Top 10 Scary Antarctica Theories

  • Published on Feb 17, 2019
  • Top 10 Scary Antarctica Theories
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    Top 10 Scary Things Found Frozen In Antarctica
    So, it seems you guys love Antarctica! Who knew! Our video, the Top 10 Things Found Frozen Under Ice In Antarctica reached the RU-clip Trending page so we thought we would give you another icy helping. I am Danny Burke and this is The Top 10 Scary Antarctica Theories. It is a good time of year for it, isn’t it! I don’t know about where you live but it is basically Antarctica in Toronto Canada right now! The question I want to ask you today is how cold does it get where YOU live in the winter? I think the coldest it gets here in Canada is negative 30 degrees Celsius? Let me know in the comments section down below and while you are down there, leave a thumbs up on this video and click that notification bell so you never miss a trending video! Also, check out the links to our Instagram in the description box. For now though, sit tight as WINTER is coming.
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  • MostAmazingTop10
    MostAmazingTop10  5 months ago +63

    🔥 More Top 10 Vids 👇

    • Aldrich Corwyn Carvajal
      Aldrich Corwyn Carvajal 2 months ago

      We don't have winter....... I live in the Philippines...........

    • John Henry
      John Henry 2 months ago

      Don't quote the flat earth society they're government disinformation. If you want real flat earth researchers check out Marty Leeds

    • BlueskieTheBOSS
      BlueskieTheBOSS 4 months ago


    • JustEmily
      JustEmily 5 months ago +1

      I live in Minnesota, it gets pretty cold

    • Jonathan Lopez
      Jonathan Lopez 5 months ago


      Jk idk how much im stupid XD

  • Rob Webb
    Rob Webb Day ago +1

    Doesn't get very cold in england to me, the coldest I've been in is -3 or something like that, we barely ever get snow as well

  • ScieVen
    ScieVen 2 days ago +1

    flat earther: Antartica is an ice wall
    Me: What if you cross it?
    flat earther: we dont know
    Me: cross it then and prove Earth is FłÄt

  • Villainized PS4
    Villainized PS4 3 days ago

    "Coldest it gets in Canada is like -40, sometimes?"
    Bro I can tell you're from Toronto, you forgot to rest of Canada exists lol haven't been very far north have you?

  • Ben Marvel
    Ben Marvel 3 days ago +1

    In Melbourne Australia it gets to atleast 10 to 5 degrees

  • Money Miles
    Money Miles 4 days ago

    How are there 7 continent but the north pole is on top 🤔🤫

  • Tyler Christensen
    Tyler Christensen 4 days ago

    Las Vegas. It can get about 5-10 degrees C during the daytime but can plummet to the negatives at night.

  • TheNeonDalek
    TheNeonDalek 5 days ago

    i live in Texas. It's always hot here.

  • Jason Caulder
    Jason Caulder 6 days ago

    What if the crappy good for nothing us government WANTS to unfreeze and let out diseases and maybe even use the land Antarctica

    LRD TAYGø 7 days ago

    How about when you’re talking about the iceberg you show pictures of it as well

  • Donovan Tarling
    Donovan Tarling 7 days ago

    Coldest it gets here is about 85°F

  • Yooo
    Yooo 12 days ago

    Coldest temp i’v seen in my country was in lapland, 2008. -46,5°c

  • Michael Charlie
    Michael Charlie 13 days ago +1

    Well it’s the middle of winter and it’s been 26C (Brisbane Australia)

    • Lucas Bulovic
      Lucas Bulovic 4 days ago

      Michael Charlie I’m in Melbourne and it’s 10c or lower in winter but in summer we get 30c and higher

  • Enduro JS Swe
    Enduro JS Swe 13 days ago

    so stupid!! :D

  • Ray Brady
    Ray Brady 13 days ago

    In regard to the nazi scientists, it is public record that main scientists ended up working for the US government

  • Ethan Brown
    Ethan Brown 17 days ago

    I live in Florida where in the winter it get so cold that it has not even got close to snowing temperatures in 25 years

  • Aquicy YT
    Aquicy YT 18 days ago

    Montana -30•F

  • Young Ace
    Young Ace 19 days ago

    Nobody ever makes a comment answering the youtubers question at the beginning of the video. Everybody always just trynna make a joke 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  • Danie Yuki
    Danie Yuki 20 days ago

    It has gotten to -1 to -3

  • Derrick Saq
    Derrick Saq 23 days ago

    -40° F

  • jameplays
    jameplays 24 days ago

    There was a pilot who flew to antarcrica and saw a hole he flew in and meet aliens hollow earth theory is more pluasible than flat Earth by a lot

  • Zachary Torgerson
    Zachary Torgerson 26 days ago

    I’m from Alberta. An average day is -35

  • cursed gamer
    cursed gamer 27 days ago

    The Earth is not flat

  • Shaymis Haggart
    Shaymis Haggart 27 days ago


  • Itz_ Dan
    Itz_ Dan 28 days ago

    Why dont the flat earthers just take a trip all around the globe like that one explorer did

  • CrrrashnnBurrrn
    CrrrashnnBurrrn Month ago

    More like -50 in Canada

  • Marcy Sabbath
    Marcy Sabbath Month ago

    I believe the coldest it's gotten here for me was 35° F, but Florida is bipolar. So 35°F one day then 80°F the next.

