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  • Published on Jul 31, 2021
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Comments • 162

  • Bilgeese Nasher
    Bilgeese Nasher 9 months ago +43

    I’m 21 and really have no idea how single Muslim women are finding eligible, good Muslim men. From those getting married around me, I feel like it’s really just based on your connections. Meeting a mutual friend and then using social media as a means to continue onward with the relationship. I’d love to know what other ladies are doing these days too. I’ve heard of Muslim dating apps... but do I really want to create a public bio for everyone to see? And what about intentions? More than half the guys on these dating sites probably just want to fool around.. so it seems to me that a “halal” Muslim dating app is really just like tinder or other non-Muslim dating apps out there.

    • JB B
      JB B 9 months ago +1

      why is she tying together dating and Islamic pathway to marriage? If youre going to be hooking up and dating alone then it completely negates the Halal Islamic pathway.

    • Bilgeese Nasher
      Bilgeese Nasher 9 months ago +1

      Sis, me too!

    • Tanya Kasim
      Tanya Kasim 9 months ago +5

      @Bilgeese Nasher Yeah, I feel you on the dating sites for Muslims. 😐I'm not sure about intentions, either. In fact, I run the other way. 😂

  • Hyrunnisa
    Hyrunnisa 9 months ago +21

    As someone who dated before I became Muslim the dating scene can definitely be that way...men cheating, sleeping with multiple people, and use the fact that you didn't DTR as an excuse. But not everyone is that way. Steer clear of those people...run the other direction. There are genuinely nice people out there. Don't just date someone for looks or status.

  • Sezen Komili
    Sezen Komili 9 months ago +84

    I'm 20, not muslim but in the dating scene, and love island does unfortunately reflect some boys my age pretty well, I've been 'ghosted' and told 'they want to keep it chill and enjoy uni/being young' etc etc while cheating/lying about other women, so yh lol pretty accurate

    • Ibn Mian Al-Buna
      Ibn Mian Al-Buna 9 months ago +2

      Did you used to be Muslim? I became a Muslim later on, I’m from a non-Muslim background for the most part.

  • Michelle
    Michelle 9 months ago +25

    I don't watch those kind of shows and thank you for reminding me why. Just from listening it sounds a lot like regular people. I know it's all for a dramatic effect but they have a bunch of actual people on those shows.
    Girls can do better. Women can do better. Don't put up with it. Life is too short. And don't train men that that's okay. The more women put up with s*** the more s*** guys pull.

  • Leora k
    Leora k 9 months ago +60

    I'm 27, living in the UK, not Muslim and single and I watched the first episode of Love Island and didn't want to continue watching because it shows such a vane approach to dating... I don't think it reflects all of dating culture, but I will say, it is really shit out here in the dating world.

    • Amanda H
      Amanda H 7 months ago

      Go for a nice Muslim man :)

  • A Khan
    A Khan 9 months ago +16

    One thing I hate with reality TV is that for that one episode someone becomes a villain they get soooo much hate on their social media. 2 of the Islanders have had their families speak out about the hate their receiving, and telling people to stop with the death threats. I know it's a risk you take exposing yourself like that but it's just sad how far people take it, No one learnt from the previous 3 suicides that have happened.

  • Robin Cloete
    Robin Cloete 9 months ago +3

    I love how you're just back to being the Dina we know and love 🥰

  • A Khan
    A Khan 9 months ago +29

    The good thing about the Millie Liam situation is that Millie ended it. Throughout today's episode, she kept saying "I don't deserve to be treated like this, I deserve better than this". That is a good example to young girls, that he doesn't need to do some stupid test to decide whether he likes you or not. I hope she stays strong and committed to her decision.

    • JB B
      JB B 9 months ago +1

      @A Khan you right jan but I was listening to Sid in the recent video on Bitcoin debate. I agree with Sid that we should be learning relevant topics that strengthen us as a community. you know Dina shows us cool new things all the time in crafts, food, clothes, but Sid was going to educate us on something empowering.

    • A Khan
      A Khan 9 months ago +1

      @JB B You realise she's not a teacher right? This isn't school that she has to teach us something

    • JB B
      JB B 9 months ago

      @A Khan If.... you had to ask..... lmao!! omg

    • A Khan
      A Khan 9 months ago

      @JB B why would we need to learn anything?

    • JB B
      JB B 9 months ago

      does anyone learn anything from Dinas videos?

