Where in the world is it easiest to get rich? | Harald Eia | TEDxOslo

  • Published on May 2, 2016
  • In which society is it easiest to get rich? Contrary to common belief, it is not countries like the US or the UK that create the highest number of rich people per capita, but Nordic social democracies like Norway and Sweden. Counter intuitive as it may sound, high taxes, generous welfare states and strong unions makes a better environment for the people who wants to earn huge amounts of money, than free markets, low taxes, and minimal government intervention.
    Harald Eia is a trained sociologist who works in television with comedy and documentaries.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at ted.com/tedx

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  • Davide Spanti
    Davide Spanti Day ago

    What about unemployment? Does this sistem lead to fewer people with a job?

    • Davide Spanti
      Davide Spanti Day ago

      @Michael Vik but why? It's because with more education people can specialize enough to surpass the number of job loss with automation? Or am I missing something?

    • Michael Vik
      Michael Vik Day ago +1

      unemployment rate in Norway at the moment is 3,9% so I would not say it does.

  • gabriel bay
    gabriel bay Day ago

    Loved it

  • zeliz
    zeliz 2 days ago

    A lot of countries have free education, like Argentina and Brasil and those are shitholes.

  • Ray Kirkham
    Ray Kirkham 2 days ago

    This guy is unaware that our billionaires are born that way.

  • George Emil
    George Emil 2 days ago

    Happiest countries and the best countries in which to live have been consistently Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, etc. Conservatives and the Right Wing shrug off these countries as socialistic - which is true due to high taxes, free education, national medical care, and high minimum wages among other things. What that means is that the best countries have no Right Wingers.

  • ESponge2000
    ESponge2000 2 days ago

    I have to critique some of this. Firstly, the billionaires per million metric used on Scandinavia even taken as a whole lacks credible exposure due to how small the total population is compared to USA. You even pointed that out with Iceland yourself (1 billionaire if he goes Iceland gets tied for the bottom).Any effective analysis would need to examine US states, regions, or cities broken apart to make a serious comparison unless this is comedic. And then you will find there’s leading and lagging states, and if you take New York State or Northern California you will then get a richer per capita different result. Your US analysis is what needs work, you are the expert for the Scandinavian part of the analysis.
    Where in the world is it easiest to get rich? I have to say New York City or San Francisco and I’ll explain why. You can live on the street or very tiny quarters and dodge the cost of real estate while receiving the wages that assume you are in need of those housing costs that you aren’t paying. There you can accept a competitive wage ....relative to your competition.

  • zalina zainol
    zalina zainol 4 days ago

    Excellent explanation. Tqvm

  • Karan Vito
    Karan Vito 4 days ago +1

    Such a simple yet brilliant talk

  • Joseph SM
    Joseph SM 5 days ago +1

    Thanks a lot for clear statistics and we'll supported claim. I was long feeling scsndinavian countries are difficult to live, but this video has changed my view. Great! but don't know which one would be best to work and live as an Indian Technical marketing person - sweden or Norway or Denmark or Switzerland or ....?

  • Phil Productions
    Phil Productions 6 days ago +3

    Scandinavia is very beautiful.

  • Mark Ash
    Mark Ash 7 days ago

    More income inequality is created by the social welfare state with stronger union laws and protections.

    • Jason Wismer
      Jason Wismer 5 days ago

      Didn't actually watch the video did you?

  • TheAlex0903
    TheAlex0903 7 days ago +1

    8:53 I hope self made people was used as women would like to be rich also without depending on men.

  • Gulfstream
    Gulfstream 7 days ago

    Seems a rather useless statistics based presentation. Numbers can always be looked at in many different ways so such statistics can be shaped to produce anything you like. The most interesting thing about Scandinavia is that these statistics are often inaccurate or totally wrong. Many of the so called rich Swedish billionaires don't live there. Famous case of IKEA owner and many others.

  • RV Rau
    RV Rau 7 days ago

    Universal Free University Education is the secret sauce that allows the most talented poor kids to rise quickly up the ladder of opportunity. Poor Americans.

  • Suzanne Reade
    Suzanne Reade 9 days ago +1


  • meygaag kabacalaf
    meygaag kabacalaf 9 days ago +2

    Amazing Amazing Guy with a lot of sense of humour and very informative.Thanks you Scandinavian Man.

