CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 4 | Ep. 2: “Flew The Coop”

  • Published on Mar 26, 2019
  • One of the Chicken Girls says goodbye to Attaway.
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    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, "The Chicken Girls" - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
    CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 4 | Ep. 2: “Flew The Coop”
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  • Brat
    Brat  3 months ago +1757

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    • Celina Moncibaez
      Celina Moncibaez 5 days ago

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    • Celina Moncibaez
      Celina Moncibaez 5 days ago

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    • Wania Ahmed
      Wania Ahmed 21 day ago

      You guys are the best I wish I could actually see you write now

    • Renee Little
      Renee Little Month ago

      ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤BRAT An rhyme my fav HI IM 11

    • vivi msp
      vivi msp Month ago

      125 $ FOR A BRACLETT???////

  • Alyssa Cruz
    Alyssa Cruz 9 hours ago +1

    I love chicken girls

  • Gary Crebert
    Gary Crebert 16 hours ago

    Hayden and Annie

  • Nouran Yasser
    Nouran Yasser Day ago

    am i the only one who is wondering where the school dress code is ??????

  • KaiyaPlayz
    KaiyaPlayz Day ago

    I like how harmney is like a mother to annie

  • Amy Andrade
    Amy Andrade Day ago

    I love rewatching this and I love when she cusses


    When are they not having relationship problems like let them have a stable relationship wH

  • L
    L 2 days ago

    Guys... she’s going to Crown Lake!!

  • Patience Walmsley
    Patience Walmsley 2 days ago

    8:16 she was watching hotel du loone

  • Jorja Pugh
    Jorja Pugh 3 days ago


  • Mallory Ann
    Mallory Ann 3 days ago

    Nooooooooo Kayla is my favorite character!!!!!

  • Yasmin Hatem
    Yasmin Hatem 3 days ago

    Is it me or is rhymes sister her mother

  • Christabel Uwaya
    Christabel Uwaya 4 days ago

    Author looks like a girl no offence

  • Apricot Sunset
    Apricot Sunset 4 days ago +1

    Kayla and flash are the literal cutest and if they break up I’m gonna die
    Edit: I’m officially dead

  • jocelyn jones
    jocelyn jones 5 days ago +1

    Who else thinks Drake got uglier. Not saying he’s ugly but...

  • Leslie Roman
    Leslie Roman 6 days ago

    If you like people just kiss them

  • Yarielis Gracia
    Yarielis Gracia 6 days ago +1

    Click here if you love chicken grils.
    | down her.😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • Raul Esparza
    Raul Esparza 6 days ago

    A am a girl 😂😂😭😭😷love yall

  • Trice Bynum
    Trice Bynum 7 days ago


  • soleil amiya
    soleil amiya 7 days ago +1

    Is that Kathy

  • Chomba Lukama
    Chomba Lukama 7 days ago

    Turn this blue if you think flash is cheating ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

  • Brianna Garcia
    Brianna Garcia 8 days ago


  • Galaxy ROBLOX
    Galaxy ROBLOX 8 days ago


  • Galaxy ROBLOX
    Galaxy ROBLOX 8 days ago

    5:30 DID SHE JUST SAY "We need to get you out of this f**k"?!

  • Tintu Bino
    Tintu Bino 8 days ago

    What happened to Drake and Rhyme
    And who's that new guy " Ezra"

  • Shukri Hassan
    Shukri Hassan 9 days ago


  • tarsmommy
    tarsmommy 10 days ago

    I love brat

  • Leanne Santella
    Leanne Santella 10 days ago +1

    Who ships rhyme and Ezra


  • theo theo
    theo theo 10 days ago

    Where is TK? It's not fun TK is not there! Please come back.

  • Sophia Plays
    Sophia Plays 10 days ago

    I feel like all these videos from brat are called different things but it's like a intire life🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • PrincessNicole dela Pena

    i love HANNIE TEAM

  • nizar Doha
    nizar Doha 11 days ago


  • Ester World
    Ester World 11 days ago +1

    All the film is about the boys!