  • M A
    M A 9 months ago +9

    Wow thank you so much Dina for mentioning that about the diversity on love island!! It’s so true, feels like they got black girls just so they don’t get backlash, but aren’t getting men with diverse taste! Like... this is not what we asked for...

  • Guel Karatas
    Guel Karatas 9 months ago +63

    You should do an other video Sid&Dina and have this dating situations on your Toppic. İ think that your conversations are really educatable for many, not only the younger generation.

  • Pam Kaur
    Pam Kaur 9 months ago +4

    Omg are you in my mind?! I swear I’ve been saying this (re love island) for the LONGEST TIME!! Everything you said to the Chloe growing on you, to the inclusivity to the fricken ‘naive’ Toby!! I’m not Muslim but I’m 23 - 24 next month - and single because guys find me too intimidating 🤣 men are fearful of strong women and it’s amusing. I’m not looking or dating because I’ll attract the right guy and I’m great by myself either way 💖

    • dreamy
      dreamy 3 months ago +2

      The ones that are scared are just looking for an easy thing thats why... The right one will try to make an effort x

  • Artax Octarine
    Artax Octarine 9 months ago +4

    Love this! Thanks Dina! Also the editing was great for this vlog

  • S
    S 9 months ago +4

    I watch Love Island for an escape a little switch off from reality but I think it’s so damaging for young girls who are learning about healthy relationships. I think the less air time we gave to Love Island the less air heads we’d have walking around imo x

  • Solin T.
    Solin T. 9 months ago +1

    I gotta say, seeing these messsssy dating shows and non-muslim dating in general and the heartbreak that comes from that (not every time but I've seen it a lot happen around me) I am once more happy to have grown up in a muslim household where dating just for the heck of dating was not a thing. We were made clear that if we wanted to get into anything, it's with the intention to marry that person. So dating before we reach marriage maturity (on our own terms) is not a thing and I feel like it kept us (sisters, cousins) from a lot of heartbreak Alhamduillah. I wish girl would focus on themselves first, get their education and everything before they even think about dating. Also, dating with a purpose makes more sense in my book. Anyway, I hope women know their value and will not allow disrespect or toxic behaviour towards them from ANY men ( that includes their brothers, fathers, family, etc.)

  • Dounia
    Dounia 9 months ago +46

    Reality TV has gotten more and more intense cos people are wanting more of a shock factor (big brother in 2010 just wouldn't cut it these days) . I just hope that crazy shit doesn't influence young people too much! I mean it probably has

  • M K
    M K 9 months ago

    ur take on love island incl the standards for men and women and ur comments on the diversity quota were spot on! thank u dina

  • Nosaiba
    Nosaiba 9 months ago +7

    Hii Dina! So I personally don't watch love island but many people that o know do and I think it's definitely not for young teens either female or male became it really just delivers all the wrong messages. Dating is supposed to be based on genuine feelings towards the other person and not just on pure attraction to the person's looks or body😐

  • SamSam
    SamSam 9 months ago +23

    Habibti, please for the love of everything good, don't rip, snip it off!!!!
    I'm not a Muslim and think that Love Island is just the worst thing ever - I genuinely don't understand why the women are putting themselves through it? It's encouraging and normalising the using of people - particularly the women. I want to hug them and remind them that if they don't know and respect their own worth, why would anyone else? But then I remember, the producers are looking for young, not exactly worldly people to manipulate them. They're mostly in their early 20's - the 'men' are still insecure boys, and the women are bombarded with the messaging that they need to be snatched and always look great to be accepted.

  • Dewa K
    Dewa K 9 months ago +1

    Dating as a Muslim takes so long to weed through men who still have a juvenile fuckboy mentality as they pretend to be serious but will suddenly veer the conversation to a sexual direction or want to sleep with other women while getting to know you and expect you to be okay with that. And the ones who DO want to keep it halal are mostly a LOT more practicing than me, so our halal-haram ratios don’t mesh well as they’re opposed to things I’d want like dating without a mahram present or holding hands😅

  • Asra Ahmed
    Asra Ahmed 9 months ago +9

    It's sad how Muslims these days call themselves proper Muslims where they just hangout, date, do major sins just casually tell fellow people about it like how proud they are. Am kind of glad my teens weren't spending doing that, for that matter not even my tweens.

    • Foodnreligion
      Foodnreligion 9 months ago +2

      There's nothing wrong with taking your religion lightly, fundamentalism it's not for everyone right?

