FINALE! - Zelda: Ocarina of Time Randomizer Versus - Episode 17

  • Published on Dec 14, 2018
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    Welcome to Ocarina of Time Randomizer Versus! For this series, our goal is to collect every medallion before the other person and fight Ganon! The mod randomizes all chest items, heart piece pickups, minigame items and boss items, additionally the mod also allows us to have the forest and door of time open from the start, which we have chosen to implement!
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Comments • 89

  • Quicksilver Lance
    Quicksilver Lance 11 months ago

    I think it'd be cool to work together to beat a seed. Like exploring different locations to find important items and such. So basically you'd be co-operatively beating the seed as quick as possible... Just a thought... But I guess then it wouldn't be "Versus", right?

  • Vordaq
    Vordaq 11 months ago

    What you guys should do is get multiworlds workin, where you can find items for the other player in each other's games. Although I suppose that wouldn't be a versus anymore...

  • Mr Johnson
    Mr Johnson 11 months ago

    Holy shit you still EXIST? What the FUCK?
    I subscribed to you like, years ago? The last versus I watched waaaaaaaas... Twilight Princess versus? And for some fkin reason I NEVER HAD NOTIFICATIONS FOR YOUR NEW VIDS?
    Somehow I missed hearing "HEY this is JOSH, AND I'M ATTACKING TUCANS"

  • Phlips
    Phlips 11 months ago

    Could your next versus sieries be Breath of the Wild?

  • Soul Shard101
    Soul Shard101 11 months ago

    Can we get the next pokemon game versus soon?

  • Evander Frisch
    Evander Frisch 11 months ago

    Does anyone else prefer versus without face cam?

  • william waugh
    william waugh 11 months ago

    no offense but josh would do a lot better if he dropped the idiot

  • King Zone
    King Zone 11 months ago

    Do Heart Gold and Soul Silver with gameboyluke

  • Bryan Monroy
    Bryan Monroy 11 months ago

    Do a mario 64 ds versus

  • Luigi64fan
    Luigi64fan 11 months ago

    Do a Pikmin Versus!

  • Alex Belmont
    Alex Belmont 11 months ago

    Definitely would benefit the commentary for a Randomizer Versus if you do different seeds. Do that for A Link to the Past Versus or Wind Waker Versus.

  • Brad Sav
    Brad Sav 11 months ago

    Imagine a world of light versus

  • Cameron Lands
    Cameron Lands 11 months ago

    At 14:05 Josh just breaks the fourth wall and it was amazing lol

  • DarkLink
    DarkLink 11 months ago


  • Aeneas Zaremba
    Aeneas Zaremba 11 months ago

    You guys should do a zelda 1 rando versus

  • Zelda Chan
    Zelda Chan Year ago

    "When I visit my food" can that be a shirt? XD

  • Andy Lindquist
    Andy Lindquist Year ago

    I never understood why people always activate both the Iron Knuckles in Ganon's Castle at the same time. Just kill one at a time!!!

  • raekuul
    raekuul Year ago

    There are RPGs that do Grinding well?

  • weckar
    weckar Year ago +1

    A livestream really should not take 4 months to upload...

  • NintendoBlurb
    NintendoBlurb Year ago +19

    I think the ending would have been a bit more climatic if Josh had told Tyler where the gauntlets were once he completed the Spirit temple. That way we could have watched Tyler struggle to quickly complete the Poe quest.
    Also I agree that doing different seeds from each other is a good idea. I think it would make the commentary a bit more fluid because then you guys and the chat could openly talk to each other about everything.

  • YukiMa88
    YukiMa88 Year ago

    i would love to see A Hat in Time Versus :3 both of you loved the game so would be Awesome to see a versus of it. it was my Goty 2017 :3

  • CrazyDK96
    CrazyDK96 Year ago +1

    VS Ocarina of Time Randomizer EP.17 FIN
    Damage : Totals;This Episode
    Tyler :19450;950
    Josh :17175;3550
    Deaths :
    Tyler : 3;
    Josh : 4;2
    Fairies :
    Josh : 4;2
    Rupees gotten :
    Tyler :1945;5
    Josh :2319;
    Rupees Overboard :
    Tyler :1020;
    Josh :1064;
    Rupees Spent :
    Tyler : 835;10
    Josh :1050;250
    Resets :
    Tyler : 6;
    Josh : 2;
    Song Fails :
    Tyler : 6;1
    Josh :18;1
    Game Crashed :
    Tyler : 1;
    Heart/Chests : Tyler/Josh
    GRUPEE : 1;/
    Blupee :15;1/12;
    RRupee : 4;0/02;
    Pupees : 4;0/06;
    GUPEES : 3;0/04;
    R.Heart : 7;0/07;
    P.Heart :27;3/19;
    HContainer: 5;0/04;
    Ice Traps : 2;0/02;

  • CrazyDK96
    CrazyDK96 Year ago

    26:30 Josh's Mouth.

