• Published on Sep 30, 2017
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    The FBE Staff are put to the test in Guess That 90's Song! Watch to see their reaction!
    This episode features the following Staff:
    Andrea B.
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    Staff React #67 - GUESS THAT SONG CHALLENGE: 90's SONGS #2 (ft. FBE STAFF)
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    REACT  Year ago +58

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    • Brandon Lewis
      Brandon Lewis Year ago +1

      REACT guess that movie x- man

    • Brandon Lewis
      Brandon Lewis Year ago +1

      REACT guest that disney 80s movies tvshows

    • Brandon Lewis
      Brandon Lewis Year ago +1

      REACT guess that movies Brandon lee

    • Ivy Lynn
      Ivy Lynn Year ago +2

      REACT teens or college kids react to sublime or Pearl jam

    • Brandon Lewis
      Brandon Lewis Year ago +1


  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson Year ago +4

    React to pearl jam please

  • Danielle Casey
    Danielle Casey Year ago +36

    i got the pearl jam song within the first second! love pearl jam :D

  • Amanda Ram
    Amanda Ram Year ago +5

    James looks a lot like Ryan gosling

    F GRACR Year ago +15

    Man I was sure the first one was under pressure. LOL

    • Meralath
      Meralath Year ago +2

      F GRACR Well, the release date is crucial here since the line is identical. Under pressure is from 80s while ice ice baby is from 90s and it is 90s edition of "guess that song"

  • Dadari Oguri
    Dadari Oguri Year ago +2

    Thanks for playing all my time fav music.. I must be in same gen with all those guys.. Hehe..

  • federico amadeo
    federico amadeo Year ago +15

    Do a React to Pearl Jam please!

    JULIAR Year ago +6

    10:33 - you know the music industry has corrupted people when most of us expect the chorus within 15secs of song

  • A Pet Named Steve
    A Pet Named Steve Year ago +4

    Billy Ray Cyrus and Aqua got in the first second. I'm not proud. I am proud of Metallica though

  • TheRealSlimShelby
    TheRealSlimShelby Year ago +2

    RHCP?! LOL

  • TheRealSlimShelby
    TheRealSlimShelby Year ago +15

    Aww you gotta do react to Pearl Jam now!

  • Jutrzen
    Jutrzen Year ago +756

    Saying Queen instead of Vanilla Ice shoul be 10 points at least.

  • The Bork
    The Bork Year ago +6

    3:59 "That's the thong I sought it was."

  • Stefan Lechner
    Stefan Lechner Year ago +2

    Damn, Lizzy is hot! :D

  • Yi Zhu
    Yi Zhu Year ago +15

    Under Pressure is correct though tf

    • LethalCssPlayer
      LethalCssPlayer Year ago

      Yeah but its earlier than the 90s trick song.

    • Yoab Pizarro
      Yoab Pizarro Year ago +1

      Me and my brother always play guess the song when on the car. I have this song on the playlist for this reason, it is a trick question. Same with superfreak and can't touch this.

  • Ivy Lynn
    Ivy Lynn Year ago +5

    Teens or college kids react to sublime or pearl jam!!

  • YuGo
    YuGo Year ago +77

    "nirvana, enter sandman"
    jesus christ!!! LOL

  • #74 GONZALEZ
    #74 GONZALEZ Year ago


  • Miguel Fuentes
    Miguel Fuentes Year ago

    😍 Elizabeth is so beautiful

  • mvp2391
    mvp2391 Year ago +2

    I love Cynthia's reactions in these. She's so gorgeous

  • Jennifer Noce
    Jennifer Noce Year ago +1

    Does anybody else see something going on between Benny and Cynthia?

  • Diego Uesugui
    Diego Uesugui Year ago +3

    James is hilarious

  • Andrew Brunnette
    Andrew Brunnette Year ago +55

    Ice ice babs sounds just like under presshur

  • Kahldria Leighsun
    Kahldria Leighsun Year ago +4

    I just wanna scream hello...(to my Jamily ;) god it's been too long! Never dreamed you'd return. But now here you are, and here I am! Hearts and thoughts they fade-- away...

