IMMORTAL Detective Pikachu LUDICOLO Deck, Un-killable 230 HP Free HEAL, Auto Win VS 2 Hit Decks

  • Published on Apr 4, 2019
  • Detective Pikachu Ludiculo will keep your Pokemon alive forever. See the first match :)
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Comments • 67

  • Christian Silcott

    4:58 the guy commenting on the stream didnt think that one through did he

  • Saavan Verma
    Saavan Verma 5 months ago

    40:38 You should have GX attacked for 2 more waiters

  • Saavan Verma
    Saavan Verma 5 months ago

    Imagine this deck in expanded with a focus sash

  • Mario Antonio
    Mario Antonio 6 months ago

    May I ask where you can buy some of those cards online? It would really mean a lot to me if you answer

    DEVIN LEE 6 months ago

    Replace evee with evee gx

  • Robert Salgado
    Robert Salgado 7 months ago

    How do you get the Detective Pikachu cards?? I really want Bulbasaur.

  • FrikBlinx
    FrikBlinx 7 months ago

    Vor Iveltal? xD

  • Steven Myatt
    Steven Myatt 7 months ago

    What about just shaymin

  • SeeYa L8R
    SeeYa L8R 8 months ago

    Thsi deck's rating(math) is 2.75/5

    • SeeYa L8R
      SeeYa L8R 8 months ago +1

      @Lymo Fire I know.

    • Lymo Fire
      Lymo Fire 8 months ago

      it’s a joke though smh

    • Lymo Fire
      Lymo Fire 8 months ago

      SeeYa L8R it means you’re drinking a lot of alcohol and doin drugs

    • SeeYa L8R
      SeeYa L8R 8 months ago

      @Lymo Fire Huh, i thought i was keeping it low this whole time!

    • Lymo Fire
      Lymo Fire 8 months ago

      SeeYa L8R your high

  • OmegaExalted
    OmegaExalted 8 months ago

    18:10 Wait a minute, that's me! Hi RU-clip!
    Also, Bodybuilding Dumbbells wouldn't have done anything there because it's also a Tool, and therefore buffs Tool Drop by another 30.

  • Dimitris Kontoleon
    Dimitris Kontoleon 8 months ago +2

    is troll idea but looks like shmin is much better healer

  • Justin Taylor
    Justin Taylor 8 months ago

    What a terrible deck. Stage 2 to heal 30 or basic to heal 20. Hmmmmmmmmm

  • Simon Hansen
    Simon Hansen 8 months ago +2

    Most deck are either very fast or high dmg, so this deck is pretty bad actually

    • Alfred Kruse
      Alfred Kruse 7 months ago +1

      Last time I checked, this was a channel about mostly gimmick decks. Pretty sure that hasn't changed.

  • Maho Met
    Maho Met 8 months ago +2

    Why he dont used a gx move at 40:20?

  • Tobias Ødegård
    Tobias Ødegård 8 months ago

    Why not just play shaymin instead of ludicolo? Except for the memes with leafy

    X ƑΛȻƬӨƦ 8 months ago

    Add Rayquaza GX to OHKO other heavy hitters and then switch to Leafeon GX to heal-spam against 2-hitters.

  • Oswaldo Ojola
    Oswaldo Ojola 8 months ago

    This deck reminds why I so rarely see Leafeon GX

  • Random Guy :D
    Random Guy :D 8 months ago +2

    Now use a Magic Odds Mr. Mime... You can't 1 hko it :D. it'll be fun to see you troll

  • Grey
    Grey 8 months ago

    Melmetal GX maybe?

  • Ign: SaveingWolf
    Ign: SaveingWolf 8 months ago +1

    But shamin

  • Tom Stone
    Tom Stone 8 months ago

    no gardenia or lillie..... hmmmmmmmmm seemsbad

  • Edmusphere
    Edmusphere 8 months ago +1

    What if you play focus sash

  • billycranston
    billycranston 8 months ago

    Reminds me of my old heracross gx deck I ran back in the day

  • Neo Herakles
    Neo Herakles 8 months ago +1

    I have something like this with Torterra's giga drain+dmg boost lurantis, you can even use buff padding to make it 230 hp

  • Reliable Liar
    Reliable Liar 8 months ago

    Ludicolo > Max Potion

  • NorejGaming
    NorejGaming 8 months ago +1

    You could have used the Gx attack when you didn’t top deck the DCE. To get the ludicolo

  • Nik Leduc
    Nik Leduc 8 months ago +1

    DarkIntergralGaming is one of the weirdest RU-cliprs I know but I love it

  • Roy DM
    Roy DM 8 months ago

    Immortal says the title... fights deck with 70 damage resistance LOL. this meta is stupid.

