Gillian Amy
    Gillian Amy 2 days ago

    Wanna know how we know you switched it???? Box dye colors EVERYTHING including the scalp. And you can see the red on the face 🤦‍♀️ c'mon Brad

  • Amberpamber
    Amberpamber 2 days ago +3

    Love Brad Mondo but this was very disappointing!!... I hope it was an accident that you switched the heads

    ELIZABETH ALLEN 2 days ago

    I'm color blind I couldn't tell the difference I don't even now why I watched this it just mad me wish I could see what it looked like in color

  • Akejsbdbhdueb Ehehshjsub

    Why switch the heads box due is better and you know it is brad big flop you made there

  • Marlee V.
    Marlee V. 2 days ago

    It’s not even. You should have applied them both the same to give them a fair chance. Because maybe the application is at fault. We don’t know. 🤷‍♀️ Love you though 😂♥️

  • Holly Veinot
    Holly Veinot 2 days ago +1

    I think people are over reacting. Both heads had marks on them and both had them at the end. It makes no sense for Brad to switch them but whatever. Trolls gonna troll. Brad I love your hair and style!

  • annelisecooke
    annelisecooke 2 days ago +1

    in the uk box dyes are like anywhere from £3-£7

    MALENAIDE QUAY 2 days ago

    Did u even condition

  • Evie Conway
    Evie Conway 2 days ago

    I’ve been dying my hair with box dye for 3 years and my hair isn’t like mega healthy but it isn’t damaged so...

  • Donna Welch
    Donna Welch 2 days ago

    For a demi color box dye always does a better job on my hair and it covers my grey. Had several hair dressers over the years tell me how healthy and shiny my hair. Everyone is different. I finally found a hair dresser who would put my box color on my hair. She will use professional if I do permanent. My natural hair color is black. I usually go red. I have been blonde quite a few times. We just took my blonde back to red with my box dye. My hair still looks fabulous. It is important to know that box color is like professional. There are good brands and bad brands. My box dye is ammonia and parabens free. It doesn't irritate my scalp or smell. I have been dyeing my hair for 30 years. My step mom was a cosmetologist and started dyeing my hair when I was 13. Also using the conditioner that comes in the box is important. That gives you the softness you are looking for. Even with my gray's 25 minutes is enough time. He is being overdramatic for no reason.

  • Alyssa Papke
    Alyssa Papke 3 days ago

    Im not gonna get into the switched heads debate but I have been using boxed dye since i was like 13 and
    1. Use a comb and section it
    2. The smeall isnt that bad
    3. I always either do it outside on the porch or in the kitchen on a towel because sometimes it drips
    4. Read the instructions it says to work in sections and use a comb
    Also the "usability" and "price" marks need to be adjusted for the professional dye because I would have to buy a scale and the brush he is using to apply it and mixing it like that is honestly kinda intimidating for someone who hasn't gone to beauty school.

  • Alyssa Papke
    Alyssa Papke 3 days ago

    "We have box dye in my house today and i am horrified"
    Me: that is literally the exact box I use. . .

  • chezz_rayrayy
    chezz_rayrayy 3 days ago

    Brad’s Leather jacket around that first mannequin head is the reason for my anxiety

  • Cat&puppylover Lover

    This is why I love my vIrGiN hair

  • Amber Shinault
    Amber Shinault 3 days ago

    Never had a box dye do me wrong. Once I had a professional dye my hair and it did not change color at all. I was 17 and a redhead. I wanted to go blonde. I had to go home do an all over bleach and then dye it myself. I also have dyed my daughter's hair with box dye and used Sally's products. Got similar results. Saved a lot of money with the box.

  • whittheshit
    whittheshit 3 days ago

    c'mon, bub. the correct word is "cost" in this context, not "costed".
    resting bitch face

  • Allyson Groenke
    Allyson Groenke 3 days ago

    Still wish you would have come clean about this situation. It still bothers me when I’m trying to trust your “professional” opinion in your vids.

  • Misiadella :3
    Misiadella :3 3 days ago

    The real thing i wanna know is what's that blue diy you have on your hair is, damn that's bright.


