Why TED talks don't change your life much: Neale Martin at TEDxPeachtree

  • Published on Nov 30, 2013
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  • Libor Tinka
    Libor Tinka 3 days ago

    There are ten times more nerual connections from emotional brain to the rational brain than vice versa. The emotional brain is like an elephant, it goes where it is trained to and unless we re-train it, we won't be able to ride it.

  • Believe in Yourself
    Believe in Yourself 21 day ago

    Watch Tony Robbin's ted talk.

  • HyphenSam
    HyphenSam Month ago

    Wow, Bill Burr looks very young in this Ted talk.

  • Francisco Leveroni
    Francisco Leveroni Month ago

    Why do people keep calling it reptilian brain if we don't havce reptiles in our linage?

    • Anna T
      Anna T Month ago

      Because that part of the brain contains the same parts as reptile brains: the brainstem and cerebellum. The limbic brain didn't emerge until the first mammals... which did evolve from reptiles- the synapsids. And certain mammals evolved into humans so we do have reptiles in our lineage.

  • ashwini tayade
    ashwini tayade Month ago +1

    Ted talks helped me a lot
    I was in depression for months if not years
    Then I saw some really amazing talk Ted talks which gave me courage and will to change my life
    I made lot of efforts after that but
    Ted talks was instrumental in changing my life

  • Matt Bruce
    Matt Bruce Month ago

    19:43 "It's what we do that matters, not what we know"

  • Tax2Me
    Tax2Me Month ago

    What brain is talking? His amygdala one or his conscious one?

  • AdolfHitlerVEVO
    AdolfHitlerVEVO Month ago

    i started barefoot running cuz of a ted talk tho

  • Michelle Iozzia
    Michelle Iozzia Month ago

    I dont believe in evolution
    I believe in creation

  • Luxa Nymphaey
    Luxa Nymphaey Month ago

    Everytime I try to eliminate a bad habit a new one comes up and it gets obsessive. I wanted to lose weight, I got anorexic, I wanted to study more - I couldn't stop to study and had no social life. I think this guy is right, change can be achieved by habits. It's the easiest way (and probably the only one). But don't let habits controll your life. You have a concious brain! Use it! Try to find balance and change your routines frequently. Try to brush your teeth with your non dominant hand. Try out new things as often as you can. Stay active.

  • Cymoon RBACpro
    Cymoon RBACpro Month ago

    Quackery lecture

  • Paula Street
    Paula Street Month ago

    Yes, interesting to see the audience use of cell phones in cars, at the start. Try having that nonchalant attitude on a motorcycle - you won't last long.... and also, how many motorcyclists killed by people on cell phones in cars??

  • Jacky Kaiser
    Jacky Kaiser Month ago

    The way he expresses himself and pronounces reminds me of Donald Trump

  • margie stevens
    margie stevens 3 months ago

    He doesn't have the background/education to give science so he prattles pseudo-science. I'm bored. Can't be bothered to even get upset with all the in accuracies so I'm just giving a thumb down and leaving at this point.

  • Allan Stokes
    Allan Stokes 4 months ago

    06:00 Let's not naively lump all the dinosaurs together.
    AMNH: How Dinosaur Brains Led to Modern Birds (2016)
    _In non-avian dinosaurs that are thought to mark the transition from dinosaur to bird, such as Archaeopteryx, the cerebrum is huge compared to the rest of the brain, a trend we see continued in modern birds whose brains are 40 to 60 percent cerebrum, compared to about 25 percent in tyrannosaurs._

  • Alexey Kulikov
    Alexey Kulikov 4 months ago +1

    Public speakers should be electrocuted every time they say “Right?”

  • xrssr
    xrssr 5 months ago

    The video description desperately needs to include the profile of speaker. I don’t want to be hearing somebody with unknown qualification. The current text about TED organization is secondary and can be kept only after his profile.

  • Carlos Muentes
    Carlos Muentes 7 months ago

    How can such a fascinating machine like the human brain come about through such a random, uncontrolled and nondiscriminatory process when every other impressive machine required an equally impressive mind to design and build it?
    Evolution is a narcissist’s explanation for the lack of accountability they seek to have. Can we just for a second agree that if a lead pencil required an intelligent designer that perhaps a vastly more complex thing like the human brain probably needed a designer as well?
    I wish for once someone would collate intelligence with design. Is not artificial intelligence designed? Than why not organic intelligence?
    Great talk until he tried to tell me my brain happened by accident. Explain the process and probability of a house appearing in the middle of no where, out of no where. Or how a stick evolved into the walls of a mansion. I’m waiting 🤓

  • göran karlström
    göran karlström 7 months ago


  • klfmc rjn
    klfmc rjn 7 months ago

    i dont watch ted with the intention to change my lo life, only watch for informative, let loose purposes.

