2016 Harley Davidson 103 vs 2017 107 Milwaukee 8 dyno run

  • Published on Sep 28, 2016
  • 2016 Harley Davidson 103 VS 2017 HD Milwaukee 8 Dyno Run This video will you show you a stock comparison between the Twin Cam 103 and the new 107 Milwaukee 8. Dyno runs on both motorcycles.
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Comments • 85

  • Mod Zozer
    Mod Zozer 3 months ago +1

    18 years of twin cam refinement makes less power and torque than the first gen M8. Imagine where the m8 will be at the end of it's tenure.
    Max hp and tq numbers are for chest pounders and posers. The "area under the curve" for the tq is what you feel.
    The M8s with some basic modifications are monsters. The twin cams with some basic modifications are M8s lol.

  • Michael O'Hara
    Michael O'Hara 4 months ago +1

    Sell me reliability. I do not use the top ten percent when I am obeying speed limits.

  • norman matura
    norman matura 5 months ago

    In real life conditions all things considered is both of them where 107 the twin cam would run off and leave the Milwaukee eight and then the Milwaukee eight with catch up and pass the twin cam.
    But the twin cam has more usable low in power the walkie eight powerband really doesn't come into play until It's much higher in the RPM range

  • metallurgy
    metallurgy 5 months ago

    90 foot pounds of torque just off idle! That is stupid. Harley Davidson riders need to learn that instantaneous torque with subdued top end is not a desirable thing on a motorcycle (unless you always ride in a straight line). This is the dyno curve of a mining truck. Who wants to be leaned over in a curve and have 90 lbs or torque at 1,750 RPM. This is beyond stupid; learn how to ride a motorcycle or buy a three wheeler.

  • Kevin Hayes
    Kevin Hayes 6 months ago

    Hey guys I have an issue or question what is the normal operating range on a Harley-Davidson Street Glide 2014 RPM in neutral what should it be running at 1100 1200 my bike is popping up to 2000 RPM and I don't understand why

      TAMPAHARLEYGROUP  6 months ago

      Idle for your bike should be around 1100 RPMs. Owning a variety of motorcycles, I can personally tell you that diagnosing an issue over the internet can sometimes be impossible, so your best bet would be to bring your bike down and ask for one of our techs to take a look at it :) -Alex

  • Sean Corvino
    Sean Corvino 7 months ago +4

    I see a lot of guys bitching about the M8. Some of them forgetting that the twin cam had a lot of issues when it first came out too. Some who are just looking at the final HP and Torque numbers and not looking at the whole RPM range like they should be. (20 Foot Pounds of Torque increase when first rolling on the throttle is huge)
    And then there are those you are bagging on the M8 cause they just can't afford one so that's how they justify still running a twin cam. There is also those who over look the other attributes of the M8, less valve noise, smoother running, the fact that it runs cooler.

    Don't get me wrong though, the Twin Cam is a nice engine and anyone who has would should be proud of it. But the fact remains that the M8 is the superior engine. (STOCK) we all know how different engines can be built differently to be bedder than the engine before or after it.

  • Jonathan L
    Jonathan L 8 months ago

    Nice sound track on this video! :)

  • DH
    DH 11 months ago

    I had a 103, removed the cat, installed an Arlen Ness stage 1 air cleaner, Power Commander, and had it dyno tuned, and my stock 107 feels cooler, significantly so to me. Seriously, it's the reason I upgraded, I hated the heat of the 103.

  • Scott C
    Scott C Year ago

    Great Numbers, They don't lie, In the V Twin segment, those are very respectable numbers and a great improvement over the previous version. Having owned every touring bike out there and now reconsidering Harley Davidson, the numbers on the 107 are very competitive if not exceeding the competition. My stage 2 111 beats it by a little bit but if I dump the same money into a 107 it would exceed it. Take a quick look at their 114.

  • Enoch DeHart
    Enoch DeHart Year ago +2

    Much more bang for the buck to buy a used 1200 custom. Look at the 0 to 60 and quarter mile times on the website that shows all the Harley models and times. The 1200 sportster stock has just a few horsepower than the 103 but is faster on 0 to 60 and quarter mile than the 103. Seeing is believing watch the video on RU-clip the sportster repeatedly smoked the 103.

  • Jam Ward
    Jam Ward Year ago

    My 09 FLHR runs just fine.

  • Michael Lejos
    Michael Lejos Year ago

    Good luck Harley I still can't afford it...all the meow meow the only ones buying are the one that owns your brand already... someday I have a feeling your core market will eventually disappear and then what... your dealers suck and you need to give young buyers like me inventives to buy into your brand, so I can stop dreaming....