  • That One Bitch
    That One Bitch Year ago +15

    I knew right away that it was Metallica. I listened to that song so much that its natural instinct 😂

    • Johnnie Wilson
      Johnnie Wilson Year ago

      I should know that song as i play it on my guitar everyday lol.

    • Toto Guitar
      Toto Guitar Year ago

      Anime - and - Turtles same xD

  • ThreeSevens
    ThreeSevens Year ago

    Man with glasses ?

  • Frieza 9402
    Frieza 9402 Year ago +19

    There are so many better songs by Metallica than Enter Sandman

    • Markus
      Markus Year ago +7

      Uhm, yeah there are? Of Wolf and Man, The Unforgiven 1&2, The Memory Remains, Through the Never, King Nothing, The God That Failed

    • fraka899
      fraka899 Year ago

      not from the 90s

  • CJ Zárate
    CJ Zárate Year ago +14

    There are more Metallica songs than Enter Sandman

    • Asriel
      Asriel Year ago +1

      Ofc there are; but if you're going to pick their most recognizable song for a video about being able to recognize pop hits then you're going to pick Enter Sandman.

  • Maecon Yared
    Maecon Yared Year ago +4

    Do teens react to Jocelyn Flores

  • FrostyLeekTV
    FrostyLeekTV Year ago +22

    The fact that pearl jam was featured in this made me happy

  • Manami Lin
    Manami Lin Year ago +31

    I'm 100% positive James know and hears/reads about how amazing his eyes are, BUT GOD DAMNIT JAMES, YOUR EYES MELTS MY COLD HEART.

  • Dylan Sunday
    Dylan Sunday Year ago +9

    Oml James eyes are amazing!

  • cvpuga
    cvpuga Year ago +11

    Rhcp? Wtf?

  • Javiian
    Javiian Year ago +2

    Chanelle is so fine

  • Rocketman9mm
    Rocketman9mm Year ago +4

  • DevinO
    DevinO Year ago +1

    OU oh yeah

  • Morryo
    Morryo Year ago +11

    Well, now I have to go listen to all of Metallica's album again. Thank you

  • abslol1
    abslol1 Year ago

    I knew every one at 1 second except Pearl Jam

    • Music Evangelist
      Music Evangelist Year ago

      I knew it was Pearl Jam and had to sing through in my head to get to the chorus.

  • mikey p
    mikey p Year ago

    Ummm Cynthia you should listen to 80's a'lot as well

  • Grant Weston
    Grant Weston Year ago +1

    3:58 Yh that's the thong I sought it was lol I freaking love you guys

  • Riley Sanders
    Riley Sanders Year ago +2

    Country music is great!!

  • Piddy
    Piddy Year ago +10

    3:58 "Yeah, that's the thong I sought it was"

  • May Flower
    May Flower Year ago +2

    React to 90's boy bands and R&B groups #TBT

  • Jay Harman
    Jay Harman Year ago

    Not on Twitter - not a twit, not on Instagram - not instant; but have a new satisfying video - several - for viewing: Many are really good...

  • TheBrass18
    TheBrass18 Year ago +1

    Cmon! Billy Ray Cyrus!

  • Stepan Schneider
    Stepan Schneider Year ago +1

    James looks like Nicolas Cage:-)

    • Asriel
      Asriel Year ago

      Like Nic Cage had a love child with Ryan Gosling

  • mariana gonçalves
    mariana gonçalves Year ago +3

    james seems like a such nice guy

  • GotBangTeez
    GotBangTeez Year ago +58

    I keep saying it, but James and his freakin' eyes man. God dang it

  • xxMETALLlCAxx
    xxMETALLlCAxx Year ago +54

    Nirvana enter sandman?!! RHCP?!?! Bro seriously wtf!!! On the other hand I love Andrea!