  • Mary Kleinsorge
    Mary Kleinsorge 8 months ago

    More people would be drawn to this talk if it was positively titled, "How to put TED talks into action" or "How YOU can make TED talks change your life". I skipped passed the current title for several weeks. Who wants to be told why all this time we spend listening is not going to change our lives?! It DOES change your life, but only IF you consciously decide to put it into action, sometimes having to fight our old subconscious habits. Thank you for the talk. It was interesting and worth the listen. :0)

  • gyr falcon
    gyr falcon 8 months ago

    Why TED talks don't change your life much. Because we have wine, beer and whiskey.

  • nocosa
    nocosa 8 months ago

    He is a baldy version of Tom Cruise XD
    Great Talk btw...

  • Salim Al Shahadi
    Salim Al Shahadi 8 months ago

    Very excellent speech, thumb for it..., but I take step back about what they calling "evolution" and there is no scientist prove for it ...

  • Tinatin Shengelia
    Tinatin Shengelia 8 months ago

    He has to understand this....when one is specializing on habits he or she should know that habitual behaviours don't happen subconsciously but automatically. Atomatic is conscious habitual behaviour. If it wasnt so then driver would be unaware of what he's doing I.e. if they r asked what they r doing their brain would have to process their action. Even if the correct answer follows right away still the process of analizing happens...when it's subconscious behavior. So if a driver is driving subconsciously then consciously he thinks he is doing something else...for ex. Jogging.. messing up with subcoucious in Psychology is now beyond..it's sad cz sub/unconscious is indeed extremely important.

  • Scriptminer
    Scriptminer 8 months ago

    This was really interesting, thanks.

  • Agnieszka Zagroba
    Agnieszka Zagroba 9 months ago

    They should change the title of this talk because it's far more interesting than the title would suggest.

  • R S
    R S 9 months ago

    He's halfway there. Inspiration isn't enough- but it is required. Necessary but not sufficient. What makes us human is a huge amount of grey matter ontop of our lizard brain. Point being just doing what's unconscious as he's espousing can be called another term: sleepwalking.

  • İbrahim Halil UÇAR
    İbrahim Halil UÇAR 10 months ago

    thıs talk changed my lıfe

  • Chaze Chua
    Chaze Chua 10 months ago


  • Pabriel Gomez
    Pabriel Gomez Year ago +1

    Preach the truth.

  • Fabzil
    Fabzil Year ago +1

    Slow, lazy, and completly unreliable...
    Yep that about me :D

  • John-Luca de Vries
    John-Luca de Vries Year ago +1

    RU-clip's recommendation algorithm is taking me on the change my life train. It's beautiful here.

  • Vishal vishkriss ShArma

    A brain explaining the (brains)))😊

  • Leonardo Carvalho

    well, this is meta

  • Laura Gate
    Laura Gate Year ago

    Best Tedx Talk so far!

  • Ether Messiah Gaming


  • Elena Komleva
    Elena Komleva Year ago +8

    Great quote from this TedTalk: " *It's what we do that matters, not what we know* "

  • Enrico Rossignoli

    Buddha teaching: shut your mind off in order to light your awareness.
    Almost all TED talks have Buddha concepts; you can translate this video that buddhism needs to be applied and not just be taught!

  • Rick Davis
    Rick Davis Year ago

    Stay 'til end. Write it down. Q

  • Rick Davis
    Rick Davis Year ago

    I see I've good understanding of my "self"

  • Lord V
    Lord V Year ago


  • Uni
    Uni Year ago

    so true i think about doing homework but i won't do it

  • The Daves I Know
    The Daves I Know Year ago

    Discipline is not punishment. It is when the two minds work together. Golden words.

  • BrightGarden Entrepreneurial Foundations

    Good talk. I guess being at the top tier of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, when you have your balanced, stable life, hearing neat ideas can become just a pastime. You change when you need to change.

  • Saad MAFiA
    Saad MAFiA Year ago

    this video changed my life

  • Lanham Lister
    Lanham Lister Year ago

    Very good talk, Neale. Insightful.

