$7 BBQ Ribs Vs. $68 BBQ Ribs

  • Опубликовано: 3 сен 2017
  • "It's BBQ...Just eat it!"
    Food lovers Steven Lim and Andrew, along with their cameraman Adam, embark on the ultimate food adventure in BuzzFeed’s hit series, Worth It, trying delicious foods at three price points: affordable, middle tier, and luxury. At the end of the episode, the gang decides which item is the most “worth it” at its given price.
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    Rory Herrmann
    Big Mista
    Daniel Weinstock
    Mike Garrett

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  • Steven Lim
    Steven Lim Год назад +33626

    No truffle, no gold, no caviar... you guys happy? 😉
    In all seriousness, thanks for all your support on Worth It... You guys are the best! I'm going to try and respond to as many of your comments here & on my Instagram as I possibly can. As for all our Aussie viewers out there.. the next three weeks are for you 🇦🇺 (that's what you call a TEASER)

    • GunsAndClips
      GunsAndClips 4 месяца назад


    • Jogaming
      Jogaming 6 месяцев назад

      Steven Lim l

    • Frank Wu
      Frank Wu 6 месяцев назад

      haha ikr I'm chinese

  • Juan Pablo Benavente
    Juan Pablo Benavente День назад

    I should stop watching this show. I'm getting fat.

  • Alyssa Hill
    Alyssa Hill День назад

    As someone who lives on the hill above Barrel & Ashes- yes you did wake up in the morning smelling bbq 🤤

  • Dustin Donut
    Dustin Donut День назад

    5:25 i need that hoe cake

  • You're My Best Friend
    You're My Best Friend День назад

    I sometimes wonder why i do this to myself, like i really want this food, but we all know i am not going from the east coast to the west coast just for bbq

  • Fishfan 2
    Fishfan 2 2 дня назад +4

    Bruh they were in Long Beach but didn't go to Chris and Pitts smh

  • Fishfan 2
    Fishfan 2 2 дня назад +1

    Ayy i pass by Big Mista Bbq alot

  • Alexander Gabriel Alqueza
    Alexander Gabriel Alqueza 2 дня назад

    Holy crap i just saw alot of pigs being killed.

  • MotoAtheist
    MotoAtheist 2 дня назад +1

    These tests are pointless!! The only fair test is a blind test. Have somebody else go get the food and then put all the food on the same style plates and present each one not knowing anything about where they came from. Knowing how much you paid adds that placebo affect one way or the other.

  • _Personality_
    _Personality_ 2 дня назад

    I think Andrew should worry about Steven being a cannibal...

  • Sofía V
    Sofía V 2 дня назад

    Mr. Bigmista is the worth it winner of our hearts

  • ELITE _React
    ELITE _React 3 дня назад

    @ 1:42 it’s a fact my mans a legend

  • silviana haryanto
    silviana haryanto 3 дня назад

    I love adam. He's so cute

  • the ridiculous gamer
    the ridiculous gamer 3 дня назад

    the south has the best rib places but there all tucked away

    • the ridiculous gamer
      the ridiculous gamer День назад

      i still agree with my statement

    • Fishfan 2
      Fishfan 2 2 дня назад

      You understimate Cali, we are a mixing pot

  • Alex Davis
    Alex Davis 3 дня назад



  • Josh Sario
    Josh Sario 4 дня назад

    i don't know why I watch these kinds of video that makes me hungry
    But damned that looks so good and yummy

    DOITRANDOM! 4 дня назад

    It says "hoe cake" in 5:26

  • Alice
    Alice 4 дня назад

    When you have a shot of Adam eating and you're thinking "I didn't see another camera?"

  • blackmail boi
    blackmail boi 5 дней назад +17

    Country-style ribs are not ribs. They're actually pig's butt
    And pig's butt is not pig's butt. It's from the shoulder.


  • Darkshadow
    Darkshadow 5 дней назад

    4:09 did he smiling?

  • Nathan Crossan
    Nathan Crossan 5 дней назад

    “I’m not done buttering my biscuit”

  • #1 yee
    #1 yee 5 дней назад


  • Lawrence Tom
    Lawrence Tom 5 дней назад

    "Im not done buttering my biscuit"-Andrew 2017

  • Cool kid
    Cool kid 5 дней назад

    I eat the $68 dollar barbecue I haven’t tried barbecue below that price for ppl that do eat that does it taste okay?

    • Cozbinot
      Cozbinot День назад

      yes you don't need to spend that much

  • Armando Blanco-Naranjo
    Armando Blanco-Naranjo 5 дней назад

    3:23 ooooh!!

