2019 Nintendo Switch Game Coverage & Channel Giveaways

  • Published on Sep 2, 2019
  • Channel update for 2019 Nintendo Switch games I'm covering on the channel: Link's Awakening, Luigi's Mansion 3, Pokemon Sword & Shield, Animal Crossing, & More info!
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    Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon:
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Comments • 549

  • Christopher Alcaraz-Molina

    I want bandana dee (Kirby series) and Steve (Minecraft) in smash ultimate

  • ExQuaze
    ExQuaze Month ago +1

    I hope I can win a nintendo switch. I've been wanting one for a while

  • Silver Devilion Luther


  • Jaber J
    Jaber J Month ago

    Can I win a free copy of Ssbu

  • Ryan Rickman
    Ryan Rickman Month ago

    Congrats on the wedding Austin

  • Fred R
    Fred R 2 months ago

    Some very very exciting things to look forward to! Can’t wait! Thank you for your hard work

  • Ayla Bullock
    Ayla Bullock 2 months ago

    link toon link young link lonk

  • donald martin
    donald martin 2 months ago

    Hopefully you cover little hero town

  • Acoolpineapple _
    Acoolpineapple _ 2 months ago

    Bro. I have to know where you got that shirt! It's so cool!

  • Joseph Gironda
    Joseph Gironda 2 months ago

    Hi......that's all

  • Broeren Games
    Broeren Games 2 months ago

    I wish i could get the switch lite for my mom.. she got some hard times but i cant work anymore bc school...

  • Liam Leslie
    Liam Leslie 2 months ago

    I hope i win the giveaway :)

  • Flying Donuts
    Flying Donuts 2 months ago

    Can you let see how too ket Zelda breaht of the wild on iPhone plssss en i im here sins i i was 4 en im now 10

  • Tomek C
    Tomek C 2 months ago


  • Ari Zourides
    Ari Zourides 2 months ago

    Best of luck for the grind ahead!!! Keen for the Pokémon content. 👍

  • Tuti Andriani
    Tuti Andriani 2 months ago

    I from indonesia

  • Emanuela Cerrato
    Emanuela Cerrato 2 months ago +1

    Wooooo your tatoo are so cuteee!!!

  • EJ Guevarra
    EJ Guevarra 2 months ago

    You missed one pokemon sword and shield trailer about new abilities and moves

  • Bennett Kitzberger
    Bennett Kitzberger 2 months ago


  • Teddy Mattingly
    Teddy Mattingly 2 months ago

    How do we get a switch

  • mario calderon
    mario calderon 2 months ago

    Spoiler alert he blows up the island

  • ΩKhmerSpark
    ΩKhmerSpark 2 months ago

    Who else remembers the ultralocke

  • JoeMFClark
    JoeMFClark 2 months ago

    "Comcast is the Devil" - Austin John

  • Out of the Blue
    Out of the Blue 2 months ago

    So glad you ain't dead hahahah and BIG YAY on the wedding my dude happy for you man, SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU BACK!!!

  • ThatCrazy GamePlayer
    ThatCrazy GamePlayer 2 months ago

    I already subscribed and it's not putting me in :(

  • Bit Goblin
    Bit Goblin 2 months ago

    You mean CONCAST ! As SOON as FIOS hit my area Concast got the breakup phone call. Not even in person .... Yup I did them dirty like that !

  • Carlos Chavez
    Carlos Chavez 2 months ago

    Missed you Austin! Don’t leave again

  • Khaoz Dizfunktionale
    Khaoz Dizfunktionale 2 months ago

    dude, play the OG DX version, you wont regret it, its amazing. dont hold it to the same standards as the oracle games but for the time it was created right after a link to the past and a sequel of sorts, it was way ahead of its time like most games in the series are, it might be harder to go back and play it after the new one, but the OG is def. worth the playthrough. its on the eshop. would be nice if they included the og like dragon quest did their retro thing, a callback, would love to play it on the switch.

  • Gabriel Lugo
    Gabriel Lugo 2 months ago

    Yo his wedding day is one day after my birthday

  • Noah Brown
    Noah Brown 2 months ago

    I am wearing the same shirt as u right now

  • cole carver
    cole carver 2 months ago

    You dah best

  • Xavier Tessereau
    Xavier Tessereau 2 months ago

    you know what? I thought you died... (I missed your stuff glad you're back!)

  • SA Twins GC
    SA Twins GC 2 months ago

    Awe some

  • 2011zeldafan
    2011zeldafan 2 months ago

    Dude glad you’re better. Congratulations on the wedding. Can’t wait for Links Awakening, played it on the original game boy. It was pretty fun.

  • FlameGaming
    FlameGaming 2 months ago +1

    Congrats on the wedding you deserve the Love!
    Can't wait for Zelda Botw 2!!!!!

  • Ahamkara Moksha
    Ahamkara Moksha 2 months ago


  • Sergio Canseco
    Sergio Canseco 2 months ago

    “Comcast is the devil...” ....I feel you bro

  • Lucky 13
    Lucky 13 2 months ago +1

    Hey ,I'm not ded .

  • Deadshotleon 666
    Deadshotleon 666 2 months ago

    I love this channel have a great wedding

  • StrikerCat
    StrikerCat 2 months ago

    Congratulations on marriage

  • SavageGaming /Soccer
    SavageGaming /Soccer 2 months ago

    Good luck

  • xtreemej7
    xtreemej7 2 months ago

    Hope you will cover the new Darksiders game.

  • makotonaegihope
    makotonaegihope 2 months ago

    You should play fire emblem three houses

  • Marco Rosella
    Marco Rosella 2 months ago

    Botw 2 will be sooooo epic

  • Lori Vapes
    Lori Vapes 2 months ago

    Congratulations on your soon to be wedding! 💗🥰💗👍👍

  • Seventh Link
    Seventh Link 2 months ago

    Wish you two the best. 😁

  • ryan rempel
    ryan rempel 2 months ago

    So many youtubers took a summer break at the same time now everyone is coming back. The dry desert of content is finally replenished

  • Sakuragoku E
    Sakuragoku E 2 months ago

    Congrats ur wedding!!!

    MYSTIC 2 months ago

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! On your wedding

  • Carmello kingMello Boone

    Your welcome

  • Felipe Campos
    Felipe Campos 2 months ago

    Kinda sad you don't cover Fire Emblem tho... thats Nintendo Exclusive... u.u

  • eugene kim
    eugene kim 2 months ago


  • Markus Kildal
    Markus Kildal 2 months ago

    The two best youtubers getting married within 4 weeks. Congrats.

  • Gamer Console234
    Gamer Console234 2 months ago +2

    I started watching your channel when you were making sun and moon content
    been watching ever since
    so nice to see you back and nearly at 1mil

  • Exoboi
    Exoboi 2 months ago

    Have a happy wedding

  • Crypto Villain Thoughts

    Welcome back!

  • Michael LaRue
    Michael LaRue 2 months ago

    Yay you are back! Congrats on the wedding!

  • Meliodas Almighty Boss
    Meliodas Almighty Boss 2 months ago

    Which pokemon game are you getting? @Austin John

  • Meliodas Almighty Boss
    Meliodas Almighty Boss 2 months ago

    Congrats on you're wedding! 👍

  • Jeremy Teixeira
    Jeremy Teixeira 2 months ago

    trying to buy a micro sd for my switch and I know u did a video on which 1 to buy for cheaper than nintendo?