  • Tyler Rizzo
    Tyler Rizzo Year ago

    Wait I’m confused. Maybe I wasnt paying attention but I thought they were getting all the items in that tracker and all the heart pieces

  • 12Fireblast
    12Fireblast Year ago

    ZOOTR till I'm in grave

  • Nester
    Nester Year ago

    Still waiting for oddessy and mario 64 online versus c'mon those are better

  • Andrew Dawson
    Andrew Dawson Year ago


  • Joshua Tindel
    Joshua Tindel Year ago

    So much positivity about VS at the end of it. Didn’t happen, but now it’s time to “make it so”.

  • sasukuto
    sasukuto Year ago

    "You got to see a whole VS in one day instead of over the coarse of 8 months." He says to me, a man who had to wait 4 months to watch it. I'll be honest, you really should have let me live my lie that this actually took multiple sessions and you didn't actually take 4 whole months to upload 1 days worth of content. I miss when this channel posted somewhat regularly.

    • Versus
      Versus  Year ago

      We're about to get an editor, and all should be fixed

  • Ricky Ricardo
    Ricky Ricardo Year ago +2

    all that buildup only for Josh to spill the beans while fighting Ganon lol. So unsatisfying. I was so ready for him to be like "hey tyler...I just won."

  • spencer
    spencer Year ago

    Why didn't either of you even attempt the biggoron sidequest?

  • msnmpn 7
    msnmpn 7 Year ago +1

    You guys should do more of these with different rules - keysanity, shorter Poe quest, randomize things like songs, pretty much what Tyler is doing for 2OOTR. It would make for a ton of content but also the poe quest took all the tension out of this finale because there was no way for Tyler to come back

  • ShoshoPoco
    ShoshoPoco Year ago

    Too late.

  • mitchhamilton64
    mitchhamilton64 Year ago +12

    I love Josh being cocky in this and then seeing him so frustrated and salty in the Mario vs live stream marathon that he doesn't talk for like a good few hours. xD not so cocky then, huh?

  • Kevin R.
    Kevin R. Year ago +3

    Why does everyone always attack both Iron Knuckles in Ganon's Tower at the same time?

    • jongameaddict
      jongameaddict 5 months ago

      IKR? But it makes for funny deaths so oh well LOL
      I only take on both at once when I have BG sword

  • DarkLink1996
    DarkLink1996 Year ago

    Oh hey, it's the Project M art

  • Victor Cabanas
    Victor Cabanas Year ago

    I definitely want a zootr vs with different seeds, but to make it fair, keep it that you still need all 6 medallions to get to ganon, but put the shortcuts in (like only one big poe/one horseback game prize, etc.), that way one person won't get stuck behind some huge wall while the other gets super lucky.

  • TheCayDawg
    TheCayDawg Year ago

    Oh crap I forgot I donated during the stream so when I heard my name, I was like "WHAT THE FUCK!!!"

  • Fossilized Nerd
    Fossilized Nerd Year ago

    Well now that it's all over, I will say on the series as a whole:
    The commentary was probably the weakest of any Versus yet, and it was 100% because you tried to hide the seed's information from each other. I think if you guys were to try this again, it would be best with a third speaker like some kind of moderator who could read off information from the chat so neither Josh nor Tyler would get distracted at certain intervals, maybe keep the conversations going so there wouldn't be so many silent points?
    That said, it was still a valiant effort from the both of you and completing a randomizer of OoT in one day really is something. I sure couldn't do that lol

    • Andrew Dawson
      Andrew Dawson Year ago +1

      you try streaming for hours on end and lets ee how animated your commentary is

  • Beatbox Blade
    Beatbox Blade Year ago

    Wind Waker Randomizer versus.

  • Phillip Schneider
    Phillip Schneider Year ago +13

    I can't believe it was the Poe side quest that made all the difference.

  • Caroline Mae Jones

    What would y'all think of a Wind Waker Randomizer Versus?

  • Renown
    Renown Year ago

    Please do more randomisers like this. Josh went from quiet to super talkative the moment he got the silver gauntlets, I’m surprised you didn’t pick up on it Tyler. Good game guys! 💯

  • Nicknero
    Nicknero Year ago

    *Halfway through the episode*
    Ooooookay, so Josh is so confident that he's going to win, that he went all the way to Kakariko Village WALKING (instead of playing nocturne of shadows) just to buy some fairies, while there is a fairy fountain inside Ganon's Castle? ;-;

    • cloudsword654
      cloudsword654 Year ago

      Also could have played minuet of forest and there's a fairy fountain.