  • Alia
    Alia 9 months ago +5

    I think the safest thing is to not date at all. Just do istikhara and go forward and trust Allah if the persons the right one its quite simple.
    Dating is painful that's why it's not allowed in islam

  • Chanel Kaan
    Chanel Kaan 9 months ago +5

    Wooooooooo 🙃 Dina we need more vlogs from you the chocolate looked so good 😊

  • harryboify
    harryboify 9 months ago +4

    I’m 21 and not Muslim. I think dating apps and general dating culture have given men the illusion that there is infinite choice, which means them 1. Less likely to put a lot of effort into dating one person properly and 2. More likely to have a wandering eye. It’s quite sad really

  • MissNish
    MissNish 9 months ago

    I couldn't watch this show without commentary. After grant in S1, in Love Island Australia, I was so disgusted by men since I also looked him up and saw he actually had a relationship outside of the show. I was angry at my husband lol.

  • Faiza Al-warith
    Faiza Al-warith 9 months ago +1

    Kids r sooooooooo cute mA. Love little Mikas voice. Also so glad I’m not in the dating world. It seems so full of drama 😩

  • Alina Antony
    Alina Antony 9 months ago +1

    Honestly Dina, been thinking the same things while watching love island!! The girls and the black contestants have been treated so badly... My heart breaks for Millie but I think she will take him back :/ Im not muslim but I am from south asian background and havent really been involved in the dating scene for a while. I think my age range, people are just not serious about the future and I don't really want to get involved in short-term situationships. Sooo we doing hot girl summer (healing and growth) at the moment :P

  • misschar
    misschar 9 months ago +17

    Unpopular opinion here but people who go on Love Island are doing so by choice and are fully aware of the premise of the show. It is cheap TV and there is nothing dignified or respectful about it! Going on Love Island is not the way to find love!

  • xo xo
    xo xo 9 months ago +10

    I’ve never watched Love Island, don’t plan on watching it lol such an overrated show, honestly can’t believe it’s so popular

  • Liyana DIY
    Liyana DIY 9 months ago

    Fav is the first vase 😍 love how you get everyone involved ❤

  • Sara m
    Sara m 9 months ago

    My friends and family are calling me names just because I fell in love with a married man,I didn't want him to leave his wife also I was content on seeing him on the weekend

  • Muna Hussein
    Muna Hussein 9 months ago +1

    I’m loving the vlogggsss dinaaaaa!!! Love island chitchat at the end was essential.

  • Petal
    Petal 9 months ago +38

    I’m glad you spoke about love island the whole show is gross but why is it that we can’t resist watching it.

    • Faatihah
      Faatihah 9 months ago +1

      Its the drama mick. I just love it!

  • Shazia Nasim
    Shazia Nasim 9 months ago +1

    Aww the ending soo cute Ma Sha Allah x🥰❤️

  • Raihan Hussein
    Raihan Hussein 9 months ago +2

    22 yr old dating scene is pretty similar lying and cheating selling you dreams about marriage whilst chatting to multiple girls

  • 2cutestan
    2cutestan 5 months ago +1

    dina i love how u talk, thats it, wish u the best

  • Nadia Dansani
    Nadia Dansani 9 months ago +2

    Have a feeling the science museum is gonna be a fun for all ages kind of deal

  • Aouse Bazza
    Aouse Bazza 9 months ago +12

    You hate what Love Island represents yet you can't stop watching it

    • Adanna Asha
      Adanna Asha 9 months ago +1

      It's like a car crash can't help but look I guess. I've never watched an episode of love island but that's my best guess.

  • Fay_ 2682
    Fay_ 2682 9 months ago

    editing was epic on this vlog . Keep it up !

  • Nurul Jannah
    Nurul Jannah 9 months ago

    The chocolate looked good ngl love ur video as always dina 🥰

  • I like Me
    I like Me 9 months ago

    Loved this ❤ thanks Dina 😊 🥰🥰🥰👍👌

  • A B
    A B 9 months ago

    Arranged marriage as a virgin >>>>

  • E. A
    E. A 9 months ago

    The problem with the black contestants in Love Island is that black women don’t mind dating black men or white men but black men want to ONLY date white women, so that creates an awkward situation.
    This year there’s a lot more black contestants and Kaz is definitely a ‘likeable’ girl. Especially how she handled the whole Chloe and Toby situation.
    The biggest test is to see if Kaz can actually win. She’s a worthy winner with whoever she’s partnered up with because she’s proven herself but can see actually win?! Now that’s the REAL test.