  • joshua2585
    joshua2585 Year ago +1

    someone forgot to convert the video format.

  • Lisa Smith
    Lisa Smith Year ago

    Great explanation of what drives and changes behavior (loved the spring analogy). However, as a hypnotherapist and practitioner of other modalities to change human behavior quickly and permanently (for 22 years), I disagree that discipline is the only way to change behavior (as your beginning slide declares). I have used these modalities on myself and thousands of my clients. Discipline is still a conscious-level reasoning process, which is inefficient at making changes quickly, easily and permanently. You can't use the conscious mind to change the conscious mind (at least, not quickly, easily and permanently); as Einstein said, "you cannot solve a problem with the level of the mind that created it." Using techniques such as hypnosis get at the subconscious to introduce in the new thoughts/emotions and make it more likely to stick--without the need for "discipline."

  • TheFlexNetChamp
    TheFlexNetChamp Year ago

    He's gone META

  • Hike Oganessian
    Hike Oganessian Year ago

    (Possibly) change happens in very minute increments; needing the constant pressure of conscious thought on an issue...and/or it can happen quickly through fear.....

  • Ettienne Botes
    Ettienne Botes Year ago

    I love this inspirational talk

  • Tomasz Pelczar
    Tomasz Pelczar Year ago

    Very good lectures ... Fun like during watching MTV about 1999 year ...

  • David Kayanan
    David Kayanan Year ago

    I've heard Jordan Peterson saying how habits can be seen as mundane, everyday and therefore trivial, which can't be further from the truth as habits dictate a lot in your life. When I saw the title of this talk, I had the hunch that it was going to be about this, and I was pleased at how the same message was expressed by a neuroscientist. I do believe that this is very good stuff, at a point in my life where I really need it.

  • Anon
    Anon Year ago

    Repeat it until it feels normal at 18

    ASIAN SECRET Year ago

    how i wish the "experts" can come up more strategies to trick the mind.. be it weight loss, dealing with anxiety and depression, productivity... and not just you know something like "believe in your power, you have the power" lmao!

  • Psycho Brothers
    Psycho Brothers Year ago


  • Odin
    Odin Year ago +1

    Later on this man made a talk on bitconnect.

  • Peter Bargh
    Peter Bargh Year ago

    This was by far the best I have heard on good bad habits & conscious & unconscious, thanks.

  • Chadwell Clifford

    This is Super Clear! Thank you !

  • Keshav Yadav
    Keshav Yadav Year ago

    Thank you...

  • Na el
    Na el Year ago +1

    its called the reptilian part of the brain and not the dinosaur brain. granted he is trying to simplify but it also has nothing to do with reptilians, it's​ just old.

  • Lawrence Abbott
    Lawrence Abbott Year ago

    If anything history has more emotional content than math, but I guess in math its easy to get excited or frustrated with the problems. But the content of math itself vs history is much less emotional imo than history.

  • Bluegaming 11854
    Bluegaming 11854 Year ago

    Neale, you look a lot like Tom Cruise minus hair and the mole on his cheek.

  • Internet Troll
    Internet Troll Year ago

    who give you the right to take property my and distribute to lazy people ?
    All hail capitalism.

  • Tania Tito
    Tania Tito Year ago

    ну длин! как теперь можно думать о чем-то кроме того, как сильно ты хочешь печеньку?!))

  • KraigvAluE NovA
    KraigvAluE NovA Year ago +1

    Thabkbyou so muvh, I just watch the TED Talk about the doctor that doesn't tell you anything or what doctors don't tell you and that's a great point it's not about what you know it's about what you do

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca Year ago

    So, action speaks louder than words

  • Pratik Jain
    Pratik Jain Year ago

    So watch Ted talks and make an habit of watching Ted by your unconscious mind.

  • Nicklas Ratzka
    Nicklas Ratzka Year ago

    alright. let’s see if i can follow his advice

  • TheMHG09
    TheMHG09 Year ago

    This talk is so accurate it's not even funny...

  • Joris Gansevles
    Joris Gansevles Year ago

    ironicly, this Ted talk will change my life much.

  • xchalibur77
    xchalibur77 Year ago

    He is one of the GREATEST

  • J.C.Maxwell
    J.C.Maxwell Year ago

    He lost my trust, when he said "alarm clocks are a great cue to wake up" 😂

  • Oren Shatz
    Oren Shatz Year ago

    These ted talks are amazing,
    this video teaches you that behavior only changes through discipline.