  • cameron crossen
    cameron crossen 5 дней назад

    Just saying Andrew is hot asf 😂🥵

  • Gabe Lopez
    Gabe Lopez 5 дней назад

    you needed to go to KC for this 😥

  • Official Angel
    Official Angel 5 дней назад

    5:27 Hoe cake 😂

  • AutoSherlock
    AutoSherlock 5 дней назад +2

    No truffles, waste of money

  • Josh
    Josh 6 дней назад

    It seems you have never tasted the Philippines BBQ
    Edit: Im not saying its better!

  • DK Voltz
    DK Voltz 6 дней назад

    I've never seen Andrew so happy 6:48

  • Yoshi Boy
    Yoshi Boy 6 дней назад +4

    I wish someone looks at me the way Andrew looks at them ribs...

  • Ian Heller
    Ian Heller 6 дней назад

    I hate buzzfeed so much but love this show

  • justin abraham
    justin abraham 6 дней назад

    These two idiots has zero sense of humour. Especially that Asian dude.

  • Aaron Aitchison
    Aaron Aitchison 7 дней назад +18

    Bigmista is just the most lovable person ever

  • Dolan K
    Dolan K 7 дней назад

    Steven is so cute🥰

    SILENT PHANTOMZ 8 дней назад

    Screw port this is better

  • Mohamedd Elmejjatyy
    Mohamedd Elmejjatyy 8 дней назад

    lmaoo 5:26 "hoe cake"

  • Samuel Rojas Peñaloza
    Samuel Rojas Peñaloza 9 дней назад

    you have to come to chile to eat at el sauce in lo abarca best bbq ribs ever

  • The Brick /thestopmotionguy
    The Brick /thestopmotionguy 9 дней назад

    Ribs are my favorite

  • Mushy Boi & Penguin
    Mushy Boi & Penguin 9 дней назад

    You should do a caviar episode

  • Fred Weasley
    Fred Weasley 10 дней назад +11


  • Amritha K9
    Amritha K9 10 дней назад +7

    this food gets me. I get you (andrew looks over) no you don't.

    me: LMAO!!!

  • Dog King
    Dog King 10 дней назад +1

    So was the first one $7 for a rack?

  • TheJohnnyGreat
    TheJohnnyGreat 10 дней назад

    Dam iphone 5 2017

  • Swadesh Anand
    Swadesh Anand 11 дней назад

    You are wasting food

    • Cozbinot
      Cozbinot День назад

      by eating it?

  • Frost King
    Frost King 11 дней назад +3

    Unfortunately, Gordon Ramsey would say you forgot the lamb sauce!

  • Hamznl
    Hamznl 11 дней назад

    hoe cake

  • Gsavage 1
    Gsavage 1 11 дней назад

    He is from big mistas fatty wagon on the food truck race

  • Papp Hase
    Papp Hase 12 дней назад

    I think the cheapest ones here are the best because they're not that extravagant

  • Derek Dodson
    Derek Dodson 12 дней назад

    More food please

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 12 дней назад

    "Im not done buttering my biscuit"

  • Danniel Felicio
    Danniel Felicio 13 дней назад

    Dogs chew on bones to shorten their teeth its like a dentist for them

  • Jack Wood
    Jack Wood 13 дней назад

    2:01 I feel like that should be Bigmistas slogan on the restaurant

  • Wrange45
    Wrange45 13 дней назад

    Starting to think Steven has a Charger...

  • Pee pee Gang
    Pee pee Gang 13 дней назад

    Out of all places, the most expensive bbq spot is actually pretty cheap

  • Pee pee Gang
    Pee pee Gang 13 дней назад

    Neil from the first stop reminds me of chef from South Park

  • Justinwolfordfilms
    Justinwolfordfilms 13 дней назад

    In the south in Gatlinburg,TN Bennett’s BBQ is good

  • Stephen Hill
    Stephen Hill 13 дней назад

    I would prefer big Mistas. But that really isn’t bad for 68 bucks, all things considered.

  • Alan Rana
    Alan Rana 14 дней назад

    You all Should come to india

  • Merrick Milius
    Merrick Milius 14 дней назад

    4:29 that price though

  • Anonymous Human
    Anonymous Human 14 дней назад

    Kansas City BBQ is #1

  • Solo_Swaggens GMM
    Solo_Swaggens GMM 15 дней назад

    yur gay

  • OPACK -not
    OPACK -not 15 дней назад

    The first guy i want to be friends with him lol :)

  • GTA five GTA V
    GTA five GTA V 15 дней назад

    This making me mad .......... bar-b-que ain’t spost to be xpensive and those aren’t actually hoe cakes hoe cakes are thin like a pancake you dumbasshoe

