Pitch Black’s Backstory: Becoming The Nightmare King | Rise of the Guardians

  • Published on Dec 14, 2018
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    Isaac breaks down Pitch Black’s backstory.
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    Hundreds of years ago, prior to even the creation of the Guardians, Pitch Black ruled Earth in the shadows. This boogeyman manipulated, morphed and blended into darkness... forever craving the destruction of pure dreams… Using his ability to know every individuals’ greatest fears, Pitch’s nightmares proliferated across the minds of all of mankind allowing him to grow in power. At the peak of the Dark Ages, before The Guardians were chosen, all people were submissive, influenced and frightened by Pitch as he had always desired, but why did he want to be feared? Where did these powers come from? How did he rise? Well the rise of the Nightmare King is also the tragic fall of a father and hero.
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  • MaxZaps Gaming
    MaxZaps Gaming 2 days ago

    Isn't he just called the Boogeyman?

  • Duck Hayhurst
    Duck Hayhurst 10 days ago


  • Laiken Adams
    Laiken Adams 11 days ago

    Search Elsa and jack-forest I am dead from watching it

  • Ben McDonough
    Ben McDonough 16 days ago

    Well, what are you waiting for, do the full story of the man in the moon

  • Hola, chicos
    Hola, chicos 16 days ago

    Who is nightlight

  • Eden Trujillo
    Eden Trujillo 17 days ago +1

    Is it just me or does it looked like Pitch was wearing a dress... That's what I thought when I was young

  • Christy Tina
    Christy Tina 17 days ago

    What was the significance of the bed Pitch gets pulled under at the end of the movie?

  • DarkEmerald Sapphire
    DarkEmerald Sapphire 19 days ago +1

    You know that old quote "It is better to be feared than to be loved"? Well, that's not the full quote. The full quote is "It is better to be feared than to be loved if you cannot be both". I just feel like this represents Pitch perfectly. He lost everything and was corrupted, so nobody loves him at all and he has to make people fear him to keep from being forgotten. DANG IT, HIS STORY IS SO SAD!!! CURSE MY SOFT DARKNESS LOVING HEART!!! * dying empath noises *

    Edit: I just realized something. Pitch craves nightmares, right? This wording makes it sound like he almost feeds off of them to increase his power. What if after he takes in the dark energy, the nightmare is gone because he basically absorbed it into himself? If nightmares can occur without him inducing them in this universe (idk if they can, I haven't read the books in a while), maybe he could take away the naturally occuring nightmares and use the power he gains to cause nightmares that punish truly terrible people? Every once in a while, though, he could give a kid a nightmare about something dangerous that they truly need to be scared about so their fear of danger is reinforced.

  • Conor Coz
    Conor Coz 20 days ago

    Jack frost is the re-incarnation of night light ?

  • Noah Simon
    Noah Simon 21 day ago

    SCREW YOU BOOGEY MAN aka Pitch Black

  • Sandwich Anomaly
    Sandwich Anomaly 22 days ago

    I thought the story was that in the end only 3 people survived from that planet populated by darkness and killer flying monsters.

  • Timothy Sterling
    Timothy Sterling 27 days ago

    ...and then his power was usurped as newer generations fell in love with fear of their own imaginings (Silent Hill) The end.

  • Leron Turner
    Leron Turner 27 days ago

    I hope they need to make a new one

  • Sakura CardCaptor
    Sakura CardCaptor 27 days ago

    Jack x Elsa!

  • my ruby jennie
    my ruby jennie 27 days ago +1

    Pitch looks like dr. Strange...... Just ma opinion

  • Lexi Barrow
    Lexi Barrow 28 days ago

    Dreamworks prove time and time again, they know how to tell a fucking story

  • wolfHK Kristensen
    wolfHK Kristensen 29 days ago

    Love your work man👍

  • Amy Chang
    Amy Chang Month ago +1

    What would happen is Pitch Black met up with his daughter?

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando Month ago

    Full rise of the guardians movie

  • pinkbast3rd98 0w0
    pinkbast3rd98 0w0 Month ago

    Im 255th 🥰

  • Clint James De Paz
    Clint James De Paz Month ago

    Hmmm, so his strength is fear? And he targets children? Well, all I can say is, Pitch Black is Pennywise!

  • jason nair
    jason nair Month ago

    This is the boogeyman. Pitch black is not even anything close to this character's name

  • IsaiahOnFire
    IsaiahOnFire Month ago

    bruh why you pronounce dagger like that

  • Don Warden
    Don Warden Month ago

    This is nostalgic for my childhood.