    • A Khan
      A Khan 9 months ago +3

      The thing is the boys state their preferences before going on the show. The producers know this. They keep sending boys whose preferences are 'blonde hair and blue eyes'. They should send in a few boy who say their type is black girls

  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine 9 months ago

    I tried watching love island twice but Its just Nasty. The lack of self respect and confidence is sad. How were these girls not taught that they are worth more? How were those guys Not taught how to treat women?

  • Amanda H
    Amanda H 7 months ago +2

    I'm not Muslim, but "dating" or chatting with the non-Muslim population caused me to want to marry a Muslim man.

  • Sezen Komili
    Sezen Komili 9 months ago +3

    Also definitely agree very interesting topic and should be spoken about more!!

  • Nadia Dansani
    Nadia Dansani 9 months ago +3

    The Muslims dating scene sucks. The apps are really 💩. My friend found someone, but she paid for the subscription services. InshaAllah they are getting married. The consisting ghosting, the non-motivation, the requesting of doing non-halal, there’s no Adab. It really sucks. I’m planning on deleting soon, but I’ll probably be back. I was only on there really to explore my options. I think I’ll be more serious when I finish college. Had one attempt at a marriage/engagement if you could call it that, but was gaslit out of it

  • Ayesha Tabassumm
    Ayesha Tabassumm 9 months ago +3

    It's a TV programme. Even i was once a fool in thinking It's a 100% real and transparent show 🤣🙄

  • Shirin Gaouir
    Shirin Gaouir 9 months ago +10

    I’m 35 and still haven’t watched it yet 😂 but thinking to see what all the fuss is about

    • Julekha Begum
      Julekha Begum 9 months ago +4

      Resist the urge!!!! 😅 I'm 34 and I haven't watched it either but everytime I get curious I mentally slap myself out of it lol

  • Rose Blossom
    Rose Blossom 9 months ago +2

    I didn't realize there's a craze is about vases n those things. I've had plenty of those stupid things in the past n my mom keeps trying to give me the ones she has. . Unless you're actually using them for something then they just end up on a shelf. They take up space. they collect dust, they get knocked over n broke, and either way you eventually try to pawn them off to other people or throw them away after a couple years.

  • Ra X
    Ra X 9 months ago

    On the Dutch love island they casted a “curvy” girl, kinda refreshing. I never expected love island to try out that route

  • M K
    M K 9 months ago +1

    love ur vlogs!

  • Abreshmi
    Abreshmi 9 months ago

    I love your vlogs mashallah you look lovely as always

  • Nosheen Khan
    Nosheen Khan 9 months ago

    You could also do it with fruit and yoghurt 😍😍

  • Glass World
    Glass World 9 months ago +12

    I think it’s a really awful show and rather than trying to understand it just boycott it

    • Alia
      Alia 9 months ago +4


  • Nadia Dansani
    Nadia Dansani 9 months ago

    Gosh I want a Kit Kat now

  • mhnz
    mhnz 9 months ago

    the way i saw the vid name/thumbnail and thought about using it as a reaction pic to tweet "me @ the love island boys" only to see that's what dina was referring to

  • Nadia Dansani
    Nadia Dansani 9 months ago

    Love the intro.

  • Be kind
    Be kind 9 months ago +1

    I like this convos! Thanks

  • Rose Blossom
    Rose Blossom 9 months ago +3

    Those people on those shows are trying to be famous and they know what they are doing. And its supposed to be dramatic cuz that's pretty much the only thing allowed in ENTERTAINMENT. It's supposed to be dramatic and addictive..I feel bad for the people who watch those things n thinks its reality. I am Muslim american and I stopped watching those type of shows before being muslim, a wicked long time ago cuz they're sick n piss me off.

    • Alia
      Alia 9 months ago

      Good on you sis ♡

  • Nadia Dansani
    Nadia Dansani 9 months ago

    I think I’ll have to disagree with the every body is a real body. If someone’s had cosmetic procedures and I think that wouldn’t be considered a real body

  • Aicha K
    Aicha K 9 months ago +2

    Dina completely get your point but I must also point out with the Liam situ, the producers must have deffo made him come in single for that drama because people were complaining on Twitter espesh that this series was dead.

    • Aicha K
      Aicha K 9 months ago

      @A Khan They based a large chunk of the Liam situ in yesterday’s episode by bringing Lillie back so it was planned. I just hope all of these contestants have help on standby because Millie doesn’t look like she’s coping too well.

    • A Khan
      A Khan 9 months ago

      No, the only drama the producers planned was the Teddy and Faye one. They intentionally sent a postcard of him with another girl to piss Faye off so she'd recouple.