  • musikSkool
    musikSkool Year ago

    When you do it, focus on the results, and remember to get that result you must do that again.

  • Pavel Vodnar
    Pavel Vodnar Year ago

    not very simple

  • Knighty02
    Knighty02 Year ago

    This rolling shutter .___.

  • MrNonGod
    MrNonGod Year ago +6

    Pathetic speech. Useless. All ted talks are intellectual masterbation. Feels good but it does nothing.

    • Cranks Z
      Cranks Z 10 months ago

      Gery de Brute
      Maybe because u dont even english boy ^^

    • Goyon Man
      Goyon Man Year ago +2

      "Intellectual masterbation"😂😂
      That one will go down for the ages

    • Geryon Debt Brute
      Geryon Debt Brute Year ago

      MrNonGod this one is the worst lol i had no idea what he been talk all this time

  • Liberty Springs
    Liberty Springs Year ago

    Awesome speaker

  • Ian Phillips
    Ian Phillips Year ago

    I'm glad somebody addressed this.

    HISSEN DAOUD Year ago +29

    I m Much Pleased With You

    • Pabriel Gomez
      Pabriel Gomez Year ago +1

      Is this a quote from Yoda (Star Wars)?

    • Silphwave
      Silphwave Year ago

      W hy Is This Top Comment ?

  • MaNuLaToR'S MiXeS
    MaNuLaToR'S MiXeS Year ago +4

    this guy HAS to be related to Bill Burr because he looks and acts just like him IMO hilarious

  • Tony James Gilpin
    Tony James Gilpin Year ago +2

    I'm a self-perpetuating slinky in a sea of bigger, self-perpetuating slinkies! :D

    MARIAM AYOUB Year ago +8

    I feel like the more I know about the scientific evidences about any given subject, the better I understand my mind and emotions. Therefore, the more precise I become in overcoming my own obstacles. Knowing and understanding the facts alongside my personal experiences keeps me more grounded and disciplined rather than chasing after my own tail and wearing myself off into exhaustion. Great talk!

  • Pedro Gamer
    Pedro Gamer Year ago +1

    Because only God would be able to change your life (a lot). Jesus can do that, TED talks are useful but they can't make you change spiritually from doing bad in mind and action to doing good to others.

  • IThinkWithMy Dick
    IThinkWithMy Dick Year ago +3

    "Why TED talks don't change your life much"
    THIS is the ONLY TURD or TURDx talk that I have ever thumbed up.
    This guy gets it.

  • threestringguru
    threestringguru Year ago +2

    discipline turns talent into ability

  • Agnieszka Lewandowska

    Great speech, thank you Neale Martin! :)

  • Sukhbir Sekhon
    Sukhbir Sekhon 2 years ago +3

    Isn't mobile phone use whilst driving not illegal in USA?

    • ben steven
      ben steven 8 months ago

      the probable answer is no

  • Jan-Georg Spann
    Jan-Georg Spann 2 years ago

    He looks like a mix between tom cruise and trump

  • Robert Bornschein
    Robert Bornschein 2 years ago +1

    Very nice talk. Yet there is one that changed mine :D

  • anikyt7570
    anikyt7570 2 years ago

    This title is crap !! If TED do not change our life much then why he is giving speech in TED. Acquired knowledge has deep impact in our life.

  • JoeGator23
    JoeGator23 2 years ago

    Looks like a bald Tom Cruise... sounds like him, too.

  • Joseph Outa
    Joseph Outa 2 years ago

    *said in a TED talk*

  • Wayne Biro
    Wayne Biro 2 years ago

    2 Reasons: 1.) because your life is like the Titanic, difficult to change course; and 2.) because TED talks are by and large vapid and clueless.

  • Jillian Smith
    Jillian Smith 2 years ago +6

    I decided when I was in Junior high that I would be a very careful driver--and I am. I tend toe hypervigilant, which is exhausting. And driving while exhausted is unsafe. Catch-22!

  • tim cook
    tim cook 2 years ago

    hitman in real life!

  • mpking1374
    mpking1374 2 years ago

    If he's right, there is no point listening to any TED talk, including this one. If he's wrong, this is a bad talk. Either way, this is a pointless talk. Good bye.

  • MegF
    MegF 2 years ago +1

    16:17 After all the brain theory and behavioral concepts about habit formation... point where gives practical step of how "discipline" is used to form a new habit.