    On box dye if you look on the back it says how that the shade depends on the original color of your hair in the first place as to what the final results will be and will show examples

    CHLOE MCCLANAHAN 3 days ago

    I love that outfit with the blue hair.

  • Tyler Jacob
    Tyler Jacob 3 days ago

    Everyone, you should probably take into account that he is a professional. You probably won't get that result by yourself

  • Sunrise Studios Gacha Life

    no offense but are you a trans gender?

  • Marduk D
    Marduk D 3 days ago

    They were obviously not switched because of the stain on their foreheads. Also I wish people would make more educated arguments. If you don't understand why the colors react the way they did or why developer and professional colors are different than not even knowing what you are putting in your hair than you should learn more about it before you just base your opinion. And if you don't agree then say something more than I've used it before. People can produce different results because they are a variable. You may have left it in longer, had a different hair type, or used a different amount. Why is one better than the other. What does the better one do to the hair that the lesser one doesn't do. The professional is way more controlled. You also know what you are putting in your hair and what you expect it to do.

  • Hannah Litton
    Hannah Litton 3 days ago

    Did brad seriously just say that when box dye was 13 dollars and the professional hair colors was 19 dollars was a 5 dollar difference??? I think he needs to go back to school and take some more math classes

  • alyssa mouser
    alyssa mouser 3 days ago +1

    R.I.P to all the hair school mannequins we could never showcase because of the tons of dye stained on their faces :)

  • TheLifeOfThisGirly
    TheLifeOfThisGirly 4 days ago


  • Sarah Zylstra
    Sarah Zylstra 4 days ago +2

    Why didn't you apply it the way you applied the professional dye

  • Think Vibrant
    Think Vibrant 4 days ago +1

    16:31 “That was not predictable, as I expected” lol very oxymoronic of you

  • Mickenzie Lewis
    Mickenzie Lewis 4 days ago

    honestly.... been using box dyes my whole life and the one time i used wella from sally's it was dull asf.

  • Ruhma Noor
    Ruhma Noor 4 days ago +24

    I was SO excited for this video until I read the comments about him switching the heads.

  • Eva Lopresto
    Eva Lopresto 4 days ago

    No! Tammy has the box dye, and Rebecca has the professional color!

  • Shadow_ Miki
    Shadow_ Miki 4 days ago

    I've used that same exact color for my hair (box dye) and it turned out really good for me.
    P.S this is before I've finished the video

  • homomochi
    homomochi 4 days ago

    so did he switch them or not??? i want to dye my hair to violet red, but more violetish, so now please decide about switching. if i buy and dye my hair the color, and it turns out like the other, i will be so sad, so PLEAAASEEE

  • Bobbie Brown
    Bobbie Brown 4 days ago

    Nahhhh you switched heads

  • Jess Angel
    Jess Angel 4 days ago

    I don’t get how he switched or where he did so . I’ve used professional and I’ve used boxed . There’s a definite difference .

  • ColettesOriginalsArt

    He look handsome with that hairstyle. Also, thank you, Brad.

  • Simpossible
    Simpossible 4 days ago

    I think box dye is good depending on what you're doing! If you're going for black hair 10/10 box dye. I get a box of literally 4 dollar hair dye and it turns out perfectly fine but once you get bleach and color involved then.. go professional.

  • toxigenic
    toxigenic 4 days ago

    It's been my experience with box dye that it just deposits color, it doesn't lift at all (unless you're bleaching your hair blonde). I thought the box dye did a decent job since you started with dark brown hair. Just my opinion.

  • AJ Smith
    AJ Smith 4 days ago +1

    You could rob brad with a box dye.

