• Published on Sep 9, 2017
  • Try Not to AWW Challenge tried by FBE Staff!
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    The FBE Staff are put to the test in the Try Not to Aww Challenge! Watch to see their reaction!
    Content featured in this episode:
    Rescued baby otter's first time back in the water
    Baby says "Daddy" for first time on Dad's birthday
    My best friend Hank
    Synchronized Cats
    You're gonna be a brother
    Husky tantrum, wants to take a bath
    Cheetahs meowing
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    Alyssa S.
    Andrea B.
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    Staff Reacts #64 - TRY NOT TO AWWW CHALLENGE #2 (ft. FBE Staff)
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    REACT  Year ago +407

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    • Safia Z
      Safia Z Year ago

      @REACT why not putting the video you showed all in one piece (not separate videos)so I can challenge my friends? it wouldn't be fair if I show them the video with people react coz this would make anyone smile when you see others laughing or smiling!!

    • PinkyBearToys
      PinkyBearToys Year ago


    • Tan P.
      Tan P. Year ago


    • Jade Wisbey
      Jade Wisbey Year ago +1

      REACT II

    • Modern Music
      Modern Music Year ago

      REACT do teens react to carlos vs fence

  • Melody Jamneshan
    Melody Jamneshan Year ago

    i LIVE for julie

  • jessica c
    jessica c Year ago +5

    when the husky videos came on...


  • Chrissi Pfertig
    Chrissi Pfertig Year ago +3

    Locke is my Favourite♥️♥️

  • We Can't Be Friends
    We Can't Be Friends Year ago +85

    Her: "According to the rules I'm gonna lose, but according to my own rules I'm a winner"
    Me: "aww"

  • Annabelle Perrett
    Annabelle Perrett Year ago +3

    Reactors should do the try not to be satisfied challenge

  • Sabrina Ingersoll

    *husky video comes on*
    MEANWHILE I'm sitting in the tub watching this lol

  • miaraxxxx
    miaraxxxx Year ago

    Alyssa low key looks like dennerys

  • omdakingh
    omdakingh Year ago +2

    he husky one is more funny than cute, and the last one with the big cats not that much, other than that it was a great show...
    keep more of these coming just to entertain me :)

  • Nora Zayn
    Nora Zayn Year ago

    More please!

  • Asal/ Gilda
    Asal/ Gilda Year ago +1

    Um I am really a awwwer so I lost 0/0

  • CystiCoast
    CystiCoast Year ago +1

    I think I love alyssa.

  • 曾華偉
    曾華偉 Year ago +4

    Cats are so overrated, as soon as I saw the cat video, I stop smiling at all.

  • Jenica Castillo
    Jenica Castillo Year ago

    Yeah nice try.

  • leen hellemans
    leen hellemans Year ago +1

    I lost, these are too cute!

  • Anime Allstar
    Anime Allstar Year ago +1

    This is easy

  • Oskar Xie
    Oskar Xie Year ago +3


  • David Dumoor
    David Dumoor Year ago +1


  • Gnulpf Gnargh
    Gnulpf Gnargh Year ago +2

    Best challenge 💙

  • woordenhechtster
    woordenhechtster Year ago +11

    The most diificult about these challenges is that the audience gets to see them like 4 or 5 times

  • utplagal
    utplagal Year ago +1

    2:47 well that was unexpected

  • Pugz4life 2018
    Pugz4life 2018 Year ago +1

    I would be honored to lose

  • Matthew Trần
    Matthew Trần Year ago +7

    10/12 reactors nailed by a baby otter :)))

  • Pepper Chee now boi
    Pepper Chee now boi Year ago +1

    My initials is aww

  • Emilia De Oliveira
    Emilia De Oliveira Year ago +14

    3:08 - Sid's laugh got me omg haha

  • SMATF5
    SMATF5 Year ago +1

    *Otter exists* "OMG so cute!"
    *Sunset* "Beauty is everywhere!"
    *Elderly man in wheelchair shits himself on the bus* "[bawling] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! I've never experienced anything so amazingly beautiful in my entire life!"

