Kosovo - What is life REALLY like here ❓❓

  • Published on Feb 25, 2019
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  • Utoobia
    Utoobia Month ago +1

    You are disgusting. Just because the country isn't doing well, it doesn't mean we would have a better life under Serbs. I still have missing relatives from the war , slaughtered by Serb "soldiers"., and you try to push some disgusting agenda. That is fine, because we don't care. Kosovo (Dardania) was always Albanian and will always be. Serbs have been trying to take it from us since the 7th century when they first wandered in, but we are still over 90% of the population.

    • Utoobia
      Utoobia 22 days ago

      @perakole We have our language that decodes all the names for us, we don't need anyone teaching us. As for the 500 year gap you mention, there was an Illyrian tribe called Albanoi that lived where Shkodra is today and we are their descendants and of Dardanians. So from Albanoi came the Albanians. The word Shqiptar is just a nickname that we gave ourselves because why not. It means Sons of Eagles. Here is a bonus for you. Ionian sea in Albanian means Our Sea. Look at the map of Albania to see why. The Tyrrenian Sea comes from Albanian word 'Tyre' that means Their, so Their Sea, referring to Italians. 'Mediterranean' Sea is from Albanian 'Mes Dy Dherave' which means Between To Lands, because the Mediterranea Sea is between Eurasia and Africa, so between two lands.

    • perakole
      perakole 22 days ago

      @Utoobia Sure, sure. They teach you this stupidity at school? Maybe they can also tell you that there is 500 between when Iliryans are mentioned last and when you Shqiptar were mentioned first.

    • Utoobia
      Utoobia 23 days ago

      @perakole yes it does. I just told you the names Dardania and Illyria have meaning in Albanian (and not your language or any other). For this reason, Albanians are the true descedants of Illyrians. Now are we 100% Illyrian? Like everyone else on the planet, we too have some mixed DNA with others.

    • perakole
      perakole 26 days ago

      @Utoobia Sure, why not. Maybe what you said is true but that doesn't mean Albanians are Iliryans.

    • Utoobia
      Utoobia 26 days ago

      @perakole In modern Albanian the word is DARDHA which means PEAR. Look it up, don't take my word for it. In ancient Illyrian it was DARDA. The "nia" is just an ending used to apply names to places. So DARDANIA means PEARLAND in Albanian. Even the word ILLYRIAN comes from Albanian word I LIR which means FREE, as in free people. The reason being, Illyria was never one big country, but rather a group of FREE tribes who for the most part lived independently from each other. We stole nothing. We have our language that decodes our history.

  • Snyex
    Snyex 2 months ago

    the people answer sincere, they don't know that your filthy objective is to make them look as terrible as possible. Whilst crossing into Hungary from Serbia, my dad talked with the border guard. He said the same exact thing as this guy, if you seriously believe "Serbia" is 1000 times better than the situation in Kosovo you are mistaken extremely, then again we know your agenda, sad you use the people in that way.

  • G Host
    G Host 4 months ago

    This guy is a snake. If these people knew your views on Kosovo they would slap you lol

    RED DRAGON 4 months ago

    Serbian people, share videos from Graham Phillips.

  • Luli Prushi
    Luli Prushi 4 months ago


  • Julio César
    Julio César 4 months ago +1

    USA Mafia. Kosovo is Serbia

  • Aleksander illyrian/albanian

    Free illyricum

  • adam nikqi
    adam nikqi 6 months ago

    U fuking baster Graham u are paid to do this from serbia

  • adam nikqi
    adam nikqi 6 months ago

    Graham pedofil

  • Afrim Daljipi
    Afrim Daljipi 6 months ago +1

    Willkommen in Republik kosovo👍

  • Janez Novak
    Janez Novak 6 months ago +1

    interesting, waiting for a day job on the street was what really poor free Roman citizens were doing back in their times, they were called “dayers” or something like that since they were used for their fisical strenght only for a day, cant remember an english word for that...

  • Dimtiri
    Dimtiri 6 months ago

    Kosovo is Paradise look how good they have it thank you U.S / EU i wanna life like that can you plz bomb are country to !