  • Ivar Losna
    Ivar Losna 10 days ago +1

    Considering the richest Norwegian still living in Norway inherited his money, this is kind of bogus.

    • Stian Myrdal Laursen
      Stian Myrdal Laursen 3 days ago

      Ivar Losna ikke annet enn at klagingen din gir inntrykk av noe annet.
      "Vi har det så grusomt her i Norge, og alle land i hele verden har det bedre enn oss" når fakta er motsatt.

    • Ivar Losna
      Ivar Losna 3 days ago

      @Stian Myrdal Laursen Mange ganger, hvert kontinent uten Oceania. Hva har det med saken å gjøre? Kan vel fortsatt klage over Norge selv om de har det verre i mange andre land.

    • Stian Myrdal Laursen
      Stian Myrdal Laursen 3 days ago

      Ivar Losna nå var du skikkelig "positiv" synes jeg 🤣🤣🤣
      Har du vært i utlandet noen gang...?

    • Ivar Losna
      Ivar Losna 3 days ago

      @Stian Myrdal Laursen Regjeringen er fortsatt altfor glad i å skatte folk for hva enn de kan finne på, selv om det ikke gir noen mening. Lyst å leie ut en del av huset ditt? Javel, bare pass på at den delen du selv bor i er større enn den delen du leier ut. Hvorfor? Javel, da bygger jeg et anneks og bor i det mens jeg stykker opp resten i så små enheter som mulig siden jeg uansett må skatte.
      Leia må jeg og skru opp så mye det lar seg gjøre for å få nok profitt, siden det må skattes av.

      Eller som noen jeg kjenner gjorde, startet et mikrobryggeri. Javel, hvor mye sitter de igjen med per øl de selger kontra hva staten får?

      Lyst å finne på noe lurt som å sette opp spilleautomater? Sorry, det banner vi, og så setter vi opp våre egne i stedet. All profitt til staten.

    • Stian Myrdal Laursen
      Stian Myrdal Laursen 4 days ago

      Ivar Losna that is not true...
      We have a lot of selfmade millionares

  • menelik michael
    menelik michael 12 days ago +3

    i love wisdom wrapped in humor. Nice presentation and thanks for sharing

  • jopo22
    jopo22 13 days ago +1

    People don't realize that if it weren't for the U.S. countries invading and killing each other in all of Europe would be very common as it was before WWII.... Europe hasn't been invaded or been in a war with their own neighbors for the last 70 years since WWII, and it's all thanks to the US..

    • pallenda
      pallenda 12 days ago

      It was so great that US helped 70 years ago that is for sure. I would say NATO and EU has a big part in the peace also. We decided trading and working with the countries next to you own is a good thing. We were very good (or should I write bad) at going to war with each other even before there was a thing called USA.

  • jopo22
    jopo22 13 days ago

    This guy's engineer uncle making $70 thousand a year minus 55% in taxes = $31, 500 …….. also, Norway's sales tax is 25%

    • ahlsn
      ahlsn 13 days ago

      @jopo22 yes, but that part is payed directly by the employer. So if he has $70k salary, his employer will pay social security on top of that.

    • jopo22
      jopo22 13 days ago

      ahlsn , with social security he’ll be paying about 55%....
      Also, the VAT(Sales tax) is 25%..

    • ahlsn
      ahlsn 13 days ago

      There's not 55% in taxes on that $70k income. The marginal tax will be 44% but on the entire income he will pay about 33% in taxes.

  • Jed Nolasco
    Jed Nolasco 14 days ago

    Las vegas s d answer

  • Jack Sableng
    Jack Sableng 16 days ago +1

    Many of these Scandinavians are actually stuck in Bali or Indonesia and never want to go back home. CPI is the moot .. what's the point of having high income when everything is expensive. It is better to have low income but paying all your expenses and some change.

  • Keep calm and stay positive

    Ok perfect but what if your objective in life is not becoming rich because we all don't want the same. Which is the country where I can live a decente life if I don't want to be rich which is the majority of people because if they really wanted they would be rich already!!

    • José Manuel Gómez Gómez
      José Manuel Gómez Gómez 16 days ago +1

      All want the same but not all want to sacrifice for it or have the contacts to get there

  • tomi4m10
    tomi4m10 17 days ago

    Everything is correct here, but there is one "but": Where is FREEDOM?

