This AWFUL Typewriter Keyboard Raised $350K

  • Опубликовано: 13 окт 2018
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    You’re telling me you want a wireless back-lit mechanical keyboard with a vintage tactile typewriter feel? No problem!..But which one is the best?
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Комментарии • 4 515

  • bswtsp21
    bswtsp21 25 минут назад

    You put on the back wrong on the rymek.

  • Loredan
    Loredan 15 часов назад

    It is not funny reviewing something totally un fucking prepared. It just makes you look like a sad-ass geek clown. Congrats.

  • Colter Pett
    Colter Pett 19 часов назад

    Whats your opinion on the Dell SK-8115?

  • SmolPuppyxoxo With Candy
    SmolPuppyxoxo With Candy День назад

    For most of you that don’t know. When a RU-clipd sponsors a brand they do it to earn money. Weird

  • Aquinn21
    Aquinn21 3 дня назад

    Linus you have your windows activated!

  • Fiduan Haider
    Fiduan Haider 3 дня назад

    The aluminum holder maybe goes the other way around

  • 0303wong
    0303wong 4 дня назад

    7:14 not nuts, probably rich

  • kureci_sadrokarton
    kureci_sadrokarton 7 дней назад

    I wish that Razer made one... I want that

  • Ceastic Deception
    Ceastic Deception 8 дней назад

    Holy shit your tv just tells me what to buy 1:15

  • Neutrino
    Neutrino 9 дней назад +2

    It says something like " Typewriter Keyboard" or something, i can't see it well.

  • BestOfUnturned
    BestOfUnturned 9 дней назад

    Getting devices ready...

  • The Solemn Nut
    The Solemn Nut 13 дней назад

    Rich kid want to make a business and their chinese parent will donate the money.

  • KappaKorps
    KappaKorps 14 дней назад

    For $189 dollars for that keyboard, you could buy a genuine razer Blackwidow chroma v2 for that and have it last 3-4 years longer

  • Alois Jirasek
    Alois Jirasek 15 дней назад

    And what about the most annoying thing about "modern" keyboards - THE LAYOUT ? I spotted "FN" nonsense on right WIN key, is it configurable or it is like other stupid keyboards these days when they just removed WIN key and replaced with FN key? WHY THEY DO THAT??? Why they don't put FN key somewhere else? I hate PC keyboards with non-standard layout ..... they shouldn't be sold as PC keyboards at all .... anyway, these keyboards are perfect gift - for someone you don't like;)

  • Brush Weiyn
    Brush Weiyn 15 дней назад


  • maevian
    maevian 17 дней назад

    If they would sell the Azio Retro Classic Elwood in a TKL config I would actually buy one :p

  • Andrew Ring
    Andrew Ring 21 день назад

    Their Indigogo says they began research in June 2017, but there is a youtube with the same keyboard that someone bought in a different color and better keys, with the same lighting effects, in February 2017 called a Hellboy MX520. The original keyboard that it looks like they ripped off, has holes where the usb supports go into, instead of just a weird fat plug end.

    • Andrew Ring
      Andrew Ring 21 день назад

      If you're going to blatently copy someone else's design and even use their molds, at least don't act like it's some new design and concept you came up with yourself. they're using the 300k to what.... differently shaped key pads?

    NONVANTE K 22 дня назад


  • ShrinkRay
    ShrinkRay 22 дня назад

    it costs about 75usd on taobao. link:

  • Duncie Hickie
    Duncie Hickie 23 дня назад

    Alberta ftw

  • Thebeast33
    Thebeast33 23 дня назад

    Linus is like the Gordon Ramsey of tech

  • IRIS IRIS official
    IRIS IRIS official 24 дня назад

    My keyboard feels like a typewriter all the buttons sometimes get stuck while typing

  • Fneandro Official
    Fneandro Official 25 дней назад

    Why are u using bing!

  • Susanna Vargas
    Susanna Vargas 26 дней назад

    This is the second time I’ve noticed cannabis on your screen 8:37

  • Sarah Royal
    Sarah Royal 27 дней назад

    Lol why is everyone so salty that people are willing to pay a lot for aesthetics? Not everyone is hard core gamers or computer geeks but still want their shit to look cool dang. And complainging about hipsters? Is it 2015 or 2019 I'm confused

  • GhOsT 👻
    GhOsT 👻 28 дней назад


  • Ostrich Banana
    Ostrich Banana 29 дней назад

    The reason the rubber pad didn't touch you tablet was because you put the aluminum thing on backwards. not trying to defend this shltty keyboard, but just thought I'd point that out.

  • ChromaXon
    ChromaXon 29 дней назад

    my house doesnt cost 350K

  • FYTTELYTTE!!! Coffee lover
    FYTTELYTTE!!! Coffee lover Месяц назад

    WAIT WUT this episode is sponed by memory express and skillshare? is that even a thing to have two sponsors for one vid?

