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  • Published on Feb 24, 2019
  • This multiple award winning Hindi short film is about a victim of domestic violence who chose to remain silent must find her courage to help her daughter from making the same mistake that she did.. This Hindi short movie features popular actors Sadiya Siddiqui, Enab Khizra, Sidharth Bhardwaj, Shiva Jha Mathur, Monica Arora & is directed by Saurabh K Thakur. Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India has recommended to watch "Meeraas" for sharing the message of speaking up against domestic violence. Every time you suffer in silence, a new victim is born. This celebrity short film has won AWARDS at various film festivals-
    Independent Shorts Award, Cult Critic Movie Awards, DMDFF, A Show For A Change Film Festival, Virgin Spring Cine Fest, Lake View International Film Festival, Indo Goa Film Festival, Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival, Rome Independent Prisma,
    Free Spirit Film Festival, Goa Short Film Festival, Starlite Film Awards & more. ALSO WATCH- Celebrity short film about conflict & acceptance between a grand mother & younger generation..
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Comments • 620

  • Six Sigma Films
    Six Sigma Films  18 days ago

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  • madhusudhan reddy
    madhusudhan reddy 12 days ago

    Respond with double force, not to bear meekly.

  • nh humbal
    nh humbal 16 days ago

    agar ma ko ye sb sahan krta beti dekhti age vo bi chup rehti agar ma khud strong bnegi to beti Apne ap samna krna sikh jayegi...

  • kishor thakkar
    kishor thakkar 17 days ago

    Wow ,,,,supar

  • Amit Soni
    Amit Soni 23 days ago

    Women ko apne huw ki ldai khud ldna chahiye kisi dusre ka wait nhi karna chahiye..

  • Shivani Mehta
    Shivani Mehta 27 days ago +2

    I can husband used to beat me up every now and then...after that I also started beating him up. Now slowly he stopped.

  • June Bhattacharjee
    June Bhattacharjee Month ago

    Stern laws are to be made in order to save victims of domestic violence and the unruly men to be severely punished

  • sucharita pal
    sucharita pal Month ago

    Mere Paros me har Roz ek Insaan k ves me Janwar apni patni Ko bare berahmi se Marta h.....choti choti baat par Kavi namak kam to Kavi der se chai.....koi nhi Bachata ......sab darte h

  • Umbreen Naqvi
    Umbreen Naqvi Month ago

    Really we should speak up at the same moment never hide

  • Six Sigma Films
    Six Sigma Films  Month ago +1

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  • Shahid Siddiqui
    Shahid Siddiqui Month ago

    We’re living in 20 th centuries women should know there rights speak up

  • Haider Raees
    Haider Raees Month ago

    Women shouldn't allow their husbands hit them by staying silent dont don't listen to others listen to your inner self and be confident

  • Nimit Jain
    Nimit Jain Month ago

    No solution has come to speak

  • Bikram Karki
    Bikram Karki Month ago

    Ending is not upto the mark
    Mom daughter both should slap those two basterds tab Maja ata
    Hit like if u agree

  • Gaurvi Maheshwari
    Gaurvi Maheshwari Month ago

    very nice movie

  • Prabhjot Singh
    Prabhjot Singh Month ago

    Stop it at the very first move....

  • Charu Singh
    Charu Singh 2 months ago

    That's why each women should take a step ahead and don't depend on others for your protection always keep strong resistancet against any kind of violence and be brave and through such type of man out of your life

  • mukesh kumar
    mukesh kumar 2 months ago

    Boring. This is not possible this time. Ladies are more powers than man. I think ladies are torturing the men in these times

  • Six Sigma Films
    Six Sigma Films  2 months ago

    ALSO WATCH- Award winning film about conflict & acceptance between a grand mother & younger generation..

  • Anjali .Sharma
    Anjali .Sharma 2 months ago

    904 ye wahi honge jo ese karte h 👿👿👿

  • riya 1234
    riya 1234 2 months ago

    So painful Story. Sometimes what suffered mother same thing daughter also suffered. Because of society one have to face all this thing. But this mother is so bold she don't want same from her daughter. How much pain is there .society helps culprit not victim.inspite of facing this much pain women always give smile.when we try to speak up but who will listen us. No one

  • Susmita Devi
    Susmita Devi 2 months ago

    Ye sab tah atcha hae ...humae bolna jarurat hay...lekin in sabse jada jarrort hae A Girl SHOULD FINANCIALLY STABLE...if she is not financially stable than she find rare one who help her

  • Nandita Mishra
    Nandita Mishra 2 months ago

    They should have protest against their husband 😡

    SHIKHA SAVITA 2 months ago

    Silent rahna har jagah acha nahi hota aur apni hi tarah apni aage aane wali pidhi ko julm sahne ki Prerna Dena aur julm ke liye aawaz na udhana ,samaj ko julm ke prati agrsar krna hai isliye dar ko waha Tak simit rakhe jha tak wah julm na bane kyoki julm ban Jane ke Baad use khatam kr pana bahut muskil hota hai. Meri is samaz se yahi gujaris hai.

  • pubgGirl mahi
    pubgGirl mahi 2 months ago

    Makes me cry 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Sakshi Bhardwaj
    Sakshi Bhardwaj 2 months ago

    People who disliked it are devils from inside

  • Baba Babas
    Baba Babas 2 months ago

    Crying wont help , raising voice will ...

  • Six Sigma Films
    Six Sigma Films  2 months ago +3

    ALSO WATCH: Trending Film "Nightmare" about a wife cheating on husband -

  • Gurdev Sandhu
    Gurdev Sandhu 2 months ago

    How he treat his wife, his daughter got the same treatment.see if he can take it now.

