Metallica: Spit Out the Bone (Paris, France - May 12, 2019)

  • Published on May 21, 2019
  • Filmed at Stade de France in Paris, France on May 12, 2019.
    © 2019 Blackened Recordings
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  • Ilya Sitnikov
    Ilya Sitnikov 11 hours ago +1

    Can’t wait to see you in Russia

  • Jean-Pierre Bernatchez

    The grandfathers of Trash Metal always have the spring, the resource, even Lars. I know few musicians of their age or less who would be able to follow them ...

  • Remi Vézina
    Remi Vézina 6 days ago +2

    It's the new Whiplash !

  • Gonzalo Bustos
    Gonzalo Bustos 6 days ago

    Try not to headbang

  • eerilyLOL
    eerilyLOL 6 days ago

    Lars did good!

  • scorpion king
    scorpion king 7 days ago +1

    please sing the whole song James just once , u play it so good now

  • Arjun Dev
    Arjun Dev 7 days ago


  • T-wolf
    T-wolf 7 days ago +1

    Masterpiece.+ great performance = METALLICA!!

  • Criss Merino
    Criss Merino 7 days ago

    Papa Het, dont cut your hair please!

  • JT Gautreau
    JT Gautreau 7 days ago

    I very seldom leave comments especially if they are not positive but I think this one could be beneficial. Could the Mixing engineer not bury Kirk during his rhythm parts? it seems disrespectful imho. There are two guitar players in the band playing rhythm. James doesn't have to be up front all the time. People mock Kirk because of his timing and vibrato and overuse of the wah pedal, but the guy is a terrific rhythm guitar play too. All those riffs that James received praise for crating (deservingly so) but also for playing, Kirk plays them too. So Please MetTV crew, pass this over to the powers at be and be a bit more fair with Kirk in the mixes.

  • Кирилл Лапко


  • Trent Hardy
    Trent Hardy 10 days ago

    how good was that

  • Laura Benham
    Laura Benham 11 days ago +1

    You assalted my ears from the first note to the last one! Nice to see the aggression back and playing faster! Thank you James!

  • FivePointOhVic
    FivePointOhVic 11 days ago +1

    Rob’s vocals, greatly improved 🤘🏼🔥

  • Просто Так
    Просто Так 11 days ago

    Хевисайд металл

  • TheSwaggiestWaffle
    TheSwaggiestWaffle 11 days ago

    Damn Rob 🙏 🔥

  • Marco Casanova
    Marco Casanova 12 days ago

    I wish they can tune the guitars down more on this song! On the album the guitar sounds deeper

  • Sami Divleli
    Sami Divleli 12 days ago

    Can't hear the bass at all ? Anyone else ?

  • Tom Archanfel
    Tom Archanfel 13 days ago

    Wow Rob...your vocals are wicked lately

  • Fred SKEB
    Fred SKEB 13 days ago

    Un jour d'été a Nimes...

  • Darren Graham
    Darren Graham 13 days ago +1

    Damn they still can thrash

  • GhostShock
    GhostShock 14 days ago

    The best Boomer Metal ever.

  • Moha Moha
    Moha Moha 14 days ago

  • Ardalan Setayesh
    Ardalan Setayesh 14 days ago

    Am i savage plz

  • Dhiardana Rachmadiargo

    if someday you're back to indonesia, please make this song as show first song like this one 🤘🏽

  • Falc0n Productions
    Falc0n Productions 15 days ago +6

    Everyone asking for Fixxxer live yet I want to hear Cyanide live again

  • Igor Bor
    Igor Bor 15 days ago


  • HamonFilms
    HamonFilms 15 days ago +1

    Best metal band period.

  • lologamer 1
    lologamer 1 15 days ago +1

    RIP Lars

  • Lupo 666
    Lupo 666 15 days ago

    Rob's backing vocals *suck* and have always *sucked*
    *STFU ROB*

  • Alex Shade
    Alex Shade 16 days ago

    Rob has made a HUGE improvement in backup vocals singing. Great respect, Rob.

  • Felipe San Martín
    Felipe San Martín 16 days ago

    This song is fucking amazing

  • Pixel 013
    Pixel 013 16 days ago

    best band in the world

  • k's!케이즈!
    k's!케이즈! 16 days ago +1


  • Dankenstein lol
    Dankenstein lol 17 days ago

    Anyone else kinda concerned about the last solo Kirk did?

  • P_P_V
    P_P_V 17 days ago

    металлика вечна супер!!!