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous Year ago +2

    So is Odyssey versus returning before the 1 year anniversary?

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith Year ago

    What about the Mario and Luigi series

  • Kenny
    Kenny Year ago +1

    >Didn't have to wait 8 month.. well

  • Sora Hjort
    Sora Hjort Year ago +2

    Ok.. Seriously Tyler, if you two are using discord for voice chat, there is an option to turn off the audio cutting off like it was. Just turn off the Input Sensitivity switch. Then lower the bar to your preference.
    P.S. I hope that at one point we'll see a SMLttP Randomizer~

  • simblast
    simblast Year ago +51

    Josh leaving Ganon's Castle to go and frikkin BUY fairies was hillarious, especially when there is a fairy fountain right there in the Castle...

    • Neo VS Nintendo
      Neo VS Nintendo 4 months ago

      @Logan Drees oh...I thought he was referring to the fountain that was to the right of the castle once you entered the area

    • Logan Drees
      Logan Drees 4 months ago

      @Neo VS Nintendo Right as you enter ganon's castle, when youre looking at the bridge from the trial areas to the stairway up you can instead jump DIRECTLY below the stairs. theres a false wall you can see with lens of truth with a fairy fountain and 4 deku scrubs in it. (Which BTW is probably where the gold gauntlets were)

    • Neo VS Nintendo
      Neo VS Nintendo 6 months ago

      You need the golden gauntlets to get there, so that's why he didn't go for it

    • Zen Laph
      Zen Laph 11 months ago +1

      also fairy fountain at forest temple warp point.

  • Daniel Rosenberg
    Daniel Rosenberg Year ago

    Josh wasn't even fair to Tyler. If he told him where the silver gauntlets were as soon as he got them, he would've still won.

    • Matthew Clark
      Matthew Clark Year ago

      The gold gauntlets were still in the seed. It's not really unfair imo

    • EscoNitz
      EscoNitz Year ago +1

      Its a race you arent supposed to tell them qhere you got anything and just because you have an advantage now doesnt mean something cant happen. For example tyler crashed and lost his peogress in the shadow temple.

  • Morgan_Fucking_Freeman

    Different seeds!

  • InsomniacMatt
    InsomniacMatt Year ago


  • The Mechameleon
    The Mechameleon Year ago +14

    Final Item Tracker
    Items Neither Found
    Ice Arrows, Kokiri Sword, Biggoron Sword, Golden Gauntlets
    Items Only Tyler Found
    Ocarina of Time, Serenade of Water, Biggest Deku Seed Bullet Bag, Biggest Bomb Bag, Goron's Ruby, Zora's Sapphire
    Items Only Josh Found
    Silver Gauntlets, Light Medallion
    Total Hearts: Tyler-14 Josh-11
    Heart Pieces: Tyler-25 Josh-19
    Heart Containers Tyler-5 Josh-4
    Edit: Was my comment on part 16 the reason you got this one out in 4 days?

    • The Mechameleon
      The Mechameleon Year ago

      BOBimus Rex Absolutely! What they really need, though, is a follow-up race on the same files to see who can 100% the game first.

    • BOBimus Rex
      BOBimus Rex Year ago

      Through the whole series I was kinda wishing there was a total chests collected tracker.

    • The Mechameleon
      The Mechameleon Year ago

      Biggest Deku Seed Bullet Bag--A Slingshot upgrade. At the end of the series, Tyler could carry 50 ammo for the slingshot max, however Josh could only carry 40.
      Biggest Bomb Bag--A Bomb Bag upgrade. At the end of the series, Tyler could carry at max 40 bombs, while Josh could only carry 30.

  • DarknessGuide
    DarknessGuide Year ago +25

    What happened to Super Mario 64 Online? Kaze updated the game months ago and yet I haven´t heard you guys talk about what your are going to do with it.

  • Dumbbirdyboy squawks


  • Smug Leaf & Boss Garchomp

    I love how dead inside Tyler sounds. No offense m8

  • Corrupted Void
    Corrupted Void Year ago +5

    Would u ever do a donkey Kong 64 versus

  • Morgan_Fucking_Freeman

    I often find myself twerking to the Hyrule Field theme.

  • Banana On split
    Banana On split Year ago

    Does anyone know the seed I wanna race along.

  • JKAR03
    JKAR03 Year ago +12

    i was confused by the title, i looked at the notification like: "wait? how is tyler finished yet?" then i looked the channel, and then realised it was versus, im such an idiot
    but since this is the finale, ive got my popcorn