  • The Meister
    The Meister Year ago +1

    Not bad for a Japanese owned company.

  • Maikeli7
    Maikeli7 Year ago +1

    Ohh, this video is just BEGGING for troll comments.
    Cowardly haters will spew acid all over this video, but this makes it easier to know whom to block.
    I'm a happy owner/rider of my 2017 Ultra Limited. No complaints!

  • Dennis Morris
    Dennis Morris Year ago +1

    I use to talk shit on harleys until i bought one, hd for life. Ive had 3 had 3 bmw's too...

  • Dennis Morris
    Dennis Morris Year ago +1

    I bought a 2018 road king, its totally worth it guys...

  • The Last Rebel Show

    My bike blows both of these away but mines a custom HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ✨😆🤘✨🇺🇸

  • James Thomas
    James Thomas 2 years ago

    Wish they had made a 2018 Wide glide...

  • Jim Myers
    Jim Myers 2 years ago

    when I heard about the new engine, I asked about trading in my 2015 Limited Low to get one. But for nearly $6,000 to do it, it seemed like a very expensive 6 hp and 11 foot lbs.

  • Back4More42
    Back4More42 2 years ago

    Let’s do a 110 vs 114 head to head.

  • Dan English
    Dan English 2 years ago

    There are some other dyno runs here that will show that the 103 with the same modes outperforms the new M8 motor. I think the new motor from what I've seen so far is a dude.

  • Keith Cull
    Keith Cull 2 years ago

    I have a 106 s&s big bore and cams on my greezer glide kills the new Milwaukee.

  • Javed faziljaved
    Javed faziljaved 2 years ago

    so how much are you willing to pay for extra 6hp and extra 10flb?

  • thedgepath1
    thedgepath1 2 years ago +4

    Cycleworld reviewed a 2014 103 Street Glide and then later a 2017 107 Street Glide when it was introduced. look it up, virtually the same dyno numbers. Buy a used 2014 103 Street Glide and hit it with stage 1 and Rineharts True Duals. Save thousands and still have a faster Harley than a 2017 107. Good job Harley, sell some more t-shirts. Its what your good at!

    • Sean Corvino
      Sean Corvino 7 months ago +1

      That's funny, cause a good buddy of mine had the exact same setup on his 103 that you mentioned and he still couldn't outrun my stock 107.

    • JJ Comey
      JJ Comey Year ago

      Dude with all respect you don’t have a clue what your talking about. I have a 103 and a M8 and the new bikes are animals. It’s funny reading the comments of little cry babies complaining about a bike they never rode probably never even sat on. Put on your big boy pants and go test drive a new M8 if your wife will let you

    • Bradford Bradington
      Bradford Bradington 2 years ago

      yup, Edward you are right... 92ft/lbs at 2000rpm is awesome... people either don't understand what they are looking at or jealous AF

    • edward toscano
      edward toscano 2 years ago +6

      Good luck with that, the 2017 Milwaukee 8 is Harley's best engine hands down. I have a 2012 FLHR with the 103 Rineharts, power duels etc. and I also have a 2017 Road Glide Special, I can tell you there is NO COMPARISON. Anyone that says there is either does not know what they are talking about or just can't afford a 2017 so they knock it. The Milwaukee 8 is Torque from the word go.

  • PeterDad60
    PeterDad60 2 years ago

    Is the 103 cu. in. engine they used in this comparison the High Output version or the regular 103 cu. in engine. They know there are two versions so why did they not tell us which version they ran on the dino in this comparison?

    • PeterDad60
      PeterDad60 2 years ago

      I am sure all 2016 Touring H-D's have the HO 103 cu. in. engine, still they did not describe it as such, only "2016 Twin Cam 103". It is only two words "High Output". I guess they are not good at paying attention to details or relating details to people in their video's.
      Having viewers make assumptions, or having some viewers remaining in the dark about the two versions of the 103 is not particularly a good practice.

  • Jody
    Jody 2 years ago

    Man... Harley wake the fuck up. 80 Hp and 100tq and you think this is really doing something?? Hell my damn old Evo is still only 80 inches and will kill the M8. So will my 103!!

      lSTICKYFINGERSl 2 years ago +2

      Jody Evos are good motors. But if your 80 will I'll kill a M8 it ain't stock. That's for damn sure.

  • HvyMetal4Ever
    HvyMetal4Ever 2 years ago

    WOW! I need to buy a new bagger. That thing is going to feel like a corvette compared to my '09 fat bob

  • James Matheson
    James Matheson 2 years ago

    Gee aint that something to brag about, a 107 Harley puts out 20HP less than a Indian Scout puts out, sure it puts out more torque, but do I need to use it as a tractor.

