CES 2019 Dispatch 3: Retro Arcades, Mini Gaming PC and Interviews!

  • Published on Jan 12, 2019
  • Sponsored by the HDHomerun All in One Cord Cutting Solution! lon.tv/hdhomerunces - In our third dispatch we visit Showstoppers where we saw a few new gadgets and conducted a few interviews! Thanks to Goldie Chan for the camera work! See more #CES2019: lon.tv/ces2019 and subscribe! lon.tv/s
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    01:42 - OWC eGPU
    02:25 - OWC Thunderbolt SSD
    02:33 - OWC Thunderbolt Dock
    03:32 - GAEMS Integrated Portable Gaming Console Displays
    05:02 - Interview with Jim Tanous of PC Perspective
    08:15 - New Arcade 1Up Home Arcades
    09:35 - Arcade 1Up Wallcade
    10:11 - Zotac RTX 2080 Ti
    10:31 - Zotac Liquid Cooled RTX 2080 Ti
    11:07 - Zotac RTX 2060
    11:28 - Zotac VR Backpack
    11:58 - Zotac Mini Gaming PC
    12:35 - Interview with Stina of YubiKey
    17:59 - Final Thoughts
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    Hey Lon, Lon here. Nice name. Lons unite!! Together we can rule!!

  • Harlock2day
    Harlock2day 6 months ago

    Not sure about Yubikey, what happens if I lose it ?

    • Lon.TV
      Lon.TV  6 months ago

      That's why they recommend having a few of them. See my video for more backup options: ru-clip.com/video/aGM77cj_sDs/video.html

  • FunsterProductions
    FunsterProductions 7 months ago

    ah cool you ran into PCPER

  • Anton Joseph
    Anton Joseph 7 months ago

    Good job Lon.TV!

  • T
    T 7 months ago +1

    very cute guy lol :

  • Anditrx27
    Anditrx27 7 months ago


  • otter25702
    otter25702 7 months ago

    Well done sir and I really enjoyed your coverage of this years C.E.S..

  • Matthew Davidson
    Matthew Davidson 7 months ago +1

    Great video! I love Stina Ehrensvard and YubiKey too!!

  • Chris Goody
    Chris Goody 7 months ago

    So im assuming there were any small form factor pcs that were shown?

  • Joe Kilpatrick
    Joe Kilpatrick 7 months ago

    Lon thank you for providing great content that is always informative, keep up the great work!

  • eukatech
    eukatech 7 months ago +1

    Good job lon thanks for the content!

  • Jim May
    Jim May 7 months ago

    Great vid.

  • TechLeatherCraft
    TechLeatherCraft 7 months ago

    Love your CES coverage. Fun to see coverage of the smaller or less mainstream companies.

  • Tony Montoya
    Tony Montoya 7 months ago +2

    Wow the Best report i have seen so far

  • RockstarBruski
    RockstarBruski 7 months ago

    Great coverage! The yubikey looks promising as well as other things you showed! Nice camera work Goldie! Thanks Lon for your hard work you did for us viewers to enjoy the coverage! 😎

  • john 009
    john 009 7 months ago

    Any budget laptops??

  • Carrie Gordon
    Carrie Gordon 7 months ago

    Thanks, Lon! Best CES coverage on RU-clip!

  • itsericysj
    itsericysj 7 months ago +3

    Lon, thank you for covering the stuff that other channels don't cover. More power to you.

  • S Bludger
    S Bludger 7 months ago

    This guy screams MUG ME, just looks like he's got expensive shit in his bag.

    • Lon.TV
      Lon.TV  7 months ago

      Not really, all the stuff is out recording :)

  • Ronald De Regt
    Ronald De Regt 7 months ago

    GTX 1060 launch price $250.. RTX 2060 Launch price $350.. Yeah the price is really going down🙄

  • napoleon smith
    napoleon smith 7 months ago

    at 16 min mark, she says you activate your computer once and put it in a drawer. what?? i thought the purpose is so that it authenticates you every time, to see if you are a human. how can you stop phishing attacks??? what gives?