  • Maximum Reaper
    Maximum Reaper 15 дней назад

    Still here eating my 20 cents barbecue

  • Alberto Alperpaşa
    Alberto Alperpaşa 15 дней назад

    Andrew’s hands 😛

  • EiR aN
    EiR aN 16 дней назад

    I like Bigmista

  • Lorenzo Almond
    Lorenzo Almond 16 дней назад +2


  • Wittletaungy Marchbank
    Wittletaungy Marchbank 17 дней назад

    Ahh ribs... the chicken drum of beef

  • Red Dot Sight OR Holographic sight
    Red Dot Sight OR Holographic sight 19 дней назад +4

    2000$ Rib
    Truffles, Golds and Caviars stuffed inside the bone. 😎

    CLONE GS JUGGLER 20 дней назад +2

    The food in the thumbnail is the winner

  • Cringe squad -________________-
    Cringe squad -________________- 20 дней назад +2

    Yaw bro lest test these three air pods
    $ oh wow these are just headphones with the wires cut
    ITS GREAT five-stars
    $$ ow wow off brand air pods
    $$$ you talking to me AirPodless
    peasants do you even have jawPODS you can’t see these

  • potato smiless
    potato smiless 20 дней назад

    7:51 thank me later

  • Stone Eagle
    Stone Eagle 20 дней назад

    they're just making fun of the chef who gave them interesting rib facts . that's just cruel

    • Cozbinot
      Cozbinot День назад

      they're not making fun of him

  • Gabriel Acosta
    Gabriel Acosta 21 день назад +2

    Dang chilies has $78 Ribs

  • phuong tran
    phuong tran 21 день назад +2

    You should do an episode with Gordon Ramsey

  • Lost in the Stars
    Lost in the Stars 21 день назад

    That last rib looked so dry 😞😖

  • Its_me 29
    Its_me 29 21 день назад

    "I'm not done buttering my biscuit"

  • N. Gamez
    N. Gamez 21 день назад +1

    How to make food expensive-add caviar

  • Kevin Jefferson
    Kevin Jefferson 22 дня назад

    6:41 Adam can see the future of youtube rewind 2018
    Are you guys agree?

  • the.mighty.kyuss
    the.mighty.kyuss 22 дня назад

    Mmmmm Shiner Bock.

  • Chris Reid
    Chris Reid 22 дня назад

    “American BBQ is the best BBQ in the world”
    Says an american who has not tasted any other BBQ outside of america. 😂 ooh americans.

    • Ya boy Genghis
      Ya boy Genghis 17 дней назад

      Chris Reid He said arguably the best, and its true

  • Jeff Franz
    Jeff Franz 22 дня назад

    Pappy's in St. Louis would blow your mind.

  • NAB :D
    NAB :D 23 дня назад +1

    I swear I’d got another Tazo as I’m gonna flip out

  • Noe Munoz
    Noe Munoz 24 дня назад

    7 dollars for 2 pieces is actually more expensive than 36 for the full rack. Idk how they call that cheap. Idiots

    • Hanif barrar
      Hanif barrar 14 дней назад

      7 dollars was for the full meal including the beans and stuff

  • The Anthonys World
    The Anthonys World 24 дня назад

    i like ribs man bro

  • meliodas demon king
    meliodas demon king 24 дня назад

    Me when i share whit someone 2:07

  • Eat & Tips
    Eat & Tips 24 дня назад

    I think I have a crush on Adam 😆

  • Random kid
    Random kid 24 дня назад

    It's barbecue just eat it

    RK TITIREACH 25 дней назад

    7:18 BBQ F***

    MAYHEM BOY ! 25 дней назад

    In india u get 200$ ribs

  • sharkflamethrower
    sharkflamethrower 25 дней назад

    I just want a big ol' bear hug from big mista

  • James Chun
    James Chun 25 дней назад

    Why the f was there a tasty logo at the end of this video?...

  • leven art
    leven art 25 дней назад


  • Bioman Science
    Bioman Science 25 дней назад

    humans have 24 ribs 12 on each side

    • Sean Jones
      Sean Jones 25 дней назад

      Bioman Science dude im really into anatomy and I didnt even realize we have that many. *rib fact

  • Will Tongier
    Will Tongier 26 дней назад

    Why wouldn’t you go to the South for BBQ, or Texas, or Kansas City. We all put LA bbq to shame

  • Lyn k
    Lyn k 26 дней назад

    Bruh.. American BBQ sucks KBBQ's dick.

  • Natalie Evans
    Natalie Evans 26 дней назад

    I'm watching this now, and the only thing I could think was '.... Corgi Shirt!' Oh and, some bbq lmao.

  • Aurelio Herrera
    Aurelio Herrera 27 дней назад

    What he cooks the the meat with looks like food for mice wtf?😂