  • Ivan Phipps
    Ivan Phipps 2 years ago

    Why are you not revving the motors all the way? Why are you stopping the Milwaukee 8 so early? You are missing a whole bunch of the story.

    • Joe Glenn
      Joe Glenn 2 years ago +1

      Listen to the sound of the dyno run. Both bikes hit the rev limiter. It's harder to hear on the Milwaukee 8, but it's there.

  • sixshooter4570
    sixshooter4570 2 years ago +1

    My Victory has 109/109, Nice bike though.

    • Mark Elgin
      Mark Elgin Year ago

      But it's a Victory....and they are no longer in the building....for a reason...js

    • The MIGHTY SMAUG!! !!
      The MIGHTY SMAUG!! !! Year ago

      It’s a victory though...

  • Anthony Alger
    Anthony Alger 2 years ago +1

    nobody starts with the throttle at 0 when you're racing from red light to red light....

  • Michiganborn1969
    Michiganborn1969 2 years ago

    This video was very helpful. I'm still on the fence between Harley and Indian. The Indian Thunderstroke 111 is rated at 119 ft lbs of torque but it only 2 valves per cylinder and still running an air cooled engine with an optional oil cooler.

  • David Spin
    David Spin 2 years ago +2

    Tech tip Tuesday... How about topless Tuesday...

    • Alan Whiteside
      Alan Whiteside 11 months ago

      David Spin
      Heck I don’t want to see him topless! 🙄

  • David Spin
    David Spin 2 years ago +1

    I would expect more like a 20% gain, 5 CID more, new design with 4 valves doesn't really seem like a big deal.

    • Bradford Bradington
      Bradford Bradington 2 years ago +1

      To be fair there is a 22% increase in torque at 2000rpm. Test ride one, you'll feel the difference.

  • whatsinyourear
    whatsinyourear 2 years ago +2

    Not much of a gain in power and torque after waiting 15 years, but the power and torque is more than enough. There are upgrades available for bigger gains if you so desire. I'm looking for reliability and longevity, the Twin Cam lacked both. This new engine appears to be properly engineered with the exception of the chain driven cam.

  • Birdman 44
    Birdman 44 2 years ago

    I rode a new Road Glide Ultra with the new engine. Ran very good. I would say the same power as my Kawasaki Voyager (also has 4 valves/cylinder). They were asking 29k for that bike. Think I will stay with my Kawi.

  • Miles Rains
    Miles Rains 2 years ago +5

    Just for reference my 2014 FLHP with 110" barrels/pistons, Stage 1 air cleaner, FullSac baffles, and V&H FP3 made 79 hp and 101.5 lb.ft. of torque. This is almost identical to the Milwaukee Eight 107.

    • josh g
      josh g 10 months ago

      @edward toscano actually your very wrong. The m8 engines run very hot. Burnt exhaust valves i feel will be a major problem in years to come.

    • Ob Fuscated
      Ob Fuscated Year ago

      Hot in stock tune, cool with a tune. Torque and HP are MEASURABLE. You aren't a mechanic therefore your opinion is worthless. Stop acting like M8 is some kind of accomplishment. The dyno MEASURES otherwise. Every aspect of internal combustion engine performance is measurable.

    • Lyle Landstrom
      Lyle Landstrom Year ago

      Running cool is the whole ball game in a harley. My Evo bagger runs the rear exhaust orange hot when running at speed. Personally, my next bike will be the Guzzi Flying fortress. Far more HP, lighter weight and the exhaust valves are in the wind. HD should have addressed this problem decades ago.

    • Groot McEffe
      Groot McEffe Year ago

      That thing is WAY down on power for a 110.
      A Jackpot head pipe, Fueling camchest kit with 574 cams, and a good dyno tune with a better tuner (TTS, Powervision, or Thundermax) would net you around 110tq, 105hp to the tire.

    • Jaden B
      Jaden B Year ago

      only thing is your bike isn't stock it has a stage one ... that M8 doesn't its bone stock , and restricted

  • Victor Reyes
    Victor Reyes 2 years ago +8

    Lol, 80hp and 100tq lmao what a joke

    • markurbancowboy
      markurbancowboy Year ago +1

      Victor Reyes
      Yep, about 10rwhp less than a 1800cc liquid cooled, 6 cylinder Honda Goldwing so what's your point? The M8 is an oil/air cooled V-twin that can cruise on the highway at 80mph all day and night without breaking a sweat. Stop comparing air cooled motors to high performance sport bikes.

    • backroadjunkie
      backroadjunkie 2 years ago +3

      Victor Reyes tell me, what is so funny about this?

    • PeterDad60
      PeterDad60 2 years ago +14

      Look asshat these motor cycles run wonderfully for their designed riding style. You display real ignorance.