  • OMEG4 00F
    OMEG4 00F Месяц назад

    lol imagine gaming typewriter xD

  • xRaddicKx
    xRaddicKx Месяц назад

    Oh edupz hello there

  • Massimo Gigante
    Massimo Gigante Месяц назад

    That Nokay one looks so cheap

  • TaiTai
    TaiTai Месяц назад +1

    i really like this guy his attidue and he is realy funny

  • Knitemair
    Knitemair Месяц назад

    You should've also checked out lofree, even though it's less typewriter-ish and more like a modern approach to the typewriter

  • Bear dude
    Bear dude Месяц назад

    the last one was really embarrassing xD

  • Solid Snek
    Solid Snek Месяц назад

    Not really a retro kinda guy but those azio keyboards are beautiful.

  • J Potter
    J Potter Месяц назад

    They are now trying to unload these (the Azio, not the awful Rymtek) via MassDrop....but only a compact version. Good luck!

  • increditoaster
    increditoaster Месяц назад

    I wonder how much Linus actually agree's with his sponsors and would recommend them.

  • Jaroslav Kral
    Jaroslav Kral Месяц назад

    These things are beautiful.

  • Jack Jackson
    Jack Jackson Месяц назад

    Steampunk culture brought us there

  • Auguste
    Auguste Месяц назад

    "pardon my french" ???????

  • Blue Plague
    Blue Plague Месяц назад

    Not gonna lie, love this stuff.

  • ぎス駅Trippy
    ぎス駅Trippy Месяц назад

    So they use Bing as their search engine?

  • AimZ _
    AimZ _ Месяц назад

    a $10 keyboard is better than that sh*t :)

  • Michelangelo Cifaldi
    Michelangelo Cifaldi Месяц назад

    Enjoyed the content but couldn’t get over the fact of the metal back thing kept getting put in the wrong way. Doesn’t matter though cause it’s a bad keyboard as we can see

  • Maximilianmus Leader
    Maximilianmus Leader Месяц назад

    I think your tv/screen is too small, you should make it bigger

  • MadMax052
    MadMax052 Месяц назад

    this guy worries a lot about shit that doesn't even matter at all. Like he is convinced the different key types affect his typing that much...

  • kodi christian
    kodi christian Месяц назад


  • Mailo Kirmes
    Mailo Kirmes Месяц назад

    You put that metal thing in the wrong dorection thats why your iPad fell down

  • Jas Persa
    Jas Persa Месяц назад

    I can hear the hipsters and girls who wear pants to their ankles so you can see just a little bit of skin with black boots, a beretta and clear round glasses drooling

  • Techhh
    Techhh Месяц назад

    this is skyrim but in keyboards!

  • G Rant
    G Rant Месяц назад

    Does he ever figure out he needs to turn the tablet holder around....?

  • JBpiification
    JBpiification Месяц назад

    Linus 15 cents does not sound like a lot but at mass scale that adds up very quickly making USB-C not worth if for many cheap products

  • Flerger Bergitydersh
    Flerger Bergitydersh Месяц назад

    "USB-C is only a cost difference of 15 cents..."
    Me: Wow, then why aren't there more-
    "Over a *high quality* micro-b connector"
    Me: Oh. Well, that's the reason, isn't it? How many micro b connectors are actually "high quality?" Isn't that the issue?

  • stormtroopette
    stormtroopette Месяц назад

    You always do such a great job Linus. Amazing personality, humor, very likeable AND knowledgeable. I trust you for my tech news. So thorough too.

  • Paul Krawitz
    Paul Krawitz Месяц назад

    It'd be sooo cool if their would be a White and Red coloured keyboard... 😊

  • Robert Hjalmarsen
    Robert Hjalmarsen Месяц назад

    The Elwood one looks nice I think 😂 would go well with industrial steel/wood setups that a lot of people have

  • James Owens
    James Owens Месяц назад

    Maybe because USB C is not universal?

  • Xenon
    Xenon Месяц назад

    do you use they way that they are teaching in shool where you keep you fingers on the home row

  • Ratan Raj Shekar
    Ratan Raj Shekar Месяц назад

    Just fucking type already

  • Under Foxy
    Under Foxy Месяц назад

    Wait a minute Linus has the same keyboard as bullet barry, this just in - Linus = bullet barry

  • americanace96
    americanace96 Месяц назад

    You think those keyboards cost a lot? Look at They have a keyboard similar to the one used in a show I used to watch and that one costs $1,000!
    (that show was Warehouse 13 if anyone remembers or is interested)

  • 기현 Arikadou
    기현 Arikadou Месяц назад

    Wasn't there a typewriter esc Redragon keyboard?

  • Cearon
    Cearon Месяц назад

    I wonder how many tries that intro took! 😏

  • SCS Gaming
    SCS Gaming Месяц назад

    Is that BING???!!!!

  • David O'Herlihy
    David O'Herlihy Месяц назад

    Why do all Canadian websites look like shitty 2000’s website

  • 皮皮shrimp
    皮皮shrimp Месяц назад

    the chinese on the box (you viewed )means not make sence in chinese! mabe is some kind of brand>?

  • Abendschein
    Abendschein Месяц назад

    That metal piece is backwards.