  • Rico 1140
    Rico 1140 7 months ago

    Standard is not good beacuse america dont gives fuck about you this is american criminal country and drugs country,but we are dont worry beacuse great war is coming...

  • R. Q
    R. Q 7 months ago

    and then you say that Kosovars are terrorists,criminals,you caught yourself in lies & propaganda,thanks for the true truth that Kosovars-Albanians are heavy workers who earn honestly to survive & to feed the familys after an unprecedented exodus and repression and war,
    suffering, and killing from the Serbian aggressors.Shame on you if at least you have the minimum of humanity and honor in yourself ,and repent while you have time enough

  • IN OM
    IN OM 7 months ago

    How ridicilous you are Mr. P(ussy)hilips... What a fuck do you excpect from a country that has been in a war for only 20 years ago !?? How the fuck can you imagine to compare that with your precious England !?? Which is by the way build on colonisation and slavery throw centuries when we come in to history !!!

  • Dr. Tiggy
    Dr. Tiggy 7 months ago +4

    Enjoy it Arnauts :)
    You always were the ultimate state-builders after all. So please do enjoy.

  • Leta’s Life
    Leta’s Life 7 months ago

    Fucking get out of my country! Unwanted rat, go to Serbia & get fucked!

    • yuri Lemming
      yuri Lemming 6 months ago

      This is your neighbourly albanian comment.

  • Leta’s Life
    Leta’s Life 7 months ago

    Fucking get out of my country! Unwanted rat, go to Serbia & get fucked!

  • Jim Frank
    Jim Frank 7 months ago

    Serbes started all thé fuckin wars un Balkans and lost them all they act like they are thé victims when thé attacked and started murdering inoccent unsrmed people the n people started to défend themselfs and fuck up thé serbs and thé serbes call it tettorism Kosovo croatia and Bosna fucked u guys up serbia had army against unarmed old men women and children but wasnt so brave agianst uqk bosnis armija and croatia forces u tryed to attack slovenia but failed fuck yuo

  • Genc Bruno
    Genc Bruno 7 months ago

    ru-clip.com/video/fpol2Mb1vx0/video.html look srbian police burning hauses and steeling

  • boo yaa
    boo yaa 7 months ago

    i forgot here is the link so people know were you got £200 rover

  • boo yaa
    boo yaa 7 months ago +1

    Just adding to razer the brazer comment if this guys you interviewed knew what you are up to, they would i mean deffinitely kill you razor the vrazer was saying it in polite way

  • Artenis Sollaku
    Artenis Sollaku 7 months ago +3

    The Albanian nation has always been cut off by the great powers said otherwise Albania is fragmented for the interest of other states in the various conferences that have made these states in the name of peace and stability by destroying an indigenous people throughout the Balkans.

  • The Ilirian
    The Ilirian 7 months ago +7

    God bless Dardania , the soon of Ilirians ( Albanians ) and god bless our father United States of America 🇦🇱🇽🇰🇺🇸

    • perakole
      perakole 26 days ago

      Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Vlada Avramovic
    Vlada Avramovic 7 months ago +1

    Kosovo, odavno nije srpsko i to je cinjenica, a zasto je to tako, i zasto niko nec da kaze pravu istinu, da se samo naslutiti, a drugo, ni ostatak Srbije nije vise srpski

  • Sandzak Bosniak
    Sandzak Bosniak 7 months ago +2

    The transition is huge here just like in other countries.
    For example my boss has around 4000-5000€ a month in his bank account while i get only 200

    • perakole
      perakole 26 days ago

      Oh. One more terrorist who thinks of creating another Muslim jihadi "country" called "sandžak".

  • S Guerilla
    S Guerilla 7 months ago +2

    grandpa' , tell to whole world how you '' albanians'' live in ex yu or late in serbia. you never paid electricity, water, tax, nothing... you have schools and universities on albanian, you have tv stations on albanian, god know how many people from albania come to live in kosovo without any document and stay here ( coz in albania those people don't have food)... that is your '' hard life'' under serbia, now 20 years after war you don't have economy, young people leave kosovo and go for better life. '' heroin state'' only with yankees, day without usa coming.......... be ready.