    • Jonsonator
      Jonsonator 17 days ago

      Where is freedom in any case - it's a matter of degree and definition too perhaps.

  • Lu1s.com
    Lu1s.com 18 days ago

    The real reason is because they don't have to use their high taxes on defense because they depend on the USA for protection. I guess he forgot to mention that.

    • jopo22
      jopo22 13 days ago +2

      @Lu1s.com, you said it perfectly....but it's pretty much all of Europe too.... People don't realize that if it weren't for the U.S. countries invading and killing each other in all of Europe would be very common as it was before WWII.... Europe hasn't been invaded or been in a war with their own neighbors for the last 70 years since WWII, and it's all thanks to the US..

    • Lu1s.com
      Lu1s.com 15 days ago

      @EBEDE L. CREEKPOET From potential invaders.

      EBEDE L. CREEKPOET 16 days ago

      Protection from what?

  • Tom K.
    Tom K. 18 days ago

    One VERY important factor he is completely ignoring is the homogeneity of the Scandinavian societies. Let's look at Scandinavia NOW with mass immigration of turd world leeches who aren't even literate, forget about encouraging their children to go to school, study, and work hard. Then let's project out another 20 years and see what's going to happen. I can't wait!

  • Jon Scheer
    Jon Scheer 18 days ago +1

    We need the majority of people being utilized and prepared for a purposeful job that they enjoy which in turn aids in progress and efficiency for everyone else to have the same opportunity more than we need billionaires focused on max profit and minimal progress at the cost of millions of others.

  • corradoQC
    corradoQC 19 days ago

    Failed to correlate average IQ by country. All majority white countries, but that's changing so I guess we'll see what these numbers look like in 5 to 10 years.

  • Marc
    Marc 19 days ago +1

    all bulshit, Norway was the poorest country(with the same education system and the same political system?) in europe in the 1960`s than came the oil and the free electricity , almost all the high tech and engineers specially in the oil industry is bought/hired from countries as germany england netherland, sweden etc. all the industry is build around free nature resources like wood,fish,oil,gas and hydro electricity , which is managed in a good way. the top technicians are not innovative(they just buy good ideas abroad) they are extremely traditional thinking , but you dont hear me complain , life is good here in Norge ;-)

  • Paul Makinson
    Paul Makinson 19 days ago +6

    "Because of the social net, people are lazy and I cannot get rich!". Kinda shows that you get rich by making other people work.

  • phukit
    phukit 19 days ago

    Be a politician in America. Guaranteed rich.

  • Jared Boice
    Jared Boice 19 days ago +1

    Isn’t the Cost of Living much higher in Norway?? A buck in one place isn’t equal to a buck in another

  • roxoto
    roxoto 20 days ago +4

    i dont buy it. Pretty sure his cherrypicked data hides a lot.

  • akirakurosawa
    akirakurosawa 20 days ago

    "And if we leave out the pure tax heavens..." you are leaving out the countries your professor was talking about, which are the ones doing greatest.

    • akirakurosawa
      akirakurosawa 12 days ago

      @pallenda you have a better chance of getting rich if you are born in Switzerland or Singapur than Sweden.

    • pallenda
      pallenda 12 days ago

      You don't grow up there and become rich. The money are hidden there. Hence the reason why those countries was excluded. He looked at where would be the place to get the biggest chance of getting rich. Not what country has the most money per person living there.

  • amadexi
    amadexi 21 day ago

    But in the US, people at least have the freedom to be poor!

  • Ray Garrett, Jr.
    Ray Garrett, Jr. 21 day ago

    Scandinavian people do pretty well in the US and all over the world. These talks usually omit the elephant in the room.

    • Aylbdr Madison
      Aylbdr Madison 20 days ago +1

      That elephant you speak of *(racism:* not sure why you are afraid to call it what it is, but then racists are weak-minded and cowardly at best) has never been anything more than a cockroach, made up by people with minds even less inept.

