6 Vegan Thanksgiving/Holiday Recipe Ideas

  • Published on Nov 23, 2017
  • Happy Thanksgiving guys!
    Here are 6 Vegan Thanksgiving/Holiday Recipe ideas to try this year!
    (0:41) SPINACH DIP
    (2:23) CLASSIC GRAVY
    Something New by Joakim Karud
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  • The Luxury Hybrid

    I appreciate these kinds of healthy recipe videos. Keep them coming. Curious what your thoughts are on the Keto diet? My fiancé and I are pondering the idea, but are not sure about just yet.

  • Shizuo Heiwajima
    Shizuo Heiwajima Year ago

    are you actually vegan?

  • Yah Girl
    Yah Girl Year ago

    The thumbnail for this channel seems exactly like Matt Cama's channel

  • claudia cox
    claudia cox Year ago

    Omg omg omg you are vegan that’s amazing awesome news

  • dgs dgs
    dgs dgs Year ago

    With the stuffing: if you do your veggies in a pan, then add your broth to that, then add your seasoning to the broth its easier to evenly season the breading. I like your videos.

  • nadiaxoxo
    nadiaxoxo Year ago

    so great to see you keep promoting veganism

  • Jay Guzman
    Jay Guzman Year ago

    Can you make a video on your fav Vegan Protein powders for post workouts?

  • Omar Asad
    Omar Asad Year ago

    can u do a video how to AVOID hot Cheetos !!

  • Pamela Alejandra
    Pamela Alejandra Year ago

    Brett where are you

  • SharonKnowsBest
    SharonKnowsBest Year ago

    I think he should grow a badass beard 👌🏽

  • Edwin Peterson
    Edwin Peterson Year ago

    He has good recommends but why does he talk so fast no offence that's kinda annoying

  • Di Sab
    Di Sab Year ago

    Bad video because you sat there just reading out the recipes. You should have shown them how to make it. I will dislike the video for this reason. No offense! lol

  • Coco Jo
    Coco Jo Year ago

    Hi Brett just wanted to wish you all the best for Christmas and hope 2018 is a good year for you.❤️

  • Victoria Mendez
    Victoria Mendez Year ago

    Thanks Brett for all the great healthy ideas... I just have a question that doesn’t really have to do with thanksgiving but just being vegan in general. I give my one year old almond milk and I get a lot of pressure to give him regular cows milk because of all the “vitamins “ for his brain development thy almond milk doesn’t have. What do u recommend for better milk alternatives for a toddler/baby?

  • Nikki Green
    Nikki Green Year ago

    Do you answer questions on here?

  • Rauco Net
    Rauco Net Year ago

    So funny cause I actually do have an Uncle Rick...😂

  • Linda M
    Linda M Year ago

    🤤 I love brussel sprouts. Will have to try this recipe.
    I get the feeling you are sitting in front a science project display board, 😆.

  • ROSE454
    ROSE454 Year ago

    I just watched the punisher on Netflix and you legit look just like Ben Barnes who plays Billy Russo. Even your mannerism is like his it’s crazy.

  • Chris I
    Chris I Year ago

    I feel so heartbroken 😭😭 he use to cook for carli all the time to 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Fernanda Gil
    Fernanda Gil Year ago +2

    My brother hosted his first thanksgiving this year with his girl and they cooked an amazing Vegan thanksgiving dinner. It was beyond words delicious!!. Menu was:
    Mac & Cheese
    Enchiladas (Because our side of the family is Mexican)
    Seitan Smoked Roll
    Fruit Salad
    Pumpkin Pie
    ALL VEGAN! ❤️ Loved it

  • Criistal Perez
    Criistal Perez Year ago

    Can you pls do more videos on protein shakes or meal replacement pls !!!!!

  • Paulina Marin
    Paulina Marin Year ago

    I really appreciate all the information in all your videos! Can you do a video where you break down whats in your pantry or what we should have in our pantry? That's my biggest problem I'm either over buying and not using the stuff or I don't buy enough and I have to stop what I'm making and go to the store

  • Kreyol509
    Kreyol509 Year ago

    Brett do you use protein powder? Which one would you recommend? I have two jobs I’m constantly on the go, I need something quick but organic

    • Elissa Davis
      Elissa Davis Year ago

      Valerie Paul protein powders r a sham.......just saying...keep nuts w/ you & nut butters......spread on whole grains.......just a suggestion....💪👍

  • keyls jojo
    keyls jojo Year ago +1

    You look like sam winchester.🤨😊

  • Sara Richter
    Sara Richter Year ago

    Where's carli ;(

  • Badgalmja
    Badgalmja Year ago +2

    Instead of talking about the damn recipe SHOW us!!!

  • Giselle Huerta
    Giselle Huerta Year ago +3

    I hope you’re doing okay!