    • Erblin Rracaj
      Erblin Rracaj 7 months ago +2

      S Guerilla Well I’m not surprised your a filthy human being because it runs in the family to lie and deceive. You serbs are the most annoying disgusting rotten creatures to ever step on face of the Earth . How does your fascist grandpa explain thousands of political arrests, serbian milicija beating Albanian civilians, not being allowed to get out of the house after 8 oclock pm because you’d be killed by Milicija, Albanian soldiers returning dead after serving in the army, Officers entering student dorms and beating them to death, the gap which was between Albanians and Serbian in all the fields of the society, Albanian kids being beaten up by Serbian kids in school and never daring to fight back cuz they would be punished and their parents too, did your criminal grandpa tell you about all that or He forgot. Did your grandpa or your father, one of which must have fought in Kosovo war tell you about the inhumane massacres to innocent civilians (infants, kids, elders, women etc), did they tell you about ethnical cleansing which was a repetition of history where you evicted 700000 to 1 million Albanians out of Nis and Toplica region, do your parents tell you about Albanians in Sandjak are forced to declare themselves as Bosnians and not Albanians, did they tell you that, ohh you descendant of glorious benevolent people!

  • illuminati 444
    illuminati 444 7 months ago +4

    Serbia is autochthonous and illyrian

    MALISA GMB 7 months ago +2

    everybody now kosovo is muslim criminal country,president of kosovo hasim taci he is traffic organ people,hasim taci made centar in kosovo muslim albanian centar for terorist from syria,pakistan,avganistan...this terorist come in kosovo and rest and prepare for attack in france ,germany,england...kosovo must return in serbia,and serbia must quickly in europe and close the bordel..europe must help the christian SERBIA

  • James Graham
    James Graham 7 months ago +3

    Shady. It looks like a lot of the "economy" is under the table. But then so is Wall St and the City of London

  • Vegim Shehu
    Vegim Shehu 7 months ago

    Wow serbs assholes they are just dumb look at the comments 70% of cooments are like Kosovo je serbia like plz just shut up

  • Milos Kaurin
    Milos Kaurin 7 months ago +3

    KosovO, Graham

    • Graham Phillips
      Graham Phillips  7 months ago

      A few people have mentioned this )) I always mean to say 'Kosovo' and hear myself say 'Kosovo', but to some people it seems to sound like 'Kosov-a'. What can I do?? Accent thing )))

    • Milos Kaurin
      Milos Kaurin 7 months ago +1

      Ah, considering where you were at that time, I understand why it was necessary to change pronunciation. Thank you for work

  • Greetings Друзья!
    Greetings Друзья! 7 months ago +1

    This is awesome to see normal people in Kosovo! Great work! Hopefully something can be done so Serbian people can live there too.

    • Erblin Rracaj
      Erblin Rracaj 7 months ago

      Greetings Друзья! I’m not saying that you’re not welcome, but every time serbs lived in Albanian lands, even today, you’ve been a lot of trouble for native Albanians!

  • Волшебный Дед

    Привет, Грэм !!! Спасибо за новую и познавательную работу.
    Кстати, в 1:11 сидит парень-он очень похож на нашего актера Алексея Геннадьевича Нилова из "Улицы разбитых фонарей"....)))) Жду новые работы.

  • Mr Berisha
    Mr Berisha 7 months ago +2

    Avrage salarey in Kosovo officaly is 505.00 euro

    • perakole
      perakole 26 days ago

      Hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Sure, sure.