  • David Whyham
    David Whyham 21 day ago +12

    Norway people are the nicest, respectful people in the entire world. Extremely well educated, peace loving people, polite, ...... Scandinavians equals top list of very civilized people. And they rank the top of Cyber security moving over there :) love to live surrounded by good very civilized people

  • lenguaje experto
    lenguaje experto 22 days ago

    then im not rich yet i only have 4 millon in property

  • Mike Tracy
    Mike Tracy 22 days ago

    Could it be that in Norway, there is almost no obesity, so lower health care costs, and very few people of working age who are not working, so their high taxes actually go to worthwhile places, instead of paying millions not to work like we do here in the US?

  • Catalin Forcos
    Catalin Forcos 22 days ago

    The biggest progres a country and its people made toward being rich and developed was the US before the first World War and after the war for independence. They were paying 0 taxes. They rebuilt Chicago after it burned down nearly completely in less than 5 years with no help from any govt.

  • A. H.
    A. H. 22 days ago

    San Francisco

  • Grethe Therese Juel
    Grethe Therese Juel 22 days ago

    No matter who you are and where in the world you live, the only way to get wealthier is to make more money than you spend. If you can do that over time, you become rich.
    There's one factor Harald Eia overlooked: Large oppressed lower class = social unrest = unpredictable future = less long term development and planning. Contrary to the video's title, it is probably easier to get rich in a dog-eats-dog society but what if you want to *stay* rich too? That is much easier in a society with more equality.

  • Ivor Alex
    Ivor Alex 24 days ago

    What an interesting and thought provoking speech. However I think the small size of the Scandinavian economies make them easier to manage than countries such as the US. It will be interesting to see the statistics in a few years for "post immigration" Sweden. Also Bernie Sanders is certainly not anti-capitalist and is a proponent of Scandinavian style social systems precisely for the reasons outlined by the speaker. Listening to this speaker and observing the rather charming audience member so subtly filmed by the cameraman, I think I'll start emigrating to Norway...

  • Renad Saad
    Renad Saad 24 days ago +1

    lol in my country people get paid because they’re getting college education every month until they graduate.

  • Remy Dou
    Remy Dou 25 days ago

    What about the USA’s immigration population. 1st and 2nd generation Americans account for 25% of the population. Remove these from the data and your results might differ.

  • 25johis
    25johis 26 days ago

    Rich in Norway. This is a lie today

  • Venkatesh Babu Ponnuchamy

    Kill old beggars you are rich.

  • Alex R
    Alex R 26 days ago

    Oh and they have vouchers for private schools. School choice not socialist schools like the United States

  • Alex R
    Alex R 26 days ago

    You literally just made up your reasons why. No evidence. The Nordic nations are NOT socialist. They have capitalist economies. And they have freer markets. Less regulations than the United States. No federal minimum wages and pretty much all white people.
    The United States is more socialist than those countries.

    • oozyVsak47 ll
      oozyVsak47 ll 25 days ago

      I don't get your point or should I say I disagree with your perspective.. 1. Nordic countries are socialist with capitalist economies. 2. And they do not have freer markets. 3. More regulations than the United states. 4. Federal minimum wage and pretty much all white with less to non opportunities for foreigners most especially blacks.

  • igor jose
    igor jose 28 days ago

    Funny. But i don‘t understand Why you cross out countries like switzerland. Tax heaven? We have wealth tax and sweden not. Could also be a reason why rich nordic people pay tax in an other country and go back rich when retired. Neverless you are funny and really make a point that what society needs is education!

  • Philip Zalewski
    Philip Zalewski 28 days ago +1

    Great, let's send a few million Central Americans there. And other minority groups.

  • J Michael
    J Michael 28 days ago +2

    From a statistics stand point it is misleading to compare a country as vast in population and diversity as the US is to countries like Norway. The fact that the US holds up to these comparisons fairly well, indicates it is by far the greatest country in the planet. Let’s face it, no other country can hold a candle to the US.

    • David Higley
      David Higley 27 days ago +1

      One of the main core differences between Scandinavia and USA that has a major impact on the statistics is that Scandinavia is effectively monocultural vs USA

  • no
    no Month ago

    Those countries have the highest economic freedom index. It's dishonest to pretend that it has anything to do with government stealing your money.

  • A. Brekkan
    A. Brekkan Month ago

    Hm, so if Mali had stronger unions forcing up the minimum wages, then Mali would be like Scandinavia?

