Canal, Ducks and Dragonflies - Brecon and Monmouth Canal Walk #1

  • Published on Aug 1, 2018
  • A walk along Brecon and Monmouth canal at Griffithstown to Pontymoile in South Wales. Nature, industrial and social history.
    A follow up with Goytre Wharf to come soon.
    Featuring Elise Harris and Gill Harris
    Music is
    Running Waters Full Band by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (
    Water Lily by The 126ers (available through RU-clip Create button)
    and Sheep May Safely Graze by JS Bach provided by Kevin MacLeod and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

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  • Kev S
    Kev S Year ago

    There is a cafe further along, not too far from the two bridges. Should have continued for a wee bit longer.

  • Blueisbluetube
    Blueisbluetube Year ago

    so lovely and green, especially by the bridges, good to see so much wildlife there.. do love these walks of yours.

  • CampKohler
    CampKohler Year ago

    Forum & video index:
    Too bad you didn't bring along a rubber boat and a couple of paddles. I think the "M.C. Co." on the 8 1/2 sign post stands for Monmouth Canal Company. Did you see any other similar posts?

    • Elise Harris
      Elise Harris  Year ago

      No, but we only walked a short bit. I have also been to Goytre Wharf, further down/up the canal. That video still to come. Though did not spot any signs there either.

  • thethegreenmachine

    It's pretty there under the trees.

  • MonicaTheMad
    MonicaTheMad Year ago

    Those are beautiful dragonflies!

    • MonicaTheMad
      MonicaTheMad Year ago

      We have lots of dragonflies around here in Ontario. One time my son had a late soccer game and the field was near a swamp. As the sun set the dragonflies came out in a swarm and cleared all the mosquitoes that were threatening to devour us. They are mosquito-slayers!

    • Elise Harris
      Elise Harris  Year ago

      They are. I had only seen one or two dragonflies in my whole life but the last few weeks I have been near many bodies of water and seen loads of dragonflies. Some really big ones too.

  • Manjit Bedi
    Manjit Bedi Year ago


  • Steve27775
    Steve27775 Year ago +1

    I enjoy these videos - taking time to look at and appreciate the things other people just walk past. A bit of nature, a bit of history. Most people would probably be too busy looking at their phones to notice a dragonfly.