  • Noreen Ahmed
    Noreen Ahmed Month ago

    Im a gunna name my next 3 babies. After the empors of byzantiyane. Yes the VALENTINES. HOW ROMANTIC I KNOW. YES

  • Sara m
    Sara m 9 months ago

    Love you and Sid is cute also

  • Tasneem Mo
    Tasneem Mo 9 months ago +8

    Just knew by the title, you were referring to Love Island

  • fr3agy
    fr3agy 9 months ago


  • Amani Huss
    Amani Huss 9 months ago

    25, watching love island. I would love island does affect how some people deal with dating. Being a Muslim and working at an college where it’s 95% south Asian Muslim people. I see people dating at college, behind parents back, having fun, but not realising the consequences either be in mental or physical. I would say the Muslim community is going towards how other people date like on love island. But then again I might be seeing a small percentage of the Muslim population.

    • Victoria Sawy
      Victoria Sawy 9 months ago +1

      Astagfirullah, this is what worries me about bringing my children up in the UK (they are only 4.5 and 2 years old atm) but seriously I wonder if we would all be better off in Egypt (my husbands country). I know everyone is on their own journey and what they do is between only them and Allah but seriously... If you can't even avoid the major sins just don't call yourselves Muslim anymore, no point keeping secrets, if you really believe in Allah and the day of judgment then you will do the right thing, if not you don't REALLY believe.

  • NIKI
    NIKI 9 months ago

    not from the uk. those shows are pretty similar in every country ,they are casting people who can make drama, and the others around are props. most people do it for work future opportunities. but i also heard the uk has big sexism issues in the whitish society . look at your gossip newspapers it reflects a lot. from my experience traveling some uk guys had series issues sometime

  • Nadia Dansani
    Nadia Dansani 9 months ago

    I missed you making the pop it’s cause I was typing the comments, but I think it’d work better if you sprayed it with oil/grease first, but if you did that idk

  • Suyama cole
    Suyama cole 9 months ago +1

    Your kids are beautiful

  • Chorro gaye
    Chorro gaye 9 months ago

    I’m 24 not dating anyone, watching love island. Love teddy and Millie

  • TheYghani1
    TheYghani1 9 months ago +7

    Who watches that filth that is Love Island! 🤔 Thank god have never watched 1 second of it!

  • Ojitos Rodriguez
    Ojitos Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Lol baby Hana sounds surprisingly a little American, like a valley girl 😅😂

  • Heather Moyers
    Heather Moyers 9 months ago

    Dina I 😘 ve you and Sid the children have grown so much but I have a question ? Why don't you and Sid wear your wedding rings anymore

  • Sara m
    Sara m 9 months ago

    It looks bad meeting up only in hotels but we wanted privacy Dino u understand don't you I'm not a bad person 💓

  • Nadia Dansani
    Nadia Dansani 9 months ago

    You can make chocolate with pop it’s

  • Kaori dee Mohammad
    Kaori dee Mohammad 9 months ago +4

    You look more beautiful with hijab before❤

    • A B
      A B 9 months ago +3

      No she looks better now but that’s what’s supposed to happen

  • nancy turnbull
    nancy turnbull 9 months ago


  • Noori Begum
    Noori Begum 9 months ago

    I’m 23, and a Muslim… I don’t know if it’s me not knowing my worth, but I’d give Liam another chance…

  • Naheema Akhtar
    Naheema Akhtar 9 months ago


  • RabiaRabia
    RabiaRabia 9 months ago

    Waleikum Salaam!

  • Qwerty Qwert
    Qwerty Qwert 9 months ago


  • Sophia K
    Sophia K 9 months ago +2

    Jabbering on about Love Island got boring…

  • Noori Begum
    Noori Begum 9 months ago +2

    Also, m&ms are haram please stop having them.

    • May Gafar
      May Gafar 3 months ago

      @Victoria Sawy what.. what’s inside them, why they haram

    • Victoria Sawy
      Victoria Sawy 9 months ago

      Never knew that... Just googled it! Jazakallah khair!

    • BeautyMarked
      BeautyMarked 9 months ago

      Was just going to say that too 😌

  • Alia
    Alia 9 months ago +1

    Mashala mika and his little fine motor skills. Yummy enjoy!

  • Abida b
    Abida b 9 months ago

    I thought big hannah left..

  • Ivy Mangeli
    Ivy Mangeli 9 months ago

    Toby is a manchild!

