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Share your story before you die | Arnaud Collery | TEDxMaastricht

  • Published on Nov 2, 2016
  • If you’re looking for clear and honest one-liner statements that will make you feel stronger about your purpose in life and the decisions to be made, Arnaud Collery is your man. Following his personal mission to make the world a happier, funnier place, Arnaud is active in two main fields: making companies, organizations and governments happier by stimulating their employees’ sense of purpose and creativity through teambuilding and public speaking workshops; and organizing and curating Stand Up for Passion events dedicated to sharing and spreading passionate and inspirational stories in cities across the world, because “everyone is inspirational, and everyone needs some inspiration.” Arnaud defines himself by risk-taking, his advice to us all and especially for the young generation is: “Work hard on your talent and your desire. Don’t give up. Don’t rush into things but make sure to reach your goals, your dream, one step at a time. We are born to be, to experience, to feel.
    Having spent most of the past 20 years working and performing around the world, especially in the US and Asia, the French multitalented innovator, storytelling coach, stand-up comedian, screenwriter and filmmaker says he is “extremely happy” to go back to Europe as a speaker at TEDxMaastricht on 17 October: “Europe is a big deal for me. I am very grateful. People have said it’s one of the best TEDx events around so I hope I can bring my best game and make you proud.”
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at ted.com/tedx

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  • non existent Y
    non existent Y 2 years ago +2

    Amazing speech. This helped me so much :)

  • Emily Anderson HQ

    Amazingly inspiring, thank you for sharing.

  • Saad Khan
    Saad Khan 4 years ago +1

    Great stuff. Its necessary because we should learn new things by doing this in order to make our life good if it needs some changes. I hope yu get my point 👍

  • Arline George
    Arline George Year ago

    Great amazing impressive soul . So true we can always reinvent our self n then live your dream life. We must tell the failed stories of our life to give hope n inspiration. Thank you, bless you. All your dreams come true.

  • William
    William 5 years ago +1

    This was great. Thanks a lot.

  • M.C.
    M.C. 5 years ago +4

    oohhhhhhhh, baby... first one to say...
    I have a story to share about being bad at telling stories... oh, and I have many of those stories. wait, doesn't make sense... I'm trying to say it'd be a tragedy to not share something here. I recently shared the time I had a severe TBI, and severe physical injuries from a car accident when I was 16. 18, now and still recovering.
    We all possess the power to overcome tragedy by our measure of will (period). We can let an event with a traumatic degree, like a knife to our purely amazing elastic, ever-changing holistic existence, stab us, or sharpen us.

  • Steve Deasy
    Steve Deasy 6 months ago +1

    The longer you are known, the longer your karma ties you down.

  • Pro_goofy
    Pro_goofy 4 years ago +1

    I was bullied all through out middle school now I'm in 8th grade just graduated about to go to high school but the bullying got really bad at the beginning of 8th grade and also at the end of 7th but then one day my shoulder slipped out of socket and it hurt SO bad so i went to the nurse they called home and i went to the emergency room and they popped it back in socket then said it was popping out of socket because i have a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos I honestly don't know how to spell it but is a stress disorder which means if i'm ever stressed out instead of getting a migraine it would make my joints pop out of socket so long story short I've had 3 surgeries my right knee and both of my shoulders then i went back to school and there was no more bullying I don't know why but it was still popping out my left knee so i stayed home for about a week and it still popped out at home too and one day my mom and dad got into an argument and my dad slapped her so i stood up to him even though hes like 5 times my size and i called the cops he is now out of the house they are going through a divorce and i thankfully don't have to go on visits with my dad my mom has full custody of me and ever since my father has been gone NONE of my joints have slipped out once and i went back to school and I'm not getting bullied I think because they feel sorry for me I don't know but yeah just wanted to share

    • khadijah kamara
      khadijah kamara 2 years ago +1

      Great job. Congratulations keep up the courage dear.

    • Adil Neves
      Adil Neves 3 years ago +1

      Thank you for sharing your story. Very courageous of you to take that step and call the police and deciding to improve your life by looking at these TED talks. Just like in the video what Arnaud talks about, you had a moment that you shared your story, that has caused now that your mom has custody over you. Keep empowering yourself. Dont think that people feel sorry for you... Feel empowered that you did something that most people can't even imagine how it is to walk a mile in your shoes. You have shown strength and courage. Think about this next thing... We are quick to celebrate someone that has to build a million dollar company, applying the lessons he learned from his father that already was doing well, then a person who rose from debt got himself together and is living a happy life.. Being the best version of himself... The point is, our reference of success is quickly tied to the thing we can see.. So in your part, Don't think that they feel sorry.. A new chapter has begun for you, and this is part of the process. Keep on sharing your story, it is part of your healing process.. I believe in you, may peace be with you where ever you are, where ever you go!

    • Uto Resa 519
      Uto Resa 519 3 years ago

      I am happy that things are better now.

  • Saad Khan
    Saad Khan 4 years ago +1

    Time management here @arnaud

  • Juggling Taxi Bike Ride
    Juggling Taxi Bike Ride 5 years ago +2

    Greg Dean recommend you.

    RAMON RIVAS 3 years ago +1