    • 4xel chess
      4xel chess 28 days ago

      @A. Brekkan I don't see the strong unions in China and Japan, I see infrastructure building and raise of minimum wage. To the best of my knowledge, Scandinavia has even better infrastructure (eg education) and higher minimum wage than them, hence my last sentence :

      "The point of that video is that public infrastructure and trade unions seems to be more efficient at taking that last step"

      Scandinavian model is definitely the only way forwad, and quality of life, infrastructures and low wages have definitely sky rocketed in the US too compared to what they were hundreds y ago.

      Mali does not need foreign capital. Mali needs infrastructure, industry and trade partners. Foreign capital is only one way (the most convenient one I concede) to hope for all that. But a completely free market is most probably not the smartest way to go about it. At least that's what the Chinese did (some degree of protectionism and control for short) and it did them good.

    • A. Brekkan
      A. Brekkan 28 days ago

      @4xel chess In the case of China and Japan, where do you see the strong workers` unions? Mali has no industry and no foreign investment - she is a truly un-capitalized country. In order to develop, she needs foreign capital.

      Comparing still relatively homogeneous Scandinavia to the USA is highly debatable. Rather he should have compared Scandinavians to those of Scandinavia descent in the USA. But I guess, as a Social Democrat, he doesn't acknowledge the cultural differences with regard to work ethic. Also, in terms of innovation, I believe that the USA far out-competes the Nordic countries.

      Btw, he does have some points: fx that high-skilled labour like engineers is cheaper in Scandinavia than the USA, and that this benefits the Capitalists.

    • 4xel chess
      4xel chess 28 days ago

      @A. Brekkan Harald never claimed that "stronger unions forcing up the minimum wages" was all it took, hence my impression that you missed half of the video.

      Cheap labor is not sufficient to developp, just look at Malia.A strong control over your industry and over foreign investement, and reverse engineering is one way to benefit from cheap labor yourself rather than giving away these benefits to foreign powers. That is the way China took.

      But it can only take you so far. Infrastructure and raise of the minimal salary is the next step forward, and one that Japan took decades ago and that China is currently taking.

      The point of that video is that public infrastructure and trade unions seems to be more efficient at taking that last step, building infrastructure and raising quality of life, than relying solely on free market for every thing.

    • A. Brekkan
      A. Brekkan 28 days ago

      @4xel chess But the reason why Mali hasn't got an advanced infrastructure is that she hasn't got an advanced economy. Education and infrastructure are costly, you need a robust growth in GDP to finance that. How do you get there? I would argue that cheap labour is not a problem, but an asset - just look at China! You start with cheap labour and grows from there. PS! I saw the entire talk!

    • 4xel chess
      4xel chess 28 days ago

      You missed half the video. If it also had an education, and more generally a public infrastructure as good as the Scandinavian one, then yes.

      Obviously, it can't happen overnight, but US for example has much less excuses that Mali.

  • Vasilis K
    Vasilis K Month ago

    Thank you. By reducing the gap between rich and poor you have a moving economy. A moving economy with people's quality of life at the center along with the environment is the best thing our human societies can accomplish. I honestly hope more countries understand and adopt this incredible system.

  • Abi Makin
    Abi Makin Month ago

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  • Elroy Kerstens
    Elroy Kerstens Month ago +4

    Well high taxes should never be a goal. Remember Thatcher lowering the tax rates but getting an increase in total net taxes? This is because of the Laffer Curve. People will basically stop working if the taxes are too high.

  • Brandon Priest
    Brandon Priest Month ago

    Scandinavia is not a good example. Not every country had oil money to share with its small population. Not to mention the government invests in the US and European stock markets to make money.

    • Brandon Priest
      Brandon Priest Month ago

      @A. Brekkan You make a good point about the oil and lack of parameters.

    • A. Brekkan
      A. Brekkan Month ago

      They don't have oil in Sweden, Iceland or Denmark. The problem with Eia`s position is that it leaves out so many parameters, fx mentality. Compare Scandinavian Protestantism`s work ethic with that of Somali immigrants, the difference is great in terms of net income.

  • J Matias
    J Matias Month ago

    Does this apply also to Finland?