    • Lon.TV
      Lon.TV  7 months ago

      Phishing usually involves somebody using other than your own computer. I know that you can have google authenticate you every time I’m sure others do so as well.

  • Arco Mxxnxn
    Arco Mxxnxn 7 months ago +3

    Tumbs up, also for yubikey

  • Mariusz Fuchs
    Mariusz Fuchs 7 months ago

    Lon i love to watching you great video

  • Rafael Toro VIP
    Rafael Toro VIP 7 months ago +13

    good job Lon. The majority of tech channels are focussed on the main players at CES and do not report vendors from small companies. It is nice to see that you search for the companies and and products that bigger tech channels do not cover. Thanks.

  • tralexan
    tralexan 7 months ago

    Great work! Thanks!

  • Oliver White
    Oliver White 7 months ago +7

    Awesome interview with YubiKey!

  • Ciro Morra
    Ciro Morra 7 months ago

    You are losing your voice Lon! :)

  • chris huston
    chris huston 7 months ago

    Thank you for visiting! Great Concise coverage! And you met the fabled Stena!

  • Im1CrazyCow
    Im1CrazyCow 7 months ago +1

    Hey Lon when talking to the Women From YUBI, I wish you had asked her does the Unlock process transfer to your Mobile device too or do you need a Separate Key for that.
    What I mean is this.....if the YUBI key Unlocks your Desktop/Laptop which when unlocked allows access to your Apps/Programs etc.... So then if the System works this way how does this affect Mobile users or your same account that carries over to your mobile device. Lon I will use "Ebay" in this instance to explain......so if you unlock your Desktop with your YUBI which if set up your Password manger unlocks all your Programs..... ...Does this carry over to Mobile in the way that Say you DO NOT Lock your Cell.....say its not a big use device or its only really used for occasional Website or app log ins which you would have to type in your password..........BUT if the Account is the same you would access through your Mobile How does YUBI treat that App/Program are they Natively Unlocked or would you need another YUBI device? Cow }:-o)

    • chris huston
      chris huston 7 months ago

      This is a pretty good explanation.

    • Im1CrazyCow
      Im1CrazyCow 7 months ago

      Howdy Chris, I know it shows up as a USB device what I was asking them is if you put an adapter on it changes the power draw in MV and somethings are so sensitive they see the change as a possible hack and I was wondering if they make there own or would we need diff keys because of the reason I said and from what I read so far it suggests it will not work because it sees the resistance as a inline device or interference of some type. Cow }:-o)

    • chris huston
      chris huston 7 months ago

      @Im1CrazyCow > from Yubi: To allow the YubiKey to be compatible across multiple hardware platforms and operating systems, the YubiKey appears as a USB keyboard to the operating system. ... Since the YubiKey uses generic keyboard drivers, there are no special drivers that need to be installed to use the YubiKey.

    • Im1CrazyCow
      Im1CrazyCow 7 months ago +1

      Howdy Chris, that's what i was asking because I have the adapters that came with my Note 9 that can make a type c to USB and others but I am worried the YUBI Key would have issues maybe thinking its a way to hack into it and Why I asked LON if maybe they made there own or would we Need separate ones for each ..IE Cell, Desktop. My trucks Laptop etc.... He is going to do in house testing so he should figure it out for us! Cow }:-o)

    • Im1CrazyCow
      Im1CrazyCow 7 months ago +1

      Thanks Lon... why I asked is Because Some Cells, Desktop & NOTE 9 have USB type C ... But if I need to use @ 1 of my Computers at each Barn it only USB 3.0 so I was wondering do they make an add on Converter Like those that came with my NOTE 9 to use in Diff standards or like you said would I need a diff key for each? Thanks Cow }:-o)

  • AhpgZfoc4s
    AhpgZfoc4s 7 months ago +5

    Best CES coverage. Really appreciate it. One note is that I'd use a pop filter for the mic since there are a lot of plosives in the video especially with the Yubikey interview.