    • Sandzak Bosniak
      Sandzak Bosniak 7 months ago

      Mr Berisha 230

    • illuminati 444
      illuminati 444 7 months ago

      Kosovo is Albania illyrian autochthonous

    • Ljubisa Spasojevic
      Ljubisa Spasojevic 7 months ago +1

      Само 505 еврића? Јбт, више се не исплати ни трговина хероином ;-) Мислим да је крајње време да почнете озбиљније трговину са кокаином, можда дигнете да вам просечна плата буде преко 1000 еврића

  • Praise the sun
    Praise the sun 7 months ago +8

    You seem very 2 faced. At one end you talk to the man who is friendly and tells you some information about the place but on the other hand you are posting videos like "Kosovo is Serbia!". If he knew you were posting such videos he would not want to speak to you just saying

    • vida desi
      vida desi 2 months ago

      I mean the only genocide committed in Kosovo was genocide on the Serbs. If Albanians were majority, then it is impossible for the minority ( Serbs) to massacre and expel majority !
      Kosovo is Serbia !

    • Erblin Rracaj
      Erblin Rracaj 2 months ago

      vida desi What do you mean?

      MADEÍRA 2 months ago

      @Erblin Rracaj koment teper i fort 🤩👌

    • vida desi
      vida desi 4 months ago

      how is possible for a minority to "expel " majority ?
      It is impossible !

    • eccIefechan
      eccIefechan 4 months ago

      @vida desiFor the last 100 years Albanians have been the majority in Kosovo.

  • Mr Berisha
    Mr Berisha 7 months ago +5

    You try to show Kosovo in bad way, you have bad intention you are anidiot trying to full people ...

    • dzh dzh
      dzh dzh 7 months ago +2

      @Graham Phillips Obvious propaganda from you.I have watched your other videos about Ukraine and Crimea as albanian,because i like Russia,but even russians dont do that kind of propaganda as you.Who is kosmet? You are sad human beign,i feel sorry for you.

    • Graham Phillips
      Graham Phillips  7 months ago +3

      My intention is all good, and pure, and to show the world the truth about Kosmet. You seem a bit triggered - does it not look like your propaganda?

    • Mr Berisha
      Mr Berisha 7 months ago +3

      @Graham Phillips No, is clear you have bad intention if those people knew you tried to put life in Kosovo as bad they would not talk to you they did not know that you are a serb supporter why you did not say them Kosovo metohia you were afraid ?

    • Graham Phillips
      Graham Phillips  7 months ago +4

      No, I show Kosovo exactly as it is. So, if something looks bad, that's because it is bad. Simple as that.

  • Vierotchka
    Vierotchka 7 months ago +18

    You need to go to rural areas where life is utter misery.

      MADEÍRA 2 months ago

      @Vierotchka rossija roosja roosja. Putin put it in, right inside you 👉👌

      MADEÍRA 2 months ago

      @Vierotchka why are you still lying? Does the kremlin pay that good? Nobody but a drunken slav would buy that bs propaganda comming from Plutin 🤣 didnt something with uranium just happen in roossia? And theres also chernobyl. Aw, alcohol and uranium is just a bad combo.

    • Vierotchka
      Vierotchka 2 months ago

      @MADEÍRA I don't drink alcohol, I am not a bot (you obviously don't know what an internet bot is! LOL!). I don't live in Russia - it is currently 19°C and raining where I live (it is night time) and it was 31°C this past afternoon. As for misery in Kosovo, I presume you are aware of the fact that depleted uranium has a half-life of 4.5 billion years, so the people in Kosovo will be poisoned for twice that number of years. That is total misery.
      Enjoy your and your family's cancers: www.globalresearch.ca/aftermath-of-the-us-nato-war-on-yugoslavia-the-unspoken-impacts-of-radioactive-depleted-uranium-ammunition/5623803

      MADEÍRA 2 months ago

      @Vierotchka Vierotchka hahahaha poor drunken slav 😂😂😂 still lying, hows it going bot? Weather good is roosja? -41°C? Go have some vodka. You need to tell me about those rural areas being a "misery", can you tell me some more, what have you seen? 🤣

    • Vierotchka
      Vierotchka 2 months ago

      @MADEÍRA Kosovo has its own very serious problems:

  • Savio Biogen
    Savio Biogen 7 months ago +2

    Thank you Graham. Please check this out, it is 3 minute video, part of some Czeh documentary. It will give you importhant informations about subject.