  • Marcelo Alcantara Netto

    Only forgot to tell about the size of population and where does it comes the money from norway goverment money

  • Benoit Stalder
    Benoit Stalder Month ago +1

    Why would you remove Switzerland ? Oo

    • Benoit Stalder
      Benoit Stalder Month ago

      Oh of course it makes the whole figure much more suitable

  • Andre Sbaraini
    Andre Sbaraini Month ago +2

    Old plundering viking Scandinavian wealth has been passed down from generations, these families have been 'billionaires' well before the construct of social governing bodies in place today.

  • John Baugh
    John Baugh Month ago +2

    Some flaws in his discussion. I live in smaller town in Texas and we have self serve grocery stores, and automated tolls in the big cities. Plus I haven’t wrote a check, except for a house or car purchase, in years. Also, I use a chip card for everything. I carry little cash and never carry a checkbook. We might have fewer super rich per capita, but even a middle or upper middle class income goes further in many parts of the country here due to a much lower cost of living than Norway.

  • David Mayer
    David Mayer Month ago +8

    Brilliant (and hilarious)! Wish every politician would heed its message.

    • Remy Dou
      Remy Dou 27 days ago

      David Mayer David I thought about his message but I do feel it’s incomplete. Just like statistics and studies can be manipulated due to a bias it’s sometime important to look further into government and circumstances. For example immigration plays a large role. Millionaires Per capita may be skewed by 1st 2nd or 3rd generation Americans vs Scandinavians that may be in the country for many generations

  • Aleksandr Aksenov
    Aleksandr Aksenov Month ago


  • Thales Polli
    Thales Polli Month ago

    Check Brazil and even USA will look like land of social mobility... Here we a patrimonialistic state and reverse well fare for a rentist elite...

  • Acedia OW
    Acedia OW Month ago

    Big brain

  • Thomas Landolt
    Thomas Landolt Month ago +2

    Denmark on the top5...Switzerland?...makes no sense...almost same size

  • Gregory Moore
    Gregory Moore Month ago +2

    Stick to sociology, as you obviously don't understand economics at all!

    • blabla62871
      blabla62871 27 days ago

      you dont understand humanity at all

  • manoffayth
    manoffayth Month ago

    Also they have incredible free market structure. Not quite socialist.

  • Socratic Sounds
    Socratic Sounds Month ago

    I call BS. Everything is twice the price in Europe. Yes, free education is great. However, high taxes, generous welfare states, and strong unions alone are not what makes a great country. Did it make a great combination for the Soviet Union? Or how about every single third world country present day...?

  • CK 44
    CK 44 Month ago

    Social democracy only works with a quality, cultured, homogenous society that does NOT ask for handouts. However, add massive "diversity" of immigrants without a willingness to work.....and you can say goodbye to Norway, Sweden, Scandinavia, and rest of Europe. How do I know this is true? It's happening right now. Us is failing and I can't even visit Paris anymore due to the smell of urine and feces when you get off the train...and the pickpockets, tents cities...you get the point. Some cultures don't have any intention of working---thus society brought down.

  • Denis Pop
    Denis Pop Month ago

    Heck off commie

  • BanLiveExport
    BanLiveExport Month ago

    Maybe look up with amount of homeless people in these Countries.

  • BanLiveExport
    BanLiveExport Month ago +1

    Look up the poorest 10 Countries on the Planet. They all have No Free Universal Health Care, No Welfare System, Very Low Minimum Wages, Low Tax Rates. Look up the Countries with Low Tax Rates again you find the same they are all 3rd World Counties. People in Countries like India and Bangladesh who have very low minimum wages even the Rich people want to go to Countries like Australia who have Free Universal Health Care and High Minimum Wages. Even Rich people in Countries with Low Tax Rates do not want to live there. There are not to many people in Australia who want to live in India and Bangladesh.

  • zoyoo
    zoyoo Month ago

    Still not worth to live in these high depression countries and only get to see the sun in oculus rift VR simulations

    • amiesparkle00
      amiesparkle00 Month ago

      well timed vacations make a big difference in that regard (speaking as someone who lives in Seattle)

  • František Němeček
    František Němeček Month ago +1

    No mention of natural resources there? I.e. methan nowadays. It is so easy to enjoy their hammocks, of the natural resources, to keep the "minimal safty net" so damn high! :-/
    He started nicely, but how did he got to the education so quickly? Mind jump - it is a cheat, not an explanation. He cut off the chain of causality. So whatever he "concluded" from that point is just bogus.

