NEVER Sleep Under This Tree (You'll Never Wake Up)

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • There are some extremely dangerous trees out there, especially the borrachero tree. This tree is used to make a drug called the 'devils breath'. Its known as the most dangerous tree in the world.
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  • Arie Junot Wijanarko
    Arie Junot Wijanarko 11 hours ago


  • MK Wong
    MK Wong Day ago


  • Andrew Schmitt
    Andrew Schmitt 4 days ago

    I had sleep paralysis like if you had it

  • Tutu Tutu
    Tutu Tutu 5 days ago

    On second thought its not the tree's fault

  • Miguel Lawas
    Miguel Lawas 6 days ago

    I know I well cut the tree

  • Solaire Of Astora
    Solaire Of Astora 8 days ago

    So THAT’s where they got the name for the virus in Spider-Man (PS4)

  • Jake Weston
    Jake Weston 9 days ago


  • Sharvina Suggun
    Sharvina Suggun 10 days ago

    OMG 😱! (danger)

  • Mikki-Draws :3
    Mikki-Draws :3 13 days ago

    So...sleep walking.

    But more dangerous.

  • TheoCreeper2010 TM
    TheoCreeper2010 TM 14 days ago

    0:34 he died!

  • Kesavan Ramesh
    Kesavan Ramesh 14 days ago

    Please do an episode about lucid dreams

  • Jess Henriquez
    Jess Henriquez 15 days ago

    I grew up with a big beautiful tree of the peach colored one (a brugmansia tree not datura). The tree was the most beautiful, most scented, most abundant and most calming tree we ever had. We lived next to a dairy farm and the smell was just horrible. Fertilizers, chemicals, manure, cow feed and even dead cows would seep into our house and most of the time makes us nauseous, dizzy and had horrible migraines (not headaches). Our tree would make our whole house smell so much better, when it was in bloom, which was very often, it would give us the peace of being able to go to sleep with its aroma. As I watch this video it says it might give you bad dreams. But I don't recall having bad dreams, that's not until it was cut down. When my mom started dating this guy after being alone for quite some time with 2 kids, the guy decided to take it upon himself to cut it down because it was too dangerous to have with kids around.... we had been living in Puerto Rico for about 5 years and didn't know that the tree was poisonous. But we loved our tree because we admired its smell and its beauty and respected it and we knew not to eat it or make tea of it as the guy stated that that what was so bad of it. The tea produced by this tree could make people hallucinate and become mental for the rest of their lives or even kill people. So in fear that someone would do this he chopped it down. After the tree was gone that's when we missed it the most. I recall having bad dreams and even experienced sleep paralysis for the first time. So if this tree of ours was poisoning us while we had it next to our house then it was worth it. I miss its scent greatly and would love to have this tree again in my future home.

  • Jas The Stoner
    Jas The Stoner 17 days ago

    5:12 Who still uses a big ass paper map in 2019 anyways? FAIL 😁

  • FireflowerDancer
    FireflowerDancer 18 days ago +1

    Fear mongering, gag me. It's just a tree. The extract scopolamine no doubt deserves its deadly reputation. But I highly doubt you could go into a coma by sleeping under a tree.

  • Corinna Beck
    Corinna Beck 19 days ago

    UMmmmMmmM okay. I’m scared now.-.

  • Critian De leon
    Critian De leon 20 days ago

    I don't really go outside our sleep outside then I'm safe

  • anne villamor
    anne villamor 20 days ago

    also any tree's can make u have hard breathing.

  • Teach me how to make a cheese pizza

    Why didn’t the president of America give Kim jong un scopolamine?

  • Yeet 999
    Yeet 999 21 day ago


    AMABEL RESMA 22 days ago

    I don't want to sleep in that tree

  • IcyDestroyer1
    IcyDestroyer1 22 days ago

    So sleep under it so we don’t have endure you’re crappy clickbait.

  • Geqing Liu
    Geqing Liu 23 days ago

    People sleep on beds

  • Tina hermogeno
    Tina hermogeno 24 days ago

    Don't sleep under borchero tree guys
    Be safe:)

  • Misaku _Chan
    Misaku _Chan 24 days ago

    How did u know? Did u try it ;-;

  • Games and Stuff
    Games and Stuff 28 days ago

    This should be a scp though

  • Aritzy Nolasco
    Aritzy Nolasco 28 days ago

    LOL why would someone sllep under a tree 😂😂

  • Kangaroo Joey
    Kangaroo Joey 29 days ago

    I’ve got 2 important rules guys not dislike random comments not forget about me when i am gone i will come back
    3.don’t ask me how to count

  • Korrie Rose
    Korrie Rose Month ago

    Soooo yeah, never going to Colombia

  • Coolgamer 200815
    Coolgamer 200815 Month ago

    Wow wow wow u saying that two women used the drugs for a men to give them 6,0000 dollars damn the gold diggers are now using drugs for money hope the police does something about Colombian gold diggers so guys like if u agree that Colombian gold diggers are worse than American because American gold diggers try convincing rich men but Colombian use a drug to control them so if u have a Colombian suspiciously girlfriend or friend who likes money or a wife just try to see what they are up too maybe they want to drug u and steal ur money and get out of Colombia to escape police no one knows so be careful of Colombian gold diggers also like this comment if u agree police should arrest Colombian gold diggers

  • Trez Ching MY
    Trez Ching MY Month ago

    Sxvfdcfssd did I bring to the red

  • Player
    Player Month ago +1

    Don't sleep under it... *Ok*

    *SLEEP ON TOP OF IT!!!!!!!!*

  • Ultimate
    Ultimate Month ago

    I've slept under this four times ngl

  • Karen Hsieh
    Karen Hsieh Month ago


  • Karen Hsieh
    Karen Hsieh Month ago

    Mario is just sleeping into the tree and he doesn't died

  • Altan Gerel
    Altan Gerel Month ago

    wait does it work on children cus I can’t remember anything when I was 9 in my birthday or I was drunk 🥴

  • Kent Cargo
    Kent Cargo Month ago

    The poor can achieve that because.............