    • Savio Biogen
      Savio Biogen 7 months ago +1

      @Graham Phillips You are welcome. Fighting lies as you do is honorable job.

    • Graham Phillips
      Graham Phillips  7 months ago +1

      Thank you for this!!!!

  • серж боб
    серж боб 7 months ago +20


    • perakole
      perakole 26 days ago

      @illuminati 444 Hahah 🤣🤣. I love this historical revisionism. You do realise that there is 500 years between last mentioning of Iliryans and the first mentioning of Albanians.

    • illuminati 444
      illuminati 444 7 months ago +1

      Kosovo is illyrian autochthonous

  • Halit Ibrahimi
    Halit Ibrahimi 7 months ago +2

    Come on! Are you so pathetic! To erase comments that criticize you?! Such a shame for the human race. I bet that, when you don't make Serbian nationalists videos, you jerk-off all the time, watching some odd sexual videos. Who knows! Looser!

    • Bojan Lazić
      Bojan Lazić 7 months ago

      @Halit Ibrahimi truth hurts

    • Halit Ibrahimi
      Halit Ibrahimi 7 months ago

      I wrote 5-6 comments, replies also, but only this is visible. You are really a looser! SHame on you!

    • Halit Ibrahimi
      Halit Ibrahimi 7 months ago

      Yeahm and Bitch means kurva!

    • Tania
      Tania 7 months ago +1

      God bless you, maybe you will come to your senses. Phanatos means death.

    • Graham Phillips
      Graham Phillips  7 months ago +2

      I don't erase any comments. So, you can calm down dear.

  • Spongeofdoom yes
    Spongeofdoom yes 7 months ago +2

    Good work as always Graham. Why could you not film there at the end? He mentioned the exchange of money? Illegally or perhaps it is a nice little Jewish neighbourhood where they don't like people in their business? 😂

  • Samuel Cleife
    Samuel Cleife 7 months ago +7

    Their English is great!

  • Per Andersson
    Per Andersson 7 months ago +19

    Finally! A respected journalist like graham finally did a film about Kosovo! We all know what Kosovo are for mess ,but in my country its not free of speech, films like this one by grahamphillips give me much Power to still say what i know is thruth! Thanks graham, for me and many more, you are a hero and inspiration for all journalists who wanna say the thruth and not any globalistagenda!

    • Per Andersson
      Per Andersson 7 months ago +2

      @B V why should he be, the thruth are hard for globalists. then you can blame who you want in your fantasy, i recommend his other films about Kosovo for you.

    • Per Andersson
      Per Andersson 7 months ago +3

      @Graham Phillips Thanks for you work graham :)! Tumbs up!

    • Graham Phillips
      Graham Phillips  7 months ago +3

      Thanks so much for your support Per!!!

  • QW3RTY
    QW3RTY 7 months ago +16

    As a Serb I feel sorry for them, they fell for the same story as any other ex-Yugoslav republic. Promises of independence, good life, money, democracy, etc. While instead they all went to western Europe. What we could have been if we stayed together all of us. It would be a Greater Serbia, Greater Bosnia, Greater Croatia, Greater Albania all in one.

    • Phoenix angel
      Phoenix angel 6 months ago

      @Erblin Rracaj Get the fuck out. Why should we come and get it when Kosovo is ours by law. How much are they paying you to spill shitty lies about Serbia on social media? And who gives a fuck where people lived 2000 years ago? Kosovo belonged to Greece and then to Romans and then to us, then to Turks, and again to us. And we all let you stay here cause that's how civilised people behave. But you for some reason think that this entire territory belongs to you just because you lived here with us. We LET you live here, this is not your territory so be grateful instead of trying to cause ww3. You can't own a territory by simply spreading lies around the world that it's yours when it's not. Lol

    • Erblin Rracaj
      Erblin Rracaj 6 months ago

      Phoenix angel Your pathetic just as your kind, if you think Kosovo is yours come and get it! Not Kosovo but even the entire south Serbia is conquered land of Albanians. Your land is in Carpathian Mountains in the forests with the wilderness!