    BLACK CUBE 17 days ago


  • Garrett Headley
    Garrett Headley 18 days ago +3

    The first thing I did was check to see if play speed was 1.25. NOPE

    • AlphaStorm
      AlphaStorm 13 days ago

      Garrett Headley its largely down to Lars rushing to be honest. Is hard not to rush the Thrash Drum Groove without a click track :/

  • Joker Laugh
    Joker Laugh 18 days ago

    6:00 wow James!!

  • Marinella Sclosa
    Marinella Sclosa 18 days ago

    Vorrei poterli vedere in tour... Non c'è lo ancora fatta... Spero di riuscirci love Metallica 💕💕💕

  • keviNash101
    keviNash101 18 days ago

    what song is at the end of the video?

  • Юрий Тарелко
    Юрий Тарелко 18 days ago +1

    I miss Jason on backing vocals. Rob sings like crap.

  • Jon-Magnus Restad
    Jon-Magnus Restad 18 days ago +4

    1. I wish James would sing the whole thing. Rob has improved and is doing his best, but still.
    2. I wish Kirk would play the solos like on the album. They are just better that way.
    3. I wish Lars would do some of the awesome drum fills from the album version.

    • Addyction
      Addyction 20 hours ago

      To be honest, it's been long since I heard him do a good solo. He even sounds out of tune, like the action on his guitars is way too high (not saying that's the case, it just sounds this way).

    • Jon-Magnus Restad
      Jon-Magnus Restad 23 hours ago

      @Addyction Sure, play them properly is one way to say it. Seems like he just doesn't bother trying, and is usually a bit off beat. Kinda like the "Ride" solo, he sometimes struggles with the timing there as well.

    • Addyction
      Addyction 23 hours ago +1

      2. You mean play them properly without missing half of the notes, right? Not mentioning the timing, cause it's hard to keep up with Lars.

  • Raul Hood
    Raul Hood 18 days ago

    The Best Band of Metal in the world 🌍🎸🌎🎸😰🙌💯

  • SKETSA 13
    SKETSA 13 19 days ago +2

    Lars right hand very struggling in this song. Very respect for the legend!

  • Товарищ
    Товарищ 19 days ago

    compare crowds from Europe to crowds from America. Where do you think Metallica would rather be.

  • Boss1 The I
    Boss1 The I 19 days ago

    Come Out Fellow Metallica Fans

  • Татьяна Горина

    Ебать старички выдают
    Красава !!

  • Vincent Bolduc
    Vincent Bolduc 21 day ago

    Maytallica's here

  • NoLifeTilLeather 13
    NoLifeTilLeather 13 21 day ago +12

    Jame please keep the hair growing! We want the 91 era look! Who agrees? Would be so fricken cool

  • Oroburus40
    Oroburus40 21 day ago

    this group is a big joke now ...............

  • Oroburus40
    Oroburus40 21 day ago +1

    lars ulrich take classes with mario duplantier of Gojira.......please

    • Oroburus40
      Oroburus40 19 days ago +1

      @John Wiltshire the body of lars ulrich does not allow him to take a lesson with gene hoglan 😂

    • John Wiltshire
      John Wiltshire 19 days ago +1

      He should take lessons with Dave Lombardo or Gene Hoglan. But you are right Mario is a beast on the drums.

  • Oroburus40
    Oroburus40 22 days ago

    mais qu'ils changent de batteur !!!!!!!! lars ulrich est mauvais et incapable !!!!! et quand je pense que ce morceau est fait pour jason newsted....trujillo est mauvais derrière le micro. il était tellement plus intéressant dans infectious groove le pauvre

  • CHE
    CHE 22 days ago

    I Love James' 'Growl'

  • ariana brito
    ariana brito 22 days ago

    Coñoo eso q la metálica es sólo pa hombre y soy mujer y la adoro

  • MrRoundthetwist
    MrRoundthetwist 22 days ago +2

    Sweet Jesus salvation thank you M!! :D

  • Eric Stuart
    Eric Stuart 22 days ago

    This is so badass from beginning to end!

  • Bolt onehundred
    Bolt onehundred 22 days ago

    Metallica rank : Masters, Kill'em, And Justice, Ride, Black, Wired

  • David8
    David8 22 days ago

    6:00 James "Windmill" Hetfield

  • Furious Sherman
    Furious Sherman 23 days ago +2

    That drum opening is awesome as hell, something I thought I'd never say about Lars as a musician.

  • cyclopsvideo1
    cyclopsvideo1 23 days ago


  • sxdrujandis
    sxdrujandis 23 days ago

    Awesome performance of this song.

  • José Betancourt
    José Betancourt 23 days ago


  • yuvgotubekidding
    yuvgotubekidding 23 days ago

    Spit Out the Bacon.