    EASY RIGHT?.......

  • Maiba Nga Naman
    Maiba Nga Naman Month ago +1

    the philippines also have that tree

  • Jerson Mujal
    Jerson Mujal Month ago

    If you want to avoid this...Dont go to colombia..

  • Jerson Mujal
    Jerson Mujal Month ago

    I remember when i was a child 10 years ago.. my grandmother has this in her garden.. we always pick it and use it as a toy.. it has no effect on us.. i dont know why..

  • Carl Heffner
    Carl Heffner Month ago +1

    Tbh with ya, if i had this...power.....i would probably mess with my frens with it

  • ShadowRival
    ShadowRival Month ago

    Waitaminute... I think I've seen this tree

  • Stacy Oguaka
    Stacy Oguaka Month ago +2

    when you said you will become like a child ugh offensive to children

    Edit: any kids here comment if you want me to know

  • Dragon’s Arch
    Dragon’s Arch Month ago

    We should cut down all of the trees so we can never be get robbed by anyone

  • Jennifer Storey-Cooper

    I need some sleep

    Waches ill never sleep under neeth a tree again...

  • Sabre789
    Sabre789 Month ago

    You don’t heart you’re comments

  • Adventure and Play with ME!

    Haha thats funny

  • Zephyr Diskツ
    Zephyr Diskツ Month ago

    *This Video Is Fake*

    If you are sleeping under a tree while it's night then the tree will not produce oxygen because there is no sunlight


  • jennasolange
    jennasolange Month ago

    Don’t do it under that tree ok

  • jingjing liang
    jingjing liang Month ago

    Why do they make them then?

  • Mike Hays
    Mike Hays Month ago +1


  • Gilfhunter X JizzJizz

    In germany we call it angeltropet

  • Ezra muo
    Ezra muo Month ago +3

    How to avoid this weird tree:
    We can cut off the flower and burry them.

  • Ezra muo
    Ezra muo Month ago +1

    0:44-0:47 is awesome
    BE AMAZED is the learning room for lovers and subscribers (like me)

  • Jenny Nguyen
    Jenny Nguyen Month ago


  • Lunar Eminy
    Lunar Eminy Month ago

    what a coincidence... my story is about manipulation... that's strange...

  • Julie Gadia
    Julie Gadia Month ago

    This video makes me to not Go camping
    because I might sleep under the tree
    you know what I dont like nature

  • Rovin Jan Pioquinto

    My grandma have this tree in her garden

  • Müra-o Eyes on You

    You say I played with a poison flower?
    Well it's abundant near my house when I was a kid and I used to play with the flowers with my friends. No one knows that this flower is dangerous.
    Oh thank God I am still alright.
    Love from India.

  • Help me Make a username

    I.... you..... IM SCARED!!!!

  • Ava Alendarova
    Ava Alendarova Month ago +1

    Chemical u chemical x chemical w chemical r

    ODINS WOLF Month ago

    I stay in romania and i se this trees îs have bees in Im romanian sallut eu sunt Cristi

  • 엗지
    엗지 Month ago

    we have this plant in our house and thought of sleeping under it😂😂

  • Magicanimal176 Production

    I'm not sleeping under that tree or take the drug EVER!!!!!!!

  • Ojay Barker
    Ojay Barker Month ago

    It's in Jamaica

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis Month ago

    Need that scope and get the irs to raise everybody score to 900 lol

  • lorenz G
    lorenz G Month ago

    I know this in philippines we call it katsubong and this tree has more high than mariquana.

  • DZNUTZ 2003
    DZNUTZ 2003 Month ago

    Cool snake

  • Giga Soxadze
    Giga Soxadze Month ago

    Warning! When your dad don't buys you thing that you want tell him to sleep under this tree! Hehehehe

  • Elvis Cabral
    Elvis Cabral Month ago

    They have that tree in Dominican republic tea de canpanna

  • Dantrel Van Winkle
    Dantrel Van Winkle Month ago

    this plant is also present in the philippines. most people here in the Philippines dont know the usage of this plant.

  • Bebe 123
    Bebe 123 Month ago

    They should cut the tree

  • Isom Crawford
    Isom Crawford Month ago

    I know this tree

  • Claudius Jean
    Claudius Jean Month ago

    Some of the borrachero flowers look like insects hanging from them.

  • Pretty Cyjah
    Pretty Cyjah Month ago

    boil and drink that plant, next thing u know you go nuts!

  • Liam Fitzgerald
    Liam Fitzgerald Month ago

    haven't watched the video, I just want to know where I can find this tree.