  • cherry love ma
    cherry love ma Year ago +1

    Y'all are being immature. For one shit happens it is life nd u have to move on from it... Two, y'all don't know wtf went down between them nd they DO NOT have to explain themselves what happen in details... Three, STOP telling him he lost a good women cuz from what i saw on his videos he fucken cooked for her nd this man knows how to cook ND HEALTHY shit... Ik a few men that doesn't know how to cook or even liked to... My bros don't even cook... Four, we don't know them besides what they want us to see. Five, she says she is happy so it is obviously something they handled as adults nd agreed on. So let them both BE... Brett I am not judging u or her... I do love u more lol Good luck in life nd hope u find love again nd be happy 😘
    P.s. to ur fans; u can't focus on peoples relationship focus on ur own nd what u can do to change ur own nd make it better... Everyone is their own person... So stop blaming their break up of why u don't believe in love anymore

  • Christina Dem
    Christina Dem Year ago

    are the clothes you buy vegan as well?

  • Caiti M
    Caiti M Year ago

    I can't stop looking at your necklace! Love it and can't wait to try these, even after thanksgiving lol

  • jregnard
    jregnard Year ago

    HUMMM!! definitely gonna try some of them for christmas dinner!!! Thank you! xxx

  • Shanidda Suwanno
    Shanidda Suwanno Year ago +3

    I hope you're doing okay

  • Atul Hamza
    Atul Hamza Year ago +7

    When these two were together... years ago I had predicted they would break up. I don't think that either of them are bad people. If you look at them, they have completely different personality types. I think their personalities clash. Brett is more a natural minimalist. Carli is more of a glamorous, center of attention make-up guru who has a life centered around make-up. Those two types of personalities completely clash. I have never seen a naturally, health focused guy be in a long term relationship with a very high-maintenance beauty guru. Both people are great, but they have different interests and lifestyles. I image he felt alone while with her and she stripped him of his masculinity with her being the boss. Just my two cents...

    • Tracy Martin
      Tracy Martin Year ago +1

      Atul Hamza I totally agree. I saw their personalities differently though. Brett was the condescending wing man who was bitter over having to play back seat to his wildly successful woman. She didn't strip him of anything. Successful women don't have to. The insecure dude does it all on his own. When they started it she was a baby - in love with him, totally moldable to his will. He seemed cranky and controlling most of the time. But then she blew up and he lost some control over her. She started doing things her way. Creating situations where input her mattered. And he didn't like that.
      She was collaborative and he wasn't. She loved him for who he was, and he loved her for who he wanted her to be. Two totally different personalities. Bound to clash. I agree. I actually stopped watching Carli's channel because of Brett. I was excited to re-subscribe.
      Hope they both find someone worthy of who they really are. 😊

  • Ben Ola
    Ben Ola Year ago +33

    You better start telling us wtf happened

  • Serena J
    Serena J Year ago

    Can't believe you and Carli broke up, is there even true love in this world!

  • Shabera Archer
    Shabera Archer Year ago +12

    You lost a good woman...
    YOU should be mad at your self

    • Darí Santos
      Darí Santos Year ago +2

      Shabera Archer what if she’s the one that wanted to break up? That would be a mean thing to say to someone who already know that.

    • Courtney Ann
      Courtney Ann Year ago

      You don’t even know what happened. For all you know they could’ve come to a mutual agreement to split. I’m sure it’s been tough for both of them. Breakups aren’t easy, especially when you’ve been together for so long. How about showing them both some kindness and respect.

    • emily
      emily Year ago +4

      you dont know anything about there relationship.... YOU Shabera should shut it

  • emily
    emily Year ago

    Video ideas... vegan holiday desserts? Love you Brett!

  • Kayleigh Beuzelin
    Kayleigh Beuzelin Year ago +1

    This could of been a blog. Why didn’t you do a cooking demo?

  • Isabel c
    Isabel c Year ago +13

    Why are people on here being ugly to Brett Because him and carli broke up? Saying he doesn't deserve her we don't know who broke up with who or thier personal life so why comment on and bash someone when you don't know thier situation. Makes no sense. Either way bret can you please upload a new video on how to loose weight fast a certian workout routine at the gym? Thank you

    • Courtney Ann
      Courtney Ann Year ago +1

      Isabel jackson I know, it’s insane. People always place most of the blame on the guy. In reality, though, it takes two to tango.

  • Shauna Kabana
    Shauna Kabana Year ago +3

    why are you guys leaving hate becausee they're no longer together? break ups are natural

  • Rainedrop
    Rainedrop Year ago +8

    You are literally insane for letting an awesome person like Carli go. Wow. No hate no shade just stating the obvious. Bye.

