Come Vintage Shopping With Me! CUTEST Vintage Easter Haul

  • Published on Mar 28, 2019
  • Come Vintage Shopping With Me!
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    Today we are going vintage shopping! I love going to antique stores, it always helps to relax me. Today I was looking for some 1950's decor items for my wedding and for Easter! They have so many cute pastel vintage items out for Easter now!
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Comments • 74

  • Leslie from Morning Mist Gardens

    Em! Did you hear Doris Day passed today? Like you, I collect her albums as I loved her voice. Sad day

    • SweetEmelyne's
      SweetEmelyne's  8 days ago +1

      yess! I was so sad to hear the news, she was such a great soul

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi Month ago

    Your aqua phone is beautiful! I hope you keep it. In the fifties, women wore a plain housedress at home. Typically, fingernail polish was pink.

  • each little leaf
    each little leaf Month ago

    Do you listen to the 40's channel on Sirius?! It's my favorite!

  • Carolina Pinglo
    Carolina Pinglo Month ago +1

    I would but that entire vintage store haha

  • Amy Dickson
    Amy Dickson Month ago

    You could add them into your bouquet if you are having one

  • Arianne Allard
    Arianne Allard Month ago

    I wish you the best Emelyne! ❤️ I hope you have a great wedding day. Also, there will always be someone that will not support what you do but at the end of the day, it's your life and not theirs. 🙏

  • Bonjourthesi
    Bonjourthesi Month ago

    you look so beautiful ♡

  • Fashioncandyfloss
    Fashioncandyfloss Month ago

    Love the vintage Easter haul!

  • Kerrie Crose
    Kerrie Crose Month ago

    What’s the name of the house channel

    • SweetEmelyne's
      SweetEmelyne's  Month ago

      the link is in the description box:) it's called our little nest

  • Sue P
    Sue P Month ago

    You could hang the Easter decorations around different bouquets. I feel like that would make the extra special for your baby especially the one you’d walk down the isle with.

  • Chanelle Jacob
    Chanelle Jacob Month ago

    I loved the devotional! I truly how you’re incorporating the Word of God in your videos. It’s so inspiring. You are right we need to Love more! Also, I loved the video & the baby mobile idea! 💗

  • Hayley K
    Hayley K Month ago

    On a chandelier or ribbon or bunting on your main table 😍

  • Karsia J
    Karsia J Month ago

    cute video! 💓
    the music reminds me of the sims though and now i wanna play 😂

  • scarlette chloe
    scarlette chloe Month ago

    I love the idea of antique shops & watch all sorts of videos on them, but are they expensive?

    • fat yes
      fat yes Month ago

      Most antique stores have expensive stuff but some have good prices for some items, this is why I mainly shop at thrift stores and do my research after.

  • Victoria Young
    Victoria Young Month ago +3

    Loved this haul! I would love to know what your favorate classic movies are girl 😊

  • Katie Leigh
    Katie Leigh Month ago

    Hiya! I was just wondering if you’re still vegan because I’m a bit confused. If you still are, are you planning on doing another vegan baking video coz I loved the brownie one!

  • Mia Taylor
    Mia Taylor Month ago

    I love the devotionals at the end (I hope I spelled it right)

  • Crafty Vegan Mom
    Crafty Vegan Mom Month ago +9

    You're so sweet! Everyone does need to be nicer and less negative.
    The baby mobile is a great idea and would be so special.

  • gotzBearhugz
    gotzBearhugz Month ago

    I would set up an Easter goodies table in the reception area. Find a pretty cloth, cover the table with dishes of chocolates & other candies, then tape the little ornaments on the front edge of the table so that they hang down like a banner.