  • Joy Harner
    Joy Harner 8 months ago

    Do Ultra necrozma holo from team up that would be cool

  • Tarik Jasim
    Tarik Jasim 8 months ago +10

    the healing sound effect is so satisfying to hear

  • Vapid Phantom
    Vapid Phantom 8 months ago +1


  • America
    America 8 months ago

    why dont you timer ball on turn 2. before using gx?

  • James Apple
    James Apple 8 months ago +12

    that poor kommo-o player

  • Michael Mulkey
    Michael Mulkey 8 months ago


  • Local Maple
    Local Maple 8 months ago +3

    Ludicolo is great for HP, but Poison and Paralysis are horrible. Blissey can help: it’s a Stage 1 (Leafeon’s GX attack) that heals Status.

    • Local Maple
      Local Maple 8 months ago

      Neo Herakles One Ditto, one Chansey, 4 Nest Balls, maybe Ultra Balls. Eevee is easier to get, as well as Grass Energy. It is situational, but not hard to get.
      Most Status users aren’t known for high damage, relying on Seviper, Parasect, or Infernape. But even if you could only pull 3 Ludicolo, one Oranguru, and Blissey for the Bench to support Leafeon, that’s still 140 damage a turn of healing. Even MukTag’s first attack with Sevipers can’t do that much; they’d need MukTag’s Tag Team GX effect (before Salazzle) to beat that healing, and it’ll lose out immediately for the rest of the turns. But if that Oranguru was a fourth Ludicolo, that’s 170 healing; MukTag with 2 Seviper.

    • Neo Herakles
      Neo Herakles 8 months ago

      That's very situational so it's not worth hitting the consistency for it, besides, bench space is pretty tight as it is

    • Local Maple
      Local Maple 8 months ago

      iLLiDaN30 I know. But that’s a Prism Star. Donald had no means to search it out, and no recovery; but he does have Nest Ball and Leafeon’s GX attack to get Blissey, and Rescue Stretcher.

    • iLLiDaN30
      iLLiDaN30 8 months ago

      Life Forest does the same.

  • Gengar Phantom
    Gengar Phantom 8 months ago +11

    Another broken card that will make expanded and standard events more toxic than what they are, ty Pokémon for ruining the game and making it a broken total mess.
    In other news: Guled Liban likes to play with my fat poke balls. Moving on....

    • dag dag
      dag dag 8 months ago +2

      the truth is out there

    • Anon Doe
      Anon Doe 8 months ago

      How suss are you

  • Tom Stainer
    Tom Stainer 8 months ago +8

    I play leafleon with zoroark gx and beedrill :)

  • Lee Begin
    Lee Begin 8 months ago +1

    Is this a standard deck? I’m new round these parts.

  • Kutoy
    Kutoy 8 months ago +38

    Lowkey kinda addicted to this channel rn

  • CandyRushYT
    CandyRushYT 8 months ago +1

    im really early today!

  • Local Maple
    Local Maple 8 months ago +6

    I’m imagining Ludicolo performing Be Our Guest...

  • Bruno Tagliari
    Bruno Tagliari 8 months ago +4

    Ludicolo is my favorite mon ^-^

  • Guled Liban
    Guled Liban 8 months ago +16

    Another awesome card that will make expanded and standard events more fun than what they are, ty Pokémon for improving the game and preventing it from becoming a broken total mess.

    • Brandon Duer
      Brandon Duer 6 months ago

      But the truth is still out there; lurking like a phantom.

    • Alfred Kruse
      Alfred Kruse 7 months ago

      Guled Liban I'M WITH YOU!

    • Guled Liban
      Guled Liban 8 months ago +2

      @Chris Hope It is my duty to combat the propaganda that Gengar is spreading.

    • Chris Hope
      Chris Hope 8 months ago

      Sigh why do you comment this on every page of his youtube channel practically.....

    • dag dag
      dag dag 8 months ago +2

      this is NOT how mafia works