  • Jaybriel Akoi
    Jaybriel Akoi Month ago

    I don’t think we want to replace people with machines yet right?

  • Jaybriel Akoi
    Jaybriel Akoi Month ago

    A very interesting talk but the Nordics are a complete different story. You can’t really compare a country that’s hundreds of years old with a small demographically homogenous new company.

  • Brexit is the end of Britain

    People wanting to get rich is what's killing the planet

  • BryanLindaVB
    BryanLindaVB Month ago

    Are those engineering salaries before or after taxes? If I am understanding Harald correctly, it is easier to become very rich in Nordic countries because social nets encourage union cooperation and unions keep skilled labor salaries down. So most people in Nordic countries have uniformly modest incomes for the benefit of the very rich.

  • Mitch Jones Fragile ego

    Can confirm rich af ama

  • Brian Norlander
    Brian Norlander Month ago +3

    It is easy to cherry pick certain benchmarks. I would like to see numbers for $500,000, $1M, $5M, etc.

  • Hotmanden
    Hotmanden Month ago +3

    if you want to get ritch; get born in a low population country, with high a volume of oil.

    • Nazha Sabiri
      Nazha Sabiri Month ago

      Nope, it will not work....few families control the oils and the rest are left to be poor

    • MegaAkselerator
      MegaAkselerator Month ago +2

      I did. Still not rich

  • ZigZagPower
    ZigZagPower Month ago +4

    Im danish, i got kinda sad in the beginning, until he revealed that we're top 5 xD

  • a1nd23
    a1nd23 Month ago +1

    Actually one thing is missing from his analysis - how did the rich _become_ rich? Just by showing what is the ratio of rich people per capita does not validate that it is easier to _become_ rich in contries where this ratio is highest. For example the rich people in scandinavia might have inherited their wealth. While those in the US might have become rich. Yeah - he talkes about social mobility index, and true - the higher this index, the easier it is for poor people to improve their status. But this does not mean that the really rich (1%) are coming from poor families. For that he would have to show social mobility index to the top 1%, not top 25%.
    One more thing - at least in Danemark there are no minimum wages laws. Minimum wage laws are effective only when they are in line with the underlying economic situation. If they overshoot, they distort the workplace. In Danemark there are no minimum wage laws, yet the wages are still very high. These two factors are not related.

    • torod213
      torod213 Month ago

      @a1nd23 I really struggle to understand what you mean.. But quite honestly, wether someone inherited the money or made it themselves doesn't really matter. Someone somewhere will have had to make that money, and I don't see why the level of inheritance will go up or down from one country to another. In fact, Norway is at a great disadvantage here. We used to be extremely poor farmers and fishermen, only in the last 50-60 years has our wealth risen sharply. And we have inheritance tax that other countries hasn't. And we have several billionaires who have moved abroad. Looking at the top lists, there are 3 young people at the top who have inherited their money, the vast majority of the rest have made it all themselves. Our richest, Kjell Inge Røkke, started as a fisherman with absolutely nothing. But like I said, those three who inherited their money doesn't really matter. Just replace them with their parents on the list and then they made it themselves.

    • a1nd23
      a1nd23 Month ago

      @torod213 perhaps. Still - he focuses on the top 1% and then he talks about social mobility to top 25%. These are two completetly different things. The top 1% are so few, that there is no need for approximations (like social mobility index and thinking about the possible outcome of inheritance tax) - why didn't he simply trace back where their fortunes came from? Besides this inconsistency of course I agree that social mobility is a great thing. I would be just cautious with attributing it to a few factors - the issue usually is much more complex. In my personal opinion it is in large part a matter of culture and value system. But the main point he makes is that state intervention (public education, high minimum wage, etc) is actaully good - at least in this particular case. My take on this is that state intervention is not harmful is and ony if it actually aligns with what the society would do anyway. Hence the example of the lack of minimum wage laws in Danemark and still having very high labor cost there. Norway and Sweden would certainly have the same high labor cost as today witout the minimum wage laws. Using this logic, if people value education, they would get educated even without free public schools. For legislators the most important thing to do is not to get in peoples way ;)

    • torod213
      torod213 Month ago

      Well, considering we have taxes on big inheritances in Norway, it is much easier to inherit wealth other places than in Norway. Add to that fact that we have several billionaires who have moved to tax havens. John Fredriksen, Arne Fredly etc, which bring down the averages even more.