    • Phoenix angel
      Phoenix angel 6 months ago

      @Erblin Rracaj hahaha the one crying crocodile tears asks me to not cry crocodile tears. How ironic... you poor soul. Yeah you can keep up with your facade because Milosevic was stupid and killed some civilians. That's exactly what you needed to convince other nations that you are oh so righteous. Then they believed that your uck terrorists are the good guys. Oh stupid Milosevic, may you rot in hell, you unleashed the evil that will destroy us, you gave them the chance that they needed to conquer the Balkan you dumb ass! But despite everyone being on your side for a little while, that doesn't change the fact that you always wanted to control Balkan. Starting from Kosovo. What rights you didn't have beside the "right" of owning our Kosovo? I can just imagine that Hitler would have been the ruler of entire world if he demanded the "right" to own everyones land like you do. Aren't you smart little fascists with your dictator Taci.

    • Erblin Rracaj
      Erblin Rracaj 6 months ago

      Phoenix angel I don’t care if Serbia was poor or not, poverty seems like didn’t stop you from committing massacres in former Yugoslavia. It’s not my fault that you’ve been raised to look at your history as a glorious and righteousness one, but it wasn’t. After the death of Tito everything went downhill, Serbia went crazy, Albanians started to ask for their rights and autonomy and the rest is history. The truth is painful but is still the truth, I’m sorry you’re hurt, go cry to someone else with those crocodile tears. Albanians don’t owe you any better behavior because you’re not worthy of it!

    • Phoenix angel
      Phoenix angel 6 months ago +1

      @Erblin Rracaj 92' to 96' Serbians couldn't buy anything but bread for their entire monthly payment because of hiper inflation. But you don't mention that Serbians suffered poverty too, only Albanians are the victims of this "oh so cruel world". Let me play the smallest violin in the world for you. Serbia was always a poor country and everyone who lived here suffered because of that, but you don't say that, you blame Serbian nation for being poor and for not giving you perfect life on a silver plate. You will have to earn that perfect life that you want, but I don't see you moving even a finger to help yourself and this country. All I see is another product of society yelling about wanting everything for free. You are racist towards Serbs which everyone can clearly see from your comment. Without any reason too, nobody discriminated anyone, stop with that victim mentality. Older people always told me that Albanians acted strange and never friendly with other nations in Yugoslavia. They said you always talked among yourselves and never showed interest to be friends with anyone. Really weird behaviour if you ask me. And no one hurt them in any way, they were always distant without any reason. What is wrong with you people? Are you delusional? Why is it our fault that you don't want to act civilised with our nation? Oh and Serbia fascist?! Hahaha biggest lie ever! We were one of the most influential nations against German Nazis.

  • Beli chelsea Fc
    Beli chelsea Fc 7 months ago

    fuck serbiaaaaa

  • Андрей R0nin
    Андрей R0nin 7 months ago +1

    Russian please

    • Андрей R0nin
      Андрей R0nin 7 months ago

      @Graham Phillips Спасибо Гриша

    • illuminati 444
      illuminati 444 7 months ago +1

      Kosovo is Albania illyrian 👐 🔴 ⚫

    • Graham Phillips
      Graham Phillips  7 months ago +1

      Все тут мой друг - vk.com/grishawphillips?w=wall262707630_595350

  • Didddin duuu nufffin Wakanda enn shiiieet

    Kosovo is Serbia 🇷🇸 I’m Australian and I know that

      MADEÍRA 2 months ago

      A kremlin bot, fake accounts

    • Jimmy Rambo
      Jimmy Rambo 4 months ago

      Your mother is a hoe! Kosova is 95% Albanian! What are u talking bullsshit!

    • Erblin Rracaj
      Erblin Rracaj 7 months ago

      Didddin duuu nufffin Wakanda enn shiiieet Your mother is a hoe, I’m Albanian I know that!