  • Nafisa Usha
    Nafisa Usha Month ago +2

    I wish we had these kind of vintage stores here in bangladesh😔
    All of the things r sooo cute😘

  • Amanda Lemon
    Amanda Lemon Month ago +8

    Just a fun suggestion for your guests but perhaps place the Easter ornaments in special spots around the wedding, creating a special scavenger hunt or aka Easter hunt 😉 with fun directions at each one. 💛

  • BonbonsAndBooks ❤︎

    Great vlog I enjoyed it 👌🏻💕

  • gigi love13
    gigi love13 Month ago

    Wow,i also had the same idea of the mobile even before you said it.

  • Candace G
    Candace G Month ago +1

    You could have an Easter tree (mini Christmas tree) and hang those as Easter ornaments. I’ve seen vintage Instagram accounts with Easter trees, and they’re really cute!

  • Kimberly Buford
    Kimberly Buford Month ago

    I haven’t been vintage shopping in so long either!! I was so happy to see this pop up. You could “hide” the decorations in your arrangements like Easter eggs for the kids to spot throughout the service or reception... Like maybe one on the guest book table, in the flowers decorating the altar, in the photo display, in the photo booth/area, in the entryway decorations, etc. It could make for a fun memory! I’m sure you’ll come up with something sweet and fun 😊

  • London Tipton
    London Tipton Month ago +1

    love the devotionals need it

  • maritza alvarez
    maritza alvarez Month ago

    Some of the antiques were really cute

  • Vera Shular
    Vera Shular Month ago

    Did anyone catch that she said her wedding was the weekend of Easter? I hope some flowers are in bloom at that place you took us to when reviewing venues.

  • Grace Elizabeth
    Grace Elizabeth Month ago +4

    You should use the Easter decorations in a wreath! That would be so cute!

  • Jewel Teoh
    Jewel Teoh Month ago

    Hi em! I love your sunglasses, they are so beautiful.. where can I find one? 🎀☁️🎀☁️🌸

  • Judy K
    Judy K Month ago +3

    Oh Emelyne, what a nice idea having the Easter decorations as a mobile for your baby !! Thank you for the devotion I look forward to them. Have a lovely weekend ( Judy )

  • Kate Isted
    Kate Isted Month ago +2

    Oh gosh, do I know how it is to live with negative relatives.

  • Lillian Juliet
    Lillian Juliet Month ago

    The Sims song in the background 🥴😝

  • Lisa McGlone
    Lisa McGlone Month ago

    I painted a white wire birdcage pastel for my wedding it was for cards from people and you could do that and glue the Easter decor on it or place them around it.

  • Maddy S
    Maddy S Month ago +1

    Hey, I have friend who has been feeling very emotionally and spiritually separated from God and feels like she is focusing too much on the material things on life rather than God. They came to me for help and I've tried giving advice and telling them my experiences but I feel like I'm missing the mark. They feel uncomfortable talking to their pastor about this because they are seen as "the perfect young Christian" doing everything right and since they are close to their pastor they don't want their pastors opinion of them to change. Do you have any advice I could give them I am at a loss.❤

  • Susie Q
    Susie Q Month ago

    Loved this! I am so happy for you! Also, the devotional was really encouraging to me so thank you for sharing! ❤️❤️

  • Lyndsay Olson Fibromyalgia Warrior

    I love vintage shopping! You could make a Easter bander with the Easter stuff ! There’s lots of ideas on Pinterest.

  • Jasmine Endemann
    Jasmine Endemann Month ago +4

    Your videos make me so happy! I love how you have a Frank Sinatra radio in your car, I'm obsessed with him! ily em

  • Bryanna Marie
    Bryanna Marie Month ago

    you're so gorgeous (: I've been watching your videos for so long

  • Jenna Graffunder
    Jenna Graffunder Month ago +3

    They would look good on the table bouquets.