  • Tom Griffiths
    Tom Griffiths Month ago +1

    So what does Scandinavia do with all the poor people that are replaced by computers? You can't get someone of low intelligence to become a skilled worker. You can't go from 50 yr old toilet cleaner to software engineer or biochemist. Toll booth operators and cleaners and bag packers give a job to millions and millions of Americans, hundreds of thousands in smaller economies. What happens to all these people.
    But, i do appreciate what he said about capitalism and socialism working in harmony. Anyone that says capitalism is the enemy, or some aspect of state support holds people back doesn't have evidence on their side. Capitalism gives socialism the money. Socialism (ideally) distributes it to create more capitalism in a way people can afford to have a part of its upsides

    • František Němeček
      František Němeček Month ago

      "Socialism (ideally) distributes it to create more capitalism" - Zou do not know, what "socialism" reallz means. Where it goes in practice. :-/

  • BlackDoveNYC
    BlackDoveNYC Month ago

    He is misrepresenting Bernie Sanders. If I’m not mistaken, doesn’t Bernie Sanders use the argument he does when talking about Democratic Socialism?

  • murad el issaoui
    murad el issaoui Month ago +1

    I live in USA. There are so much marketable lies.

  • Rahymn Inc
    Rahymn Inc Month ago

    I fell out my seat @ 12:57

  • chrisiden
    chrisiden Month ago

    Buy Bitcoin get wealthy...

  • vivek pandey
    vivek pandey Month ago +2

    At 15:10 "the economy is not a zero sum game " - well said. contrary to what some leaders (read trump) say to justify themselves

    • vivek pandey
      vivek pandey 24 days ago

      @Gooey Prickles not in the context of the video, but yes in the overall context, it's a zero sum game,but that is a dangerous presumption held by super rich implying that some folks have to be extremely poor and exploited for others to be at top of the pyramid. Socialism in its true humane form would have a more equitable distribution of wealth, and that is actually more sustainable rather than having extremely rich and poor in which case that kind os society is closer to its end.

    • Gooey Prickles
      Gooey Prickles 24 days ago

      How is not a zero sum game when it's designed to eventually collapse?

  • Nick Bottorf
    Nick Bottorf Month ago

    The United States. Now you don’t have to watch the video

  • Nexus Mapping And Animations

    Actually its not about social democracy its about the Nordic Moldel which has high income tax but does not tax companies and corporations much, neither real estate.

    • Håvard
      Håvard Month ago

      Well that is just wrong. We have high estate taxes here in Norway, companies pay quite a lot too.

  • Mammad FY
    Mammad FY Month ago

    Great sense of humor, statements backed up by numbers, generally true but still arguable.

  • Eternal Nightmare
    Eternal Nightmare Month ago

    This is all very interesting and sound but i think you forgot something. Oil.

  • S. M.
    S. M. Month ago +1

    How can you not love this guy?

  • MrPotato
    MrPotato Month ago

    Well having 30 million in the states gets you a lot more than having the same amount of money in scandinavia. Just look at the car and house prices.

  • Bobby Backlash
    Bobby Backlash Month ago +1

    Great video, excellent presentation, even more amazing considering that English is probably not your first language.

  • Numira
    Numira 2 months ago +2

    So in Norway a toilet cleaner earns around 60k and engineer only 70k? wit the many years he loses on spending in collegue. whats the point them for studying when you only earn slighlty more then unskilled labor?

    • otthau
      otthau Month ago

      Kay Geurts you are given a loan of around 14k a year. If you pass your exams, 40% of this will be converted to a scholarship.

    • Kay Geurts
      Kay Geurts Month ago

      @otthau Also, aren't college students actually "paid" for studying to the point where they could even save money? In NL, education is cheap, but living expenses are not covered.

    • otthau
      otthau Month ago

      Haha, well, if everybody became toilet cleaners, then they wouldnt be earning 60k. Second, engineers can make around 100k also, depending on sector. Last, I’m not sure everybody wants to clean toilets.