  • Skulrag
    Skulrag 23 days ago

    I was there, and it was... YEAHWESOOOOOME !!!!!!

  • Chuck Beef
    Chuck Beef 23 days ago +4

    Spit out the bones of France’s invaders.

  • Lakshminarayanan Vijayaraghavan

    LARS MOTHERFUCKIN ULRICH ! That drums though

  • B B
    B B 23 days ago

    French for the French.

  • DenRyslige
    DenRyslige 23 days ago

    Lars having 3 tempo her are one.

  • selfrighteous88
    selfrighteous88 23 days ago +3

    Damn I thought I was on 1.25x speed for a second.

  • RIFFOUT Official
    RIFFOUT Official 23 days ago

    Let's hope to play that again in London!

  • jutjub22
    jutjub22 23 days ago

    5:48 one, two, three, four...

  • Jacko Rijzenga
    Jacko Rijzenga 24 days ago

    Hopefully they will play this in Amsterdam too, on the 11th of June.

  • 용접맨Jk
    용접맨Jk 24 days ago


  • Marinos Kouloumpis
    Marinos Kouloumpis 24 days ago

    You haven't play Orion since a long time ago, I think so...

  • Irwan Setiawan
    Irwan Setiawan 24 days ago +1

    Rob is on 🔥

  • Edu Ibáñez Gámez
    Edu Ibáñez Gámez 24 days ago +5

    Wooow! Trujillo's vocals are amazing here!

  • Abdul samed Yavuz
    Abdul samed Yavuz 24 days ago +1

    İstanbul? Gelin artık amk

  • Andrew Z
    Andrew Z 24 days ago

    Moscow waits...

  • Matias Salcedo
    Matias Salcedo 25 days ago +3

    Great performace of Split Out The Bone

  • Marcos Aurélio
    Marcos Aurélio 25 days ago

    Algum Br?🇧🇷

  • mafer fernandez
    mafer fernandez 25 days ago +1

    Desde de Venezuela full metal , I LOVE Metallica 💚💚💚💜 Yeaaaa

  • Barracuda x1
    Barracuda x1 25 days ago +1

    Music like this is salvation in these times of digitally made tunes and music. This is raw, uncut, unaltered, pure sound. This is Metallica. This is REAL music.

  • Chris Black
    Chris Black 25 days ago

    One of the greatest thrash songs, if not THE greatest thrash song of all time.

  • DethronerX
    DethronerX 25 days ago

    Kickass performance and sound!!
    If Lars could add a bit more of mid or low mid to his kick and decrease the extreme right highs, it wouldn't sound so mechanic and would sound more loud : D

  • Pisanitarium
    Pisanitarium 25 days ago

    I just want Kirk play the guitar solo as same as he played in the album..... i think this time (IMO) he ruined the solo.

  • Nick Maloy
    Nick Maloy 25 days ago

    Pensar que ellos crearon el "And Justice For All"...puufff- To think that they created the "And Justice For All" ... puufff

  • László Tótok
    László Tótok 25 days ago

    Lars's drumming is so sloppy.

  • Velluto Blu
    Velluto Blu 25 days ago

    Love the song but kirk solo sucks live! Many mistakes! :(

  • Shadow Flame
    Shadow Flame 25 days ago

    I wonder what Metallica's logo will look like in 5 years...

  • Lasten koskija
    Lasten koskija 25 days ago

    Imagine Jason on there with James instead of rob. Nothing against rob he is great bassist

  • Mario Fernando Corzo Pinto

    I wish Robert stops singing and terminates for Me... tallica and for all of us. He's an outstanding bass player but he isn't a singer

  • BC Richard
    BC Richard 26 days ago

    what the hell is kirk hammet doing..not their best performance by far.

  • Bruno Pereira do Nascimento

    😮 Dude, you detonated 🔥

  • Dog Mattinson
    Dog Mattinson 26 days ago +1

    Still don't know why James doesn't sing it alone, maybe it's exhausting... nevertheless I think he can pull it off

  • Satan
    Satan 26 days ago


  • Scott Robbins
    Scott Robbins 26 days ago

    I'm new to RU-clip premium. Should I be able to listen to music with my screen off? I'm trying to save battery life. Any suggestion?

  • CJ Zárate
    CJ Zárate 26 days ago

    Remember how tight they sounded last year? Well, Kirk said "fuck that"

  • Bobek Gergő
    Bobek Gergő 26 days ago

    I Like as they make their shows more theatrical ...

  • G
    G 26 days ago

    Selling 2 seated Metallica tickets Etihad Manchester June 18th £100 for the pair