  • youtube comment
    youtube comment Month ago +1

    Top Scary Antartica Theory #1: Megatron from Transformers was born there just like in the movie

  • elf-amazon 500
    elf-amazon 500 Month ago

    I live in florida so it gets down to like 50° Fahrenheit at most (I know thats not very cold)

  • hitman1434 miller
    hitman1434 miller Month ago

    -50 farenheit

  • Vardha Mustafa
    Vardha Mustafa Month ago

    18°C is the lowest temperature here 🤦🏻‍♀️😭💔

  • Lorenzo D.M.
    Lorenzo D.M. Month ago

    Here the coldest is about 25 C

  • zebco14250
    zebco14250 Month ago

    we need to get a few kyles to check out this area 51 before the 20th

  • Dee Lee
    Dee Lee Month ago

    Damn, number 1 is terrifying

  • RJK Kaus
    RJK Kaus Month ago

    coldest it got where I live (Wisconsin) It got -60 F

  • stochastic Soucie
    stochastic Soucie Month ago

    Somthing like -30 or 40 here in Montana

  • Martin Nunez
    Martin Nunez Month ago

    This was scary to watch and now I will continue to live in fear until my dying day 🥺🥶

  • Dida M
    Dida M Month ago

    -28C* Croatia.... and flat Earth omg!!!! Wtf is wrong with those people? Ahahaha

  • TAsatorT
    TAsatorT Month ago

    The "Bloop" is Jormungand.

  • Jason Phillips
    Jason Phillips Month ago

    I thought al gore said Florida would be underwater by 2010?

  • E H
    E H Month ago

    The coldest it has ever goyten here was -18°C

  • Kristy Sprutte
    Kristy Sprutte Month ago

    Hello there

  • Imrn Hahah
    Imrn Hahah Month ago +1

    Lol number one everyone's worried about UFO vessel that looks like the ice is breaking. But no ones worried about the man with no shirt jumper or coat on his torso in the coldest place on earth lol

  • Puck Norris
    Puck Norris Month ago

    florida here what does "cold" feel like?

  • Shadow CZ
    Shadow CZ Month ago

    I have 13 in winter

  • Tvybyvb
    Tvybyvb Month ago


  • Tvybyvb
    Tvybyvb Month ago


  • SamytyKill
    SamytyKill Month ago

    I'm not a big fan of most conspiracy theories, but I'm quite sure, that there is an abandoned secret nazi-base somewhere on this planet. I don't know why but I'm sure.

  • Reynaldo Rivera
    Reynaldo Rivera Month ago

    Flat earthers= short is riders and paste eaters. The earth is round idiots

  • Jaydan Hartrey
    Jaydan Hartrey Month ago

    6 degrees

  • Pj Kemmings
    Pj Kemmings Month ago


  • Kaya
    Kaya Month ago

    I live in canada as well, and i'm pretty sure the coldest we've gotten was -60 not -40

  • Alex playz RAMDOM STUFf

    Chigago US -60

  • Angel Alvarado
    Angel Alvarado Month ago

    Like 50 degrees I'm in California

  • Daily Tea Bicth
    Daily Tea Bicth Month ago

    Antarctica and it's theory's don't scare me. Antarctica can *_literally_* suck my non-existent left nut

  • Fire Bird Triple. X66

    I live in Britain

  • Xavier Moreno
    Xavier Moreno Month ago

    Bruh i live in the southwest so itll be maybe -3 the coldest but usually its always hot and humid..

  • Iamdisguised 0322
    Iamdisguised 0322 Month ago

    Damnit the world isn’t flat

  • Lady Dee
    Lady Dee Month ago

    Its the Tardis! Lol!!! 😂😂

  • Datony Freeman
    Datony Freeman Month ago

    It don’t even snow in Florida 😑

  • germ DaggerExile
    germ DaggerExile Month ago


  • Mclaren Boys
    Mclaren Boys Month ago

    21 degrees

  • jonny blyan
    jonny blyan Month ago

    Being from Toronto you have no clue how cold it can get in Canada try minus 50 or even up to 60

  • Manny Altamirano04
    Manny Altamirano04 Month ago +3

    I Live in los Angeles it gets like 40 degrees 😂😂

  • Coleman LeGrand
    Coleman LeGrand Month ago

    It's only gets to negitve 10-15 were I live.

  • jop doplo
    jop doplo Month ago

    like -1 or 3°

  • Eddie Bond
    Eddie Bond Month ago Average monthly temperatures in Australia.

  • Michael Rodriguez
    Michael Rodriguez Month ago

    It got -50 something like that

  • Alvin Nyström
    Alvin Nyström Month ago

    Watch the movie THE THING

  • gojifan O7
    gojifan O7 Month ago


  • FanChargeUp Productions

    Coldest is -45°C.. hottest Is 40°C
    Ya I'm either burning or freezing.
    Heh... welcome to alberta...
    Ya anyway bye lmao

    • Sergio Morales
      Sergio Morales Month ago

      I'm in Chicago we have the same thing but with a hint of gunshots every hour

      BAD VIBES Month ago +1

      Im in southwest ontario and its the same out here 😂

  • DTM 2019
    DTM 2019 Month ago

    I was just thinking, kinda making a map grid in my head, if there's pyramids in the middle East and in Antarctica I was wondering what if there's one near the South Pole and if the reason area 51 is off limits because there covering maybe a underground pyramid. That would kind be the 4 corners of the Earth. Idk if this is making sense to anyone but it's just something that makes sense in my head

    • DTM 2019
      DTM 2019 Month ago

      Would kinda be shaped like a off angled square. Find the center. Wonder where the center is.

  • VMark Fennell
    VMark Fennell Month ago

    Flatearthers are f**king idiots

  • Maxim Sanin
    Maxim Sanin Month ago


  • 25k subscribers without videos

    -20 c°