    • likebatman
      likebatman Year ago

      SMATF5 omg iam Crying ahhahhahahhahhahshhshha

  • bestdamnalex
    bestdamnalex Year ago +8

    Watching this in the morning honestly makes my day already.
    (Btw, Sid is gorgeous. O_O )

  • Xelyria
    Xelyria Year ago +6

    Aww'ed at Locke more than I did the actual videos

  • Paholala
    Paholala Year ago +3

    Show them Fiona the Hippo

  • Hugo Drago
    Hugo Drago Year ago +7

    If you don't think otters, let alone baby otters are cute then you're soulless

  • Maddie
    Maddie Year ago +4


  • daftfan121
    daftfan121 Year ago +3

    Omg alyssa is so cuteee!!😂

  • Slayer192845
    Slayer192845 Year ago +8

    The reactions from the reactors always get me

  • Emma Stålhand
    Emma Stålhand Year ago +4

    The moment in Lilo and stitch and stitch comes back to rescue lilo from that capsule thing Ganto put her and stitch in and Lilo says "you came back"❤️😭😭😭💔

  • Sav’s Cosplay
    Sav’s Cosplay Year ago +9

    I don't regret losing this challenge at all

  • MeatpiesTV
    MeatpiesTV Year ago +1

    My sister calling my name. LYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYNN! Grrrrr....

  • JKirby
    JKirby Year ago +35

    Is Luke's hero Sheldon?

    • Zapi
      Zapi Year ago +5

      Penny? *knock* *knock* *knock*

  • Edison Wei
    Edison Wei Year ago +12

    I could say daddy 5:01 Me: Yeah I'm sure you can

  • Julieta Daza
    Julieta Daza Year ago +112


  • Zuzu Cha
    Zuzu Cha Year ago +185

    We need to end Luke's winning chain. Add all the doggie viceo!

  • Otake Arashi
    Otake Arashi Year ago +5

    This is the most nicest comment section ever ^^

  • Brokentruce
    Brokentruce Year ago +3

    Sidney is my favorite fight me

  • yoghurthurtt uwu
    yoghurthurtt uwu Year ago

    the Leapords got me for sure

  • Sandra Huerta
    Sandra Huerta Year ago +3

    6:05 I failed XD ITS SO CUTE,,

  • Typical Samandre
    Typical Samandre Year ago +1

    I would have one if it wasn't for the British kid damn my own British amusement

  • amandacombs1
    amandacombs1 Year ago +3


  • elen stathop
    elen stathop Year ago +1

    plz do more of this series

  • Darkrising1993
    Darkrising1993 Year ago +3

    I almost made it through them all. The husky was starting to get me but it didn't but the meowing of the leopard/cheetah? cracked me.

    • Nillu89
      Nillu89 Year ago

      They were cheetahs, leopards and cheetahs look nothing alike... I'm suprised that none of the staff members knew that only lions, tigers, jaguars and leopards can roar from the big cat family!

  • JustAlpha
    JustAlpha Year ago +3

    If there's a Pikachu moment there, then everyone will fail...

  • Mira Hamza
    Mira Hamza Year ago +5

    I loved that video so much 😍

  • Teresa Rinaldi
    Teresa Rinaldi Year ago +5

    aaaw I love Sid 😁😁😍

  • Tsucchiechan
    Tsucchiechan Year ago +62

    5:01 "i could say daddy" SAME

  • Rob Smith21
    Rob Smith21 Year ago +2

    EASY! Some where cute but no laugh or aww

  • Violet Turner
    Violet Turner Year ago +3

    Ok, I was doing real well, until the dog in the bathtub I laughed until I couldn't breathe, and I cried.

  • Zombe killer
    Zombe killer Year ago +1

    He just basically said that the baby otter turned him on 😂

  • Tino Bedekovic
    Tino Bedekovic Year ago +2


  • Eyby Cañas
    Eyby Cañas Year ago +7

    I guess David has a little brother 😂

  • Brandon Snow
    Brandon Snow Year ago this will get him

  • Alyssa Sharp
    Alyssa Sharp Year ago +7

    that husky is me when my mum tells me to get out of bed and go to school

  • ChamLamb
    ChamLamb Year ago +3

    The face Meghan makes at 5:20 is priceless XD

  • Burrito Cat
    Burrito Cat Year ago +1

    I love these videos but i have a question .Do these reactors get watched at? If yes creepy o_o