  • The Outcasts
    The Outcasts Month ago


  • Evan Rose
    Evan Rose Month ago +1

    Let’s be honest, Pitch was BY FAR the coolest villain DreamWorks has ever created

  • Mr Heathcliff
    Mr Heathcliff Month ago +1

    I want a sequal to rise of the guardians
    But most sequels to good movies are kinda bad

  • youngbart again
    youngbart again Month ago

    You look like a bitch

  • Aiden Amaya
    Aiden Amaya Month ago

    The beginning of his story line reminds me of Anakin Skywalker's story

  • qwerty uiop
    qwerty uiop Month ago

    Stop smoking your lips is pitchblack

  • The Kitty Blade
    The Kitty Blade Month ago

    Since pitch was at his peak during the dark ages
    I have a theory that pitch is actually a representation of the Black Plague it affect millions and people feared it so much so it drove some insane
    As towards the end of the plaque out break and in to the early Renaissance period
    The Guardians would represent the hope of the plague disappearing and hopes returning to children and adults

  • Ben McDonough
    Ben McDonough Month ago

    Why does the man in the moon only have one strand of hair

  • Sniper Beast
    Sniper Beast Month ago

    The old pennywise there both crazy

  • mnm mahesh
    mnm mahesh Month ago +1

    I love rise of the guardians, the story, animation and ideas are all so good.

  • Mr. X the lone knight

    Bogeyman uses the attack fear of gayness
    It's really affective
    Mr.mime fainted

  • Isaac 10
    Isaac 10 Month ago

    The movie isn't canon. Also, the Prince didn't fall to Earth's moon. That was his ship.

  • Mike signs
    Mike signs Month ago

    What was his power before corrupting the dream sand

    • Mike signs
      Mike signs Month ago

      Bri Morv how did he manipulate nightmares without the dream sand then before

    • Bri Morv
      Bri Morv Month ago +1

      Probably power over shadows/darkness. Maybe also teleportation as seen in the movie when he shrinks into the shadows somewhere and pops out elsewhere

  • MasterPunchThe1
    MasterPunchThe1 Month ago

    Omg i always wanted to know his backstory ever since i seen the movie

  • Jamie Pritchard
    Jamie Pritchard Month ago

    Okay... Now I KNOW my electronic devices are spying on me... I watch this film yesterday on Netflix and now this video appears in my feed. Far too much of a coincidence 😠

  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller Month ago

    Jack +elsa=jacksa

  • Captain noobpro Idk

    If you want to be really spooked then watch cryped tv animated

  • Fabiola Cruz Alderete

    This guy is adorable 😍

  • Hoodie
    Hoodie Month ago

    Nigga This movie is over 6 years ago

  • Triple Ruckus
    Triple Ruckus Month ago

    Can you get your annoying face off screen and start talking on video and showing clips.

  • Georgia
    Georgia Month ago

    Please do more rise of the guardians theories, I'm a huge fan and even made up my own rose of the guardians character and even done rise of the guardians "roleplays" on wattpad and quotev

    LILY TEMPORAL Month ago


  • Dragon Tech alpha!
    Dragon Tech alpha! Month ago +1

    Or pitch could have just been the old sand man but turned evil so now he’s the king of dark and not light I’m not hatting just explaining it in the none gods and goddesses way and the simpler ish way

  • Beepy Boop Bop
    Beepy Boop Bop Month ago

    I remember the night my parents got this and my cousins and I watched this and ParaNorman.

  • Amber Arzuaga
    Amber Arzuaga Month ago

    Pitch's story sounds a lot like Sargarus in World of Warcraft.

  • ShinyShinxTV
    ShinyShinxTV Month ago

    Damn, I remember this, I own the movie, and I want a sequel MAN I NEED THIS

  • Ithamar Paraguassu Ramos

    It's just me or this story sounds much better than what we get in the movie?

  • Its_meh_A_ Potato
    Its_meh_A_ Potato Month ago

    Well I believe in creepypastas

  • Ty Wild327
    Ty Wild327 Month ago

    Simple answer. Pitch is a sadistic pedophile

  • crystal wagner
    crystal wagner Month ago


  • Schyler Rippie
    Schyler Rippie Month ago

    Its like Destiny meets Hellboy

  • Sharperstream 34
    Sharperstream 34 Month ago

    Am I the only one who forgot this movie existed?

  • Hemorr hoid
    Hemorr hoid Month ago

    Pitch is so hot ahhhhgggggdhhsksksnsbs

  • Aedin Gaming
    Aedin Gaming Month ago

    Why cant the daughter save pitch for example she would say i know your still in there

  • Lacameron Gant
    Lacameron Gant Month ago +1

    this would have been a great prequel

  • Sabrina Marquez
    Sabrina Marquez Month ago

    The queen has the same name as Sailor moon.... Serena! 🌙👑