  • guitarpick2002
    guitarpick2002 Year ago +1

    I got all of the songs in the first second. Yeah, I know, human jukebox.

    • Asriel
      Asriel Year ago

      Wow, you're so cool

  • WoWiS
    WoWiS Year ago +1

    that mans eyes are wild how can I get eyes like those? sadly mine are default ={

  • Jonathan Baenziger

    This one was kind of easy. I got all songs except for Barbie Girl in the first second.

  • Kimberly Wood
    Kimberly Wood Year ago +21

    "This is guess that song, not explain what the song could be."😂 I love Alex👌😍

    • laistab 1
      laistab 1 Year ago

      Kimberly Wood lol yeah xD

  • Kimberly Wood
    Kimberly Wood Year ago +90

    I thought that it was "Under Pressure " too😩😂

    • J Mims
      J Mims Year ago

      For some reason I thought it was When Doves Cry by Prince. Which is 80s also.

    • nancy143
      nancy143 Year ago

      I got under pressure too

    • darkdepths621
      darkdepths621 Year ago +9

      Kimberly Wood right but that song came out in the 80s. That's how they knew it was ice ice baby.

  • Brittany Stack
    Brittany Stack Year ago +3

    6:59 😂😂😂😂 get your country music out of here.

  • Brittany Stack
    Brittany Stack Year ago +4

    Alex is hilarious.

  • Brittany Stack
    Brittany Stack Year ago

    This dates me so hardcore. XD

  • John Guadarrama
    John Guadarrama Year ago +12

    I love how Chanelle said"I'm a Barbie Girl"by the Barbies? I laughed!

  • Leo AF
    Leo AF Year ago +4

    James marry meeee

  • Belle
    Belle Year ago +4

    You should do more 80's

  • Kpop Emo Trash
    Kpop Emo Trash Year ago +1

    You should do an episode with Set It Off 🔹

  • Priscilla
    Priscilla Year ago +1

    Caballo Dorado!!!!! WHAAT

  • Abigayle Conover
    Abigayle Conover Year ago +4

    James is so cute and adorable

  • The Scrooge McDuck
    The Scrooge McDuck Year ago +476

    Mad respect for James with that Queen and David Bowie guess

    • mrwoodchuck94
      mrwoodchuck94 Year ago +10

      Tirsaul Ddddrpem but underpressure is from the 80s and they said only 90s songs

    • Caius Caius
      Caius Caius Year ago +9

      The Scrooge McDuck i thought it was under pressure it’s like the same flow

  • Felix van Lith
    Felix van Lith Year ago +37

    Enter sandman- nirvana briuuhhh

  • Brian Baumann
    Brian Baumann Year ago +1

    As a guitar player it hurts to see THAT G-chord ;D

  • socialanimeranger86
    socialanimeranger86 Year ago +2

    Wow the best I ever did at one of these song challenges within the first couple secs. More 90's please or do a 90's pop theme.

  • Koreanconsuela
    Koreanconsuela Year ago

    Final fantasy X shirt. Ah my heart!!!

  • Jim Pickens
    Jim Pickens Year ago +3

    I didnt get any of the songs right EXCEPT Enter Sandman by Metallica \m/

  • Severi Sukuvaara
    Severi Sukuvaara Year ago +24

    Enter Sandman by Nirvana😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • kiksiable
    kiksiable Year ago +14

    *yells all the time I know the artist I know the artist*
    says something by RHCP.
    You serious? WTF?

  • Jennifer Urbina
    Jennifer Urbina Year ago


  • sweethaze _
    sweethaze _ Year ago +22

    Brynn: "That's the thong I sought"

  • sweetsarah187
    sweetsarah187 Year ago +5

    YES!! More 90's please!!!!!

  • Anita Machuca
    Anita Machuca Year ago +3

    Can we do songs from different countries?