    • illuminati 444
      illuminati 444 7 months ago

      illyrian fuck all country

  • V M
    V M 7 months ago +24

    Another western success story like libya

  • Андро Рајковић

    Tell your England friends the real truth. What your country made aside with usa.

    • Erblin Rracaj
      Erblin Rracaj 7 months ago +1

      Андро Рајковић UK and USA bombed your “innocent” asses for committing ethnical cleansing and massacres to innocent indigenous civilians, that’s what happened if that’s what you were asking for. Kosovo was never rightfully yours and it will never be. If you mean to take it come and get it but now its not Serbian militants against civilians and a bunch of KLA guerrillas but it’s army against army!

    • Mr. {•ᴥ•}
      Mr. {•ᴥ•} 7 months ago

      On je na nasoj strani tebra

  • Ayupoff Production
    Ayupoff Production 7 months ago +3

    Акцент похож на то как русских в американских фильмах показывают

  • J J
    J J 7 months ago +23

    Kosovo is Serbia! Since the war Kosovo is a NATO protectorade where the mafia rules

    • Shtoijzëvallë Autariat
      Shtoijzëvallë Autariat 3 months ago

      @Phoenix angel "father of the Serbian nation", wrote the following:
      - "We lie to deceive ourselves, to exert another; We lie from compassion, lie in shame, to encourage ourselves, to hide our misery, lie about honesty. We lie for freedom. Lie is a form of Serbian patriotism and confirmation of our innate intelligence. We lie creatively, imaginatively, inventively. "
      - "Lie is a Serbian state interest."
      - "The lie is in the very essence of the Serbs".
      - "In this country every lie in the end becomes true."
      - "The Serbs have rescued themselves in history so many times with lies ..."
      The monstrous state of Serbia began to develop between the Balkan and the First World War in this form that has developed today. A state built upon a myth of the Serbian church. To this day, that church is evil, and does not acknowledge other people and their countries. They spread hate in all the countries of the region and stands behind robbery and looting of the territories.
      Today's Serbia is the evil that released criminal Milosević into the world who started plundering, killing and abducting territory. SAD, EU and Russia cemented the evil by recognizing Republika Srpska....
      The Serbian church is synonymous with pedophilia, thievery, clergy, and prominent priests are actually prominent terrorists. All this is tolerated by Europe, creating a crime state in the middle of the Union.
      In Crna Gora, the Serbian church and the cetniks are in front of a civil war. The Serbian church does not recognize the Macedonian church. They believe that it is South Serbia. The Macedonians were torn away from Bulgaria and through the Serbian communists the Macedonian language was invented in 1944, as well as the Bosnian language in order cut off the Croats in favor of Serbia.
      Serbs live on the lies made up by the British about the great battle in the Kosovo field. The Serbian defense of Europe from the Turks? A Lie. Lazar was killed in Kosovo who was not an emperor but Trpimirović’s vassal. The state of the latter was part of the Croatian kingdom. The Serbs betrayed the Christians in Nikopolja and stood by the side of the Turks.

    • Shtoijzëvallë Autariat
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      @Phoenix angel

    • Phoenix angel
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      @illuminati 444 sorryserbia.com/wp/whitepaper2.htm
      Enjoy your terrorists. Read till your eyes bug out.

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    • illuminati 444
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      Kosovo is illyrian

  • G K
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    Very good topic Graham, well done!

    • right way
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      This video is fake

    • right way
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      @Graham Phillips propaganda

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      Thank you very much!!!

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    Kosovo is just a drug trafficking country,they live only on selling drugs to European countries.Even the Serbian mafia is satisfied that kosovo is selling drugs

    • Uskok
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      Arkan was an honest business man who sold ice cream?

    • Vladislav
      Vladislav 7 months ago

      What drugs do they sell and do they produce them in Kosovo or get them from elsewhere?

  • deadsouls72
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    The N.A.T.O/Al Qaeda alliance aggression against Serbs: ru-clip.com/p/PLrO_RDYDvXVZDBYgIhHIB84JHgv2jAGIQ

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    Косovo je Србиja!

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    Kosovo is Serbia

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    Спасибо , Гриша !)