  • MoveOn
    MoveOn Year ago +2

    5:02 "i could say daddy" 😒...😐...😜

  • LunaDaMisfit
    LunaDaMisfit Year ago

    Who got thru it all without smiling/laughing/awws (I almost lost on the Huskies bcuz Huskies r my fave)
    My technique : concentrate the challenge and just keeping my teeth together

  • Jonathan Perez
    Jonathan Perez Year ago +2

    I LOVE Karen reactions

  • Sw1ft
    Sw1ft Year ago +2

    Bruh this is easy af

  • PinkyBearToys
    PinkyBearToys Year ago +37

    xD the girl who said "awww, I lost already"..xD

  • Herowebcomics
    Herowebcomics Year ago +4

    There were so many cute videos!
    They were cuter then they otter be!

  • Cookie Heart
    Cookie Heart Year ago

    Some how I passed the whole time o.o

  • ꧁donan꧂
    ꧁donan꧂ Year ago +3

    More karen

  • Noah Canovas
    Noah Canovas Year ago +5


  • Lucy325
    Lucy325 Year ago +3

    I said awww as soon as it said baby otter!

  • Seb J. Whoever
    Seb J. Whoever Year ago +3

    Non of the clips got me but Alyssa's reactions made me awww every time...
    On a side note: I want a little pig now.

  • Tasha Tasha
    Tasha Tasha Year ago +5

    Zach is hot when he smiles

  • Ollie Milner
    Ollie Milner Year ago


  • Joseph Carollo
    Joseph Carollo Year ago +2

    i said aww for 2/7

  • Joseph Carollo
    Joseph Carollo Year ago +1


  • Vishal Modi
    Vishal Modi Year ago +2

    do try not to get scared challenge

  • Wade 23
    Wade 23 Year ago +2

    Alyssa is adorable

  • Josefine 123
    Josefine 123 Year ago +12

    Hitting me with them baby otters right away.. you guys are evil.

  • DEATH ghostzx
    DEATH ghostzx Year ago +9

    I probably ate Hanks parents

  • FIFA 2007
    FIFA 2007 Year ago +19

    _That blonde dude is my spirit animal.._

  • Kate Hopkins
    Kate Hopkins Year ago +23

    One of the best reactions to becoming a big sibling I've ever seen.

  • Annivette CR
    Annivette CR Year ago +1

    You guys made my day! 😂💓

  • Gp Couchman
    Gp Couchman Year ago +2

    Alyssa seems like the kind of girl who has watched every Rooster Teeth video and would defend them to the death.

  • Kattykat49
    Kattykat49 Year ago

    I looooove David!

  • mok bough
    mok bough Year ago +1

    like alyssa she s sooooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute

  • Isabel Catalán Sada

    You guys are hilarious :D loved Alyssa's lack of self-control, hihihihi

  • Lilystic
    Lilystic Year ago

  • Ju Tsubasa
    Ju Tsubasa Year ago

    video: *pig*
    me: hmmm bacon!!!

  • promophobe69
    promophobe69 Year ago +2

    The husky is too hot where it is, that's why it doesn't want to leave the cool enamel bath, our husky would do that in the summer on the kitchen tiles.

  • Lights Out
    Lights Out Year ago

    Like has amazing self control

  • 9tailjeza
    9tailjeza Year ago +2

    You need to give them incentives/punishments for winning/losing

  • Mel
    Mel Year ago +574

    the little british kid would've got me if i hadn't seen the video already... his accent + his offer for the baby to share his bed makes me meelltttt

  • Jeremiah Johnson
    Jeremiah Johnson Year ago

    This was so cake... not even difficult at all

  • Ic3_ Psycho
    Ic3_ Psycho Year ago

    This just made my day

  • Axel Vique
    Axel Vique Year ago +2

    Best react challenge ever!

  • EhEmBee
    EhEmBee Year ago +8

    first video: meh, it's cute but i've seen it before. [no reaction]
    second video: oh... a baby... this'll be kinda cu- "did she say daddy? on my birthday???" [STARTS F*CKING CRYING]
    so. safe to say... i lost.

  • Travis Takamori
    Travis Takamori Year ago +5

    That little kid was the cutest! Now I know that my decision on having a babysitter with an accent is warranted!

  • xG0BBLES
    xG0BBLES Year ago +5

    I want David to be my friend.

  • Midnight Souls
    Midnight Souls Year ago