  • Blessed girl
    Blessed girl 3 months ago

    I have faced in beginning of my marriage, my mother in law was pathetic leady she used black magic on us to break my family and kill me. But you know what I firmly believe in god. God protected me and my family. I stand up against all bad things with god's faith. Now me and my 👪 is happy .only financial independence won't change everything. But read bhagvad Gita and Ramayana and old literaters what other leady did with power of spiritual growth in satyug. Live with your family it's your right to be happy and healthy.follow saints advices not people's or relatives advice.dnt ever give right to people to harass you, beat you. Whatever our other family members tell you dnt listen.

  • aaps hunter
    aaps hunter 3 months ago

    There should be law :: any man who beats her wife should be officially called
    Naamard ki Aulaad

  • madhu mitha
    madhu mitha 3 months ago

    is this still continuing .......... such a husbands are blind fellows who don't even know how to stay with a women.......but still says women are respected in society......... such a thing should not encouraged............ she can divorce him and start a new life because she is educated..... please dont support this social r domestic violence...........jai hind.

  • Manoo Mittal
    Manoo Mittal 3 months ago

    Today society has changed itni bhi chhup nahi rehti ladkiyan aajkal atleast in urban places...
    Har baat society par daal kar apni kamjori nahi chhupani chahiye...
    Log bhi ussi ia saath dete hai jo himmat kare...

  • Srushti Makhija
    Srushti Makhija 3 months ago


  • Its Me
    Its Me 3 months ago

    Kya story h ye ending to karte

  • Reshma Udamanalli
    Reshma Udamanalli 3 months ago


  • Anjali Vyas
    Anjali Vyas 3 months ago


  • BINOD kumar
    BINOD kumar 3 months ago

    If girl give 1👋 to boy then really he is known

  • Sachin Sachan
    Sachin Sachan 3 months ago +1

    Mera hamesha se manna rha hai k women ko financially empower k जरूरत h. Taki woh decision le sken

  • Maan Garg
    Maan Garg 3 months ago

    Men should respct her wife..lady kud ki respect mard ki himmt nhi k vo hath utha ske..bina glti k.

  • crazyminds DIY hacks
    crazyminds DIY hacks 3 months ago

    my mother suffered this,,, but she still dsnt support me whnever theres n abuse or highly offending or rude behaviour towards me from my father n brthr,,,infact she tries to takeout my mistake n tries to gain their support for herself,,,, i hv suffered A LOT BCZ OF MY MOM,S NATURE

  • all mighty hatsoff to u

    So touching this is what here male dominating society everywhere & what to say no words xtreme touchy

  • Phani Priya
    Phani Priya 3 months ago +1

    My father in law treated my mom in law she took the whole revenge on me and my co sister

  • V YD
    V YD 3 months ago

    What a ...message..just kick the idiot oldman n his damad....
    End is good ..but I would have loved to see both getting to taste their own medicine 👊👊👊👊

  • Princess of Assam Sristi

    Akhir kiyu wo mard apni wife par hath uthati hain sahe to wife bhi hath utha sskte he par esa to nehi karte ha na.....!!!!!

  • Radha Jagannathan
    Radha Jagannathan 3 months ago

    Some men are souless beasts

  • ramesh kumar
    ramesh kumar 3 months ago

    excellent concept

  • Gaurie Jayasekara
    Gaurie Jayasekara 3 months ago

    Same my husband.I faced cruel.After I thought to devorce.I tell every woman,don’t face cruel.

  • Vikash Kumar Yadav
    Vikash Kumar Yadav 3 months ago

    why dislikes????

  • Archana Sharma
    Archana Sharma 4 months ago

    Aurat tab nahi marti jab uska husband use marta hai , wo tab marti hai jab uske khudke maa baap kehte hai sehna to padega, tab apko pata chalta hai ki ap bas unke liye bhi ek object hai jisse unki izzat maintain hoti hai , or tab ladkiyo ko pata chalta hai ki unka koi ghar nahi ,this is ridiculous,

  • Six Sigma Films
    Six Sigma Films  4 months ago

    ALSO WATCH: Short film ft Sulagna Chatterjee about domestic violence & fight back..

  • dheer Ahirwar
    dheer Ahirwar 4 months ago

    mujhe gussa aa jata hai . per maine apni wife pe kabhi haat nahi uthaya. na saia karunga. sabhi ki apni self respect hoti hai. i respect her & i love her .

  • Dragon ball fan
    Dragon ball fan 4 months ago +1

    Goku vs jiren is epic

  • Kulwant Kour
    Kulwant Kour 4 months ago

    Hme khud awaj uthani hogi.... Chup mt betho

  • Sushmita 1298
    Sushmita 1298 4 months ago +1

    Women should be strong enough to walk away from such a hell life where there is nothing to adjust it's not that man being physically strong they have right to torture their wives they should have shame on themselves.
    A real gentleman can never do this.

  • I am The Greatest
    I am The Greatest 4 months ago

    Leaving a abusive relationship is best solution.

  • RAJNI singh
    RAJNI singh 4 months ago

    Same situation in my family.. lekin Mai hamesha apni mother ke liye khadi rahti she don't make any Stand for me... Now I'm like emotionless person.. bt still she want my support...she doesn't want to Stand against my father..she always want that I fight with my father.. and now result is father hates me... Bt still she doesn't take stand for me... 😫😫😫😭😭😭😭😭

  • Sreya Banerjee
    Sreya Banerjee 4 months ago

    Abhi kahan hota hai aisa...... Kaun pit ti hai, hum hi pit denge ulta

  • Nipa Hasan
    Nipa Hasan 4 months ago +1

    Right spik up 😞😞😞

  • Navodita Bhatt
    Navodita Bhatt 4 months ago

    Little more explanation is required