  • Marissa Schultz
    Marissa Schultz Month ago

    Maybe you could include the little mobile Easter items in your bouquet or one in each of yours and your bridesmaids bouquet or even around your wedding cake (table) or whatever you plan on having for your wedding, but that is such a cute idea of what the lady at the antique store said!! If you are having a flower girl or ring bearer maybe have it be in their baskets or somehow make a mobile at your wedding (maybe if you have an arch you can hang it in there)? If you're getting close up detailed pictures of your dress, shoes, or rings, I think it would be a cute idea to add them to your pictures somehow as well!! You could also display them at the wedding party table (where you and the groom would sit)? These are just a few of my ideas.

  • Wendy R
    Wendy R Month ago

    I love your vintage videos❤️❤️

  • Lily Tyler
    Lily Tyler Month ago +4

    I love these videos I miss them so much wish there was shops like this in the uk 💗🥰

    • just me
      just me Month ago

      Right? Even the charity shops aren't the same anymore you can't have a good rumage since they set everything out like a new shop 😭

  • florence cavallaro
    florence cavallaro Month ago +2

    great idea for the little oneswowsuch smart thinking

  • florence cavallaro
    florence cavallaro Month ago

    i love old suitcases im so bad i would have bought thoselol

  • florence cavallaro
    florence cavallaro Month ago

    lots of pink glass

  • florence cavallaro
    florence cavallaro Month ago

    love easterthat would look nice at your weddingthats why i love spring so much

  • Lilianna Rivera
    Lilianna Rivera Month ago

    I love u soooo much this vintage store Is so cute these are my favorite videos

  • Emily Loraine
    Emily Loraine Month ago +22

    You could make the mobile and hang it above where you get married as if it's like a mistletoe!

  • ThePhia25
    ThePhia25 Month ago

    Hi Emelyne :-) An idea for the little Easter ornaments you got, you could do a little Easter tree centerpiece, or like where wedding guests sign, put the tree there, something like that.

  • Sandra  Darragh
    Sandra Darragh Month ago +4

    Love your message at the end so true to judge each other and ourselves 💜💜💜

  • Juliana Tascon-Sarasti
    Juliana Tascon-Sarasti Month ago +28

    Hi emelyne. Are you getting married in April? You can probably put the birds in the middle of the flowers!

  • Maddie Thorpe
    Maddie Thorpe Month ago +8

    Omg yes
    Ilysm Em, you're such an inspiration 💜

  • Flawless Faces Make Up by Fiona Fuller

    The Easter decor from the vintage shop look like they're for a Christmas tree but instead u could do an Easter get a big branch like a bare tree put it in a vase of stones or something and spray paint the branch white and hang those adorable decorations on the smaller branches and maybe hang some of the Easter grass from the branches too....idk it's just a thought it might look cute at your wedding if u like it....if u Google pictures it might give u an idea....lysm❤💕

  • Tristen
    Tristen Month ago +9

    you’re my favorite youtuber 🎀💗

  • Lisalivinginthelight
    Lisalivinginthelight Month ago +15

    You find the best vintage shops! And the music *smile* sounds like The Sims theme music.

  • Alba Guijarro Sánchez

    Just finished watching your new video on your other channel and now this!! 💘💘

  • Abi James
    Abi James Month ago +1

    the devotional at the end wow💛 also the wedding is coming up so soon!! I’m so excited! and your vintage antique hauls bringing us back💘

  • Madelynn Marie
    Madelynn Marie Month ago +21

    Your pink sunglasses are the absolute cutest!!!

  • Georgie Girl
    Georgie Girl Month ago +21

    I love your style so much

  • John Pau1
    John Pau1 Month ago

    Love it !😍😘💓

  • Vanessa Diaz
    Vanessa Diaz Month ago +1

    Yass love this video!!

  • Nancy Huynh
    Nancy Huynh Month ago

    Hi, like it

  • Emily
    Emily Month ago +3

    Love you Emelyne!❤

  • HCS Love
    HCS Love Month ago

    yay!!! i love u em!

  • kate the unicorn
    kate the unicorn Month ago +1

    Omg all of that was beautiful😍

  • Fan Girl
    Fan Girl Month ago

    Love you 😍