  • Fati♡
    Fati♡ 5 months ago

    Deffo don't watch the show but I think there are good and bad people Dina. As long as the woman Is careful and protect herself and doesn't fall head over heels for anyone and everyone, she will come across a good guy InshaAllah. Lots of people who want to just mess about though. They Don't use their heads that's why. Sad reality. Very unfluenced by western morals which is seen in that show I assume x

  • Amanda H
    Amanda H 7 months ago

    I wish they would make a Muslim version.

  • NIKI
    NIKI 9 months ago

    unfortunately women has progressed but there os not enough good educated man, and that is the main problem

  • Julia Gardner
    Julia Gardner 9 months ago

    Mika is so big now

  • dacrayzblaze1
    dacrayzblaze1 9 months ago

    Next time use nail nippers

  • de gh
    de gh 9 months ago +1

    20 seconds yes !

  • Ar Az
    Ar Az 9 months ago +15

    Well I started using Muslim dating apps during the pandemic and it’s not been the best experience. A lot of Muslim guys have been really rude and inappropriate. I wear hijab in my pics and don’t hide my size as I’m a bigger girl so I wasn’t expecting a lot of matches but yea I’ve not had many good conversations.
    A lot just want to mess around when I’m hoping to date with the intention of marriage. I’ve had to be really specific in my bio too (e.g. that I support BLM, LGBT+ people/ shias etc..) as the guys I’ve talked to have been really disrespectful when I bring these topics up (e.g. called stupid and stuff lol).
    I signed up to bumble and I mentioned that I’m only interested in muslims but have seen better interactions/ more accepting of my views from non Muslims lol.
    Plus on Muslim dating apps so many guys lie lol, the amount of times they say they don’t smoke/ drink and they have a pic of them with a cig and bottle in their hand is too many to count. When I bring it up they say ‘lol’ then try to move on like?? Lmaooo
    A lot just kind of expect a housewife and there’s nothing wrong in that as I wouldn’t mind staying at home but just the patriarchal attitudes these men have is shocking.
    Love island isnt any too different to what a lot of guys are like at this age to be honest. Obviously not all guys but I’m speaking from my experience this past year

    • Ar Az
      Ar Az 9 months ago +1

      @Arelí thank you and no worries xxx

    • Ar Az
      Ar Az 9 months ago +4

      @Elongated Muskrat yes definitely. I think I have like secondary trauma from the stuff my female friends have experienced (sexual assault/ cheated on etc..)
      I think if someone wants to have sex before marriage and just a casual relationship then no judgment, but even some of my friends who have had a friends with benefits type of relationship are left off hurt and having to lower their standards as well. It’s just crappy all around tbh.
      I hope things improve in the coming years and our generation can set a better example of a healthy relationship because the toxicity present in a lot of relationships isn’t sustainable and will hurt younger people in the future too

    • Elongated Muskrat
      Elongated Muskrat 9 months ago +6

      I'm not Muslim but I feel a lot of these frustrations, I'm not trying to date at all because I can't imagine finding a guy who wants to wait for the sexual side of things, who doesn't drink or smoke. I'm so disturbed by this kinda culture right now that's being supported by girls undermining their worth and hurting themselves mentally, spiritually etc. because they think they're "sexually liberated." Some girls genuinely do enjoy that life but just anecdotally, I can't begin to tell you the amount of my female friends who have been so devastated by this kinda dating and behaviour from guys. And they think it's their fault for being too sensitive, it breaks my heart.

    • Arelí
      Arelí 9 months ago +1

      @Ar Az likewise! Thank you! 🙏🏻

    • Ar Az
      Ar Az 9 months ago +1

      @Arelí I’ve not been in a relationship before but yes I can see why you feel demotivated. I’d have to take a break from the apps at times as the abuse/ inappropriate comments would become overwhelming
      But I know there’s some great guys out there so I hope you find someone who loves and respects you xx

  • Stop It
    Stop It 7 months ago

    Icl u got chopped

  • Kacey nelson
    Kacey nelson 9 months ago

    Wats on ur hand

  • Evelyn Grzedzicki
    Evelyn Grzedzicki 9 months ago +1

    What a load of pointless bla. About as entertaining as Love Island.

    • Evelyn Grzedzicki
      Evelyn Grzedzicki 9 months ago +1

      @Jen A x I know, thanks though.

    • Jen A x
      Jen A x 9 months ago

      But no one told you to watch.. don’t you know how to click off videos?