  • Caylin Salinas
    Caylin Salinas 4 days ago

    Okay I LOVE the Feria dye for dark hair, my natural hair is super dark brown and I use their purple amethyst dye and it gives just a hint of purple in the sunlight, in fluorescents it looks just dark brown. Nice and subtle

    • Caylin Salinas
      Caylin Salinas 4 days ago

      It was the one just to the left of the box he picked up at 3:35

  • Harley Hair
    Harley Hair 4 days ago

    Brad: hello beautiful looking good as always
    Me: well i swam into a wall and scraped a bunch of skin off my face so im gonna assume youre talking about my luminous soul... or my profile pic cause that is beautiful and never changes 😂😂😂 jk love you brad

  • Miss Understood
    Miss Understood 4 days ago

    Funny, that Power Violet was my first hair dye. Came out super dark and tinted violet on my then-virgin black/brown curls. It was pretty eh.

  • Isabelle Addis
    Isabelle Addis 4 days ago

    Tell me why he looks like Damen from vampire diaries😍 (besides the blue hair) 😂

  • Luke Death
    Luke Death 4 days ago +19

    Come on brad! You switched the heads and it is really noticeable

  • Aria J
    Aria J 4 days ago

    I don’t think the heads were switched bc I used the same box dye on my virgin hair and got just about the same results. You can only see the color well in good lighting or outdoors

  • Brianne F
    Brianne F 4 days ago

    The Tammy and Rebecca introduction 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • PurpleLobster12
    PurpleLobster12 4 days ago

    Guys it might have been an accident

  • The Lonely Ghost
    The Lonely Ghost 4 days ago

    I sware most box dyes where i live are £5/6

  • The Lonely Ghost
    The Lonely Ghost 4 days ago

    Me watching this as someone who has mainly if not exclusively (if you count brands like arctic fox) used box dye for close to 6 years (not constantly just on and off and only a small amount of those where permanent)

  • WharfRat
    WharfRat 5 days ago +4

    Brad: Reacts to people ruining their hair at home
    Also Brad: “I went to places easily accessible Incase you wanted to do this at home”

  • Juci Shockwave
    Juci Shockwave 5 days ago

    Box dye is cheaper. You are basing the price without coupons and weekly specials. >_> On weekly special and coupons you can get three boxes for under $15.... that is $5 per box... that is ridiculously cheaper than the professional which rarely is on special. Also from my own experience, box dyes tend to be shinier at the end. I had gotten better results using box dyes. Of course I never used Feria... that is garbage. You purposely choose the worse box dye for that color, I would've used either Garnier or Schwartzkoft. You are also using poor economic skills to showcase the price difference ( again coupons and weekly ads are a hair coloring fanatics' best friend). This video has a lot of personal agenda dogma.

  • Rose From Florida
    Rose From Florida 5 days ago

    Me, sitting here watching this video as my hair is currently dyed with box dye and looks incredibly good by the way

  • Wren Antoinette
    Wren Antoinette 5 days ago

    Your supposed to squirt the dye into your hand not pour it all over their head

    • msnoahxlukefan
      msnoahxlukefan 4 days ago

      @Wren Antoinette It might be 'easier', but the purpose of me pointing out the applicator on the bottle was to discredit your statement saying 'You're supposed to'.

    • Wren Antoinette
      Wren Antoinette 4 days ago

      msnoahxlukefan it’s easier to just squirt it on your hand and stuff

    • msnoahxlukefan
      msnoahxlukefan 4 days ago

      Then what's the applicator on the end of the bottle for? I assume to put on your HEAD.

  • Rebekah Whitmore
    Rebekah Whitmore 5 days ago

    My mum's friends hairdresser (freelance) uses box dye

  • Casual Fridays
    Casual Fridays 5 days ago

    lmao actually just used that box dye color a couple days ago lmao

  • Katie Rose
    Katie Rose 5 days ago

    Can’t believe that he switched the heads! The heads look so similar but the box dye had more smoky/darker eye shadow which gives it away if you’ve got a keen enough eye. Wtf Brad.

  • Effortless Beauty Discounts

    That box died contains metallic salts. If that person ever wants to be blonde again I suggest do not use it!!!! The metallic salts will literally melt the hair when mixed with bleach

  • Cherry Fresh
    Cherry Fresh 5 days ago

    Usually box dye comes with bleach. I feel like you got messy with the box dye👀

  • Jesselyn Stanberry
    Jesselyn Stanberry 5 days ago

    watching this as I use box dye 😂