  • zesty pocky
    zesty pocky Месяц назад

    Linus uses Bing?!

  • Crazy Gamer
    Crazy Gamer Месяц назад

    It just sits there?!?

  • jerryteacup
    jerryteacup Месяц назад

    Hey, if they model a typewriter they ARE supposed to be really clunky. :D And that shit-expensive one is apparently trying to even look like one. How come you missed that, Linus? :D

  • Zdestroyer
    Zdestroyer Месяц назад

    you should rate this computer

  • Michael Nix
    Michael Nix Месяц назад

    Linus really isn't too bright, huh? mechanically speaking, that is. putting that backrest in the other way-round would have had it sitting upright rather than laying down...

  • George Wang
    George Wang Месяц назад

    LOL knewkey just rebranded a chinese keyboard. the $350k was just used for tape that matches the chinese box.

  • Lawrence
    Lawrence Месяц назад

    Are those keyboard mechanical or not?

  • Otto Mattic
    Otto Mattic Месяц назад

    You had the stand backwards

  • E X T I M E
    E X T I M E Месяц назад

    I didn't know there were 2300 people that work for KnewKey

  • Super Saiyan Commenter
    Super Saiyan Commenter Месяц назад

    wait... linus didnt drop something.
    no frickin' way.

  • Harry Green
    Harry Green Месяц назад

    0:25 how many takes?

  • TheSpoi
    TheSpoi Месяц назад

    whats the point of putting a paper holder if it cant type onto paper

    • TheSpoi
      TheSpoi Месяц назад

      oh god it doesnt even work

  • Moonded
    Moonded Месяц назад

    Wait a minute. Linus has my first name as his last name?! How is this possible. I thought Sebastian is only a Surname never a last name.

  • Smonki
    Smonki Месяц назад

    lol mate

  • Rich Smith
    Rich Smith Месяц назад

    People will pay insane amounts for the most stupid things.

  • arvenyon
    arvenyon Месяц назад

    I use the ASIO Retro Wood thing there as a daily keyboard in my office at work. My other programmer colleagues in the office dont mind the loud clicking sound. After about a half a day I got totally used to the keyboard and I am typing about 134 correct words per minute. It's an awesome feeling and definitely worth the money, for me as a nerd. Also its signed.

    • arvenyon
      arvenyon Месяц назад

      And yeah, its real wood.

  • Eddie Suen
    Eddie Suen Месяц назад

    same keyboard as the hellboy mx520 from china. hence the repacking and rebranding.

  • Cerbyo
    Cerbyo Месяц назад

    i tried teh azio one instore, it was completely disgusting feeling. idk how anyone would spend money on that crap. ur hand is cold and smells like metal. idk how or why you'd want to pay a premium for that....and loud clicks....and a horrible feeling each time the key compresses, like ur snuffing out all life on earth.

  • NothingButShame
    NothingButShame Месяц назад

    When I looked at the the title more than my house...

  • M4iximos
    M4iximos Месяц назад

    Your stupid the rip off cherry keyboard back holder thing was put on the wrong way.

  • Nathan Strain
    Nathan Strain Месяц назад +2

    9:53 "The shape of them is absolutely f**king awful! Pardon my French."

  • Sarcastamus Raconteur
    Sarcastamus Raconteur Месяц назад

    My right testicle hangs lower than the fact,quite a bit lower....just saying...

  • AɴɢᴇʟᴏTM
    AɴɢᴇʟᴏTM Месяц назад

    How to have a typewriter keyboard:
    Step 1: get a keyboard with cherry mx blue switches
    Step 2: Get typewriter keycaps

  • WarPigz0
    WarPigz0 Месяц назад

    Take a page from James Rolfe's (AVGN) book and work your ads into the narrative. He has fun with all of his and I don't just skip them. Win, fucking, win.

  • manmanthemanman
    manmanthemanman Месяц назад

    I think my grandma has one of these

  • Joe Ryan
    Joe Ryan Месяц назад

    So are "KnowKay" and "KnewKey" really the same product?

  • my black son's Penguins
    my black son's Penguins Месяц назад


  • DarkShadow
    DarkShadow Месяц назад

    my keyboard that looks like from 1900 is betterrrrrrrrrrrr

  • TexasCat99
    TexasCat99 Месяц назад

    So, some guys started the Rymek company, got the cheap Chinese "retro" keyboard in bulk from China (and crowd funded?) with very horrible NON-Retro wavy lights that likely cost about $20~25 each. For sure, not Cherry keys covered up with tape. The Chinese printing on the OEM box tells me (at least) that its $1 store junk. They're making a killing.

  • garglefunt
    garglefunt Месяц назад

    USB C is fucking garbage

  • John Doe
    John Doe Месяц назад

    Some keyboards are just ugly. Maybe even "deformed" depending on you you look at it. I never found myself buying these weird keyboards. I never saw anything wrong with a plain old one (but wireless).

  • Yuki Endo
    Yuki Endo Месяц назад

    8:11 you've just put this metal thing opposite way. Just compare it to the photo on Indiegogo which was on your screen at that moment lol