  • username30536
    username30536 7 months ago

    Who are those EGPUs for? If you've $400 and the money for a card, wouldn't you just buy a gaming laptop?

  • dave4shmups
    dave4shmups 7 months ago

    Great job Lon!

  • Dambala 56
    Dambala 56 7 months ago

    Great job Lon.

  • Nicegy019
    Nicegy019 7 months ago

    12:35 To be fair, it's not the fault of "passwords" if a user is too lazy to create a unique password for each website they use. That's like saying door locks are ineffective if knowingly leave the door unlocked. There are random password generators people could use and save those login credentials into a document or spreadsheet.

    • Roger Beck
      Roger Beck 7 months ago

      humans are inately lazy .... that is the main (not only) weak link. This is a significant improvement.

    • chris huston
      chris huston 7 months ago

      @Lon.TV I have two Yubikeys which work well on my Apple products and chromebook. One for me, and one for my Dad's accounts.
      Windows Hello support is a kludge [I think].
      Lon can you do a show in the future on yubi use?
      Which YUBI version would you recommend.
      NFC/USB a/c /Lightning.

    • Lon.TV
      Lon.TV  7 months ago +1

      Problem is most consumers aren't doing it. We need better options.

  • ModernDayTech
    ModernDayTech 7 months ago +1

    Good stuff Lon. I must have missed you at showstoppers.

    • Lon.TV
      Lon.TV  7 months ago +1

      We got there a little later on in the evening. Good food there!

  • Ben Wolff
    Ben Wolff 7 months ago

    3:48 drops the screen directly on the controller, putting pressure on the display

    • bg4tification
      bg4tification 7 months ago

      If it's that fragile, it will be no good for the road.

  • J Hort
    J Hort 7 months ago +10

    Thanks Lon! Great coverage and so informative. You are the best!

  • Mordecai Walfish
    Mordecai Walfish 7 months ago +2

    Naah fam, you should look at the lAptop itself for the ports you need.. not some $300 dongle that apple gave you the privilege to use. Sick what people stomach from these companies, and they're crashing for a reason.

  • Al van der Laan
    Al van der Laan 7 months ago +1

    Hah, I recently started following Goldie on LinkedIn. I just love her positive approach. Hope by now you are home safely and not having the conference cough....

  • Al van der Laan
    Al van der Laan 7 months ago +1

    I just love OWC products. They are pricey but have a lot of different docks - which is different than a port replicator. I truly enjoyed all CES coverage and I love your approach in going the other route, you actually showed things I am interested in, not all the big blah blah but going in depth like look at that YubiKey... I am going out to get one and check it out!!

  • TechDoctorUK
    TechDoctorUK 7 months ago +42

    Lon really is a cut above the typical tech reporter 👍

    • Spuds
      Spuds 7 months ago

      @Im1CrazyCow agreed.

    • Im1CrazyCow
      Im1CrazyCow 7 months ago +2

      He asked things we would and not the Fluff Questions like most do to Brown nose the rep of who he is talking to. Cow }:-o)

    • chris huston
      chris huston 7 months ago +1

      @Michael Murphy - A cut above >>
      synonyms: superior to, much better than;
      He is bettah than the rest; Much bettah!
      He is not Wacky.

    • Michael Murphy
      Michael Murphy 7 months ago

      He seems above-board and honest. Is that why you say that?

  • Karp
    Karp 7 months ago +1

    Great video Mr. Seidman!!

  • Mandrake Prada
    Mandrake Prada 7 months ago

    You’re the best mi amigo

  • Anirban Biswas
    Anirban Biswas 7 months ago +8

    this shows how much you're passionate about your work......
    BTW, great Video....