10 handy XIAOMI PRODUCTS you may not know

  • Published on Feb 3, 2019
  • Xiaomi products under 1000 | Non | Tech | Gadgets under 1000 | Gifts | Cool tech | stationery products | budget gadgets | back to school | xiaomi HUOHOU Scissors | xiaomi Jordan & Judy hot and cold water bag | xiaomi Kaco LEMO Stapler | xiaomi Kaco LEMO Tape Dispenser | xiaomi automatic umbrella | RUMA Bookmark Ruler | mi compact travel back pack | Mi focus cube | xiaomi mouse pad | Pinluo gel pen
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    In this video I bring in 10 cool non tech gadgets / products from xiaomi and its sub-brands around Rs. 1000 that are interesting and useful . You may also gift them. Gifting ideas
    HUOHOU Scissors - bit.ly/2DQ7pNo
    Microwave Hotwater Bag - bit.ly/2RwkY8w
    Kaco LEMO Stapler - bit.ly/2So5qrV
    Kaco LEMO Tape Dispenser - bit.ly/2t2E6kQ
    Xiaomi umbrella - bit.ly/2GhGhbX
    Xiaomi Automatic umbrella - bit.ly/2UvvtL4
    RUMA Bookmark Ruler - bit.ly/2SopUAG
    Xiaomi travel back pack - bit.ly/2DQGhOE
    Mi focus cube - bit.ly/2sZYsuO
    Xiaomi mouse pad - bit.ly/2D7MB2o
    Pinluo gel pen - bit.ly/2D1hO7s
    Please do ask if any queries about these cool xiaomi non tech products under 1000 and I will answer them
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