    • Baria Khalid
      Baria Khalid Year ago +1

      None of your business he can break up or come together with whoever he wants toooo

    • emily
      emily Year ago +3

      how immature! holy shit byeeeee to you

    CARISSA Year ago

    They broke up 😿😿😿😿

  • More of Sammm
    More of Sammm Year ago +2

    Haven’t commented in awhile but I’ve been watching every video brett ! I’m so grateful for these vids especially during holidays ! You keep me motivated ! 💪🏻

  • Katherine Zhu
    Katherine Zhu Year ago +322

    Who else came here after Carli's Q+A video :(

    • Baria Khalid
      Baria Khalid Year ago +1

      Stef S If you depend so much on youtubers sth is wrongggggggg

      JEPHONY DELIMA Year ago +1


    • Courtney Ann
      Courtney Ann Year ago +6

      Yeah. I mean, shit happens. People change. They grow apart. It’s not the worst thing in the world. Now they can focus on themselves and seek out new adventures in life. I wish them both the best.

    • Ariana Rickenbacker
      Ariana Rickenbacker Year ago +3

      So sad for both of them but wish them both the best this coming year!

    • London Calling
      London Calling Year ago +8

      I am Ellie don't say things like that. You don't know them.

  • rockintherae
    rockintherae Year ago +1

    Your voice is so sexy...

  • Rainedrop
    Rainedrop Year ago +4

    Sooo maybe let's talk about the elephant in the room though..

  • Виктор Новосад

    Please check out Happy Crazy Cool, it`s the best vegan channel, sorry Brett;)

  • Chiara Saporito
    Chiara Saporito Year ago

    Beautiful video but a question are u still with carli?

  • AvidReaderForLife

    Thanks I think these will be great for Christmas

  • sugahznspice
    sugahznspice Year ago

    Ok so you and Carli have been very quiet about your current relationship status. Since you guys used to upload videos and snaps and stuff together allllll the time when U we're together, it's only fair that you guys let your fans and followers know what's going on. It doesn't have to be details but at least let people know if you're together or not sonthe questions and assumptions can end!!!

  • B Owens
    B Owens Year ago +2

    Just here for the comments

  • Maria Marin
    Maria Marin Year ago

    My son was recently told by by his pediatrician that he was allergic to dairy. He was very sad because he loves cheese what's another alternative for cheese

    • Elissa Davis
      Elissa Davis Year ago

      Maria Marin I’m not trying to tell u what to do.......But there is a lot of cruelty where animal products r concerned....Earthlings.....
      James Aspey
      Joey Carbstrong
      Moby - ethical vegan
      Hope that helps.....

    • Maria Marin
      Maria Marin Year ago

      Thanks for replying Brett. Can you do a video of recipes for kids that are dairy free 7

    • Brett Cap
      Brett Cap  Year ago

      there are a bunch of plant cheeses out there on the market but soaking cashews and blending them with other ingredients that mimic the cheese flavor can work too!

  • Bianca Mejia
    Bianca Mejia Year ago +1

    So helpful !

  • Julia's Glamor
    Julia's Glamor Year ago +45

    Brett pick up the phone and call Carli.... you are the man.... no matter what it’s was you can be happy together again.....you know there is no perfect people in this world.... but you are amazing couple.... be smarter than that.... don’t leave this woman to go away..... everything is in your hands.... probably now you think you will find someone better and probably you can but life and relationships are something different.... I am telling you that because I am with my man more 20 year and believe me if we want to find reason to break we will do, but this is not the way.... be smart..... life is short and we don’t have much time to learn how to live with someone forever and if you can do this you will have everything. Love you and believe me I am telling you the truth. Don’t let her go! Always have way back!

    • Linda M
      Linda M Year ago +1

      I don’t know what went on in their relationship but I don’t really think he was the one to blame. I’ve seen past videos of his and I have gotten the impression that she was inconsiderate twirls him. But those are just my thoughts.

    • Julia's Glamor
      Julia's Glamor Year ago +3

      Diana M thank you for your opinion!
      We are humans and we always do mistakes. I am not agree with you. life is a struggle and we have to make an effort for all the important things. Can Brett be wrong, maybe not, but it does not matter. Once they have found the way to each other they will succeed again. How you think all this couples live for a long time.... with no mistakes...... !!!!! Really!!! everything is in a good communication and compromises. Next time just do not tell me what to think. It’s obvious that I know more than you. Wish you all the best :)

    • Diana M
      Diana M Year ago +17

      Julia's Glamor You sound ignorant. You have no idea what they went through or what they’re going through. They broke up for a reason.... a phone call won’t help anything. How do you know he didn’t cheat or something? And your preaching that no matter what the situation is they can be happy together. Uhhh? Use your head. Lol

  • Amada Mia
    Amada Mia Year ago

    Thank you. I would be interested in hearing what you have to say about the harmful chemicals in some of our favorite beauty products and how they can affect us.

  • Tracey T
    Tracey T Year ago +2

    Made the spinach dip yesterday and it was a huge hit with my nonvegan family members ...kudos 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Alexis Salgado
    Alexis Salgado Year ago

    Thank you for the video 🙃

  • Brenda K
    Brenda K Year ago +1

    Aahh!! I’m so thankful for you, Brett!! This is amazing!

  • Brenda K
    Brenda K Year ago

    Aahh!! I’m so thankful for you, Brett!! This is amazing!

  • Marie C.
    Marie C. Year ago

    Really appreciate this video!