  • Kailee Troy
    Kailee Troy 12 days ago

    Brat has a lot of great shows

  • Aliyah Lazaro
    Aliyah Lazaro 12 days ago


  • xXChubbyBunnyXx
    xXChubbyBunnyXx 12 days ago

    All the boys that Annie likes, they just get even cuter xD

  • Anis Abdillah
    Anis Abdillah 13 days ago

    Rooney always steal boys from other girls

  • Jocelynn Peters
    Jocelynn Peters 13 days ago


  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person 13 days ago

    Rhyme needs to pick a boy danggg girl.😂😂

  • vixxii_
    vixxii_ 13 days ago

    Seems like TK is really important in Rhymes life because she writes letters for him...every episode?

  • Myra Colunga
    Myra Colunga 14 days ago

    Who misses t k if you miss him please like

  • Rachel Lee
    Rachel Lee 14 days ago

    7:45 get it?! like caden's cubs❤️

  • Horselover 89898
    Horselover 89898 15 days ago

    When birdie was is bed wasn't she listening to hotel de loone check it out Hayley is in it

  • Rhond Ngirm
    Rhond Ngirm 15 days ago

    Chiken girls sould go on netflix

  • Grace Ansin
    Grace Ansin 16 days ago

    Are they swapping guys?

  • nikki omidvari
    nikki omidvari 16 days ago

    Dont they have any thing called dress code?

  • Sami Playz
    Sami Playz 17 days ago

    Is it me or. do you hear please honey we have to get out of this fuc* at 5:33

  • Ava Castillo
    Ava Castillo 17 days ago +1

    Ahh if Ezra and Rhyme start dating that's the tea sis☕

  • Gary the_god
    Gary the_god 18 days ago

    this is my brother phone but my name is jakayvia

  • Gary the_god
    Gary the_god 18 days ago

    can I please join one please I'm kind of not great

  • Sophie Nguyen
    Sophie Nguyen 19 days ago

    Ooooooooo when birdie said I have a headache and your making it worse

  • Driiippyy Dana
    Driiippyy Dana 20 days ago

    what happen to birdy ?

  • margarettt Napppier
    margarettt Napppier 20 days ago +2

    Did anyone else just learn that Rhymes last name is McAdams

  • Random things and me
    Random things and me 20 days ago

    I love this show

  • Grace Gilleran
    Grace Gilleran 21 day ago +1

    isint kaylas mom Rebecca

    • Cxsmicc
      Cxsmicc 19 days ago

      no thats quinns mom

  • makenzie cunningham
    makenzie cunningham 21 day ago

    the charm bracelet is over priced!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aldc Abby dance company fans r23


  • emma davill
    emma davill 21 day ago

    Who’s watching this in 2019 I am

  • emma davill
    emma davill 21 day ago

    I will add a chicken 🐣 for every like


  • Gabriella Pena
    Gabriella Pena 21 day ago


  • soriana medina
    soriana medina 22 days ago

    Why is everyone hitting up on Rhyme like she’s honestly ugly and she’s a FRESHMAN

  • SnoopyGirl2008
    SnoopyGirl2008 22 days ago +1

    When Birdie got a text a got a youtube notification and i was like when did my tablet get a noise affect

  • Emma's roundhouse
    Emma's roundhouse 22 days ago

    Nooo Kayla please don't leave 😭

  • Emma's roundhouse
    Emma's roundhouse 22 days ago

    Hey guess what? KAYLA'S MOM IS ALOT LIKE MY MOM!!!😠

  • Erza Shala
    Erza Shala 23 days ago

    I love you soo muchhhh❤❤❤😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰👍👍👍😘😘😘😚😚😊😊👸👸👸👸👸👍🥰

  • C H
    C H 24 days ago +1

    So is Hayden just done working with brat or what?

  • M *
    M * 25 days ago +2

    Kayla said she was gonig to crown Lake i love brat!

  • Jayla Smith
    Jayla Smith 25 days ago +1

    I will add a 💩 for every like

  • A Non
    A Non 25 days ago

    👍❤👍 this how many people love the chicken girls

  • Kerryn Mcdonald
    Kerryn Mcdonald 26 days ago

    5:32 did she say funk or the f word bc I turned on captions and it said funk but it didn’t sound like that