  • pmh1nic
    pmh1nic 2 years ago +10

    The new engine really delivers the torque as soon as you twist the throttle. Big improvement over the 103. Kudos to HD for the investment into this new generation engine.

    • TylerFJ24
      TylerFJ24 2 years ago +1

      I dont think thats the engines fault Id say its the $$$$ for the bike thats the problem

    • Snake Bite
      Snake Bite 2 years ago +1

      Its not helping them sell anymore bikes, so that is a problem.

  • Brandon Stone
    Brandon Stone 2 years ago +17

    A gain of only 7 to 8 HP and 11 ftpds of torque isn't what I would have expected out of a bigger engine like that... For the price they charge for those bikes I would expect so much more power out of them... Then after everything is said an done you still have to pay the Harley tax... So yea I would save the money an buy an older bike put the money you saved into parts and you'll have more power and would have saved over 30 grand

    • Mark a
      Mark a 11 months ago

      I bought a few year old Harley with 103 and 6k worth of aftermarket goodies already installed for 6k less than a stock new Harley with 107 engine. To me a Harley is meant for cruising. There's nothing more enjoyable than getting together with a few friends and cruising country roads and the smokey mountains. Harley doesn't make a sport bike so why worry so much about a little more power?

    • Spencer Richards
      Spencer Richards Year ago

      10% increase isn’t bad.. 10% on a 500hp v8 wouldn’t be ignored

    • Thomas Barth
      Thomas Barth Year ago

      You apparently don't understand how to read a dyno graph, look how the torque and horsepower pretty much immediately come on on the m8 vs the tc, the tc slowly climbs through the rpm range

    • Phillip Swain
      Phillip Swain 2 years ago

      My 2006 Night Train with a 98" kit and Tman cams has 104.64 hp and 111.62 tq. After a cam swap I won 3rd place for my class at the Wyotech Dyno Shootout back in 2012. I would of also thought these newer 107 bikes would have had more power. Many of your builders like Hillside and Veetwin Performance are making 107 kits with far more power than these and not at the same price tag.

    • Snake Bite
      Snake Bite 2 years ago +1

      I think that is the thought process of many people because they are not selling anymore bikes with the new engine

  • vf12497439
    vf12497439 3 years ago +1

    Thanks for posting. Pretty exciting to see what Harley is up too. My days of riding hot rods is sunsetting. I'm looking for a torquey well mannered bagger to just cruise on. I think I see a new street glide in my future. :)

  • Lanc Mac
    Lanc Mac 3 years ago +1

    So it is about 6hp and 10tq difference with 5 ci more on the 2017..... Nice improvement but hardly any difference if you level loaded the runs with the same displacement on each bike... then it would be less than 2 hp/tq difference.

    • Sean Corvino
      Sean Corvino 7 months ago

      Not only is Jacob James right. The M8 runs smoother, has less valve noise and also runs much cooler. And we all know that heat is the number 1 killer of an air cooled engine.

    • Jacob James
      Jacob James 2 years ago +4

      The twin cam makes 70lbs at 2000 rpm while the M8 makes 90lbs at 2000 rpm. That's a big difference. Go take one for a test ride and see or feel for yourself.

  • Edward davis
    Edward davis 3 years ago +8

    WOW, 4 valves per cycl. an 2 plug heads, HOLY Moly, what in the world is going to happen next, maybe a Man on the moon, NO WAIT Indoor plumbing!

    • backroadjunkie
      backroadjunkie 2 years ago +2

      Edward davis its am awesome bike...i agree

  • Patrick Pursifull
    Patrick Pursifull 3 years ago


  • DF
    DF 3 years ago +2

    Off idle is definitely where you feel the extra grunt while riding the 2017. Just traded in my 2011 CVO on a 2017 Ultra Limited and the new 107 feels at least as strong on the bottom end as my old 110".


    My 2016 roadglide with stage one air cleaner n vnh pro pipe screaming eagle racer tuner dyno tuned gave me 98 ft lbs of torque. Close to numbers of M8. Pretty cool. Wait till i do stage 3 110. Numbers should b impressive

  • Josh Calbert
    Josh Calbert 3 years ago

    just watched (laharleylewiston) these guys do a stage 3 and got 100 ft lbs but did get 100 hp to

    • Jeffery Stack
      Jeffery Stack Year ago

      Wow...I just did a stage 3 on an 18 Roadking special and got 110 hp and 120 trq after final tuning

    • Cage Mike
      Cage Mike 2 years ago


  • Josh Calbert
    Josh Calbert 3 years ago

    your dyno is very generous compared to what others are getting for torque no other dyno is getting 100 ft lbs on stock 107